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Subject: Brothers Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 4 Two brothers may live together, but how well do they really know each other? We explore the sex lives of two brothers and their friends. Topics: t/t, t/b, incest, anal, oral, toys, cams, rimming, coming out, very light dom/sub This story is pure fiction, a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, locations or events is purely coincidental. That said, this story was written to be ‘plausible’, so who knows? *** Brothers Behind Closed Doors By Mr. Dolby (no relation to the famous ones) Chapter 4 June was bringing with it early summer heat, and come Saturday morning 11-year-old Luke and 14-year-old Jeff were back at the pool. Of course both of them had ulterior motives and were there as much to see cute half-naked boys as they were to cool off and swim, but the heat was a good excuse to go, and the one that they gave to their parents and to each other. The brothers made small talk among themselves in the locker room while each took in the view. Some of the boys this weekend were repeats from last weekend, some were new. A few of them were boys that Luke and Jeff knew from school. Shortly after arriving, Luke noticed a boy named Andy across the room from him. Andy was a 13 year-old brown-haired blue-eyed boy two grades just above him who Luke thought was cute. Luke didn’t know Andy personally, but he had seen him playing on the middle school basketball team and liked what he saw. This past year after realizing he was gay, Luke had started lusting after the boy and picturing him in his mind as he stroked. Andy had already taken off his shirt and was standing with his back to his locker, talking to his friends. Luke repeatedly gazed over in the teen’s direction, taking in the view and burning the image of the boy’s smooth bare chest, milk-chocolate-brown areolas and innie belly button into his head for future use. Then came the moment when Andy took off his shorts and underwear, and started walking towards the shower. Finally, Luke had an actual real-life visual to replace the imagined one that had been in his head these past months! Granted, the dick in front of him wasn’t hard, and Luke wasn’t on his knees preparing to take it in his mouth, but even from a distance he finally got to confirm some things. Cock length? Looked from afar like a nice 2-3 inches. From his porn Luke knew all about ‘grow-ers vs show-ers’, so who knew how big it would be when hard, but it looked at least average for his age. Circumcised? Yes. Pubic hair? Yes, not a heavy bush, but more than Luke’s. Balls? Yes, both present, and with the summer heat they were dangling slightly from his crotch. Butt cheeks? Looked like a nice smooth butt, curves where they should be Butt crack? Well-defined and inviting. Butt hole? Unfortunately still a mystery… All of this Luke gathered just from the four seconds it took for Andy to walk across the locker room and disappear into the showers, but he filed it away for future use. He really wished the boy would have bent over so he could have seen his hole, but, sigh, some things just aren’t meant to be. Maybe he’ll get lucky in the showers. Now though, at least he could stroke to memories of the ‘real Andy’, and not an imagined one. Shortly after Andy left, Luke announced “Bro, I’m gonna go shower so we can swim. We didn’t come here to sit in the locker room.” As Luke shucked his clothes and walked away, Jeff thought to himself “Yeah right. I saw you eyeing that boy. You’re following him like a lion follows an antelope.” He let the boy leave the locker room first so that it wouldn’t seem so obvious, then a minute later shucked his own shorts and underwear and followed his brother to continue the spy session. Luke walked into the showers and selected a shower head far enough away from Andy that he wouldn’t look like a stalker, but with few enough people and other obstructions between him and his prey that the stalking could occur. Off to the side of the room was another boy, a freckled ginger, who by the look of him must have been around 14 years old. Had the brothers noticed him they might have recognized him as one of the boys who had been there opening day. Both were focused on other parts of the room though, and neither noticed that this teen was checking out Luke in much the same way that Andy was being checked out. Nor had they noticed him checking out Luke in the locker room, and entering the showers about the same time as Jeff. It would seem there was more than one lion at the pool today… The showers were once again a feast for young Luke’s eyes. There may not have been as many boys and teens there as on opening day, but it was still a sausage fest. The tween couldn’t ever imagine this growing old. Today, however he was spending most of his time focusing on one particular sausage, albeit still a bit more of a wiener when compared to some of the older boys’ kielbasas. He was having a hard time taking his eyes off of Andy, and even more so his midsection. When the boy would turn his back to the wall in order to soap up his front or rinse his backside, Luke got to perv on his cock and lean chest. When the boy soaped up his cock there was a small but noticeable growth afterwards, a fact not lost on his stalker. It wasn’t a full hardon by any means, but it gave a little better idea of what he was packing. When the boy would turn his front to the wall in order to rinse off what he had just soaped up, the tween got to perv on the pert ass. He was especially happy when he saw Andy run a soapy finger through his ass crack several times, and several times more to rinse. The finger never pushed in of course, but just the knowledge that the it had touched that very private place – the place that he most fantasized over – started to get Luke boned. None of this was lost on Jeff, who was discreetly watching his brother lust over what was obviously for him a special interest. There were plenty of naked young bodies around the room (which Jeff gazed on as well, more discreetly than Luke had), but with only a few exceptions, whenever Luke looked away from himself, his eyes went over to that one boy. The teen didn’t know who this new boy was, but he was pretty sure that his brother did – or at the very least, wanted to. He even saw another boy bend over to pick up his dropped soap, but Luke was so focused on this new boy that he didn’t even turn to look at the winking hole. That’s when Jeff knew that this boy was special. One of those exceptions was the ginger-hair boy that had been covertly eyeing his brother in the locker room. On one of Luke’s random room scans to avoid eye contact with Andy, he noticed the older red-head making occasional glances in his direction. The stranger never spent more than a second or two looking (as opposed to Luke’s more lengthy stares), but the glances were frequently towards his midsection. Noticing the glances, Luke took a short break from Andy to return the looks, and decided he liked what he saw. The boy was as red below as he was above, with a nice bush growing around his 14-year-old şişli travesti cock. Like Andy, this boy was slim-to-average, but further into puberty and his cock longer and thicker, reminding Luke of soft adult cocks he had seen in porn. The teen also had a barely-noticeable treasure trail running from his belly button down to his cock – something that Luke found fascinating even though he didn’t like chest hair. Then, the ginger did something that few boys did when they showered: In order to soap up his feet and ankles, he bent all the way down, rather than lifting his feet. He was positioned such that Luke was provided with a nice view of the teen’s open butt crack, as well as an occasional distant glimpse of the hairless winking prize inside. Bingo! He may not have had an opportunity to check out Andy’s hole, but this stranger was giving him a relatively lengthy look at his. Luke considered himself lucky, since he hadn’t seen any boys do this before, and the boy’s body angle was just right for him to see the show! Then, after finishing with his shower and before leaving for the pool, the teen looked the 11-year-old in the eyes and gave him a coy smile. What was that about?! If the boy was hitting on Luke it fell on deaf ears, as the inexperienced boy was oblivious to any signals that the teen might have been sending. Indeed the whole thing just left Luke boned, but rather confused. He had to admit though, that the boy was hot, and just about the right age to be really interesting. “Do I know him??” thought Luke, racking his brain without success trying to place the face. In the end he just filed it away as a random act from a stranger, and that the smile must have just been the teen’s way of acknowledging Luke’s glance. “Weird…” After only a few frustratingly short minutes, the shower show was over and the boys exited to the pool for their day of fun. Luke couldn’t help but look over at Andy every so often, but for most of the day he kept his lust in check and focused on having a good time with Jeff and their own friends. That didn’t mean that he didn’t at least try to perv on him though. It was close to noon when Luke noticed that Andy and his friends were hanging out in the deep end of the pool. That gave him an idea. “Jeff, I want to go swim down to the bottom of the deep end. I’ve never done that and I think it’d be cool.” “OK, just be careful. Mom’s gonna kill both of us if the lifeguard has to fish you out.” “Yeah, yeah… I’ll be ok.” With that, the tween dove down and swam over towards the deep end. He spent a while alternating between deep-swimming and surfacing, but then executed his plan. Casually swimming around, he maneuvered himself directly underneath where Andy was treading water and looked up. Luke made a couple of passes, each time looking up towards the top of the pool and, as best he could, into the shorts of his prey, hoping to see some boy bits or bulges. Unfortunately for the young perv, the fabric was too clingy and all he could see was a few glimpses of bare leg skin. He eventually gave up his quest, but congratulated himself for at least trying something so bold. The afternoon wore on and any further perving on Andy was limited to occasional glances of the glistening bare torso as the boy stood in the shallow end, or the globes of his butt, outlined by the wet clinging fabric of his shorts as he dove underwater or stood at the side of the pool talking to someone on the deck. That is, until he heard a voice behind him. “Hey, I’m looking for two more guys for a chicken fight tournament. Do you two wanna get in on it?” Luke turned around and his jaw dropped. His crush, Andy, was standing in the pool in front of him, asking them to play a pool game! More important, this could actually give him a reason to get close and probably even touch him! Fuck yes, he wanted to! “Uhhhh… I dunno… Jeff? Do you want to?” As frantic as he was on the inside, he couldn’t let Andy see that. He had to act cool. Jeff looked at one face, then the other. Little brother looked calm on the outside, but the teen remembered those wandering eyes in the shower room, and was pretty sure there was a begging puppy underneath the cool exterior. “Yeah, sounds fun. We’re in. Who’s fightin’ who?” “Me and my friend Rich are set to go against those two guys standing over by that red ball. You two go against Bill and Jake over by the lifeguard. The winners take on each other. Ok?” “Sure. Any rules?” “Just enough to keep the lifeguard from yelling at us. One guy sits on the other guy’s shoulders. The guys on the bottom are off limits. For the tops, no punching or scratching, keep your hands out of each other’s eyes and no grabbing the other guy’s junk. Other than that, pretty much anything goes and the first top that falls in the water loses.” The part about no grabbing the other guy’s junk was a little disappointing to Luke, but it’s not like he would be that bold anyway. Still… After some brief introductions, the fights began. They were held one at a time so the other group could watch, and because the lifeguard would have made them stop otherwise. First to go was Andy’s group. Luke sat on the edge of the pool watching and silently cheering at the top of his lungs for his crush’s side. If the teen didn’t win, he’d lose his chance to touch and get close to him. Andy had to win! The action went back and forth. Andy was on top and facing off with a smaller kid. They were grabbing each other, pulling on each other’s arms, and at times were chest to chest trying to pull each other forward or push backward. They were even pulling at each other’s hair! The goal was to either make the top boy fall off, or to get the bottom boy to lose his footing. Either would result in the top boy tumbling into the pool, losing the match. At the last moment, Andy’s bottom moved away from their opponents while the two tops had their arms locked together. The resulting torque was enough to pull the younger boy off and into the water. Luke was thrilled and even let out a verbal cheer! He was one step closer! Next up were Luke and Jeff, in their first-round match. Being the smallest, Luke was selected as the top. This is exactly what he wanted, since the top was the only one likely to get any skin-to-skin contact. He really didn’t care about that in this round since he wasn’t attracted to his opponent, but if he won, it would definitely matter next time. Once in position Luke sized up his foe. The boy looked older and at least 20 pounds heavier than himself. How was he going to win? He had to win! It wasn’t a mater of if, it was a matter of how. The two tops started to wrestle. Luke’s legs were locked tight around Jeff’s body, his arms held out in front of him locked with his opponent. Luke was no stranger to chicken fighting, having played this game with his brother back into his childhood. Today was different though — he was on a mission. This match was not just a playful bout, but an athletic match to be won. The two grappled at each other. They pulled. They twisted. They grabbed. Each of them tried their hardest beylikdüzü travesti to get the other boy off balance and off of their steed. Several times Luke was right on the edge of dropping, but each time, he regained his balance and was able to come back. Finally, just as he was thinking he may have to admit defeat, the tween found just the right angle to push, and his opponent fell back, splashing into the water. He had won! Not only had he won the match, but he had won the right to fight Andy in the championship round! A five minute break was called before the last match so that everyone could rest up. After that brief pause, it was time for the main event — what Luke had been looking forward to since Andy had asked him to be in the game. The championship match was about to start! “Are you ready?” asked Andy as he faced Luke in the pool. “Yep” “Ok, then go!” The two fought like they were in a wrestling ring, grabbing hold of each other, sometimes being pulled chest to chest while wriggling left and right. Only the front of the swim trunks were off limits, leaving Luke to not only hold Andy against him with his arms around the teen’s back, but also grab the back of his trunks and in the process cop a feel of his butt. Their faces were mashed together at times, and Luke got good close-up views of the boy’s firm abs and almost totally smooth pits. The horny tween was in gay heaven. He was trying to win of course, but truth be told, his main goal was to make the game last as long as possible so he could feel up as much of Andy’s body as he could. He doubted they would ever have sex, but every additional moment of skin contact meant one more memory to jerk off to when he was at home naked and hard in his bed. Speaking of being hard, Luke was so caught up in the fight and in the delight of actually touching the boy of his stroke fantasies that he completely forgot that he was cock-to-neck with his brother — hard cock-to-neck at that. With only a wet pair of swim trunks separating the two, Jeff received positive confirmation that his brother was ‘interested’ in the boy whom he had been perving on in the showers. He had detected a slight chub when Luke fought in the last match, but within 30 seconds of attacking this boy, the same cock was at full mast and hard as a rock. Had they not been sloshing around in the pool, Jeff would have likely noticed a large patch of wet precum soaking through the trunks as well. As time went on, Jeff wasn’t the only one who became aware of the erection. Every time that Luke slid his chest across his opponent, his hormones went into overdrive from the smooth skin touching his own. Every time he ran his fingers up and down the boy’s back, his cock twitched. Every time he grabbed and held onto that firm ass, his cock drooled. His cock evolved from just having a simple erection, to being a gun that was in danger of firing. Luke’s efforts to hold off until the end of the match gave him plenty of opportunities to experience more of Andy’s hot body, but every time he twisted and writhed against it, he was brought closer and closer to climax. The last thing that the boy wanted was to jizz in the pool, but he was so caught up with these feelings that he was having trouble making himself stop. As Luke continued to grip his legs tightly to his brother’s shoulders and writhe against his opponent, the head of his cock continued to be pressed backwards, forcing it to rub against his slick precum-covered belly. With all that stimulation the horny boy couldn’t help but thrust against his brother’s neck even though he was desperately trying to avoid cumming. Up until then, Luke had been the only one grabbing ass, but in a retaliatory move, Andy lunged, wrapping his arms around the startled boy and grabbing him by the ass, trying to pull him up and off of Jeff’s shoulders. The feel of the older boy’s hand gripping and squeezing his ass cheeks was all it took, and within a few seconds, Luke finally lost it. Warm cream filled his swim trunks as his cock pulsed, shooting burst after burst of cum that had been all day in the making. As his orgasm overtook him, he lost control of his muscles and the ability to grip his opponent. Moments later he let loose of Andy and finally succumbed, falling in the water and losing the game. While Andy and his friends were cheering, Luke floated away from them, trying to recover. He couldn’t believe it. He had just cum in the swimming pool! What if the jizz escaped his shorts and little white strings of it started floating in the pool around him? What if someone noticed?? He had to get out of the pool, and fast. “Jeff, I have to pee. I’ll be right back” said Luke as he climbed out of the pool and started walking towards the exit. Once in the bathroom he ducked into an open stall, closed the door and pulled his swim trunks forward so he could take in the damage. While not yet a heavy cummer, his groin was covered and the few pubes he had were saturated. Walking to the showers nude covered in cum wasn’t an option, so he did the only thing he could do — grab some toilet paper and wipe away the remaining jizz, then flush the evidence away. Standing in the stall it began to sink in. He had shot his load in a public pool with people all around him. Not only that, but it happened while being chest-to-chest with the boy he had been crushing on for the last year. Even more, he came while rubbing his cock against his big brother’s neck! Did either of them notice his orgasm? Was it possible not to?? Embarrassment flooded the boy’s mind as he debated whether he should just put on his clothes and walk back home without even returning to the pool. Luke stood in the stall alone for a few minutes debating his next course of action. Eventually the embarrassed tween decided there would be more questions if he abruptly left than if he just went back out to the pool. He reluctantly opened the stall door and exited into the bathroom, determined to face whatever embarrassment lay ahead at the pool. When he had originally entered, the bathroom was empty. As he walked away from the stalls, he found he was no longer alone. Facing one of the urinals was the ginger-haired teen who was eyeing his cock in the showers. As Luke approached, the boy turned his head, looked in his direction, then smiled. A moment later he turned the rest of his body around towards Luke, who was startled to see a six inch hard cock standing at a 45 degree angle, with the swim trunks pulled under the teen’s balls. What the hell? After what seemed like an eternity to Luke but in reality was only about a second, the boy lifted his trunks back up to cover his erection. Without saying a word about the state of his cock, the ginger’s eyes remained locked on Luke’s as he started talking. “I was watching you chicken fighting earlier. You were good! It looked like you were having fun. We should try a match with just ourselves sometime.” With that, the teen turned and walked out of the bathroom towards the pool, leaving Luke dazed and confused, and with a growing boner of his own. His mind raced, thinking about istanbul travesti what just happened. “Who was this boy??” “He’s cute — and damn… that cock! Why was he showing it to me? Is he gay? Maybe he’s a straight jock and he’s used to other guys seeing it. But it was hard! And not just a `semi’! He smiled at me. Then he actually talked to me. Guys don’t do that in the bathroom! He said it looked like I was having fun. Could he tell that I jizzed in my trunks? He said he wanted to have a match with me. Is he gay too?? Does he like me?” The questions running through his mind took only seconds, but it was over a minute before the shock wore off and Luke returned to normal. His brother would be wondering what took so long. He had to get back to the pool. “I’m back” said Luke as he swam up to Jeff. “Where did you go? I thought you just had to take a quick pee.” “I… umm decided to do a Number Two while I was in there. Don’t want any accidents in the pool.” Jeff laughed. “OK, doofus. Glad to hear you’re no longer full of shit. I guess that explains why you were wiggling around so much on my shoulders while we were playing chicken that last round.” said Jeff, deciding to give his little brother an `out’, even though he knew something (or someone) else was likely to blame. “Yeah, I kinda needed to go.” said Luke, relieved that Jeff was buying his unintentional excuse, and even more relieved that it seemed his brother apparently hadn’t noticed his erection or sudden ejaculation. “Sorry you lost that last round. You did pretty good though. You stayed up there for a long time, considering he’s bigger than you are!” “Yeah, I guess I did. I just lost my balance there at the end.” “That’s ok, it happens. Maybe he’ll ask you again sometime and you can have a rematch.” “Yeah, that’d be cool.” Luke said, for now deciding not to say anything about the boy in the bathroom, or his offer of a solo match. Luke scanned the pool area. Andy was about ten feet away playing with his friends, but the ginger was no where to be found. He wondered what happened to the mystery boy. Was he back in the bathroom stroking at the urinal? He doubted that, but why had the boy been doing it in the first place? Or had he been? Maybe he had just been thinking about something sexy while taking a leak and got hard. Maybe he had been standing there waiting for it to go down. It’s not like Luke hadn’t gotten unexpected boners himself — but he would never turn and show them to a stranger! The whole incident bugged him, but he tried not to dwell on it. The day wore on and it was getting late. The redhead had re-appeared and glanced over towards Luke once in a while, but never came close enough to talk. Even though he was curious, Luke couldn’t bring himself to go over and start a conversation. Finally a voice broke through the background music coming from the loudspeakers, giving an announcement that the pool would be closing in fifteen minutes. Andy was nearby, and Luke could overhear him talking to the boy’s chicken fight partner. “I wish Anna coulda been here…”, Andy said to his friend “Yeah, I’m surprised she wasn’t. Every time I see you lately, she’s with you. I saw you suckin’ face with her after school last week too. Have you made it past first base yet?” grinned his friend “Shut up! You’re just jealous. But yeah, you’re right. We’ve been seeing each other a lot lately. Her family had something going on today and she couldn’t make it. It sucks” Luke was in shock. Earlier that day he’d had an orgasm triggered by the touch and feel of Andy’s body. Now he was hearing that the boy was decidedly straight. True, he never really expected there would be a chance to bed the boy he had been stroking to all of this time, but after hearing the talk about a girlfriend, it was now painfully obvious it would never happen. Today he had found out what the boy looked like naked, how his body felt, and even how his ass felt in his hands. Yes that was something, and yes, he would probably use today’s memories in future stroke sessions, but for now he was completely devastated at the news. His crush had just crushed him. Luke floated over to the edge of the pool, folded his arms and put them up on the concrete. He continued floating, mindlessly staring at the outer fence and the parking lot beyond as people began to pack up to drive away. Minutes passed as he remained, sulking, unable to focus, still trying to process what he had just heard. Suddenly he could feel the water moving, and the next thing he knew, someone was behind him. A smooth bare chest pressed against his back, and he could swear a stiff cock was pressing through his trunks into his butt crack. A hand wrapped around his front, landing just above his swim trunks, palm on his belly button. A moment later a freckled arm appeared near his right shoulder, reaching up towards a towel that was lying nearby on the concrete. Luke jerked his head to the side and was greeted with the smiling face of the boy from the showers and the bathroom, now close enough he could literally feel the boy’s hot breath as he began speaking. “Oh, sorry about that! I just needed to reach around you and get my towel before I leave. What’s your name? I’m Rob.” “Uhhhh…. Hi, I’m Luke.” During their conversation Rob’s fingers, out of sight to everyone else in the pool, alternately contracted and extended, the fingertips lightly caressing Luke’s belly. “Hey, Luke. Nice to meet you. I saw you here last Saturday. Do you think you’ll be here next Saturday?” “Uhhmm…. Yeah… I think so.” “Cool. I was hoping so. See you then!” With a bit of a push of his midsection against Luke’s butt, Rob disengaged from the boy, kicked over a foot or so to the edge of the concrete, and pulled himself up and out of the pool. As he watched the teen walk away towards the exit, Luke was even more speechless than he had been in the bathroom. Between the looks in the showers, the hard cock in the bathroom, and now this, even the normally-clueless young boy had no doubt left in his mind. He was officially being hit on by a gay teen that looked to be his brother’s age. But… this was new territory. What should he do?? Across the pool, Jeff had observed the events between the red-head and his brother as they unfolded. Jeff mused to himself as the teen walked away “Well, well… It looks like little brother has an admirer! I wonder what he’ll do…” Author’s note: I’ve read stories on Nifty since the site’s inception, but this is my first foray into story writing. Thanks in advance for those who take the time to email back with positive comments and constructive criticism. I spent decades not emailing back, but starting in 2021 have tried to be better about that, and now understand how important it is to an author for readers to do so. Many thanks to an author and friend named Underjug for giving me the kick in the pants to try my hand at writing. He and his friend TheRealCOG combine forces to write some pretty awesome stories. Use the Nifty Search page and you’ll find them. You won’t be sorry you did. This story is also posted on the AllTheFallen Forum, where you may contact me as well. *** IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH THEIR GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/

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