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Subject: Billy and Dennis 21 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BILLY AND DENNIS Chapter 21 It was Saturday afternoon and Billy was cycling to Dennis’s apartment. Dennis had sent him a text message saying that the meeting with his father was going well and that he wanted them to meet. “I hope he will like me,” he said to himself as he remembered how Dennis’s mother had reacted. Dennis greeted him with a kiss and whispered, “I have already shown him a photo of you so he won’t get a shock when he sees how young and how cute you are.” Billy couldn’t help smiling and feeling less tense after that comment. He followed his boyfriend into the living room where a man bearing quite a strong resemblance to Dennis stood up, smiled and held out his hand. “I’m pleased to meet you, Mr Johnson,” Billy said as he gave the man a firm handshake. Mr Johnson was slightly overweight with grey hair but he had the same brown eyes and the same smile as Dennis. “I’m pleased to finally meet you,” responded Mr Johnson. “I’m sorry it wasn’t possible when Dennis brought you home. I love my wife but she has some very old-fashioned ideas.” “That’s okay. It must have been a shock for her to find out I was so much younger than Dennis,” Billy said. “Even so…she should have sat down and talked to you,” said Mr Johnson. “Take a seat, both of you,” Dennis said. “Can I get you anything, Billy? We’ve just finished lunch.” “No thanks. I’m fine,” replied Billy. He then glanced towards the wall where the nude painting of him had been hanging. He was relieved to find that Dennis had taken it down and replaced it with a large framed black and white photo. He recognised the iconic photo of young love as `The Kiss by the Hotel de Ville’ by Robert Doisneau. He and Dennis had talked about going to Paris one day. “Dennis tells me you are both at the same school,” Mr Johnson. “Isn’t that a bit awkward for you?” “Not really. I have only one music lesson a week so we hardly see each other at school,” replied Billy. He smiled and added, “Anyway lots of pupils think he’s the best teacher ever so nobody would pay much attention if they caught me looking at him.” Dennis laughed. “I do seem to have a bit of a fan club, Dad.” He put an arm around Billy’s shoulder and went on. “But Billy is the only person I’m interested in.” “And your parents are quite happy with you seeing someone twice your age?” Mr Johnson asked. “They are happy at me being with Dennis because they have got to know and like him,” Billy answered. “Age is just a number. Personality is what matters and I fell in love with Dennis because of who he is, not because of or despite his age. He makes me laugh. We share some common interests but we can talk about all kinds of things. He’s a great guy.” Mr Johnson smiled and nodded. “I think Dennis is great too and I can see you’re a sensible young man. I like you already.” “I hope you can talk Mum round,” said Dennis. “I’ll do my best but it may take a while,” Mr Johnson responded. He turned back to Billy and said, “She’s a stubborn woman and wants what is best for Dennis. She just has trouble accepting the fact that he’s gay.” “I understand, Mr Johnson,” said Billy. “I hope she will change her mind about me but I’m glad we have you on our side.” Mr Johnson stood up. “It has been good to meet you, Billy. I am happy to give your relationship my approval. I need to be heading home now and I’m sure you want some time alone with Dennis.” Billy and Dennis stood up just after Mr Johnson did. “Thanks for driving up to chat today, Dad,” Dennis said as he gave his father a hug. “It has been good to talk and I’m really pleased you like Billy.” “I am glad I came. I enjoyed seeing you and meeting Billy,” Mr Johnson told Dennis. “And I hope to see you again before too long,” he said to Billy. “Thanks. Have a safe journey home,” smiled Billy. Billy sat down but couldn’t help listening as Dennis showed his father out. “I do like him. He seems very mature,” Mr Johnson said in a soft voice. “I love him, Dad. I hope you will come to love him too,” responded Dennis. Billy was sitting back with his eyes closed and a smile on his face when Dennis returned to the living uşak escort room. “That went really well. I’m relieved,” Dennis said as he collapsed on the sofa beside Billy. “I’m glad he likes me,” said Billy. “I like him. He’s very much an older version of you.” Dennis laughed. “Does that mean you will still like me when I am his age?” “I will still love you when you are his age,” replied Billy. He lifted his head towards Dennis and was rewarded with a kiss. As the kiss continued, Billy took Dennis’s hand and placed it on his crotch. Dennis could feel Billy’s cock stiffening and he gave it a gentle squeeze. “How should we celebrate having Dad’s approval?” he asked. “By fucking the cum out of me,” replied Billy. “And letting me eat your cum.” “That sounds like a very good idea.” Dennis gave Billy another passionate kiss. “But let’s play with the new toys first,” said Billy. “Not the butt-plug though. I had enough of that in restaurant to last me a while.” Dennis laughed. “So just the vibrator and the nipple-clamps then.” “Yes. They will get me going,” replied Billy. Dennis shook his head, stood up and pulled Billy to his feet. “It doesn’t take much to get you going. Look at that tent in your jeans!” “That’s your fault for being so sexy,” grinned Billy. The pair moved through to the bedroom, kissed, undressed and then kissed again. Billy smiled as he spread himself on top of the bed and said, “Play with me, tease me and then fuck me.” Dennis took the nipple-clamps and the vibrator from his `toy’ drawer and climbed onto the bed. between Billy’s legs. He bent down to kiss, suck and nibble at the stiff boy-tits, bringing little whimpers from the fourteen-year old. Then he opened the nipple-clamps and allowed them to close gently on the little nubs. There was a gasp from Billy as each one closed but the pain resulted in him releasing some pre-cum and not a complaint. Then Billy smiled at Dennis and said, “Please continue.” Dennis picked up the vibrator and switched it on. Billy gasped when the vibrator was pressed against the clamp on his left nipple but then he let out a half laugh-half moan at the slightly painful feeling. He did the same when his right nipple got the treatment. A smile was the only reaction to the vibrations when the battery toy was placed on his cock and then his balls. “Do my pussy next,” Billy suggested. “Lift your legs for me,” instructed Dennis. Billy immediately pulled his legs back and then gripped them behind his knees as he opened up for his older lover. “You have such a pretty little pussy,” said Dennis. “I should have got Steve to paint you in this position.” Billy laughed. “I am not to going to display myself like this for anyone but you.” “No?” Dennis grinned. “Rick has seen your pussy…and so has George Keegan.” “Yeah but I didn’t lie in this position with my legs spread inviting them to do whatever they wanted to me,” said Billy. “I just wanted them to fuck me. You can do whatever turns you on because I love you.” “I love you, Billy, and you know you can trust me not to hurt you.” Dennis then pressed the pointed end of the vibrator against the pink rosebud and turned the switch to the maximum setting. A sort of combined giggle and whimper came from Billy at the strange sensation. He gasped when the dildo was pushed slightly inside him. “How does that feel?” Dennis asked. “Wonderful! Push deeper,” replied Billy. “Ooh, that feels good,” he said when Dennis gave him what he wanted. “You’re drooling juice,” Dennis said before bending down to lick the pre-cum from Billy’s cock. “And your beautiful cock is rock-hard,” Billy pointed out. “Why don’t you shove that in my pussy now? That would be so much better than a toy.” “Much better for me too,” grinned Dennis. He switched the vibrator off, reached for the KY jelly and lubed himself up. “I need a quick taste first,” he said before bending down to tongue the pink pucker. Billy moaned at the different but familiar feeling as Dennis licked and probed with his tongue. After a few minutes, he cried out, “You’re driving me crazy. I need your cock now.” Dennis was happy to do as Billy wanted. He moved his cockhead to the teenager’s eager entrance and applied pressure. Billy pushed back and then gasped as he was penetrated by something thicker and longer than the vibrator. Dennis gave another thrust and his cock was half way inside the moist, warm sheath. “Feels so good,” Billy said and groaned as the van escort remainder of the huge cock entered him. Then he smiled. “So much better than a dildo or a vibrator. Fuck me, Dennis. Fuck me and make me cum.” Dennis started off slowly as he always did until he was sure that Billy was fully comfortable. Then he began to thrust faster, watching his lover’s reaction when he varied the direction, the speed and the force of his movements. Billy had been leaking pre-cum for some time so it didn’t come as a surprise to Dennis when the teen announced that he was about to cum after less than ten minutes. “Let me remove those nipple-clamps,” he said. Billy let a howl when the clamps were removed and the blood flowed back into his pointed nubs. However his cock jerked and spat out more pre-cum so Dennis knew the youngster was still turned on. Dennis smiled and resumed fucking. Then he pounded harder and faster, his cock pummelling Billy’s prostate with each thrust. Suddenly Billy cried out and released six, seven, eight pulses of boy-cream – all without touching his cock. Dennis fucked Billy for another minute then pulled out. Billy dropped his legs and opened as mouth as Dennis moved astride his torso. Then, after only a few jerks on his cock, Dennis gasped and began spunking off. He trembled with the force of his orgasm and his aim wasn’t good as he pointed his cock towards Billy’s face. Billy’s eyes were smiling before he closed them to avoid getting cum in them but he didn’t mind the fact that cum was splattering all over his face. He knew he’d get to eat it all eventually…and that Dennis loved seeing him with cum on his face. When Dennis sighed and sat still, Billy opened his eyes and smiled up at him, saying, “That was a good one. I’m covered in spunk.” Dennis gave a little laugh. “Sorry. I guess I was quite turned on.” “No need to apologise,” said Billy. “You know I love it when you give me a facial. Take a photo before I eat it all.” Dennis laughed but reached for his phone. Billy’s face was covered in white cream – his nose, his cheeks, his chin and even one of his eyelids. Billy’s own cum was dotted over his chest and stomach so Dennis took several photos before putting his phone down and helping Billy to scoop the cum into his mouth. “Delicious,” smiled Billy as he licked the last of the cum from Dennis’s fingers. “Now let me suck your cock clean.” Dennis allowed Billy to lick and suck his semi-hard cock before taking the boy’s head in his hands and giving him a long, passionate kiss. The pair cuddled together in satisfied silence for a few minutes before Billy said, “Do you think Steve might paint me with my face covered in your cum?” Dennis laughed. “No. He’ll never see those photos.” “Who will see them?” Billy teased. “Oh, I think I know one person who might be interested,” replied Dennis. “Rick,” suggested Billy. Dennis shook his head. “Tom?” Again Dennis shook his head. “Not Mr Keegan,” said Billy. Dennis laughed. “Yes. I think he’d love to see them.” Billy playfully punched Dennis. “You wouldn’t dare!” Dennis put his arm around Dennis and pulled him closer. “I wouldn’t share them with anyone, my darling.” “I hope not,” Billy said before kissing Dennis. Billy had told his parents he would be home in time for dinner but he was reluctant to leave when the time came. “We can do something together tomorrow,” said Dennis. “How about going for a swim? We haven’t done that together for ages.” “We can’t,” said Billy. “There might be others from the school there.” “Well, how about you going for a swim and then coming here?” Dennis suggested. “I will have a meal ready and you can strip down to your speedos and show me what I have missed.” Billy laughed. “Or I could strip off completely and show you what you are going to get as your dessert.” “I like the sound of that,” smiled Dennis. *** Billy reached home about 5.30pm. He entered the kitchen and gave his mum a quick kiss. “I met Dennis’s father this afternoon and he likes me,” he told her. “We now have his approval.” “I’m pleased. Now let’s hope he can convince Dennis’s mother,” responded Susan. “Yes,” smiled Billy. “Where’s Dad?” “He’s in his office upstairs but he will be happy to see you,” Susan replied. “Okay. I’ll go and chat to him until dinner is ready,” said Billy. Billy went upstairs, knocked on the door and went inside. Karl turned from his computer and smiled at his son. “How did it go?” he asked. yalova escort “As well as we could have hoped for,” replied Billy. “He has now given our relationship his approval.” “That’s good news. Dennis must be very happy,” said Karl. He smiled and asked, “Am I correct in assuming you had some time alone together after his father left.” Billy grinned. “Yes. We had some fun together.” “Intercourse?” Karl raised his eyebrows. Billy nodded. “Yes. My pussy got a good stuffing.” “Your pussy?” Karl had an amused expression. Billy smiled. “I’m a bottom boy and bottom boys have pussies.” He lowered his voice and added, “Or as some men say, boy-cunts.” “Oh.” Karl didn’t know what else to say. He was happy that Billy felt comfortable talking to him about his sex life but sometimes he was a little embarrassed. But then sometimes he was turned on by learning what Billy got up to with Dennis. “That time I saw you and Dennis doing it…” Billy interrupted him with a laugh and said, “I’m glad I couldn’t see you watching me.” “Yes, well I’m not proud of myself for not immediately turning away when I discovered why you were making so much noise,” Karl said. “What did you want to ask about it?” smiled Billy. Karl hesitated but then said, “Dennis didn’t cum inside you. He pulled out before the end and shot into your mouth. Is that a common gay thing?” “I don’t know if it’s common but it’s something we like doing sometimes,” replied Billy. “He doesn’t always pull out.” “I see,” said Karl. “I was curious but didn’t feel that I could ask you before.” Billy moved closer and hugged his father. “It’s fine, Dad. I love you and I know I can trust you.” Karl kissed the top of Billy’s head. “I love you too, Billy. Now let’s go downstairs and see if dinner is ready.” *** The next few weeks passed quickly and Christmas was fast approaching. The dress rehearsal for the play took place in front of other pupils and Billy received the loudest cheers and applause at the end. He was pleased but slightly embarrassed when both Dennis and Mr Keegan came up and said they were very proud of him. Billy’s parents, Susan and Karl, cheered with tears in their eyes after the play was performed in front of parents and selected guests. “We are so proud of you, Billy,” his father said when they got together afterwards. “It’s a pity the rest of the family couldn’t be here to see you.” “It wasn’t that special,” Billy said modestly. Dennis approached at that point. “I disagree, Billy. It was a brilliant performance for someone of your age.” Billy blushed. “Thank you, Mr Johnson.” He remembered not to address him as Dennis with other pupils and parents nearby. “I had a wonderful teacher.” “We appreciate your hard work, Mr Johnson,” Karl said as he shook Dennis’s hand. “I think it has been a good learning experience for Billy. Will he be able to take part in another play next term?” “No, I’m afraid not,” said Dennis. “Exams for other subjects must get priority but the drama classes will continue. We’ll try out different things and maybe do some short pieces but younger pupils will be performing in front of the school before the end of the summer term.” “That’s a shame,” said Susan. “There might be an amateur dramatics society in town if Billy is thinking he might want to take up acting more seriously,” Dennis suggested. Billy laughed. “No. This play was fun but acting is not part of my career plan. I’ve decided that I want to be a doctor.” “I’m sure you will do well whatever ever you choose,” smiled Dennis. “It was nice to meet you, Mr and Mrs Kennedy.” Dennis nodded at Billy’s parents and moved to greet other parents. “If I didn’t already know him, I would find Dennis very charming,” Susan said to her husband in a low voice as they watched him leave. “I’m tired. Let’s go home,” Billy said. Once they were out in the car park, he told his parents that Dennis was pleased to accept their invitation to join them on Christmas Day. “Did you tell him that Malcolm and his wife will be joining us as well?” Susan asked. “I did. I think he’s a little bit nervous about meeting them,” replied Billy. “But not as nervous as I am about explaining our relationship.” Karl put an arm around Billy’s shoulder. “No need to be nervous. Malcolm will be fine.” He laughed and added, “I used to think he was gay when he was younger.” Susan smiled. “Yes, I remember. All his pals from school had girlfriends but Malcolm wasn’t interested. I guess he was a late developer.” “At least I don’t have to face Libby and her husband at the same time,” said Billy. “I’m glad they are going to her in-laws.” “Libby will be happy for you, I’m sure,” said Karl. “Let’s go home now.” To be continued

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