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brother and sisterMom & Dad had gone out on the weekend and we had to stay back because of the endless assignments we had from college. It was just me and my younger brother alone in the house. Some days back I had forgotten to knock on the door of Jeremy”s room and had entered the room only to discover that he had come out of shower without his towel on. I had a glimpse of his massive cock hanging partially limp and had turned around to avoid an embarrassing situation. He might have noticed me have a look at it but we never talked about it.Two days later, we were alone at home and I could not stop myself from thinking dirty about Jeremy. I just wanted to play with his cock once, just once. So I thought of giving it a go. I dressed up and told Jeremy that I was going out with my friends. He heard me and went back to his room. I put on my sandals and while leaving the house left one of the porn movies on the table of the living room which was easily visible if anyone entered the living room. I then shut the door behind me and left for the mall. I had to somehow call my studious brother to the living room once so that he could notice that movie DVD. So I called him up to tell him that I would be late and he should go to sleep early. The phone was positioned in the living room so I was hoping that he had noticed that movie disc. I made an excuse to my friends and rushed back home.On reaching back, I tried to peek inside through the window to see if my plan had worked. It actually had! He was there, slowly jerking his tool while he sat on the couch and the girl in the movie was giving a blow job to the guy. I sneaked inside the house and dummied my walk to the door of the living room. I shouted – “Jeremy! What the hell are you doing!?’ Jeremy stood up with his hand still on the tool, embarrassed. “What? You were jerking off looking at the video?’ Jeremy was in a state of shock. He stuttered, “What are you doing here? You were supposed to come late.” I shouted again, “I got done early, but that does not mean that you would do such a disgusting stuff!’ I moved closer to the TV set to turn it off. I stopped with an angry and stunned look on my face and shouted again, “You pervert! You were fantasizing me while you were jerking off. Weren”t u!?’ I said that because the girl who was giving a blowjob in the movie wore the same clothes as I was wearing at that time. Both of us were wearing a red strapless cocktail dress. This was on purpose to corner my brother. Jeremy, now even more stunned, turned around to look at the TV to realize that the girl was actually wearing the same clothes. He was perplexed. He apologized, “Amy, I was not fantasizing you. This was just coincidence, I am sorry for my behaviour. Sorry Amy. Please forgive me.” I could not let go of the opportunity so I blasted him saying, “Jeremy. You are going to pay for this immature behaviour. I m going to complain to Mom & Dad and they will then punish you. I could never imagine that my own brother would jerk off thinking about his elder sister. Jeremy, you are disgust!’ Jeremy, shaken, “Please Amy, please, I did not do what you are accusing me of. Please do not tell mom & dad about this. I was not fantasizing you.’ I continued shouting at him until he finally broke down.This was my moment. I showed off that I had suddenly melted because my brother was so hurt. I went over to him to hold him and get him seated on the couch. I tried to calm him down and told him that I would not mention this to Mom & Dad on the condition that he won”t repeat this behaviour. He was still sobbing, trying to explain that he was not thinking about me when he was jerkin off. All this while, he was devoid of his shorts and his massive limp dick was still visible clearly. I wanted to see it erect and soon. So I started caressing his hair with one hand and his thigh with another telling him, “Jeremy, it is ok. Let us try and forget what happened and try to make sure this does not happen avrupa yakası travesti again. It is not correct.” While caressing his thighs my hand kept touching his genitals occasionally in my attempt to arouse him again. “Jeremy, it happens. It”s not entirely your fault. It”s the age. I know sometimes it is difficult to fight this. But you should not think about me. You can fantasize about your girlfriend but not me. Why would you want to fantasize about me anyway? I don”t even look good”. I wore a lusty look on my face now. He exclaimed, “No Amy. You are beautiful. Actually you are much better than most of my female friends. They are all jealous of you. In fact, one of my friends confessed he wanted to date you.” I smirked, “Liar!” He must have been having mixed feelings by then and looked completely confused. But his dick thought straight. It was gaining erection. I was trying to provoke him. My legs were touching his. I continued till I could see the full erection. Then while still caressing his hair, I brought his attention to his now erect dick. He was obviously embarrassed but could not do anything about it. “Did you see that Jeremy? Your mind just never stops wandering. You can”t stop it till you train it. Your dick is erect and I m sure you must be thinking about me by your side.” Jeremy-“No Amy, I am not thinking about you. I was thinking about my girlfriend.” Me-“Anyway, I don”t think I can teach you anything in this department until you drain off you dick.It needs that. Go to the washroom and do that.” He got up embarrassed and walked towards the washroom. I asked, “Jeremy, how many times have you had sex with your girlfriend?’ Jeremy turned around, showing off his erection again, “Amy, things have been a bit complex lately. We have not really gone beyond kissing.” “You must be joking Jeremy! Don”t tell me that you are still a virgin! I see you guys make out a lot of times!” “Yea, Amy. But she says she needs some time before we could sleep together.” “Aww… my li”l brother. Seems that you are going through a rough patch in you sex life. Everything will be fine.” With this I walked towards him to hug him. We hugged and I could feel his dick poke into me. I told him about that for which he apologized. I then walked him to the washroom and accompanied him inside telling him to wash it off properly. “Amy, are you going to stick around here while I do it?” “Yes Jeremy, I want to ensure you do it correctly. And by the way, I would suggest you do not play with yourself at all. You should not masturbate when u already have a girlfriend.” “But Amy…” “Jeremy, doing it naturally gives much more pleasure than masturbating. Don”t waste your sperm like that. Feed it to your gal. I m sure she would like it.” “But Amy, she does not want it for now.” “I”ll have to drain it off the gutter right now. Also, I don”t really know how it feels to be sucked on by a girl. So I m pretty much ok masturbating.” “Aww… Honey…” I started caressing his hair. “Jeremy, now that you talk like that, I feel it is required that you know how it feels to be sucked by a girl.” I use my other hand to caress his dick. He looked stunned by my move. I exclaimed, “Jeremy, I am doing this. But it”s just once and I am doing this because I want u to stop masturbating. And I want to cheer you up.” With that I went down on my knees, rounded his dick in my hands, kissed it once and then slid it inside my mouth. I could not see Jeremy while I was doing this but he must have felt intense pleasure because I could hear him say, “Yea… so gud”, while he caressed my hair and stroked my head to assist me with the job. These porn movies have definitely taught him something. His dick was so big. At least 8 inch because I could not reach its far end even while it was touching my throat. Jeremy was new to this so he kept stroking my head hard and that was choking me because of the size of this dick. Nevertheless, I enjoyed that. Meanwhile I continued kadıköy travesti playing with his balls and he continued caressing my hair. He exclaimed, “Amy, I am going to cum.” I heard that and prepared myself for him to cum. The moment he began to cum, I started sucking onto his dick making sure I did not waste a drop. After all I had to prove him that masturbating was no good and his cum was not meant to be wasted. The moment I finished, I looked up. I could see Jeremy had his best time. He was so relieved. He looked at me and smiled. “Amy, you were right. This is so much better than masturbation. But you did not do a good job. Some of cum is still leaking from your mouth. I realized he was saying the truth. He had cummed so much that it was difficult for me to swallow everything and thus some of it had dropped from my face to my neck and was now flowing into my cleavage. I tried to wipe it from my hands but he held me. I was surprised. He was actually holding my hands and raised me. “Amy, I will help you finish the job. I will not let a drop of my cum be wasted.” With that, he pinned me to the wall and started sucking on my neck moving downwards sucking all the cum. I was unable to stop him given the pleasure of him sucking the cum from my body. It was too late by the time I realized that he had unhooked my dress on by his licking of the cum from my neck and maybe he could see a look of lust in my eyes because the very next moment he was locked me in his kiss and before I could help myself, we were pinned together against the wall kissing passionately caressing each other”s hair. My dress was still unhooked but lay in position. I wanted to move away but I could not. He then laid his hand on my buttock and squeezed hard. I moaned but he pulled me back and continued kissing. He had taken complete control over me. He was now squeezing my breasts too. I thought maybe he had forgotten that it was me and not his girlfriend so I tried pushing him away as this was going a bit too far. The deal was only about a blow-job. Nothing else. That too was my decision. So I had to call the shots. I pushed him away and straightened my dress and hooked my dress. He apologized, “Sorry Amy, I could just not resist myself from feeling you even more. I wanted to taste those lips who had given my dick so much pleasure. I wanted to repay them. But when I tasted you, I could just not control myself. You are so much juicier than my girlfriend. You taste like rose. Your breasts are so soft and tender. No one is of match to you. I want to give you more pleasure the way you gave me. I know you are a virgin too. I know you have never trusted your boyfriend. And I know that you trust me more than him. I want to honour you by giving you that pleasure you seek from him.” “Jeremy! How can you talk like this? I m your sister! We are not talking on this anymore.” Stunned as I was, I rushed out and ran off to my room. I changed my clothes and feel asleep soon. I woke up in the morning and woke up Jeremy for breakfast. It was a bit awkward now. The day went well except that we were not able to talk on what happened the previous night. But it turned out that it was Jeremy who was calling the shots now. He knew my weaknesses and he was cashing in on them. I was unaware of his plans. He was avoiding me. He lay on his bed with a gloomy look on his face. I thought of going ahead and talking to him. So I sat beside him and while caressing his hair I asked, “Jeremy, I am sorry for all the confusion last night. I was…’ He interrupted me by stating, “Amy, you are a liar. I thought you loved me. But u doesn’t. You love that rascal boyfriend of yours who doesn”t even bother to call you back. You give me a blow-job. But why? Because you were unable to make love with him. You just wanted to taste a dick and you did that. You used me. You left that Movie on the table on purpose. You were using me all this while.” I felt bad by what he said and confessed, maltepe travesti “Jeremy, Honey, I love you. More than anyone. I want to make a confession. That day when you came out of the shower, I saw your dick and I could not stop fantasizing about it. So I had to do all that to play with it for a while. Just that. I was not using you. Anyway, in the end, you had pleasure and you won”t deny that.”He seemed unsatisfied with that, “Amy, I saw you gazing at my dick the other day. I knew you wanted it. I know you still want it. I know one time is not enough for that.” He got up and sat beside me caressing my thighs and giving me a lusty look. He started admiring me. I was falling for it. I did not notice that his hand was now beneath my dress and he was going close to my panties and also drifting closer to me every sec. I could feel his breath on my face. I tried to push him away but I guess I did not have much strength. He climbed over me, pinned me on the bed and hugged me with one hand while his other hand was still exploring me under my dress. He reached it, my vagina. He started fingering me. The pleasure I was getting was paralyzing me. I had stopped pushing him away. I had given in. He grabbed the opportunity and kissed me.I was beyond my control. I had forgotten our relationship. Now, he was only my admirer. We were kissing passionately. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard. He noticed that I did not resist to the slightest. He knew I was his. He got up, undressed me, took off his shirt and shorts, threw them across the room and there we were together naked. Before I could come back to my senses he resumed his pursuit. He kneaded my breasts and sucked hard on them. He had to keep me busy, so he handed me his cock and like a baby I kept playing with my favourite toy. My playing with his cock was warming up his cock while he feasted on my vagina. The smell of precum drove me mad and I started sucking on it. Meanwhile he was giving my intense pleasure tonguing me in my vagina. I could not help but moan occasionally. I also gave occasional bites on his dick when I was unable to moan. My admirer seemed to be an expert in pleasing women. In no time, I was ready, wet enough to be penetrated. He snatched his dick from me and lip locked me while he positioned himself to penetrate me. Within moments he was teasing me with his dick as if he wanted me to beg. I tried to get a hold on his dick but he was too good at evading it. “Jerr, Don”t tease me honey. Why are you doing this?’ He replied, “Amy, you won”t get your prize until you surrender yourself. You have to be my bitch for life. You have to let me fuck you anytime according to my wish”. I was unable to make much out if it except that he will fuck me if I said yes. So I did, “Jerr, honey just fuck me and relieve me from this teasing.” He wasn”t satisfied with my answer, “Amy, Will you be my bitch for life, Will you let me fuck you at my wish.” I couldn”t wait any longer, “Jerr, just do it Honey. Anything my love. Just fuck me. Fine you are my master. Now just stop teasing me.” He Smiled, and forced his mustang deep inside me. “AAh!” My virgin pussy wasn”t big enough for him. But he did not care. I asked him to take it easy, but he won”t. His thrusting became faster, his penetration became deeper. I was getting immune to the pain. The pleasure was taking over it. “Fuck me harder Jeremy, Fuck me like your bitch”. And he obeyed, my pussy had lost her virginity and was bleeding but none of us were bothered. He stopped only 10 mins later when he raised me with a jerk and pushed his dick inside my mouth, ordering, “I don”t want a drop to be wasted!” I had to obey. I licked it clean. I was exhausted. Both of us were. He just fell over me. Kissed me again, “I love you Amy, and I love the fact that I have succeeded in making you my fuck buddy”. It was then I realized that my attempt to just play with his dick had now transformed into a situation where I am his bitch and he is the one who was controlling me from the very first moment. I realized that he wasn”t a virgin and had merely tricked me into thinking that. He now takes advantage of that and we have sex together with his girlfriend but I must admit he was better than my boyfriends.

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