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I laugh in pure pleasure at the impatient growl of the motorcycle’s engine when I rev it while at the red light. It’s a bona-fide beautiful, spring day, and I’m taking full advantage of it! The light turns green and I spur the bike on, enjoying the burst of pure power between my legs, and my body reacts appropriately…

* * * * *

You pull your car to a stop at the red light. Your eyes stray to the glistening black Harley FXSTS Springer Softail ahead of you in the next lane that has been going your way for the last few blocks. As you observe the rider, you find that you’re glad the bike hasn’t moved into a turn lane. The rider is obviously female: her black leather shorts hug her shapely upper-thighs and ass. You can’t see much of the top of her due to the leather jacket, and a black helmet hides her head. On her hands are black leather half-gloves. But what stands out most are the heeled, black leather boots that climb up to – and just over – her knees. She’s every man’s wet dream in the flesh!

The rider revs the engine in anticipation of the green light and then shoots away when the light finally smiles at her. You find that you’re impatient for the car ahead of you to move. “Let’s go!” you mutter as the car finally begins to pick up speed (more likely because of the sight of you bearing down on them than anything). But the motorcycle is still in view up ahead. You pause, realizing that you’re trying to follow her. But why not? You had no real plans for the day — you just wanted to get out for a while. Besides, you’re slightly curious….

You try to be as inconspicuous as possible as you follow the route of the biker. You admire the way she handles the bike: how her body moves with it on curves and turns, how her hands seem to caress the bike instead of simply operating it, and the way she simply plants one heeled boot on the ground to brace the bike as she stops. You find yourself musing at this handling ease, and fleetingly wonder how she’d handle a man as your body begins to tense up in arousal…

She finally turns into a parking lot. You glance up to view her destination – a Harley Shop, of course. You hesitate, noting that she’s parked right next to the store, and then carefully enter the lot, taking a space farther out. You kill the engine and watch as she swings one leather-clad leg over the bike, gracefully dismounting, and reaches to remove the helmet. Her back is practically to you as the light brown hair tumbles down to hang just below her shoulders. When she turns to stow her helmet on the back of the bike, your mouth drops open at the sight of a familiar face!

* * * * *

I stop the bike and sit for a moment, barely noticing the car that pulled into the lot shortly after me. Finally, I dismount the bike, loving the way my reflection looks in the glass of the store. Who would’ve thought that I could be so at-home in leather and on a motorcycle? I pull the helmet from my head, shaking it slightly as my long, brown hair tumbles free, and turn to stow my helmet on my bike. I see the now-parked car out of the corner of my eye and wonder why the driver hasn’t gotten out yet. I glance up in curiosity… and do a double take. What in the world are YOU doing here?

* * * * *

You lean your head back and chuckle. Leave it to me to throw you a loop! You watch as I stride easily towards you, leather hugging my every curve, save for my jacket. Your body shifts into overdrive at the sight. I approach to your open window, give you a sultry look, and say “Rake those eyes over my body again. I could almost feel them caressing me right through the leather!”

I ask what you’re up to for the day. Nothing? “Would you like to be up to something?”, I ask with a pointed look at your bulging crotch and a frisky grin. You grin back, your eyes taking on a glint, and you tell me you think you could handle that. We laugh and I ask whether you want to stick around until I take care of my business here. fatih escort You’re not really into that, so I decide on an alternate plan.

You watch my hand move to open my jacket, and you find yourself salivating slightly as I undo the snaps and go to the zipper. I enjoy the look of interest on your face as I slowly lower the fastener. You watch as the zipper reveals… skin. Skin at my neck, skin on my chest, skin as the zipper approaches my breasts. Your cock gives a lurch in anticipation. Would I really reveal myself to you in a parking lot? I smile in amusement and then quickly lower the zipper all the way until my jacket hangs open, revealing a black leather push-up bra which encases my pert breasts, giving me a decent amount of cleavage for my size. You also note that the shorts are hip-huggers, stopping just below my navel.

You briefly close your eyes and utter a low groan at the show of skin. “Thank you,” I respond with a smile as I reach into an inside pocket and produce a pen and small notepad to jot something down. I hand you a key and a slip of paper with an address on it before returning the pen and pad to my pocket and zip my jacket back up. “Meet you there in an hour?” You agree. Then I move to whisper in your ear, “I’m SO hungry for that body of yours.” I run my tongue around the outer ridge of your ear before I back up, wink and turn to walk towards the store.

* * * * *

You leave the parking lot and drive around for a while longer, wondering when in the world I got a bike. And that leather! You laugh out loud, shaking your head. You suddenly find yourself imagining what you’d like to do to me while wearing just the boots, and your hardened rod gives a leap of approval. Then you wonder if I’d get into something like that. Somehow, you figure I would. You laugh at that knowledge and enjoy the feeling of your cock, huge beneath the confines of your jeans, knowing that the tension will be gone by the time we get done with each other.

After some time, you head to the address on the paper. An apartment building. My bike is nowhere in sight, so you head to the apartment, let yourself in and look around. It’s decorated in soft, neutral tans and blues. You take in the stereo system and collection of CDs, the 27-inch television with DVD, and the simple, natural wood-based furnishings. You choose a comfy-looking chair and sit down to wait.

Soon, you hear my key in the door and come out into the living area to greet me. My jacket is open, giving you another view of what’s underneath. I look at you hungrily and you step back to let me into the room. I drop a small leather pack and the two helmets I’m carrying on the entry table. I turn to find you looking at the helmets and tell you that I thought you might want to take a ride later. You grin and decide that that could be very enjoyable!

We stand there for a moment, both of us feeling a bit awkward. You watch me as my eyes travel over your body and my breathing quickens. I return my gaze to your darkened eyes and I feel the wetness pooling between my legs. I hold your gaze and tell you that I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone before. “But,” I add, “This leather has really done a job on me. Would you mind if I hopped into the shower?”

You smile as I turn to walk into the bedroom. You follow. Moving to stand directly in front of me, you bring your hands up to slide my jacket off my body, taking in the sight of what’s left of my outfit. Your hands glide over my hips and then grasp them firmly as you pull me against you and let me feel your hardness. I moan into your ear as I feel the wetness pool between my legs. You glance up and notice the mirror above the low dresser reflecting the back of me, and you let go of my hips to stroke firmly up my back and then over my buttocks, as you watch your every move in the mirror. You allow me to unzip and remove my boots before your right hand moves to my left hip and the zipper you felt there earlier. escort istanbul You lower it slowly, again stroking my back and ass with your left hand. When the zipper is all the way open, you move your hands to the top of the shorts to push them down my body, revealing the black g-string beneath them. You lower your hands to the newly-exposed flesh and watch yourself stroke my ass slowly, making me groan.

You turn me around so that my back is against your chest. When I see our reflections in the mirror, my eyes go wide. But then I simply watch, enraptured, as you begin to slide your hands over my body, leaving a trail of flames, and making me shiver at the same time. Your throbbing shaft is rigid against my back, making me very willing to forget about the shower. My eyes stray from your hands to your eyes where your fervent gaze locks with mine and holds me entranced. You move your hands to my back where you unclasp my bra and remove it from my body. When I feel your hands smooth over my breasts, I can only gasp, close my eyes, and lean my head back against your shoulder, reveling in the friction of your skin against mine. My nipples immediately react to your touch, hardening into pert nubs. You pinch them and twist them gently, and I whisper words that urge you on. You repeat your actions, a little harder this time, and I again cry out, loving the pleasure/pain…

I open my eyes when I feel your hands skim down my body and begin to slide my g-string down over my hips. Your eyes are intent on your ministrations. You inhale sharply as you uncover my trimmed bush, and my reddened nipples pucker even more in response to the air on my ear and neck. My panties fall to my feet and you immediately lower one hand to explore my moist heat as you hold a breast in the other.

You groan when you find how wet I am — my juices have already begun to spread to my thighs. You play in my wetness before dipping one…. two…. three fingers into my depths. I cry out and move restlessly, the pressure on your cock making you moan. But then you begin thrusting your fingers into me over and over again, and I can do nothing but feel. You drop your other hand to join in, dampening your fingers and placing them over my clit, gently but firmly rubbing in circles over it. You watch me in the mirror as my body begins to undulate against you as I begin my quick ascent towards my orgasm. I cry out freely in pleasure and in need of release. When my legs begin to give out, you take my weight against you, never pausing your movements. My hips begin to grind as I feel myself cresting, and then I gasp loudly as my body snaps, riding out my orgasm against you.

When I calm down, you remove your fingers from my pussy. I immediately turn around and drop down, quickly releasing the closure of your jeans. I shove the coarse materiel down, along with your briefs, slide my hands around your legs until I’m grasping your ass, and immediately take you into my mouth. No preliminaries, no sweet torture, just the hunger of a woman who has been dreaming of tasting you. Your hands go to my head as I suck ravenously on your phallus, and you thrust into my mouth again and again, sliding deeply into my throat. I groan in pleasure at your eagerness, and the vibrations go straight up your cock and down into your engorged balls. I feel you swelling in my mouth, so I apply pressure on your rear and you willingly stop thrusting as your orgasm overtakes you. You come hard and deep into my throat and I willingly take everything you have to give, drinking in every last drop of your delicious juices.

I hold you in my mouth until I’m sure you’ll be able to stand when I release you. Your cock is still amazingly erect, and I just shake my head in awe. When I rise, I smile in amusement at the sight of you standing there in only your T-shirt and then ask if you’d like to join me in the shower. You follow me into the bathroom, stripping off the rest of your clothes on the way.

The maslak escort water is warm against our skin. You manage to grab the soap first, and lather me up from top to bottom, washing every inch of me and turning me on even more than I already am. Of course I return the favor, sliding my soapy hands all over your body, worshipping you while washing every plain and crevice. More than once during our bathing, you trap me against the wall of the shower, sliding your wet and/or soapy chest against mine and nipping at my ears, shoulders, neck, or breasts. After we’re done, we dry each other off thoroughly you follow me back into the room.

Halfway to the bed, I stop abruptly, turn to you, and look you straight in the eye. “Eat me” I demand. Your blood boils, and your eyes darken. You push me backward towards the bed until I’m sitting on the edge. You drop down onto your knees, open my legs, and dive in!

My pleasure-filled moans fill the air as soon as you begin. Your lips and tongue dance expertly up and down my thighs and over the skin in between. You delve into my depths with your tongue and then part my lips on your way to my clit. When I start squirming, you take my legs in your hands to hook my knees over your shoulders, reach down to grab my ass, and suck my pussy lips into your mouth again and again before releasing them to concentrate on my clit. My cries become louder and more wanton as you run your tongue around and around the bud before taking it into your mouth and releasing it repeatedly. Then you place your tongue directly on the nub and move it in tiny circles. That’s all it takes. I cry out your name and tell you that I’m going to cum just before moaning hoarsely in release.

When you pull back from me, I immediately catch your face in my hands and bring my mouth to yours to taste my cream on your lips. When I finally release you, you stand up, and I see that your cock is again at full attention. It’s a damn good thing because I need a good hard fuck, and I tell you so. I hold my hand out to you and you join me on the bed.

I lie you back, run my hands all over your body and nip at your chest, neck, and shoulders. Then I straddle you and slide slowly and gratefully down onto your marble-hard cock, moaning all the way. I stay still for a few moments, savoring the way you fill me. I test you with my muscles and you gasp in response to the tiny movements rippling around you. I lean over and run my tongue over your lips and then tell you that you feel SO good inside of me. Absolutely incredible! I close my eyes and grind my hips down onto you, relishing your fullness inside of me, and I kiss you, groaning into your mouth at my pleasure.

But you need more. You place a hand on one of my knees, straightening it, and roll me over onto my back, withdrawing slightly and then ramming home. “YES!” I cry out. My voice is full of urgency, “Fuck me! Shove your cock deep into my cunt! I need it so bad!” You pound into me again and again with the urgency of someone who needs release more than the air they breathe. Your groans mingle with my cries, and we sound like a couple of wild animals fighting for supremacy. I’m completely incoherent. Nothing else exists but you, and me, and the soft surface we’re laying on. There’s no today, no tomorrow, no passage of time, nothing but the feel of your cock rubbing against every inch of my insides. And then I cum, my muscles again rippling around you convulsively, throwing you over the edge as you explode, spurting your spunk deep inside me.

Minutes go by. I don’t notice my frantic breathing. I don’t notice your weight on top of me. I only know the pleasure of the tingling in my body from an amazingly explosive release. Long minutes go by before we stir. You grudgingly move off of me and we both fall into a welcome sleep.

Some time later, I feel you stir and rise. I open my eyes to find you looking at me with a hungry look in your eyes. I return the look and then you chuckle, “The body is willing but the flesh is weak.” What do you know, you DO relax! I grin back at you and then suggest just the remedy for this situation. At your curious look, I mention the motorcycle helmets…

It was a long, fast, and wonderfully bumpy ride!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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