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Subject: Big-buddy-Bobby-4 to add to my series. The following story is a work of erotic fiction that includes sex between consenting adults and minors. It is not meant to condone or encourage the situations depicted. If it is illegal to read such materials where you live, please refrain. Later that week I was riding my bike around the block again driving past Bobby’s house when I saw him juggling a soccer ball from knee to knee in his yard. Hey squirt, Bobby said when he saw me. You want to play? Nobody’s home but me. I rode my bike onto his lawn and dropped it onto the ground. Sure I said, what do you want to do? Bobby laughed, you know what I want to do squirt! I blushed. Bobby messed up my hair put his arm around me led me into his backyard. Nobody’s home little buddy we could do whatever we want. That’s when Bobby started to unzip his jeans in the middle of his backyard. I watched as you lowered his jeans and stepped out of them. Bobby stood there in his boxers, big boy underwear, and smiled at me. I saw Bobby’s cock starting to get hard and a little bit of his cockhead peeking out of the fly hole. You know what we haven’t done in a while Bobby asked? What I said? Sword fight Bobby said and he ran towards me grabbing me and tickling me, making me laugh like crazy those big strong arms 19 year old arms tickling my little 13 year old body till i started to get a boner. Arms up, Bobby said, so I held my arms over my head and Bobby lifted my t-shirt over my head and threw it on the ground. I stood in front of him as Bobby kneeled and undid the button of my jeans and slowly pull down my little zipper. I steadied myself by holding onto his shoulders as he slowly pulled my faded jeans down my smooth little boy legs. there I stood naked except for my tight white briefs . Bobby stood up gave my cock a little squeeze inside my white briefs making it even harder as I tented them out. Take mine out little buddy please? Reach inside and take my cock out, take out my sword. I reached my little hand inside the fly of his boxers andI pulled out that fat cock. That dick had been in my mouth and in my little butt and now it was in my hand hard as a rock. It seemed even bigger than last time throbbing and pulsing as i squeezed it. His big fat cockhead was enormous. You ready to do battle little buddy Bobby said? I laughed an opened the white cotton flap in the front of my briefs and slipped out my smooth, rock hard little boy dick. It pointed straight up to the sky throbbing. I could feel my heartbeat in my cock. I was with my big buddy again, the boy who taught me everything. We walked towards each other, holding our cocks by the bases and started a little sword fight rubbing our hard shafts against each other.. We were laughing because it was so much fun. It felt so good when out cockheads touched. That’s when I heard a little voice coming from behind the house saying, I saw your bike out front, hey what are you guys doing? . It was Casey my little brother! There we were, a 19 year old stud and a little 13 year old boy dicks out and precum flowing as my little 10 year old brother watching. I started to panic but Bobby just grab me around the shoulder and said don’t ankara masaj yapan escort worry, relax. He looked at Casey and said, hey little buddy my name is Bobby what’s your name? My name is Casey. you’ve got a really big one. Haha Bobby laughed, thanks little buddy how old are you? Casey said I’m 10. What are you guys doing? Why are your dicks out, are you peeing? We’re just playing a game. It’s a really fun one that me and your brother play. It’s called playing swords, Bobby said. My little brother Casey just looked at Bobby kind of confused and didn’t say anything. Casey’s hand was on his crotch rubbing between his legs like little boys as he looked at Bobby’s throbbing cock sticking out of his boxers, throbbing. Bobby looked down at his hard teen cock then back at Casey. He made his dick move and jump a few times, which made Casey giggle. Bobby looked at me and asked, can you make yours jump for your little brother? I took a few steps towards Casey, with my hard, smooth young teen cock sticking out of my tight white briefs. Standing just a foot or two in front of CAsey, my 10 year old little brother I looked down at my cock and made it jump a few times in his face. He looked up at me and looked at my hard boner and giggled. Do you want to play, Bobby asked Casey? Casey just looked up at Bobby and nodded his head an eager yes. Okay Bobby said but you need to get in your uniform, Casey. Casey looked confused. What uniform he asked? Bobby pointed to my tighty whities. These uniforms . Your underwear silly, just like us. Casey took his hands off of his crotch and I could see my little brother’s bulge in his shorts. He tried to pull off his T-shirt when Bobby offered to help. Me and Bobby walked up to my little 10 year old brother, our hard cocks still sticking out. Casey held his arms over his head and Bobby pulled his little t-shirt off. Bobby’s hard cock brushed on my brothers shoulder and neck. I bent over and unsnapped my little brothers shorts and pulled down his little zipper and slowly pushed them down his smooth little legs till they lied at his ankles in a puddle. I stood up, my hard dick inches away from my little brother. Casey stood there just in his little Toy Story briefs and a little pair of sneakers — the kind that lite up when he walked. That’s when Bobby asked, where’s your sword little buddy? You can’t sword fight without a sword, see? Bobby took a few steps towards me as he grabbed his hard, big boy dick by the base and started brushing my cock with it. I grabbed mine and started brushing his back as we started to sword fight with our hard cocks. My little brother’s eyes got wider and wider as he saw us play with each other’s dicks. I looked at my little brother and said so what do you think Casey, do you want to play? It’s really fun.Take out your sword, let’s see your sword. That’s on my little brother open the front of his Toy Story briefs and pulled out is rock hard little nail. That spike stood straight up with his beautiful little cut cockhead the size of a little gumdrop. He had a huge smile on his face as he proudly displayed his little boy rigid boner. I never saw my little mecidiyeköy escort brother’s dick hard before and he never saw mine hard before there we were — outside with our boners sticking out of our tight briefs with a big buddy who’s man’s size cock was bigger than both of ours combined. Awesome little buddy, Bobby said and he waved his hard dick at my little brother. My little brother took a few steps towards us wearing his little sneakers and Toy Story briefs. His little cockhead rubbed against Bobby and mines cocks. As we rubbed them on each other, Casey giggled and moved his little boy dick along the length of my big brother dick. Bobby watched as two little boys rubbed their boners against each other. He stroked his huge dick while he saw our smooth shafts rubbing together. Bobby walked behind me and slowly lowered my briefs to below my butt cheeks. I felt his hard cock in my crack as he took hold of my dick from behind and started to battle my little brother. Bobby’s cock slid back and forth, all sticky between my ass cheeks. I pushed back remembering when Bobby was inside me for the first time. That’s no fair Casey said, two against one! I can fix that Bobby said. That’s when he walked behind Casey, and lowered his little briefs to below his tiny little ass cheeks. Bobby’s his hands were massaging the little, creamy boy cheeks. Bobby really likes little boys butts! Casey felt that huge, slippery big boy dick pressed against his upper back, between his shoulder blades, because he was so short. He felt the heat come off it as Bobby reached around from behind and grabbed Casey’s little dick and started battling me with it. Casey giggled because he liked the big cock on his back. I like playing swords Casey said. I looked down at that smooth little boy, no hair on his body at all . I couldn’t believe I was playing with my little brother’s hard dick, but it felt so good when we rubbed them together. Swords is fun, isn’t it Casey I said. Yeah Casey said how did you learn? Bobby taught me I said. Casey looked at Bobby and asked, who taught you? Bobby waited a second and then he said, coach taught me. He taught my whole team. We would play swords when the team was at away games and we had to share rooms. Coach would have a big sword fight in his room with everybody. He even taught us how to sword swallow. Your big brother’s swallows my sword. What do you mean sword swallow, Casey ask Bobby. That’s when Bobby took out his phone and started to play a video that he showed Casey. It was Little Timmy, a friend of Casey’s and he was swallowing Bobby sword on the video and there was another big cock there too. The man with the big cock said swallow mine now Timmy, and that’s when I heard Timmy say yes coach. we all watched as Timmy took as much of that hard dick sword in his mouth. Up and down Timmy went, going back and forth from coach’s big shaft to Bobby’s throbbing cock. Wow, said Casey, Timmy is a sword swallower! Yeah he’s really good at it, Bobby said. What do you think Casey? Do you want to try sword swallowing? I don’t know Casey said. Yours is really big, I don’t think I could get much mersin escort in my mouth. That’s when I said, what about mine Casey? Mine’s not that big I’m still just 13. Do you want to try it on mine? I’ve never had a blowjob before. Until now all I did was service Bobby — first with my hand, then with my mouth and then one day I let him put it up my bum. But now I wanted to know how it felt. Casey hesitated and that’s when I said well, I guess Timmy’s a bigger boy than you and he’s a lot more Brave. No he’s not ,Casey said. That’s when my little brother got down on his knees right in front of me in my big buddy Bobby. Casey looked up at me with those big eyes and brought his little pink lips right up against the tip with my thirteen-year-old cockhead. I felt his warm breath and little wet tongue on the tip of my dick. Give it a try Casey, I do it to Bobby. Casey opened up his little mouth and my cock slowly slid inside my little brother’s pink lips. Oh my God, it felt so good. That’s it, Bobby said. Good boy Casey, see how much you could get in. There you go little buddy. Bobby was stroking his big dick as he watched us two brothers. My cock was harder than ever as it went in and out of my little brother’s mouth. He looked so cute on his knees still in his little Toy Story briefs, my hands in his hair. Oh Casey that feels so good, swallow it, swallow it.. Casey took his mouth off my dick and looked up at me. Am I doing it right, he asked?. Your doing perfect, little bro.. That’s when Bobby brought his cockhead right to my little brother’s lips. Do you think you could swallow two swords, Bobby asked? Casey opened his little mouth in the direction of Bobby. Bobby Slade his huge, plum-sized cockhead inside those little lips, but Casey could only take a little bit — not even halfway down. I was jerking my dick watching. Casey started going back and forth trying a little of mine and then back to Bobby’s, sucking one dick after another into that little boy mouth. Both of us were oozing pre-cum and it was all over my little brother’s face. I was getting so close I didn’t think I could hold it anymore. I was only 13 and didn’t shoot a lot of cum but I could definitely shoot. That’s when I couldn’t hold back anymore. When Casey had Bobby’s cock in his mouth I just started shooting squirt after squirt of young teen cum — spraying all over my little brother’s face while he had that big cock in his mouth. Casey didn’t know what it was. He was so surprised and took Bobby’s cock out of his mouth. What is that, he asked? That’s when Bobby grunted. His huge cock was still in Casey’s hand as he exploded rope after rope of thick teen cum — spraying all over my little brothers chest , face and hair. Casey stood up, shocked. Whoa that was so cool ! What is that stuff? It’s cum I said. Someday you’ll make it too. Casey was covered in white semen.. That’s when Bobby hey little buddy, let’s clean you up. He slid Casey’s little briefs off of him and started cleaning up the come with those little briefs. I messed up my brother’s hair with the cum and made spikes like we used to do when we took baths together except this time it was with cum, not soap My little brother’s briefs were soaked with cum. Bobby said I’ll hang on to these little buddy, as he held the undies. I’m glad you came by, Casey, Bobby said. I really like playing swords, Casey said. Maybe I’ll play it at my sleepover next week. Bobby, do you want to come to my sleepover? Please let me know if you liked my story and if you stroked and shot a load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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