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Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 21 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you may not like this story. This is a work of fiction. �. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: sparky.story@protonmail Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html I have created a small WordPress site to accompany the story. It contains location information of places we visit in the story, there is also a character list and random pictures of stuff I refer to in the story. It will be an ongoing project!! ess/ Thank you to everyone who has emailed, it has been great talking to the readers and some authors. If you like it let me know!! Take care and stay safe Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 21 By Sparky Wednesday morning Mike made sure the boys were ok before heading off to work, Leo got the boys fed and ready for school and took Jacob aside. “Yesterday when I asked you what had happened… you kept quiet… can you tell me why?” Leo asked gently “No…” Jacob timidly replied “Why not… I’m not upset or anything… I just want to know all I can to help John” Leo persisted “He asked me not too” Jacob replied “I understand that… but now we are helping him and he’s already told us so much.. do you think you could fill in the rest?” “Umm… I suppose it’s ok now” “Good boy Jacob… this is about helping him…OK?” “Ok… some boys at school caught him looking at their dicks in the toilets, they called him gay and then on the way home they put snow down his pants, they said “it would cool him off” that’s what he told us, we saw them and shouted at them and they ran off” “Thank you Jacob… that was very brave of you… thank you” Leo said hugging Jacob “Ok… will he be ok?” Jacob asked “I think so Jacob… he just needs a little help” Leo said reassuringly Soon it was time for the boys to head off to school, the snow had melted over night and the ground was wet and muddy. Late morning and the furniture arrived, Leo took it all up to the boys rooms so they could build it together on Saturday or Sunday after making Max’s bed. He got on with his work till the boys came home, he wondered during the day how many boys would turn up after school, his best guess was wrong. When Jacob came out to tell him they were home, Jacob told him that John was here and also John’s best friend Ben. Leo quickly worked out that 7 boys were now in his house. When he got into the house Jacob introduced him to Ben. Ben was a skinny boy with blonde hair and a cheeky smile. John was stood close to him and smiling. After getting them all drinks, Leo got them sat at the table to do their homework. He told them that once it was done they could play on the Wii or what ever they wanted. He pulled John out to his office to talk to him in private, he brought the two chairs together so they could sit face to face. Once they were sat Leo smiled and spoke first, “How are you feeling today? You seem happier” “I feel better today…” “Good… so Ben’s nice, he’s you best friend right?” Leo asked to relax him, “Yeah… we’ve been friends forever and he’s really nice” “That’s good… so you like him a lot then?” “Yes! He’s the best” John said his face lighting up, “Do you and Ben will be friends for ever and ever then?” Leo asked to gauge John’s feelings “Yes coz we really like each other!” “I can see that by the smile on your face” laughed Leo smiling, “Leo….can I ask you something…” “Anything John… anything at all… never be worried to ask… that’s how you learn” “Ok…so you and Mike your like….” John tried to ask but froze, “Gay?…” Leo finished for him, “Yeah… gay” “Yes we are…” Leo smiled, “And it’s like.. ok to be gay?” “yes John… lots of people are gay… it’s normal… some are born gay and some not…” “But why do people say bad things about gays?” John asked confused, “Some people don’t like vegetables and some people do right?, it doesn’t mean that vegetables are bad or not normal, it’s just some people don’t like them…. it’s the same with gays, so people like them and some don’t, but we are still normal and it’s still ok to be gay….. understand?” Leo asked, “I think so… why do some people not like gays?” “Most because they don’t think they know any gays and don’t understand we are normal, some because they think that’s what the bible says, but John… that’s their problem not ours, they are the ones who are not normal…ok?” Leo said trying to keep things simple for John, “Ok.. that makes sense…” “Good.. any more questions or you wanna go do your homework with the others?” “I’m good for now” John said with enough to think about. Leo and John went back inside and joined the others. Leo made an effort to talk with Ben and get to know him, he suspected John liked Ben more than just friends and wanted to see if Ben showed any clues as to how he felt about John. Leo got good vibes from Ben, he was kind and funny and had lots of nice things to say about John. After the home work was done the boys played on the Wii for a while. Taking turns to play John would be sat on the sofa with Ben at his side, Timmy would climb up into John’s lap and snuggle in. Ben watched the two and smiled, he was surprised at how openly affectionate Timmy was and how the others were too. Taking a chance Ben leaned into John and looked up to see his reaction. John smiled back and slowly lifted the arm Ben was leaning against, Ben was worried he had gone too far until John wrapped his arm over Ben’s shoulders and pulled him in for a sideways hug. Timmy who was sat in John’s lap sideways facing John reached out his little hand and ruffled Ben’s hair, Timmy then just left his hand on Ben’s head and gently played with Ben’s hair. Leo saw Ben and John getting closer and made a plan, it was clear that in this safe environment the boys were starting to relax. “John…Ben… how would you like to sleep over Saturday night?” Leo asked, “Really?” asked John, “Yes… you get to play and have fun and your parents get some time to themselves” “Yes! and you Ben you’ll stay over too?” John asked excited, “Yeah.. that would be cool” Ben said smiling, Timmy still playing with his hair, “Good.. we’ll go for a hike on the downs and you can all get some exercise and get muddy…. then we’ll have a movie night” Leo explained smiling, “What do we need to bring?” asked Ben, “Boots if you have them, if not we can get some on the way for you, change of clothes and what ever you want to wear in bed” “Do we need pyjamas?” asked John, “I said what ever YOU want to wear in bed, so PJ’s or boxers or naked, it’s up to you” Leo said grinning at them. John and Ben giggled and smiled at each other, Timmy leaned up to John’s ear and whispered something that made John grin even harder. Ben looked at John and Timmy questioningly as he did not hear what was whispered, so Timmy leaned down to Ben and whispered to him, Ben grinned and nodded yes. Timmy smiled and ruffled Ben’s hair again. Leo smiled at their antics and would ask Timmy later what he had said. After a few more turns on the Wii it was time for John and Ben to go home, they both asked if they could come round tomorrow and Leo said yes. The boys all hugged each other and Timmy pulled John’s head down and kissed him on the cheek, then much to Ben’s surprise the little boy did the same to him. John and Ben left smiling as they headed home. They still had another hour before Martin would arrive for Max and Jason so it was agreed all the boys could have a bath together. Leo ran it while the boys stripped off, only Max had to fold his clothes up to wear again, as Tina was fine with Jason bathing there and had sent clothes with him to change into after. As normal there was much giggling and touching as the boys washed each other. “Why did John’s willy look funny?” asked Jacob holding onto Jason’s penis, “John is circumcised… so you see the skin here on your willy” Leo said taking hold of Jacob’s foreskin. “When he was little they removed it” “Why” asked Timmy as now all the boys were curious, “Don’t know… maybe he had problems with it and his doctor thought it should be removed” “Oh… can we ask him?” Timmy asked, “How about I ask him first and then see how he feels, he might not want to talk about it …ok?” “Ok” Timmy replied, “If Jacob pulls his foreskin back then it will look like John’s” Leo pointed out, The boys all looked at Jacob’s willy and Jacob pulled back his skin and let go leaving it retracted. The boys smiled and giggled. Soon they were all pulling their foreskins back, although Timmy’s was a little tighter than the others. Leo had to step in and tell Timmy to be careful with his willy. Leo took care of Timmy and showed him how to do it and explained about washing under the foreskin to them all before getting Timmy out and drying him off. While Leo had Timmy on the bed creaming him up he asked him what he had whispered to John and Ben. “I told them I like to sleep naked and they should try it too” Timmy replied grinning, “You are funny my wonderful little boy” Leo said smiling, “So it was ok to tell them?” Timmy asked, “Yes Timmy, it was perfect… just like you” Leo said and tickled Timmy making him squeal. Once Timmy was all creamed up Leo told the boys it was time to get out and dry off, the boys did and Tanner and Max went to Tanner’s room and snuggled up in bed. Jacob and Jason stayed naked like Timmy and went back down to play on the Wii. Timmy helped Leo prepare dinner, leaving creamy butt prints on the worktop where Leo had sat his little boy. Mike got home and walked into the kitchen, “Daddy!” Timmy shouted raising his arms out for a hug and bouncing up and down on his little butt sat the worktop. Mike picked his son erzincan escort up and hugged him tight, he held Timmy while he hugged Leo squashing the little boy between them making him laugh. Leo filled in Mike with all that had happened with John and Ben. Mike kissed Timmy and ruffled his hair, “You are such a good boy Timmy…love you son” Timmy beamed at the compliment and being called son, he was so happy now that all the worries and pain from his past life were fading away, as this new family and their love consumed him. Martin arrived shortly after and Timmy got even more hugs, Leo went up to get Max and Tanner and found them still snuggled up, he got them down from Tanner’s bed and quickly dried Max’s hair with the hair dryer, Max put his school uniform back on while Leo grabbed Jason’s clothes and they all went back downstairs. Jason was already dressed with the new clothes from his bag and stuffed his dirty uniform into his rucksack to take home. With kisses and hugs, Martin took Max and Jason home. Mike Leo and the boys enjoyed their dinner and some family time before heading to bed, Timmy, Jacob and Tanner slept together in Timmy’s bed and Mike and Leo had some daddy time and enjoyed making love to each other. Thursday the boys went off to school as normal, Leo talked to Ben’s mum, who after talking to John’s mum, who she knew, had agreed to Ben sleeping over. Leo got the loco parentis letter signed by Timmy’s mum and he asked about Timmy’s birth certificate, there was no father and she agreed to have Leo added. Tom agreed to sort out the paperwork. After school the boys came home with John and Ben tagging along. Helen came over to spend some time with Tanner, she and Leo got them sat down to do their homework and 15 minutes later they were all done. The boys fired up the Wii and started to play while Tanner sat cuddled up with his mum. Timmy had climbed into John’s lap again and got Ben to sit with them. He was really taken with the new boys and loved spending time with them. He would snuggle with John and play with Ben’s hair. John and Ben were becoming more confident about being close and in contact with each other. They witnessed the other boys hugging and cuddling on the sofa’s especially Tanner and Max. John started to realise that his attraction to boys wasn’t so bad, he had been called names and bullied about being caught looking at other boys willys in the toilets, he had felt like he was being bad and felt guilty and scared of his feelings towards boys. But now surrounded by affectionate boys and gay dads his hang ups were fading, he was seeing for the first time that what he felt was not bad, how could Leo be bad, how could Mike be bad, they were really nice people who had cared for him when he needed it, they had wonderful sons who were John’s friends and they too were kind and caring. John started to feel better about his love and attraction to Ben, he had always known he liked Ben, but was afraid of admitting it to himself or Ben for fear of rejection. But here was Ben, happy and enjoying time with the gay family, Ben showed no signs of negativity towards this household and that gave John hope that even if Ben was not interested in him the way he was in Ben, he was sure that his friend would not reject his friendship. Ben was also gaining confidence and courage, for a long time he had felt protective towards John, always ready to step in if John needed help. He was still upset at not being at school earlier in the week when John was attacked on the way home. He knew why the boys had gone after John, he had known for a while John liked to look at boys in the toilets, he had thought about letting John see his willy, because he was worried about John looking at other boys and getting caught, but was afraid John might not want to as he had never tried to see his. He was worried that if he did something like that it could change their friendship and that was too much of a risk. He liked sitting snuggled up to John with little Timmy playing with his hair, Timmy had given him the confidence to get closer to John. He had seen how much John liked the little boy being sat on his lap, how he liked the hugs and the kisses. He felt hope that maybe he could be like that with John, that he could be like Timmy and show John how he felt, that John would share hugs and kisses with him also. He felt the hope grow inside him, as he watched those around him openly being affectionate, Tanner and Max even gently kissing each other occasionally. Maybe this was the safe space that would allow him to share his feelings with John… maybe. Leo could see how much Timmy liked John and Ben, he could also see the older boys slowly becoming more open and confident with each other. He watched as the three snuggled and Timmy played with Ben’s hair. Leo came up with an idea he thought Timmy would be happy with, “Timmy… would you like John and Ben to help you with your bath and cream today?” Timmy started to smile and bounce up and down on John’s lap “Yes.. that would be awesome… come on!” Timmy replied as he jumped off John and started to drag him up off the sofa, “Come on then lets get Timmy cleaned up” Leo said holding his hand out to Ben, Ben took Leo’s hand and was pulled off the sofa. He was excited to be helping Timmy as he liked Timmy a lot. John was more than happy to see Timmy naked again and let Timmy lead him upstairs. On the way up Leo explained to Ben about Timmy having a bath and then being creamed up to help his skin stay healthy. Ben thought it was cool to be asked to care for Timmy and be trusted to take part in such an important part of Timmy’s life. Helen was left with the boys downstairs while Leo ran the bath as Timmy got naked. John helped with Timmy’s shirt and Ben helped with the little boys socks. Timmy as normal showed no modesty and the older boys were able to freely stare at his cute little naked body. Leo shot them a reassuring smile as they looked Timmy over, then sat down on the toilet seat. “Ok John.. turn the water off and Ben help Timmy into the tub” he directed. The boys did as instructed and Leo continued, “Ben use the jug and wet Timmy’s hair, John get the shampoo and squirt some on his head and rub it in” They did so and Timmy loved the attention from the boys. “Rinse his hair Ben using the jug” Ben did so pouring water with the jug on Timmy’s head and making sure all the shampoo was gone. “John grab the shower gel and squirt some on your hands and rub it into Timmy when he stands up” With Timmy’s hair now finished, the little boy stood up revealing his little boner to John and Ben, Ben gasped a bit and starred at the hard little dick. Ben then realised he was starring and looked guiltily at Leo, “It’s ok Ben… he always gets boners and it’s ok to look” Leo smiled reassuringly, “You don’t mind?” Ben asked incredulously, “No… we’re all boys here… we all get boners… we all like to look… it’s ok to look if the other person is ok to show” Leo said looking at John, John realised what Leo was getting at and froze, Leo got off the toilet and knelt next to John and gave him a hug, “It’s ok John… we all like to look… just be more careful…” Leo said rubbing the boys back as he hugged him. Leo helped guide John’s hands to wash Timmy, they worked down Timmy’s body leaving Timmy’s boy bits till last, he then got Ben to wash Timmy as well, so he would learn what to do. Leo then showed them how to wash Timmy’s dick and balls, then had both Ben and John wash them too. “Don’t squeeze him, just gently rub, like you would your own” Leo guided them, Tentatively John and then Ben washed Timmy’s boy boner, Timmy loved the feel of their hands and John liked the feel of his dick, John desired more than ever to see and touch Ben’s dick. Leo decided to move things on and got John to help Timmy out of the tub, Ben grabbed a towel and the two of them dried Timmy. They all went to the master bedroom and Timmy jumped up on the bed and lay down on his blanket face down. “Kneel on the bed either side of Timmy and I’ll show you how to apply the cream” Leo said. John and Ben got either side of Timmy and Leo stood at the end of the bed by Timmy’s little feet. He squirted some cream and showed the older boys how to rub it in, the boys took over doing Timmy’s back as Leo did the little boys legs. The older boys hesitated when it came to Timmy’s butt, so Leo guided John’s hands to Timmy’s fleshy orbs making sure his fingers went deep into Timmy’s butt crack. Ben then did the same and Timmy just lay there moaning a little and grinning. “Roll over Timmy” Leo said, The little boy did and his boner was hard as ever, he lay on his back, his hands at his side touching John and Ben’s knees. Leo told the two boys to do the same as they had done on Timmy’s back. As they did Timmy moaned quietly and smiled happily, “He really likes this?” John commented, “Of course he does… who wouldn’t like to have people they love massaging them and making them feel good” Leo said smiling, “I’ve never had a massage” Ben said sadly, “Well lets finish Timmy and if you just take your shirt off maybe John could give you a quick rub and you can see what it’s like” Leo suggested, “Yeah I’ll do it!” John agreed excitedly, “Ok then… and maybe I should do you John” Ben said kindly, “Yeah!….cool!” John replied, The boys were enjoying working on Timmy, their slick hands roaming the little boys naked body, getting closer and closer to Timmy’s rock hard dick. “Timmy’s willy as well?” John asked, “Yes… that’s his favourite part of creaming him up” Leo laughed, All the boys giggled and John was the first to rub cream around Timmy’s willy, he had never before felt so excited and happy, in his pants his own dick was as hard as it had ever been and he had to adjust himself as it was starting to hurt, Ben saw this and smiled, knowing what his friend was happy. The older boys both enjoyed caring for Timmy, it erzurum escort was nice to be so comfortable with another person, with a friend. John continued to rub Timmy’s willy making the boy moan more and Ben giggle. Leo decided that much more and Timmy would end up with a sore dick, so he told them that Timmy was done. “You want John to do your back still?” Leo asked Ben, “Yes!” Ben replied, Leo told Ben to remove his shirt and topless the boy laid down on the blanket next to Timmy. With Ben face down Leo got John to kneel at Ben’s side and applied some cream to Ben’s back. John was amazed at the sensations he felt when his hands finally touched his best friend, he worked the cream into Ben’s shoulders and down his back, he did his best to make sure Ben liked it and listened to Ben’s happy moans as his fingers worked out his friends stress and relaxed the ten year olds body. Ben loved the massage, to be touched in a way that made him feel loved and relaxed was very new to him and he soaked up the attention. He knew this was something he would want to do again. Leo had the boys swap places and Ben worked on John’s back. Johns warm chubby skin moved like waves as he ran his hands up and down his best friends back. He loved the feel of johns skin moving under his fingers, as he squeezed John’s shoulders his friend moaned as the hands of his friend brought an inner calm to his chunky frame and mind. Leo had let them discover that it was ok to touch each other and not to be afraid of what their bodies did or how they reacted, they all knew John had a boner, they were all fine with that. They were now free to be more open with each other, to explore new feelings and sensations, the road in front of them was open and the journey they faced would be both good for them and enjoyable. What ever the final destination, they would best friends and brothers forever. “Ok boys… time to clean up and get back downstairs… and tomorrow if you want… you can both help Timmy on your own” Leo offered, Ben sat back up and smiled at John who smiled back. As they stared at each other experiencing thoughts and feelings that were so very new to them, they were pounced on by a naked Timmy who hugged them tight squishing the two naked torso’s and one naked body together. They shared a hug and Leo wiped the excess cream off Ben and John’s backs. They put their shirts back on and were all smiles, “So you want to help Timmy tomorrow on your own?” “Yes!”… they both replied, happy to be trusted, happy to have this wonderful experience again. They all returned downstairs Timmy in boxer shorts leading the way. They joined the others playing on the Wii till it was time to go home. John and Ben left smiling, with a new stronger and happier outlook on life, to care for others is to care for one’s self. We all need to care and we all need to be cared for. John and Ben had just discovered how wonderful this simple idea really is. Leo sat Timmy in his lap, “You did good buddy… they are healing and it’s because of you!” he said and hugged his boy. “Do you think they want to be boyfriends?” Timmy asked innocently, “Not sure buddy… maybe… we have to let them figure that out themselves” “Ok… I hope they do!” Timmy said smiling, “Me too buddy… me too” It was time for Helen to go to work and she hugged and kissed Tanner, she thanked Leo for looking after her son and left. Leo told the boys to go and have a bath and all four raced up to the bathroom and had fun for half an hour. Leo played with Timmy on the Wii, while setting dinner off to cook. After the bath Jason and Jacob came downstairs, naked, while Tanner and Max snuggled in Tanner’s bed. Mike came home and Leo filled him in with the days events. After Martin arrived and took Max and Jason home, they sat down and ate dinner. After family time they headed up to bed. Tanner and Jacob slept in Tanner’s bed while Timmy opted to sleep with his dads. They all slept happy and contented. Friday morning started normally till the boys realised it was the last day of the school term. Excitedly they dressed in their own clothes, no school uniforms on the last day is a long held tradition. The three boys matched their clothes as best they could and Leo did their hair for them. The three looked very cute as they posed for a family photo, with matching clothes and leaving no doubt that these three were now brothers. They headed off to school three very happy boys and one very proud daddy. When they returned three had become seven, with no homework they were soon on the Wii and having fun. Leo suggested that John and Ben take Timmy up and give him his bath and cream him up. At the bottom of the stairs he also said if they wanted any help to ask and if they wanted to massage each other again that was ok. Leo left them to it, he wanted the older boys to feel the responsibility of caring for Timmy and give them the freedom to explore each other without him getting in the way. Leo returned to the lounge and the other boys. “Can we take our clothes off now?” Jacob asked, “Not yet… let John and Ben get used to Timmy being naked first, this is really new to them…ok?” “Ok… no probs, we’ll wait for them to go home again” Jacob agreed. Forty five minutes later naked Timmy led John and Ben back downstairs, they both looked happy and relaxed, Timmy’s dick although soft looked a little red and Leo wondered how much cream had been rubbed into it and laughed to himself. The returning three joined in playing till it was time to go home, John and Ben would be back in the morning for a trip out and a sleepover, as would Max and Jason. With John and Ben gone, Jacob, Tanner, Max and Jason ran upstairs to get in the bath. Leo asked Timmy how his bath had gone and Timmy excitedly told the story to his dad. “First they washed me real good” giggled Timmy, “Then they dried me real good too” Timmy giggled more, “They rubbed my back for ages and jiggled my butt around, then John told me to roll over, they did my front like you do till I gots my tingles” Timmy grinned, “It was fun then?” asked Leo, “Yeah and then Ben took his top off and me and John did his back we did it for ages, then John took his top off and we did his back… he moaned a lot” Timmy laughed, “So they were happy then?” Leo asked, “Yep… they kept smiling and giggling.. and when we were finished we had a big hug” Timmy excitedly explained, “Good… I’m glad their happy” “Me too daddy” “You wanna get in the bath with them tomorrow?” Leo asked, “Yeah! That would be fun daddy” “Ok we’ll do that then” The boys finished their bath and came downstairs clean and dry, Tanner and Max snuggled on the sofa today and Jacob and Jason snuggled too, making room for Timmy. Leo made the dinner while the boys watched TV, Mike got home and Leo told him about Timmy’s bath. Martin came and went taking Max and Jason home. After dinner Mike went next door to check on Susan and the baby, they were both fine and she had cut back on the amount of work she was doing. They talked for a bit and Mike told how Jacob was getting on. She was happy for Jacob and thanked Mike for helping him. When Mike got home they all snuggled on the sofas and watched a movie, there was some roaming hands, but they were all to tired for much else. All the boys slept in Jacobs bed and soon the house was quiet and it’s occupants asleep, happy and content. Saturday morning arrived and the boys were as excited as ever. After breakfast before the other boys arrived they started putting the new furniture together. Max and Jason arrived and Martin stayed for a quick coffee and left, just before John and Ben arrived. John’s mum dropped them off as she was on her way to work, Leo waved out the door as she watched them enter the house. Jacob, Tanner, Timmy, Jason and Max all came running downstairs to greet the boys, naked. John and Ben froze and stared in disbelief briefly before being rushed and hugged by their naked friends. After a moment both boys looked to Leo to see if he was going to tell the other boys off for being naked, but Leo just smiled at them. “Don’t worry… if they want to be naked it’s fine.. they are like this most of the time” Leo laughed, “It’s cool… we like being naked and our dads don’t mind, even Max’s dad don’t mind” Jacob said, “Ben, John… they choose to be naked… you don’t have too if you don’t want…ok?” “Yeah… you can keep your clothes on if you want” Jacob assured them. Timmy approached John and Ben and took their hands and led them up stairs saying “come on” Leo let them go after taking their trainers off, he joined Mike back in Tanner’s room to finish building the furniture and the boys went into Jacob and Timmy’s room. In the boys room Timmy was pulling at John’s clothes, “Come on get them off” he giggled playfully, “Ok…ok…calm down” John giggled back, He looked at the other boys trying to build the courage to once again get naked in front of his friends, his only worry was getting a boner in front of them. Jacob could see the hesitation and whispered in John’s ear, “Are you worried about getting a boner again?” “Yes…” John whispered back. “Well don’t be” Jacob spoke louder and grinned. Jacob took hold of his soft little dick and started to make it hard, he nudged Tanner who understanding started to do the same. Soon Jacob, Tanner, Timmy, Jason and Max were rock hard and showing off their boy boners, laughing and giggling. “See now you don’t have to worry… and our dads don’t care if we have boners either!” Jacob assured John and Ben grinning. John feeling more confident looked at Ben and started to take off his clothes, Ben smiled and started to remove his too. They got to their underwear and stood looking at each other, then together they pulled down their boxers and kicked them off. They took a moment to look at each other before smiling. Timmy, unable to contain his curiosity any longer took hold of John’s willy to get esat escort a better look and made John squeal, “Timmy!.. don’t just grab it” Tanner admonished the boy. “But I want to see why it’s different?” Timmy said innocently, “Timmy!.. dad said to let him ask first!” Jacob challenged, “Oh yeah..sorry John” Timmy frowned realising he had forgotten what Leo had said. Although John was surprised, he was not upset, he really liked Timmy, the little boy had helped him feel better about himself and when he was upset the other day Timmy had comforted him, he felt a bond with Timmy. He had also now touched Timmy’s willy many times so it was only fair to let his little friend touch his. “It’s ok guys… I don’t mind… and are you talking about me being circumcised?” John said, “Yeah… we noticed in the bath before and asked dad about it, he explained it, but didn’t know why you were circumcised, he said to wait before asking so he could make sure you was ok with talking about it” Jacob explained, John ruffled Timmy’s hair and smiled at him, “You want to know why?” he asked, “Yes please” Timmy replied, “Ok… so when I was little my willy kept getting sore, the doctor said I had phi-mo-sis and I had to have the skin removed” “What’s phi-mo-sis?” asked Timmy, “It’s when the skin is too tight and don’t pull back. So you can’t clean it properly and it gets well sore.” John explained, “So if you can pull it back it’s ok?” Timmy asked pulling his foreskin back. “Yes… that’s it…simple really!” John grinned, Soon all the boys were pulling back their foreskins, except john, and re-awakening their boners. They were showing them off and crushing any modesty they had felt. Even John had joined in the fun his circumcised cock at full mast as Timmy played with it, like he had played with Timmy’s when creaming him up. The house isn’t very big and Leo and Mike were in the next room and the doors were all open, they heard the conversation the boys were having and left them to it. Mike could hear that John’s description of why he was cut was more than good enough. With their curiosity satisfied for now the boys started taking the packaging from the new furniture downstairs and set about helping Mike and Leo. John and Ben took a while before they would let the dads see them naked, but they got over it and just joined in with whatever the other boys were doing. Soon the furniture was all built and put into place, Leo went to make an early lunch while Mike got out the boys boots and loaded the cars with towels and blankets, ready for going out after lunch. After they had all eaten the boys got dressed and put on their boots, John and Ben both had boots as they were in the scouts. Leo took Tanner and Max in his car to give them some time alone, the rest piled in with Mike and they set off. They arrived at a small remote car park in the middle of the countryside and parked up. The boys got out and after checking the boot laces were tied, the dads let the boys run free. Where they were walking was a mix of forest and fields, the boys played tag in the fields and climbed on fallen trees in the forest, John and Ben shared their knowledge of things in the forest, which they had learned at scouts. There was sword fights with sticks and hide and seek and all manner of games and fun. The boys all pee’d together after lining up in a row and dropping their trousers and underwear to their ankles. They giggled wildly as they fought to see who could pee the furthest. John won after quickly getting a boner before peeing giving him a better jet of pee. The boys all thought it was hilarious and tried to run around with there clothes still around there ankles, playing some kind of tag. Mike put a stop to it after a minute, in case the boys were seen by other walkers. They pulled up their clothes and carried on playing. As the afternoon continued, Timmy got tired so would ride on Leo and Mike’s shoulders. They slowed down as they tired and the running became walking side by side with the dads. Jacob held Mike’s hand as he carried Timmy and Jason held Leo’s. Tanner and Max held hands now that they felt comfortable around John and Ben. Behind them all, walked John and Ben who could see all the hand holding in front of them. John took a chance and held his hand out to Ben, with a little hesitation Ben took his best friends hand and they walked along together happily. Leo spotted Ben and John when he turned to ask Max about his new bed, he played it cool and whispered to Mike what he had seen. Mike took a sly glance behind and smiled at Leo when he turned back forward. It was clear the boys were comfortable with each other and it was a joy to see it. The walk ended up being a liberating experience for not only Ben and John, but also Tanner and Max. They were careful outside the house not to attract unwanted attention, being on this walk away from prying eyes had given them the space to express themselves freely. They were all smiles as they neared the end of the walk, and took off for a last burst of fun before returning home. By the time everyone got back to the cars, they were all muddy and wet. Every except John and Ben knew the drill and after looking around and making sure they were alone, the other boys started to take off their clothes. John and Ben started to follow suit, as they figured they would just get down to their boxers. Timmy was first to be naked and after looking around again, started running round the cars being silly. Jacob and Tanner joined in the fun and then soon all the boys were naked and running around while Leo and Mike were trying to catch them and shove them in the cars. The whole thing turned into a game, as they all knew no-one would see them. Eventually the dads got the boys in the cars and wrapped in blankets and towels. It really was too cold outside to be naked, but the boys couldn’t resist being silly and naughty. On the way home Tanner and Max were snuggled up naked under a blanket, in Leo’s car. In Mike’s car Jason and Jacob were in the double seat and Ben, John and Timmy in the back. There was much giggling coming from the back of Mike’s car, as the boys talked about their pee competition and the naked laps of the cars. It was clear they had had a good time, and they were all better for it. When they got home, the boys scurried inside wrapped in blankets and ran to the kitchen for drinks leaving their blankets in the hallway. Leo started the dinner, pizza and fries, followed by ice cream, they were all low-fat to benefit John. Mike went upstairs to run a bath and took Jacob, Tanner, Max and Jason with him. He got them in and they washed each other and played for a while. After 15 minutes in the bath the boys were out and getting dry and Mike ran a second bath for Timmy, John and Ben. The first set of boys went downstairs staying naked and sent the others up. John and Ben climbed in and Mike lifted Timmy in and started to wash him. He followed the normal routine, hair, body, legs and willy. Timmy cooed a little when Mike washed his willy and had a very hard boy boner. Mike sat Timmy back down and asked John, “You want me to wash you too?” “Yes please… I liked it when Leo washed me last time” John said grinning, “No problem kiddo” Mike replied smiling back. Mike washed John’s hair taking his time to relax the boy, he got John to stand up, exposing his rock hard dick. Mike washed John’s body and moved down his legs, once done there he re-soaped his hands and looked at John’s face, he got a big smile back and proceeded to wash John’s very erect penis. As he stroked the shaft applying the soap and working it in, John let out an involuntary moan, Mike giggled, as did Ben. After rubbing the boys taint and balls, Mike sat John down and saw he was smiling widely. Mike turned to Ben and was about to ask…. “Yes!” Ben said before Mike could speak, Mike chuckled and started to wash Ben’s hair, he then had the newest boy stand up revealing his soft little cock. Mike washed the boys body and legs and again re-soaped his hands before looking to Ben’s face, Ben nodded his head with a massive grin on his face and Mike started to soap the boys willy up rubbing and stroking it. Ben to let out a giggle and started to get a boner. Mike made sure the boy was thoroughly clean and sat Ben down and chuckled at how sensitive Ben was. Mike got little Timmy out and dried him off, he took Timmy to the bedroom to cream him up while John and Ben got themselves out and dry. They all headed back downstairs as Leo laid out the pizzas on the table and handed out the fries, they all sat in the lounge on the sofas or knelt at the coffee table. After they had eaten it was time for the first movie, Tanner and Max snuggled up at one end of a sofa with Leo and Timmy at the other end. On the other sofa Ben and John snuggled together at one end and Mike had both Jacob and Jason sat on him at the other end. They watched the first movie and had a pee break, they resumed in the same positions and watched the second film. Timmy was asleep before it ended. After the second film it was bedtime, Mike took Ben and John up to Tanner’s room as he and Leo had discussed earlier, they climbed up the ladder and Mike followed them up, the boys got underneath the duvet and Mike could see as they did, that John was very hard, “Ben… John… what ever you two get up to next… be gentle with each other..ok..” “We will” they replied grinning, Mike leaned over and gave them both a kiss on the head and they gave him a hug in return. Mike left them after saying goodnight. Leo had taken Timmy up and put him in his lower bunk, Jacob and Jason climbed up into Jacob’s upper bunk. Leo kissed them and hugged them goodnight and went to find Tanner and Max. they were in the dads room and already in the bed. “You two sleeping with us then?” Leo joked, “Yeah… but we wanna do some stuff” Tanner said grinning, “Really… what kinda stuff?” Mike asked smiling as he walked in the room and shut the door. “Sexy stuff….. pleassssse?” Tanner begged, Both Leo and Mike looked at Max, “Please uncles?” Max asked, Mike and Leo smiled and started to undress as Leo said, “Ok” Chapter 22 soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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