Birds of a Feather Ch. 17

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This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bisexual actives, pee play and more. If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve on, not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes. All persons involved in sexual activities with others are at least eighteen years old.


Frank and Kathy have been enjoying their honeymoon at Mt. View. They have met Erich and his family and have been invited to take part in Erich’s youngest daughter, Randi’s eighteenth (coming of age) birthday party, which will be held at the Mt. View Lodge.


There was a pleasant smell of spices and smoked meat in the air as Randi placed the food on the table. We each had a plate with two slices of French toast, topped with a layer of cream cheese. One was topped with the peaches and honey, and the other was topped with the strawberries and honey. Both had a small mound of whip cream in the middle. There was a large slice of ham on the other side of the plate. She had finished the meal off with a cup of strong hot coffee and a glass of milk.

I cut into the thick slice of French toast with the peach topping and started eating. I was truthful when I told Randi it was the best French toast I had ever had.

“I agree Randi, and I’m sure you are going to make some lucky man a good wife someday,” Kathy said.

“Thank you, Kathy, I only hope I will be as lucky as you, Lawan and my Mother have been.”

Kathy smiled, “Honey, you will soon find out just how lucky we are. I also hope you can be that lucky, men like ours are not that easy to find.”

Just as we finished our meal, Randi announced that she had made up her mind. “I needed to decide who I wanted in each of my holes. I have decided, I want Daddy to cum in my mouth, my brother Bjorn to cum in my asshole and Frank, I want you to be the first to cum in my pussy. My Mom, Saldis, and Lawan will be here with the two of you. I will want to share any cum, piss, spit or a mixture of it with all of you. I think I would like to be handled a little rough, but we will see how that goes as the party progresses.”

“Does this mean I don’t get a shot at your lovely mouth and ass?” I asked with a kind of pout face.

“Oh, Fuck Yeah, up my asshole, down my throat, I want that big fucking head every place you can put it.”

“Randi, watch your mouth, remember what your Daddy told you about your potty mouth today. Just one more day and you can get it all out of your system” Lawan said, shaking a finger at Randi but smiling at the same time.

“I’m sorry, sometimes when I get turned on I just can’t help myself,” Randi said with a big smile.

We all laughed, and Kathy asked, “Have we done something that turned you on sweet child?”

“Of course, you did you sexy bitch, but that’s alright, it just heats me up for tomorrow. Then I’m gonna suck the piss out of your bladder and the cum out of your pussy. Sorry about that Aunt Lawan, I just couldn’t help myself” Randi said with a big Cheshire cat grin on her face.

Lawan stated that they were going to help clean up the kitchen and then head home and would be back later for the coffee enemas

Kathy asked Lawan if we could just take our time cleaning the kitchen then go to the basement and do the enemas?

Lawan and Randi both liked the idea. Lawan went to the phone and call Erich to bring him up to date.

I heard Lawan laughing while she was talking with Erich. She called us to the den and informed us that Saldis (Randi’s older sister) wanted to join us if we didn’t mind.

Kathy and I both nodded.

“Good because she is already on the way up here. Let me remind you, Saldis is almost twenty years old. The do not touch rules that apply to Randi don’t apply to her. Unless I meet her at the door and tell her to behave, she will be very aggressive and want to play,” Lawan said as I heard a knock on the front door.

Kathy and I walked to the door, opened it to find Saldis standing there wearing nothing but a big grin.

She stepped through the door and into Kathy’s open arms.

She wrapped one arm around Kathy’s neck and kissed her passionately on the lips, while her other hand went between Kathy’s legs and rubbed her palm over Kathy’s mound.

Kathy quickly returned the favor.

When they separated, Saldis turned to me and repeated the kiss as she reached down and wrapped her hand around my semi-erection.

I returned the kiss and placed my hand over her mound, then slipped a finger up the length of her hot, wet pussy, then pushed hard against her clit and quickly massaged it.

She let out a little moan as she pushed her pussy against my hand.

“Okay you two, you’ll have plenty of time for that later. We need to go to the basement and get started” Lawan said as she slapped me on the ass.

As soon as the elevator door opened almanbahis and we stepped into the playroom, I knew right away this was something Lawan, Saldis and Randi had done before.

Randi headed to the shower, adjusted the water and stepped in.

Saldis took the IV pole out of the cabinet and placed it in the holder on the massage table.

Lawan went to the kitchenette area and put on a large pot of coffee

Kathy and I just watched, to begin with, then Lawan called us over to the cabinet and, handed us two large rubber bags, the tubes, and the tips to fit the tubes. She selected the lube she wanted then picked up a box that was labeled Sea Salt.

We took everything over to the massage table and placed it on a tray that Saldis had attached to the side.

Lawan attached one of the tubes to one of the bags and the enema tip to the other end, then we went back to the kitchenette.

The coffee maker was just shutting off, and Lawan poured the entire pot of coffee into the bag, then emptied a packet of sea salt into the bag. She turned on the kitchen faucet and adjusted the temperature, then filled the bag to the top. Just before we left the area, Lawan started another pot of coffee.

As we were walking back to table Randi came out of the shower. She was still dripping wet, but Saldis was waiting for her with a large fluffy towel. She gently dried Randi from head to foot then took her hand and helped her onto the table.

Lawan hung the bag on the IV pole at the end of the table. Then she had Randi laid on her left side and pull her right knee up toward her chest.

Kathy and I watched as Saldis pulled Randi’s ass cheeks apart and Lawan applied a generous amount of lube to her little rosebud. Lawan gently pushed two fingers past Randi’s sphincter and into her anal passage.

Randi let out a soft moan as Lawan pushed her fingers in and out a couple of times, then pulled them completely out of her asshole.

Lawan applied lube to the rubber tip and tube, making sure it was well covered and slick.

Saldis continued to hold Randi’s cheeks apart as Lawan place the tip up to her asshole and started pushing.

The tip slipped easily into Randi’s asshole, causing her to moan once more. Lawan pushed the tip deeper and deeper into Randi’s anal passage and, Saldis was gently massaging Randi’s stomach from just above her pubic hair up to her navel.

When the bag was about half empty, Lawan stopped the flow.

I moved up to the table, and Saldis showed me how and where to massage Randi’s stomach. I could feel the warmth of the coffee as I gently rubbed the palm of my hand from the top of her pubic hair upward.

In just a few seconds Lawan released the clip and allowed the liquid to flow again. Kathy took my place massaging Randi.

When the bag was empty, Lawan closed the clip as Saldis pulled Randi’s cheeks apart again. Lawan put a small towel around the tube and, Randi let out a constant, low moan as Lawan ever so slowly pulled the tube out.

Randi rolled over on her back, and the four of us moved into massage and move the fluid all the way up to her stomach.

After about two or three minutes Randi set up with her legs hanging over the side of the table and started rubbing her own stomach.

Randi looked at me with a little pouty face, “Oh shit, I’m so fucking wet, and my pussy is so hot. Frank, can’t you help me out and lick my pussy for me.”

“Stop it, Randi,” Lawan said in a very firm voice, “You know this is just taking care of business tonight.”

Randi laughed, “Just wait until tomorrow when I have my fingers jammed up your pussy, and my tongue jammed up your asshole. Try to tell me it’s just taken care of business then.”

Lawan just smiled and shook her head. Randi quickly slipped off the table, “Oh hell, gotta go, gotta go” as she hurried to the bathroom.

Lawan told us she was going to get the next bag ready. Saldis was going to be next, and Lawan reminded us there were no restrictions on her, and it would be okay if we wanted to play a little while she was preparing the next bag.

Saldis ease up on the very end of the table, raised her legs up and began to slide her middle finger up through her wet pussy as she looked at Kathy with a “Come eat my pussy” smile on her face.

Kathy stepped up to the end of the table, dropped to her knees, and placed Saldis’ legs over her shoulders. She used her hands to pull her ass cheeks and pussy lips apart. Kathy started licking at the bottom side of Saldis’ sphincter, up across her asshole, then up through her gaped open pussy lips and across her clit.

The beautiful blond jumped, and let a low moan as Kathy flicked her tongue across Saldis’ clit, Then Kathy sucked Saldis’ hard clit into her mouth, and started licking and sucking on it as she pushed three fingers into her hot, wet pussy.

Saldis’ eyes rolled back in her head as she let out a deep throaty moan.

Saldis then looked over at my rock-hard cock. She motioned for almanbahis giriş me to come close.

As soon as I was close enough, she reached out and wrapped her finger tightly around my cock shaft, and pulled it toward her waiting mouth.

Randi walked out of the bathroom just as Saldis flicked her tongue out and licked a large drop of pre-cum off the tip of my cock. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed.

She smiled up at me, “I really love the taste of pre-cum Frank, don’t you?”

I was caught totally off guard by the question, and I could feel the three women staring at me, waiting for my answer.

“I…err…ah…yeah, I guess I do” I said as we all laughed together.

Saldis reached around, grabbed the cheek of my ass and pulled me forward until I was ball deep in her throat. I was expecting her to pull back immediately, but she held me there, and I could feel her throat muscles massaging the head of my cock.

Lawan return to the table hung the bag on the IV pole and applied the lube to the tip and tube.

Saldis slid her mouth back on my cock and let out a muffled sigh when Kathy pulled her lips away from her pussy and moved to the side of the table.

Kathy rolled Saldis onto her side, causing my cock to pop out of her mouth. Kath then pulled Saldis’ ass cheeks wide apart.

Lawan applied the lube to Saldis’ ass. Saldis pulled my cock back to her mouth and groaned as Lawan pushed her fingers into Saldis slick asshole.

I could see Lewan’s arm moving back and forth and knew she was ramming Saldis’ asshole hard and fast, and Saldis started sliding her lips up and down my shaft, letting the head slide into her throat each time

I could hear the wet sound of Kathy fingering and sucking Saldis ‘dripping wet pussy again.

Lawan continued the assault on Saldis’ asshole.

After two more body shaking orgasm, Lawan pulled her finger out of Saldis’ ass and started pushing the tube in. As soon as she had it as deep as she wanted it, she released the clip and allowed the fluid to flow.

Randi started massaging Saldis’ stomach as soon as the flow started.

Saldis pushed me back and let my cock drop out of her mouth, “Enough, for now, I must considerate on what Lawan is doing. We’ll have to wait for a while.”

Kathy and I both moved around behind Saldis and joined Randi in massaging her stomach. I could feel her stomach get warmer as the fluid moved its way through her colon.

Once again, Lawan stopped when the bag was about half empty. After we had massaged Saldis a couple of minutes, Lawan started the flow again. When the bag was empty, Lawan removed the tube, and we continued to rub Saldis for a few more minutes. Then she was off the table and headed to the bathroom.

Lawan asked Kathy and me to go with her to help Randi with her shower.

I took the water lines, and tips from the cabinet as Lawan and Kathy went to adjust the shower and help Randi mount the shower saddle.

I knelt to attached the water line and set the temperature, and pressure. I turned around and handed Lawan the water line.

When I looked up at Randi, she was leaning back against the shower wall. She was slowly swinging her legs back and forth. I couldn’t help but notice, every time she swung her legs back toward the wall her younger, passion filled pussy would gape open a little. Then when she swings her legs forward, her lips would close together.

My eyes were locked on the movement of Randi’s young pussy lips when someone touches my shoulder. I looked over to see Kathy staring at the same set of lips I had been watching.

We both looked up at Randi’s smiling face at the same time. Randi was still smiling when she mouthed, “Tomorrow.”

Kathy and I both jumped when we felt a gentle tap on the head.

We heard three young women laughing.

We turned to see Saldia standing behind us.

“If you two can tear yourselves away from my prick teasing sister, would you be interested in getting the hoses and lubrication while I get on the other rack, and I’ll let you do more than just look at my holes.

We both scrambled to our feet, rushed over to the cabinet, and I grabbed the hoses while Kathy searched through the lubes until she found the one she was looking for.

When we returned to the shower, we were treated to the sight of Lawan holding the inline water valve to the hose that was pushed deep into Randi’s asshole. The water was gushing out of her ass, she had a firm grip on her rigid nipples, twisting and pulling on both of them. Her head was tilted back, and a continues moan escaped her throat.

Saldis was sitting on the rack on the other wall of the shower. She was watching the two women across the shower stall from her, and at the same time, was enjoying her own two fingers she was fucking in and out for wet pussy.

I quickly attached the hoses and applied a different tip for each hole.

At the same time, Kathy was busy applying the lube to Saldis’ asshole. almanbahis yeni giriş

Saldis suddenly let out a loud groan, and I knew Kathy had shoved a finger or fingers up Saldis’ hole.

I applied the lube to the tip of the anal hose, then handed it to Kathy.

She pulled her hand away from Saldis’ ass and quickly shoved the cock shaped tip up her slick hole.

When I looked up at Saldis, her eyes were tightly closed, her mouth was open, and she was pinching and pulling on her hard nipples.

I had the cock shaped tip for the second hose. When I turned on the inline water valve, the fine spray started shooting out up and down the side. The water shot out of the larger hole in the end and splashed against Saldis’ right leg.

She jumped a little and looked down at me. She smiled as she reached around with both hands and pulled the lip of her pussy wide apart.

The inside of her pussy looked very wet and slick, but the thing in noticed most was her clit. It was by far the largest I had ever seen. It was sticking out like a small penis.

I directed the large stream of water from the end of the tip toward her swollen clit.


I took aim at her wet hole, then shove the cock like tip as far as it would go in her pussy.

Saldis screamed and started swaying from side to side.

I heard movement behind me, then Lawan stepped up between Kathy and me. She wrapped her arms around Saldis to hold her steady.

“Fear not sweet sister, I’m here with you. Are you ready to fly?” Lawan asked Saldis.

She was not able to get the words out, so she just nodded her head.

Lawan told us to make sure the water pressure was wide open, then start fucking Saldis as hard as we could.

While Lawan was talking, she was holding on to Saldis with one arm while she slipped her other hand down and placed two fingers over Saldis’ erect clit.

Kathy and I fell into an instant rhythm. When Kathy shoved the dildo type tip into Saldis’ ass, I would pull mine out. When I pushed in, Kathy pulled out.

I looked up to see Lawan sucking Saldis’ nipple in her mouth, and she was frantically attacking her clit with her fingers.

Saldis started with a little growl and exculated until it was a loud and constant, “FUCK YES, FUCK YES.” Her legs were shaking, and her toes were pointed toward the floor She was shaking her head from side to side.

Saldis suddenly grabbed the back of Lawan’s head and pulled her mouth hard against her tit, then her entire body spasm.

We didn’t let up on Saldis until we heard her tiny just above a whisper, “please stop.”

“What did I hear dear sister? Did you ask us to stop? What did you want us to stop, sucking your tits, fucking your pussy, or fucking your ass?”

“I’m sorry Lawan if you’ll make them stop I promise I’ll never do that to you again.”

“Okay,” Lawan said as she waved her for and Kathy and me to stop. I had no idea what was going on between Lawan and Saldis, but I was sure there was some payback involved.

I think we had all forgot about Randi sitting on the rack on the other side of the shower.

When she started laughing, we all looked at her. “You wimp ass slut, you can dish it out, but you sure can’t take it. Just wait until tomorrow, that will be my day. I’m going to take your little girl cock in my mouth, a couple fingers in your pussy and a couple in your ass, then I’m going to suck and fuck you and make you cum until you pass out. Then I’m going to piss all over your limp, candy ass body.”

Lawan was laughing and shaking her head from side to side, “Randi you’re going to be just as much of a slut as your Mother and me. We need to get out of here for now. We have two more coffee enemas to take care of before we go home.”

Kathy and I looked at each other, then she turned to Lawan, “I think the enema and a mild cleanup in the shower would be great, but I don’t think Frank and I could go through what we just put Saldis through, then be able to party hardy tomorrow.”

The three girls started laughing, “I promise we will be gentle with you and I know you will enjoy it very much.” Lawan replied as she walked from the shower.

We could smell the coffee as soon as we walked out of the shower.

Kathy, Lawan, Saldis and I headed over toward the table. Randi headed to the kitchenette and returned with the large pot of coffee.

Kathy wanted me to go first so she could help clean me up in the shower.

Lawan explained how things would work this time. One of us would get the enema, and while that one was in the bathroom, they would have time to give the enema to the other one. By the time they had all the hoses hooked up in the shower, both of us should be ready to mount the racks.

“In that case, I go first. I’m curious to know how this is going to feel,” Kathy said as she climbed on the padded table.

Lawan filled the bag and hung it on the IV pole. That done, she rolled Kathy on her side and pulled her right knee up toward her chest. Lawan was smiling when she handed me the small bottle of lube.

I walked around behind Kathy. Saldis already had Kathy’s ass cheeks pulled wide apart.

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