Brother and Sister Share a Bathroom Ch. 02

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This is the same story as ‘Brother and Sister Share a Bathroom’ but this time it’s from Jill’s perspective. I thought it would be interesting to share her thoughts on what happened.

It can be read on its own as an independent story. There is no need to read the original but you may find this one more interesting if you do.


I am Jill and my brother is Jack. Please no jokes, I have heard them all before. My mother chose them even though we sound like a nursery rhyme. She said that both were nice names and that actually it was Jill and Jack since I was born first. I find it amusing but it irritates Jack. He hates it when we are together and are introduced to new people.

I am twenty-nine years old and Jack is twenty-two. He lives at home but I have my own place. I was sharing with a long-time boyfriend until a few months ago. Jack quizzed me about why we had split up. I just said “‘He was fucking my best friends.” I thought that would satisfy him but he wanted to know if I had meant more than one. I said “Julie and Anne.” That ended the conversation. There was probably Wendy as well but I wasn’t in the mood to give any more details.

His behaviour really surprised me. They say self-praise is no praise but I do think I am attractive. I am five feet six inches tall with long black hair that frames big brown eyes, a button nose and full lips. My figure is curvy with a bust of 42DD. I thought we had a good relationship, especially in bed, so I cannot understand why he was fooling around.

We have always got on well together so when I found out that Jack was going to attend a training course near to me I was more than happy for him to stay at my place.

He checked with the company he works for and they readily agreed. They would even give him a weekly allowance that he could pay to me as rent. It was a reasonable amount but a lot less than the hotel rate. The course was six weeks so it was going to be a big saving for the company. It was an arrangement that suited everybody.

On the day before Jack was coming I gave his room a good clean. I wanted it to be perfect for when he arrived. When I spoke to him earlier in the week he reckoned it would take him four hours. It’s a two hundred mile journey, but most of it is motorway so it’s doable in that time if the traffic is OK.

He arrived in just under five. I was getting a bit anxious so was relieved when I heard the sound of his car pulling into the drive. I got to the door just as he was getting out. I gave him a wave then rushed over to him, giving him the biggest hug I could manage.

“It’s so good to see you. I was getting worried.”

“Hi sis, I am glad to see you as well. That last hour was a nightmare.”

I released him and he stepped back. He looked a bit uncomfortable. I guess I had overdone the hug.

“Let me look at you.” I gave him the once over. “So my handsome brother any girlfriends? Come on tell me.”

He gave a shy grin and just said “No.”

“They don’t know what they are missing. If you were not my brother I would date you.” I then added “I forgot, after what that bastard did to me I never want to go near another man ever again.” My words were harsh but I was a smiling. That put Jack at ease so he smiled as well.

“Sis are we going to stand out here all night?”

“You can if you want but it’s too cold for me. Let’s unpack. Put everything in the hallway and we can take it up to your room later.”

It didn’t take long. I was surprised how little Jack had brought, two suitcases and a few carrier bags. If I was going away for six weeks I dread to think how much stuff I would be arriving with. I would need a suitcase just for my shoes.

“Do you want to see your room?” I started up the stairs before he could reply. He quickly followed.

“Do you like it?” I was hoping he would. It wasn’t as big as his bedroom at home but it had everything he would need, single bed, table and chair, wardrobe and television. Also some shelves for his books.

“Do you?”

“Thanks sis it’s perfect.”

I beamed. “I am glad you like it. Let me explain about the bathroom.” He looked puzzled? I saw the look on his face and said “Let me show you.” I walked towards the door at the other side of the bedroom and Jack followed. I opened it and said “This is your bathroom and mine as well.” I pointed to another door opposite to where we were standing. “That opens into my bedroom. We have to share.”

“I thought you had another bathroom?”

“No. David and I. Sorry that bastard and I were planning to convert the small box room but we never did.”

“We can manage with just the one but we need to be careful.”

“What do you mean?”

“When Julie stayed we kept trying to use the bathroom at the same time. It was embarrassing. The worst was when I was on the toilet and she rushed in needing it as well.”

“The same Julie that.”

I cut him off with a firm “YES, that Julie.” I also gave him a look that said don’t mention her name again. Bomonti Escort “By the end of her stay we had a system. Knock before entering and wait.”

“Why don’t we just lock both doors?”

“There are no locks. Yes I know we should have them but we never got round to putting them on. Not many people have stayed with us.”

“Sis I guess we should be OK. Just don’t spend ages in there like you did at home.”

I then remembered what this type of bathroom is called.

Smiling I said “Do you know what they call this sort of bathroom?”

“A pain in the arse?”

“Very funny.”

“I have no idea. Go on tell me.”

Grinning I said “A Jack and Jill bathroom.”

“You are joking.”

“It’s true. A Jack and Jill for Jack and Jill.”

He waited until I had stopped laughing before saying “Very amusing. Give me a hand to get my stuff upstairs.”

When that was done l went downstairs and left Jack in his room unpacking.

I thought about the bathroom. He hadn’t said if he liked it or not. It is compact but has everything in. There is a shower but also a reasonably sized bath as well. The sink has a large mirror above it. Also lots of space in the cupboard at the side of the mirror for Jack’s toiletries. I had removed most of my stuff to make space for his. I guess if he didn’t like it he would tell me.

“What about the suitcases? Anywhere I can store them?”

I shouted back “In the loft. There is a pole in the corner. Attach it to the hook in the ceiling and pull. Be careful it’s just a simple wooden ladder.”

“Got it.”

I wasn’t sure if Jack had understood so I went upstairs to his room. When I entered I could see he had already pulled the ladder down.

“Be careful. I don’t want my little brother breaking his neck.” He just nodded then climbed up with a suitcase under his arm. I went into the bathroom. As I closed the door and switched on the light I tried to remember if there was a light in the loft. Not sure, I had never been in it when it was dark so had not needed to find out. If not there is a skylight that will provide some moonlight.

I had just finished on the toilet when I heard Jack moving about. He sounded near. As I was wiping myself I had a sudden thought. Dave my ex had told me ages ago that there was a small hole in the ceiling and that it gave a great view of the bathroom. He even joked that it would be ideal for watching guests. Thinking about it he had spent some time up there when Julie was staying with us.

“How are you doing up there?”

“Good. Plenty of room for the suitcases.”

He sounded a bit startled, as if he had been caught out. Was my brother watching me? I was shocked but also, to my surprise, excited. There was a nice tingling sensation between my legs. If I concentrated it would only take me a few minutes to climax. I knew I should wait until later when I was back in my bedroom but I needed it now. I heard footsteps then Jack on the ladder. I might be able to finish before he went back up. Normally I like to start slow and build up but this needed to be a quick one. I slipped two fingers into my wet cunt to get them sticky. I then rubbed my clit with them. The ladder creaked. Jack would be back in the loft soon. The thought that Jack might be watching me was intensifying the experience. I couldn’t hold on any longer. As I reached it I clamped my legs together hard. My head was tilted back and my eyes were closed. After a few seconds I stood up. I was unsteady and thought I might have to sit back down again. However I managed to compose myself and say in a fainter voice than I had intended “Just finished. When you have showered come down and I will fix you some supper.”

As I was cooking I thought about Jack. If he wasn’t my brother would I be attracted to him? Yes I think I would be. He is six feet tall with black cropped hair. He has the same big brown eyes as me but a much larger nose. I have teased him about it in the past but actually it fits his face and makes him look quite handsome. He is a lot slimmer than me despite eating like a pig. I have no idea how big his cock is. I have got on well with most of his girlfriends but none have passed any comments about his size. I think that if he was big or small something would have been said, my guess is average. That will do for me.

“It’s nearly ready.”

“On my way.”

I was up before Jack so I showered first. I didn’t want to hold him up on his first day. Whilst I was cooking breakfast I could hear him in the bathroom. He seemed to be taking a long time. Eventually he joined me in the kitchen.

“You were a long time in the bathroom.”

He started chocking on his food.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, just eating too fast.” He then added “I had a nice long shower.”

“Sorry about my clothes. Now that you are here I must remember to tidy up after myself. Did they get in your way?”

He turned his face from me before saying “No I just moved them into the corner.”

I Bomonti Escort Bayan found that very strange. It was as if he had something to hide. Later, after he had gone, I went upstairs to tidy the bathroom. I was expecting it to be a mess but it was spotless. He had obviously made an effort. My clothes were in a nice neat pile in the corner. As I picked them up I wondered. When I was at school I was talking to a girl in my class about my brother, explaining how good he was. She told me that there are three things that apply to all brothers. I was curious.

“They always want to know how big your tits are. I actually caught one of mine looking at the label in my bra. If you leave the bathroom door slightly open they are going to take a peep at you on the toilet or when you are in the bath. It doesn’t matter which, both turn them on.”

I screwed my face up and said “No way.”

She ignored me and continued with “This is the worst though. Never leave your knickers lying around. If you do they will use it on their cock.”

I didn’t believe her and I told her so. She just smiled and said that I had got a lot to learn. I dismissed it then but now I was not so sure.

My bra was on top. Had he looked at the label? I examined my red knickers. They were my favourite pair, soft and silky. It’s possible they were now more stained but I wasn’t sure. However when I put them to my nose there was a distinctive smell. For some reason I kept them there longer than I needed to, breathing in deeply. He had used them to pleasure himself. That surprised me but what surprised me more was that I wasn’t horrified by what he had done. I picked up the rest of the clothes and was just about to leave the bathroom when I stopped. I hesitated for a few seconds then I removed my knickers and replaced them with the used pair. It felt good wearing something he had climaxed in and I started to wish it had been me rather than my knickers.

From what Jack said he had a good first day. The people on the course were friendly. Mostly guys but one or two cute girls. It did look as if he was going to enjoy it.

The first week was over very quickly. I didn’t see Jack much except at meal times. The bathroom routine was going well, he was remembering to knock. I was tempted to leave my clothes in there again but decided against it. I had mixed feelings about Jack. I wanted him but at the same time was frightened about the possible consequences if I crossed the line.

“This is your first weekend. Any plans?”

“No sis. What about you?”

“Just relaxing. It’s been a busy week at work. Lots of sleep and long baths is what I need. I am not doing anything that requires any effort.” I then added “If you are looking for something to do you can tidy up the loft. Did you notice it’s a mess?”

“It does need sorting out.”

I pushed for an answer “Yes or no?”

After a few seconds he said “OK.”

He had agreed but from how it was said I knew he was doing it reluctantly. I felt guilty but didn’t say anything else. I did want it tidied up. I also liked the idea of him being in the loft, a loft that had a spy hole into the bathroom.

I spent the morning cleaning and sorting the kitchen out. When I looked through the cupboards I was shocked to see how little food there was. The fridge was almost bare. I was tempted to eat a yoghurt but Jack might want it so I put it back. Two days ago we seemed to be OK. However Jack does like his food and he is a great snacker so I shouldn’t really have been surprised.

The cleaning done I could now go shopping. Better let Jack know. He was in his room studying. He had mentioned something to me earlier about having to write a program before next Wednesday. Knowing what a swat Jack is I would guess he is already working on it now.

“I am going to do some shopping. Help yourself to lunch. Not much in the fridge which is why I am going to the supermarket. Should be enough for a sandwich though.” There was no reply from Jack.

As I was leaving I shouted “The loft. Tidy that mess up!”

Whilst I was shopping I kept thinking of Jack. I wasn’t even sure if he had heard me. He might still be studying. If he was in the loft then how long would it take him? If I hurried I might be back before he finished. My pulse quickened at that thought. I shopped in record time. I was back home in just over an hour.

When I opened the front door I stood in silence hoping to hear Jack in the loft. I only moved when I realised that I wasn’t going to hear anything from downstairs. Resisting the temptation to go straight to his room I instead went to the kitchen and unpacked. When that was done I took a few deep breathes to calm myself before going to him.

I knocked on the door. “Can I come in?”

“Yes I am in the loft.”

My heart skipped a beat.

Looking down at me from the opening he said “Did you get the food?”

“Yes all your favourites. Sorry the cupboard was bare.” Then I added “How Escort Bomonti are you doing up there?”

“It’s taking longer than expected. I should have known it would because everything always takes longer than expected.”

“Sex doesn’t” was my reply. I gave a small laugh to cover my embarrassment. Why had I said that?

He just gave me a weak smile, I don’t think he found it funny.

“You carry on. I am going to have a bath.” Before he could say anything I added “Do you need the bathroom before I start?”

“No I can wait.”

“I hope so. I might be in there ages.”

I closed the door and almost in a daze started to run the bath water. When I had entered his room I had no intention of doing this. Seeing him up in the loft I realised that this might be my only opportunity. I had no idea what this might lead to but I wanted to do it. No, I needed to do it.

I faced the mirror and played with my hair. Waiting for Jack. After several minutes I was having doubts but then I heard creaking from above. Directly above. I knew he was there. The mirror was steaming up so I wiped it with the hand towel. I moved my head to check the bath water, nearly ready. I composed myself. Time to take my clothes off. Still facing the mirror I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and let it slip from my shoulders. The bath was now ready. I bent down and stopped the flow. I added my favourite Bubble Bath to the water, mixing it in with my hands. I then stood back up and started to take my bra off.

There was a loud noise from the loft.

“Careful. I don’t want you falling through the ceiling.”

“Sorry. My foot slipped.”

I turned back to the mirror and smiled. I now knew for certain that he was watching. My bra was off. I squeezed both nipples gently until they started to swell. They might be my best feature. They are long and thick. Dropping my hands to my side I turned round. I stood still for a few seconds so that Jack could admire them before taking off my skirt to reveal red knickers. The same knickers I had left in the bathroom earlier in the week. I turned to face the mirror again before removing them. For some reason I felt more comfortable doing it that way. I then quickly got into the bath.

I lay in the bath with the foamy water covering all of my lower body. I closed my eyes and gently splashed the hot water onto my tits. It felt so good. I thought of Jack watching me. I started to squeeze them, gentle at first then harder. There was now a nice feeling between my legs. It was made even nicer when I started to finger myself. I raised my knees high and spread my legs wide. My mouth was open and I could hear the water splashing as my fingers worked furiously on my cunt. I was now moaning loudly. It didn’t take long for me to come. When I did it was with a loud groan then a long sigh.

It took me a while to compose myself and register the grunts that were coming from above.

“Are you doing any work up there? I can’t hear any boxes being moved.”

A few seconds later I added “Little brother. You OK?”

There was a delay before he replied with “Yes.” Had he just climaxed?

“You sound breathless.”

“I am, it’s hard work.”

“Thanks for doing it. If you want me to do anything for you as a reward just ask?”

There was a long silence. I had emphasised ‘anything’ so perhaps he was plucking up the courage to ask for the ultimate reward, to ask if he could fuck me.

Instead he just said “Make that fish dish I like.”

I laughed then said “You are easy to please.”

He got back to work and finished in just over an hour. I gave it a quick check and declared it a success. Whilst we were enjoying the fish I reflected on a job well done. It had been a good first week. Would it get better?

Jack told me it had been a busy second week. He now had three projects to complete by the end of the course. He had studied hard but still managed to spend some time with me in the evenings. We talked and watched television. He had suggested that he should do some cooking but I dismissed it straight away saying that I didn’t want to be poisoned. When I saw the upset on his face I belatedly thanked him for the offer.

There had been a ‘near miss’ on the Wednesday morning. He barged in without knocking and almost walked into me. I was wrapped in a large towel so nothing was on show. I gave him a mild telling off but I was more amused than annoyed. As he was leaving I pointed out that if he had come in a few minutes earlier I would have been naked. It must have sounded like an invitation because he turned his face away from me, probably because he was embarrassed. I was going to tease him a bit more but decided it was best not to. I left so that he could shower but soon realised my clothes were still in the bathroom.

“Sorry, forgot my clothes.” After checking he was decent I went in and retrieved them.

I had a lazy Saturday but Jack spent most of his time studying in his room. I had plans for the evening but had not said anything to him. I had better hurry up and get ready or I would be late. I went into the bathroom and shouted to him.

“I forget to tell you I am going out tonight with the girls.”

He could not resist shouting back “Does that include Julie and Anne?”

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