Black Boss Impregnates His Racist Employee’s White Wife

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There are many advantages to being the black owner of a successful, small company, in addition to the obvious benefits of making a lot of money and being able to enjoy a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle. I also enjoy being the boss of and having control over my white employees, many of whom are racists. So, I guess that makes me a racist too since I want to exploit their weaknesses and show them who’s boss. They probably only submit to working for me because I pay the best wages in area, for their job-skill levels.My name is Marcus, and my wife, Dedra, and I were forty-two years old at the time of this story. We live in a spacious home on a lake on the outskirts of Birmingham. I own an electronic component manufacturing company on the fringes of the Birmingham metropolitan area. Most of the highly technical components that we assemble are subcontracted to other companies. I employ ten, semi-skilled workers and one engineer who assemble and test the final products for sale and shipment to our customers. And of course, we have several other administrative and support employees.The company is small enough that I have frequent parties for the employees at our home on the lake. One of the reasons for the parties is to promote goodwill and help to instill loyalty. The other is purely selfish on my part. Most of the assemblers are white, good old boy rednecks who drive jacked up pickup trucks and are in their mid-twenties. Some of them have fine looking redneck wives. Sometime near when we turned forty-one, Dedra’s sex drive all but disappeared. I became attracted to my employees’ wives, some of whom are a little on the trashy side. I developed an almost uncontrollable urge to fuck and inseminate them and started planning how to do it.These are the kind of women you might see serving drinks in titty bars, working as waitresses in cheap diners, or even as clerks at convenience stores in the country. Many of them have shaggy-cut, streaky, bleached-blonde hair with the dark roots showing, and nice big titties and asses that they like to show off to the customers. I also have the feeling that some of them were cheating with other men behind their husbands’ backs. Those slutty, white women are like a magnet for my big, black cock.Those Southern country girls are usually flirty with their customers and other men, and they don’t hesitate to talk dirty. Their husbands are confident enough in the control they think they have over their women, that they don’t mind it when their wives dress slutty and show a lot of skin. For some of the men, it’s a source of pride when other men drool over their wives. All of that was speculation on my part, and I was anxious to test my theory by seeing if I could fuck one of the wives.One big advantage that I thought I have with their wives is that I’m the owner and boss. There seems to be a kind of mystique and reverence about bosses, especially with the wives of the employees. It’s natural for the wives to want to suck up to the boss, for whatever benefits that might give their husbands. And it’s human nature for women to be attracted to successful men with money. That’s especially true if the boss is attractive.I’m a handsome, six feet and two inches tall and one-hundred-and-ninety-pound black man. I have a shaved head and medium skin tone and I am muscular and in good shape. Even though the wives might not like blacks, per se, most of them show me respect, and some even seem to be attracted to me. I tried to help their attraction by obtaining some special musk cologne that I bought online from a company in Germany. It was advertised to have male sex pheromone properties that would attract women, or even some men with homosexual tendencies, and it compliments my natural, black, musky scent.I started paying close attention to the social interactions of my employees at those parties. I was looking for husbands who seemed more interested in drinking and shooting the shit with their work buddies, instead of staying with their wives. In other cases, I tried to sense when a couple wasn’t getting along so well, and the wife was giving the husband the cold shoulder for some reason. In those cases, gaziantep escort I looked for the right opportunity to get the wife alone with me, when Dedra was otherwise occupied being a good hostess.My first opportunity came at a recent party on Sunday. I was observing a very pretty, voluptuous, twenty-five-year-old wife, named Bobbi Jo, who is married to one of my assemblers, named Dale. She is typical of the wives who are very pretty and have great bodies, as I described earlier. She has what looks like huge, full and round 36DD tits that were almost bursting out of her top, and her shorts were tight and revealed a big camel toe. She definitely has the overall appearance of being slutty and easy to fuck. I knew that they had a baby girl only six month earlier and guessed that she must be breast feeding her. That couple had been apart for most of the afternoon, and when they were together they seemed to be arguing.I was on the sun deck and waited until Dale was all the way down at the lake with his work buddies, and Bobbi Jo was sitting alone and looking sad at a table. I pulled up a chair next to her and hoped to find a way to get her to talk to me about her problem with Dale.So, I said, “Hi, Bobbi Jo, you sure look sad sitting over here all alone. Is there anything I can do to help? I like for everyone to have fun at my parties, and I noticed that you and Dale don’t seem to be getting along very well today.”Her eyes were tearing up and she seemed a little nervous around me when she replied, “Oh hi, Marcus, thanks for noticing. Dale can be such an asshole sometimes. I caught him staring at Tommy Lee’s wife, Norma, a few times. He even admitted it and said that I should lose some weight and look more like her. I mean shit; I just gave birth to our daughter only six months ago, and he should at least like my big tits.”Bobbi Jo was wearing a tank top, with her braless breasts lewdly bulging out all over, and her thick nipples and big areolas were visibly poking out against the thin material. She’s a little heavier than I remembered her being before she became pregnant, but still gorgeous. She’s about five feet and six inches tall and must have weighed maybe one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She’s lush, voluptuous, and curvy in all the right places, and her ass looked so nice and cushy.I like women with a little meat on their bones, and she looked fantastic and sexy to me. I made sure that she was watching my face while I openly looked up and down her torso and focused on her breasts, before I smiled and responded, “My goodness, Bobbi Jo, I don’t agree with Dale at all. You can take it from me that you look absolutely gorgeous. I think you’re even prettier and more attractive since having the baby. And never mind Norma, because I’ve had a hard time keeping my eyes off you all afternoon.”She was smiling and beaming with delight at my compliments and replied, “Wow, Marcus, how nice of you to notice me and say so. I’m glad that at least one man around here appreciates the way I look. Have you really been watching me all day?”I had noticed her many times but was exaggerating a little about how much I was watching her. I liked the way the conversation was going, though, and decided to continue with my little white lie.I said, “I don’t know how else to say it, Bobbi Jo, you look absolutely gorgeous and sexy to me, and it’s been impossible not to watch you.”Bobbi Jo blushed at my comment and didn’t seem to know what else to say. I took advantage of the lull in our conversation to think of a way to get her alone. I have an extensive collection of American Civil War relics in my basement, and I was hoping that she would be interested in seeing them.So, I asked, “Instead of sitting here all alone, would you be interested in seeing my Civil War collection? I don’t show it off very often, but it looks to me like you could use a break from the hot sun for a few minutes.”She accepted the invitation, and I was almost certain that no one was paying attention to us as I led her down the stairs and under the deck, to the door to our walkout basement. Once inside, I locked the basement door from the inside when she wasn’t paying attention, and then led her to the fifteen by fifteen feet room dedicated to my collection. She seemed a little nervous to be totally alone with a big, black man, but didn’t hesitate to follow me in there.We looked at several of the weapons, and then she seemed interested in the Confederate officer’s uniform that was displayed on a mannequin. She stepped up close to it and asked why it looked so small. I explained that people back then were smaller than contemporary men and women because of their less nutritious diets. I was standing close behind her when she stepped back and lost her balance. I was there to catch her, and in doing so my hands were positioned on both sides of her torso, just under and in front of her arm pits, and lightly gripping both sides of her bulging breasts.She stood there frozen for a moment and then said, “Thanks for catching me, Marcus. And what is that interesting aroma?”I was wearing my special musk cologne, and I was surprised that it was having an effect on her. Most of those kinds of products never perform as advertised. I didn’t put it on very heavily, with just dabs on my neck, chest and groin, and she hadn’t sensed it in the open air outside. However, in the stale air of that stuffy room she couldn’t only smell the cologne, but the pheromones must have been having an effect as well.Her breasts felt so big, warm and firm, and I guessed that they must be bursting with milk after her being at the party all afternoon, with no way to express the milk. I was surprised when she just stayed in my arms, with her back against my stomach, for almost ten seconds. Then she stepped forward and turned to face me. She thanked me again for catching her.Then she gave me a crooked little, impish smile and said, “Somehow, I don’t think it was such a big imposition for you to catch me like that, Marcus. You definitely got a good feel of my milk-filled tits that you’ve been staring at all day. I liked being in your strong arms, and your stomach felt so firm.”We both stood there for a few awkward moments, until she reached up and placed her hands behind my neck and pulled my face down towards hers. Our lips met in a soulful, wet kiss, and we were sucking passionately on one another’s tongues, as she mashed her lips against mine. That kiss lasted what seemed like a long two minutes, until she pulled back a little, while still holding onto my neck.She looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve always wondered if black men would be good kissers with their thick, soft lips. Now I know, Marcus, and that was just wonderful. What else are Negroes good at doing with white women?”She was turning out to be the trashy and slutty, white wife that I was hoping for. As we began kissing again, I felt confident in exploring her body with my hands. I started by caressing and rubbing her back, letting my hands go lower and lower until I was aggressively rubbing her nice, cushy ass. I even reached farther down, pressing my fingers deep into the cleavage of her ass crack, and lower almost to her pussy.Bobbi Jo wasn’t resisting me at all, and even began swiveling and gyrating her ass, pressing her pubis against my thigh. We continued our wet kiss, as she moved her arms down to rub my lower back and ass, pulling me more tightly against her. I kept my left hand deep in her ass crack, as I moved my right hand up to rub and fondle her breast. It was obvious that she was getting very turned on as she hugged me even tighter and was breathing hard into my mouth. I could hardly believe that I had that pretty, trashy, white slut in my arms.I wanted to taste her milk-filled tits in the worst way, so I continued holding her against me as I turned us around and backed her up to an empty display table. I lifted her up and back to sit on the table, and I pulled up her top over those massive breasts. Then I weighted and fondled both breasts in my hands as I leaned down to latch onto her left nipple and areola. The milk began to flow as soon as I started sucking, and it was so sweet and plentiful. She wrapped her left arm around my head to cradle it and to hold me firmly against her, as she reached for my crotch with her right hand.She wasn’t shy about touching me and was soon rubbing my quickly hardening cock. It is uncircumcised and very thick, and eight inches long when soft. On hard it’s a little over eleven inches long, and I have big, egg-sized balls that hang low in my hairy, black scrotum.She leaned down to my right ear and was panting heavily as she said, “Dale has never sucked my milky breasts that way, and I feel it all the way to my pussy. And oh fuck, Marcus, I can hardly believe the size of your cock!”Bobbi Jo began to unfasten my belt and pants button as I moved to suck her right breast. She pushed down my zipper and stuck her hand under the waistband of my underwear. Her small hand was warm and felt so good as she moved it past my kinky pubic hair and onto the base of my thick cock. She pushed down my underwear and was holding my hard cock, which was then poking straight out at her.She began stroking my cock, sliding my precum-soaked foreskin back and forth over my hard, vein-covered shaft. I was still sucking her right breast as she leaned down and kissed the side of my face, before nibbling on my ear, and in a breathy voice saying, “Holy fuck, Marcus, your cock is longer than my forearm and thicker than my wrist. I’ve got to taste that monster and then I want to feel it in my cunt. No wonder white men talk trash about Negroes and don’t want them anywhere near their women.”We parted momentarily, and I jumped up to sit on the table as she stood in front of me. She leaned down and took the foreskin and head of my cock into her mouth and began sucking me. She took more and more of my thick fuck meat into her mouth as she began fondling my balls, which were hanging down over the edge of the table.After a few minutes she pulled off my cock and lifted my balls to her lips as she said, “Even your testicles are huge. You must be a real breeding machine with these things.”She began sucking my hairy, black scrotum, taking one ball at a time into her mouth as she sucked them and felt the texture of my testicles with her tongue. I loved seeing and feeling her trashy white mouth feasting on my black genitals, and I wondered what her husband would think if he saw her sexing a black man. After feasting on my balls for several minutes, she resumed sucking my cock. It didn’t take her very long to able to take about eight inches of my meat, with it pushing partially into her throat.I was planning on fucking her, but the excitement of sucking her breasts, and then having her suck my cock and balls, brought me past the point of no return. I held her head firmly on my cock as it erupted with a huge orgasm that squirted time after time into her mouth as my cock jerked and throbbed. She seemed to suck even harder when I began to ejaculate, and she was noisily slurping, and swallowing to get it all down.She was still nursing the remaining seepage from my cock as I said, “Sorry, Bobbi Jo, you’re just so fucking sexy that I couldn’t hold it. Just give me a few minutes to recover, and I’ll feed that nice, white pussy of yours my dark fuck meat.”She finally stepped back and said, “Holy fucking shit, Marcus! I’ve swallowed a lot of cum in my day, but I’ve never taken a load like that. You flooded my mouth with your thick and tasty cum, and I loved eating it from you.”We talked for a few more minutes as she casually sucked and licked my soft cock and balls. I was just beginning to get hard again when I heard Dedra calling for me from outside. We had been in the basement together for over a half hour, and I knew that I would have to postpone fucking her. We quickly got dressed and I told Bobbi Jo to go up the stairs into the house, and act like she had just gone in there to use the bathroom. I would go out the basement door and reappear from around the side of the house.Bobbi Jo and I were able to reappear separately without raising any suspicions, as far as I could tell. We got sodas from the cooler and sat together at the table again. Our relationship was then a lot closer, since I had sucked her breasts and swallowed her milk, and she had sucked my cock and swallowed my cock cream. It had been so easy to approach her sexually, and she didn’t seem to hesitate at all having sex with someone other than her husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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