Black Sons, Adventures pt.7 – pt.1

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Black Sons, Adventures pt.7 – pt.1As I was lying in my bed dreaming about the wonderful sex I had with seven different girls last weekend, my oversize cock started to harden. The versions of enormous breasts dance through my head. Including my very own mother’s huge breasts. Suddenly, I felt a wet and very warm mouth engulfing my hard-on. At first I thought I was still dreaming but then my eyes began to open and small moans leaked out between my lips. I looked down to see my mom’s head, bobbing up and down my shaft.Her huge ass was lifted high in the air and her mountainous H cups, brushed against my legs through her tiny purple teddy. Unaware to my mom, I was watching her sucking my meat straight down to the base.While my half my cock was inserted in her mouth, her hands were stroking the other half. Her tongue slither up and down the sides of my cock. I couldn’t take not wanting to touch my mother any longer. I reached down inside her teddy and took huge handfuls of her chocolate breasts. I squeezed them hard, making sure the nipples were popping out of her areolas.I could hear my mother starting to moan around my cock. She took my cock out of her mouth and maneuvered her tongue down my balls. She suckles first my left ball, then the right. Her tongue left no inch of dry spots on my balls as they dangle in her mouth.”Good morning,” my mother said to me with her eyes directly at mines and her mouth full of my huge balls.”Mmmm! Good morning mother,” I greeted back, rubbing her thick nipples with my palms of my hands.”I enjoy the fucking we did yesterday my son. Did you?” My mother asked while kissing and licking my balls.”Mmmm! Oh yes ma’am. I enjoy every bit,” I said tugging her tootsie roll like nipples away from her areolas.”Mmmmm honey! Play with mommy’s nipples. Stretch those suckers out. Would you like for mommy to breastfeed you like I used too?” She asked me while stroking my giant cock above her head.I didn’t have to say a word. My mom just sat up and wiggles her body out of the small teddy. Her colossal breasts were a sight to be seen. They were like two giant brown beach balls, resting on my mother’s chest. Naturally they hung down due to the sheer size of them. Her areolas were like giant pieces of coal, toppled with huge tootsie roll nipples.My mother straddles my stomach and brought my head up to her right breasts. My entire face was buried in her soft flesh as my mouth attacked it with a savage slobbering.”OHHH YESS ANDREW! Suck your mommy’s big titties. Nurse on mommy’s nipples,” she moaned.I did just that. My lips capture a good amount of her breast tissue in my mouth and my tongue swirl around her dark nipples. My wrapped my arms around my mother’s waist as her enormous tit smoothed my face and covered it completely.I started to suck back and forth between her juicy jumbo jugs. I could almost taste the milk I used to receive at the end of her thick nipples. No parts of her heavy melons were safe from my tongue and mouth. I even licked under her breasts and in between. Run my tongue up the sides of their sloping shape and crammed my mouth with as much of her mammoth tits as possible. I brought my mom to a series of orgasms and she came inside her tight thong. I could feel her juices dripping onto my stomachShe let me feast on her breasts a few more minutes before pushing my head back and getting off me. Her enormous breasts glisten with my saliva. I could practically see myself on them.”Tonight Andrew, Beth and I are going to a birthday party hosted by Mrs. Bearstein and the other ladies of the country club board up at Mrs. Bearstein’s cabin. It’s her youngest daughter’s birthday today. They have been asking if I’m going to bring you along with me. They were so thrill about meeting you last weekend. Do you want to come?” My mother asked while fixing her teddy over her breasts.”Sure mom. I had so much fun the last weekend with them. Can’t wait to see them,” I replied.”Good good. We’re leaving in an hour. Dress sharp and be on your best behavior,” my mother told me while exiting my room.An hour has gone by and Beth, my mother, and I were on are way to Mrs. Bearstein’s cabin, just two hours away from the Country Club. The cabin was surround by a deep forest. It’s a good hiding place if you want to get away and fuck someone.When we arrived, my four favorite girls Cathy, Cassie, Cynthia, and Christy, greeted us.”Welcome back Andrew,” said Cathy, giving me a wink.Christy, being hyper and perky, gave me a huge hug. The feel of her massive J cups being pressed into my body, was making my cock react and bulge up in my jeans. I’m sure Christy knew what she was doing.”Lets get you guys over here to meet some people you probably haven’t met yet,” said Cathy to the three of us. “And Andrew. I think you’ll like my daughter. She’s just like her sister in some ways.”I could only imagine what Cathy meant by that. Now I was more then ever, eager to meet Cathy’s youngest daughter.As we entered the party tempobet yeni giriş grounds, I saw a young girl, not far from where the action is, fishing in a nearby creek. I was curious to see what she looked like. From what I could tell, her hair was red, just like Shelly and Cathy’s. Could it have been Shelly? I’m sure she would have greeted me if she knew I was coming.Cathy introduced us to a bunch of old people and no one else I would be interesting in screwing. The girl who was fishing kept plaguing my mind.”Hey Andrew. I want to show you something,” said Christy in a bubbly tone.She grabbed by the hand and led me away from the birthday party sight and behind the cabin.”I got a tattoo,” Christy shared with me.”That’s great Christy, now show me those titties,” I requested.”Hold on a minute. Let me show you my tattoo.”Christy started to pull her tight fitting jeans down and turned around for me, to see a small puppy tattoo on her left buttock. Her green thong was tightly between her firm ass cheeks. I started squeezing her ass and giving her some spankings.”Oh! Someone is being naughty today,” Christy said as she pushed her ass against my pelvis.My massive cock pressed between her ass cheeks.Christy turned back around to face me and began to unbutton her flannel shirt. I watched as each bottom was being undone and I could see her creamy white cleavage. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She opens her flannel, bouncing her giant pale J cups at me.I was very delighted to see those monstrous breasts again. I immediately took hold of both her huge tits and squeezed them. Loving the feel of her warm, soft breast tissue, sinking between my fingers and being rolled in the palms of my hands.Christy meanwhile was unzipping my jeans and pushed them all the way down to my shoes and dragged my boxers with them. My enormous cock jutted straight out at her crotch. She started rubbing her thong-clad pussy against my throbbing rod.”Your huge cock was all that I could think about since last weekend. I had sex with my husband the night after and he is in no way compared to you Andrew. I need a huge dick in my pussy now!” Christy demanded.She pulled apart the front part of her thong, baring her creamy, juicy mound. She pushed herself up against me and I took hold of her left leg and started thrusting my huge cock between her cunt walls. My other hand stays at her breasts. Kneading her enormous melons like bread dough.”OH YES! FUCK ME HARDER!” Christy moaned as my thrusting got faster and harder.I brought my mouth about her chest as her enormous titties started beating against my face. The faster my thrusts got, the harder they slapped my face. I felt like I was in tit heaven. I managed to capture her delicious nipples into my mouth and sucked them as hard as I could. I practically inhaled a good amount of her tit meat as well between my lips.”AHHHHH! OHHHH! ARRGGG!” Cried Christy, wrapping her arms around my neck and now pushing herself against my body.Our pelvises were smacking together and our thighs quivered with impact. I had most of my huge dick, stuff between her drenching pussy. I could feel her juices continuing to leak out and down my dick and balls. My mouth was having a field day on her J cups. Sliding my tongue over every inch of them. Tasting her salty sweat that dripped down her breasts. Her head was trashing wildly as my cock began to work as a jackhammer and pound her cunt like pounding raw meat.”OHHHH GOD! HERE I CUM!” Christy warned me as her orgasm took over her body and sends her body shaking wildly.I continued my thrusting, as she was cumming. I lifted her up by her ass and started bouncing her up and down my cock. Her glistening jugs slid up and down my chest as I felt my heavy balls, swashing my hot cum around and ready to launch.I sat Christy down and she held out her mountainous tits. I started to jerk my cock for a few seconds and finally shot a steam of cum across her chest. I shot another enormous load right on her breasts. I jerked some more and shot another huge load directed at her nipples. Small spurts of cum shot across her chest and breasts, completely covering her udder torso. I let my flabby cock rub some cum into her skin.”Mmmm. We really must do this more often,” Christy said.She wiped some cum off her chest with two fingers and tasted it. She didn’t bother to wipe the cum off her chest. She just put back on her flannel shirt and pulled her jeans up. She helped me stuff my cock back inside my boxers and pulled my jeans up.As we left from behind the cabin, Cathy came up to me.”There you are Andrew. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I would like you to meet my youngest daughter Penny. Penny. This is Andrew.”Penny had happen to the young girl that I saw fishing over at the creek. She was much prettier then her sister Shelly and from the looks of it, the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. Penny also possessed enormous breasts that her overalls and large sweater tempobet giriş couldn’t hide. Her red hair was shortening to her shoulders and her face didn’t have freckles. She was short so her breasts covered most of her lower torso as well.”Hello,” I said being polite.”Wow mother. You’re right. He is cute. Can’t wait to see the rest of him,” Penny said as she smiled at me.After she said that, somehow I knew it wasn’t going to be that hard to get into her pants. Perhaps her mother was actually sitting me up to meet her youngest daughter just like she left me with her Shelly.Without warning, Cathy took hold of my crotch and gave my big dick a tight squeeze.”Mmmm! You’re even enormous when you’re not hard,” Cathy whispered in my ear. ” Well you know it’s my daughter’s 18th birthday today. I promised her a BIG surprise and you’re that surprise. There is an old cabin up in the hills about 30 miles from here. I want you to be waiting there for my daughter. I must prepare her for what will be her first sexual encounter and one that she’ll never forget.”Cathy gave me a set of keys and introduced me that once I get to the cabin; I was to wear a special costume that Cathy had brought to fulfill her daughter’s fantasy. Apparently the costume is one of Penny’s favorite superheroes that I would have to dress up as. I had never done role-playing before but wanting to see Penny naked was all I needed to agree to her needs.Cathy told me that she had already informed my mother about me being Penny’s big birthday surprise and she was quite thrill about it too. She would want all the females in the world to feel the joy of my huge cock, pounding their pussies like a hammer pounding raw meat.I drove up to the cabin and was quite curious to see who Penny’s favorite superhero was. As I open the door, a large bed was the only thing in the room besides a bathroom. A Batman costume was lied out on the bed. A grin came across my face as I was preparing to show Penny, all my gadgets and the biggest one of them all.15 minutes had gone by and I was quite bored waiting for Penny to show up. Just then, my cell phone started ringing. It was Cathy, telling me that Penny is on her way up to the cabin and should be arriving in a matter of minutes. She wanted to know if I had the costume on and I told her yes. I also told her that, the tights were a little bit too tight. A giant imprint of my cock was pressing up against the front of the tights and ready to burst out of them. She loved the way I described the costume to her.I heard someone knocking and quickly told Cathy that her daughter was here. I rung up my cell phone and open the door. Penny was standing in front of me wearing a Catwoman costume. The tight leather against her body was hot. Her gigantic boobs hung down naturally inside her outfit. I could see her hard nipples poking through.”Mmmm Batman. I see you have been expecting me. Seems you have a gadget that I might be interested in?” Penny said in a sexy Michelle Pfeiffer type voice.”Indeed I do,” I replied in a deep voice, imitating Michael Keaton.I had to admit. I was feeling stupid dressed in a Batman costume and playing Batman. But it’s worth the humiliation to get Penny naked.Penny came up close to me and started purring like a cat. She outlined my chest with her long fingernails attached to her gloves. She moved her hands down my stomach and over the Batman utility belt. Her long nails slowly brush my pulsing cock up and down. Lightly tracing the outline of it. Her hands then moved to behind me and cupped my tight buttocks and gave them a firm squeeze. She purred again.”Mmmm. meow!” Penny said.She took a step back and reached behind her to unzip her costume. The sounds of the zipper were music to my ears. Once she had the zipper down to her lower back, she pushed the front of her costume forward and her massive tits were swaying side to side. Her nipples were small but her breast meat was looking so delicious that I didn’t care as long as I got them in my mouth.Penny pushed the rest of the costume down her legs. She had to bend over, causing her enormous mounds to point straight to the floor and swing about on her chest. She stepped out of her costume, standing in front of me only in a pair of black boots. She had a pretty thick bush on her crotch. The hairs looked like they were soak and ready for me to get them even wetter.”You must stay in your costume the whole thing,” Penny said. “Of course your tights will be an exception.”Penny got on her knees, with her face leveled at my bulging crotch. She undoes my utility and tossed to the floor. She grabbed the top of my tights and pulled them down. My enormous cock sprang at her quickly, hitting her dead on the forehead. We both laughed and it was good to know that she can take a little bit of pain.Penny started low and proceeded to lick and suck my huge balls as they dangle across her mouth. Her tongue swirled around each testicle before her mouth swallowed tempobet güvenilirmi them whole.I tilted my head up to the ceiling, moaning and enjoying her delightful mouth on my balls. While still wearing the gloves, she gripped both my ass cheeks hard, digging the long fingernails into my flesh. She pressed her face against my enormous cock as she sucked away at my balls. I felt some of her fingernails moving through my asshole and tickling my anus. It was a sharp feeling having her Catwoman fingernails drilling in and out of my anus. It sends chills up and down my spine. I hardly let girls even think about touching my asshole but Penny was an exception. I soon realized that she was doing more then touching and finger fucking my asshole. Her long tongue had moved from under my balls and up to my asshole. My balls were swaying across her face as her tongue probed my anus.It was actually a good feeling. Having her wet tongue pushing in and out of my asshole. My huge cock was throbbing harder above her head and my balls rested on the bridge of her nose. Her mouth soon closed over the bottom of my ass, really sucking my asshole harder. I held her head in my hands and started rocking my ass back and forth across her mouth. My balls started to move up and down the upper half of her face.After a few more minutes of sucking my asshole and bringing me to my first orgasm, Penny took my dick in her hands and started stroking it.”Mmmm Batman. I had no idea you would have a gadget this large and thick hiding in your tights,” Penny said as she stroked my cock with long and slow strokes.Her tongue started moving up and down the sides of my thick shaft. She tried not to touch my swollen cockhead and just lick the shaft only. Her mouth started sucking up and down my shaft like she was sucking on a rib bone. My cockhead was ballooning out and turning purple as she kept sucking just the shaft.”Oh fuck Penny. My cock!” I moaned as she sucked harder and harder my shaft only.She then engulfs my cockhead between her lips and slowly suckled it. While the cockhead was in her mouth, her tongue started licking the ridged edges and inside my pee-hole. Her small hands could barely manage to keep my cock steady as it throbbed. She used her fingers to lightly scratch my huge cock and then lightly trace them over my balls.Penny released my cockhead from her mouth and watched my enormous cock, bob up and down with saliva dripping off the top. She kissed my cockhead and started easing my dick down her throat. My cockhead bumped into the back of her throat.Penny started gagging and tons of saliva pour out of her mouth. It dripped down her chin and landed directly on both her mammoth breasts that were brushing my legs.Penny dropped my cock from her mouth, covered in her moistness and then took it back in. This time she was bobbing her head up and down my huge cock, taking inch by inch between her lips. Her face was brushing up against my pubic hairs and her chin lightly bumping into my balls.After she got a good amount of my cock in her throat, she holds that position and savors the sweet chocolate between her lips for a few seconds. I take hold of her nose and stop her breathing. I wiggled my giant dick around in her mouth. Bumping my cockhead against her cheeks that would puff out every time my cock rammed into them. Her gagging started to fill the cabin up and so I slowly ease her head off my cock, only long enough to empty the pool of saliva in her mouth. Lots of it fell down to her already glistening chest. I quickly re-insert my cock in her mouth and begin to thrust. I made sure her mouth reached the base of my cock with every thrust and my heavy balls hit wildly at her chin and cheeks.I fucked her mouth for another five minutes before releasing my drenching rod and taking a giant handful of her wet breasts. He pushed her giant spongy jugs against his thighs and trapped his mammoth cock between them. Penny’s hands took held of her own breasts from underneath while I held them from the sides. I started thrusting furiously between her huge titties, watching them ripples and wobbles in our hands as I fucked them.”Oh yessss! Fuck my big titties. I have always wanted a huge black cock between them. I love my birthday present,” moaned Penny as her face became redden and sweaty while pleasurable expressions were shown.I gripped her mammoth orbs hard and thrust my cock deep in her cleavage valley. My huge balls bounced off the bottoms of her gigantic breasts. Penny left her hands go and held onto my ass, pushing her tits harder in my crotch. Her enormous breasts bulged up at my stomach as we watched them as they jiggled and wobbled obscenely.I wanted to fuck her tits in another position so I pushed her onto the ground and watched her massive sweaty hooters sway from side to side and then pancake out across her chest and her upper arms. I straddled her chest and rested my huge dick and balls between her cleavage. Penny took hold of her breasts and beat them against my dick before finally wrapping them completely over my meat. She crossed her arms over her tits and I took hold of her shoulders. I started rocking up and down between her soft melons. Really pounding between them hard and fast.

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