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It had been a long day at school and an even longer day at track practice. Being gay I didn’t like being in the locker room with the other guys in the fear that I’d get an erection and they’d see it. Hindsight being 20-20, maybe I should have spent more time in the locker room…maybe I could’ve been laid more during high school. Oh well!

I sat in the locker room ensuring I was the last one there. As I was getting ready to take a shower, I heard one of the doors open and close. Seconds later I could smell cigarette smoke. Intrigued, as I’ve always found the site of a guy smoking a cigarette to be erotic, I wrapped myself in a towel and started to stroll around the room. Just then I caught a glimpse of Robbie, a bad boy senior, and he was smoking a cigarette. OH MY GOD! Could this really be happening? I knew all of the adults were gone, I’d seen them leave. No wonder Robbie felt comfortable smoking a cigarette in the locker room. Quietly, I followed Robbie and watched him as he approached the urinal. With his back turned slightly towards me he whipped his dick out and started taking a piss. This was my all time dream…to see a hot bad boy like Robbie, smoking, and taking a piss. Moments later Robbie took a big drag of his cigarette, shook his cock a couple times, and threw the cigarette butt in the urinal. While watching Robbie smoke and piss I had started playing with myself and my little boy prick was getting stiff.

Robbie zipped up his pants and headed towards the door. I bolted to the urinal to take a look. It was a Marlboro Red that he’d been smoking and it laid there, still burning. It hadn’t gotten wet or gotten put out. My hormones raced through my body. I’d never smoked before this and I’ve always wanted to. I’ve played around with older boys who smoked and it always looked so cool. With immense fear and some hesitation I reached down into the urinal and grabbed the still burning cigarette. I put it to my mouth and took a drag. I started coughing so bad and immediately felt like I was going to throw up. Determined not to let this stop me from smoking my first cigarette, I put it to my mouth again. Over the smell and taste of cigarettes, I could also taste piss. My little prick was so hard and throbbing now, leaking precum. I hadn’t noticed that my towel had came off and fallen to the floor. That’s when I heard, from behind me, “yo dude, what the fuck are you doing?”

I dropped the cigarette back into the urinal and turned around, realizing I was buck-ass naked in the process. As I reached down to grab my towel escort bayan and cover myself back up I saw Robbie standing there, wrapped up in a towel. Holy fuck, what was he still doing there?

Robbie barked at me “I asked you a fucking question fag boy! What the fuck are you doing?” No words could come out of my mouth. “Are you smoking my fucking piss soak cigarette?” I nodded my head. “And that makes your little dick hard?” I nodded my head again. “You truly are a pathetic faggot, aren’t you?” he said with distain. “I knew you were a faggot, but I didn’t know you were disgusting.” Robbie explained as he walked towards me. His muscles were bulged out and he was dripping sweat. He must have been working out after school, that’s the only reason he’d still be here.

I started to tremble as Robbie got closer to me. “You can’t just walk around here, smoking my cigarettes and getting your little dick all hard thinking about me without some sort of punishment. I should kick your ass just for smoking, let alone for getting hard thinking about me. I’m no fag and fags like you should be beaten to a pulp.” I stood there trembling in fear for my life. This superior, white, alpha-teen god, was about to beat the shit outta me. Do I run? If so, to where? He had any escape route I might have cut off. Do I just stand there and take the beating I’m sure he’s about to give me? I’d never been in a situation like this, I had no contingency plan.

I decided to plead for my life. “Please, don’t beat me up Robbie. I’ll do anything you want. ANYTHING! And I won’t tell anyone this happened.” Robbie scanned the room quickly, making sure we were alone. Once he realized there were no adults around he commanded me to turn back around and face the urinal. I did as I was told. He then instructed me to start licking the piss up that was in the urinal. As I started to put my face into the urinal I was really turned on. I was licking up Robbie’s piss, but then a sense of disgust flooded my body. Not only was I licking up Robbie’s piss, but I was licking up everyone’s piss that had used the urinal since it’s last cleaning. I was licking up the coach’s piss, the janitor’s piss, the fat ugly kids piss. What the fuck was I doing? Well, for one, I was saving myself from an ass beating, or so I hoped.

Robbie, laughing at me in disgust, ordered me to stop licking the urinal. “Get your gay ass over here faggot.” he commanded. Robbie grabbed my hand and led me to the shower. “You’re going to wash every inch of my body. You’re going to do a good job and you’re going kocaeli escort bayan to enjoy every second of it too.” I followed Robbie into the shower, my imagination running wild. What was going to happen? Robbie turned on the water and stepped in, the water rolling down his muscular godlike body. Without hesitation and without command I reached over and out some soap in my hands. I lathered the soap up and started massaging it into Robbie’s beautiful light brown hair. I got more soap and started soaping Robbie up. Moving from his head I went down to his strong muscular shoulders and then down his tight back. In circular motions I washed his rock hard ass cheeks and down his legs. Instinctively, Robbie turned around. I got more soap and started cleaning and massaging his impressive hairless pecs. I couldn’t pull my eyes off of his impressive cut body. I followed his thin treasure trail down towards his groin. As I started to drop to my knees, in order to wash his crotch and lower legs, I was met with his perfectly sized love muscle. The best muscle of all! He had a very impressive 7” cut cock, semi-erect, slightly curved up, with a small amount of hair covering his balls and the base of his cock. Robbie took very good of his body, minus smoking, and trimmed his crotch hair. It was meticulously neat and trimmed. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t get myself to wash his crotch area. Skipping it I moved to his lower legs. As I reached each foot Robbie lifted it up and I washed each foot. Surprisingly, Robbie was ticklish. After accidentally tickling his left foot Robbie warned me and threatened me with violence should I tickle his right one. I made sure not to tickle his right foot.

As I went to stand up Robbie cleared his throat and advised me that I had missed some vital areas. “Wash my cock fag!” he barked. I got more soap on my hand and started to clean his beautiful dick. I wanted nothing more than to put it in my mouth. Robbie’s dick started to firm up a bit, but then Robbie quickly turned around, facing the water again, and started rinsing off. “Don’t forget my asshole boy.” I gathered more soap and Robbie spread his legs slightly. I started to wash his asshole and for the first time since this incident occurred I heard Robbie moan a little. Was he into this, I thought to myself. Since he seemed pleased I paid special attention to his ass and to the hole. While cleaning his asshole I reached forward and started massaging his testicles. Robbie moaned again. “Lick my hole clean bro.” Bro, huh? kocaeli escort I wasn’t a boy, fag, or faggot anymore, I was a bro now. At this point in my life I’d never licked another guys asshole before. It kind of grossed me out. Knowing what comes out of there I was rather turned off. But I thought to myself “it’s clean now, so it can’t be THAT bad. Right.” I buried my face between his tight ass cheeks and slowly stuck my tongue out. The second my tongue touched his hole I started to get turned on again and then I heard Robbie say “Dude, this feels great!” My dick sprung up to full attention, all of the blood in my body racing towards it.

Minutes later Robbie turned around and he had his perfect cock in hand. Fully erect he was playing with his cock and he smirked at me “Open wide” he proclaimed. Doing as I had been told to do I opened my mouth. He shoved his cock into my eager mouth and started to forcefully skull fuck me, both of his hands now on the back of my head and moaning intensely. Minutes later Robbie says, quite loudly, “I’m gonna bust” and within seconds I could feel his warm, thick, sweet and salty baby batter spurting down the back of my throat. Robbie had released the back of my head to allow me to pull his cock out of my mouth, but without hesitation I kept his pulsating prick deep in my mouth. Robbie was shaking and moaning “ooooooohhhhhhhhhh ffffffffuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkk dddddooooooooooooddddddd!” After sucking hiss balls dry I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked up at his. Now completely clean of all soap, Robbie was standing there completely drained of all energy and cum. I stood up and started to walk out of the shower. Robbie then says to me Lyell anyone and I will kill you.” Sheepishly I replied “I know and I won’t tell a soul.” I walked back to my locker and started to dry off. Robbie exited then shower and walked past me with the biggest smile on his face. He muttered “fuck, now I need a cigarette.” As I started getting dressed I heard the familiar sound of a lighter flicking and shortly thereafter could smell the intoxicating smell of cigarette smoke. I could hear Robbie moaning and saying “fuck, that was amazing.” I left the locker room and headed home. During the walk home the thoughts of what just happened flew through my mind. I couldn’t believe that just happened. My dick was still hard and throbbing. It hurt to walk home with such a hard erection. I had no choice but to duck into the woods and beat off thinking about every that had just went down. Knowing it would never happen again I needed to beat off as much as possible thinking about it. I pleasured myself several times that night, barely getting any sleep, but every waking minute was well worth the experience I had endured.

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