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Subject: Buddy, Steve, and Steve Comments welcome. Don’t forget to donate to Nifty! Buddy, Steve, and Steve My world was weird, but somehow it was sort of normal, normal for a horny fifteen-year-old. We, Steve and I, had left the pain and scandal behind, and we lived two lives in the same house. He, at nineteen, was sort of raising me, which meant that I was sort of raising myself. And surfing. I took the bus up into the next dusty town, where I was doing fairly well in my last year in a crappy middle school, but, following in Steve’s lead, I mainly lived to surf. Steve was the same, only more so. He had taught me well. It wasn’t a famous surfing beach, but we knew every inch of it. Often we would look at the silver waves at dawn, checking the sets, looking up and down to find some surfable waves. If the sets looked good, we’d pull on our wetsuits and kiss off school (me) and work (him.) It was amazing that the sets I looked at got their start in a cyclone over Midway. I was careful not to miss days when I had test or when I was expected to be at school. Then a nap, lunch, then more surf. It seemed perfect. Especially after what we’d been through. Long story short: we grew up in a big house up in a hill town. Nice housekeeper, quiet mom, gregarious dad, Junior Chamber of Commerce type. He was an accountant. It all blew up when he was arrested one happy dawn and taken away in handcuffs. Embezzler. The judge threw the book at him. The house was gone, the money was gone. We moved with mom into the beach shack she had inherited. We saw that she wasn’t quiet. She drank. All the time. The final blow was when he was shivved in the prison yard, where he bled to death. Mom died of liver disease less than a year later. We took turns taking care of her at the end. Not a happy time, but Steve and I got along perfectly. He knew that I needed lots of space. School was an escape, as was the ratty old house. And surfing. This year, the courts caught up with us. We had to appear in Family Court, so we went inland to Ross Dress-for-Nothing and got set up with two black suits, dress shoes, dress shirts, ties that the salesgirl had to teach us how to tie. Haircuts. On the drive up to court, he spoke only in his very accurate Mr. Rogers voice, scaring the hell out of me. The judge went into our so-called finances carefully. Steve said, in his serious normal voice, that he was a contractor, news to me: I thought he was a carpenter, with free-lance gigs in the towns being built in the hills. And a carpet layer. I was doing great in school. The house was paid for, and he made enough to pay the taxes and insurance. Some hard questioning about our father’s missing millions, but then the judge awarded Steve custody of me. He did Mr. Rogers all the way home. Mt little room had been part of the wide front porch. It was really tiny, but it had a door onto the porch, so I could go right out and look at the waves. Steve’s room was off the combo livingroom-kitchen. I woke up in the middle of one hot night and started to beat off, like a normal fifteen-year-old. I was into a good groove, pretty much loving my dick, when the porch door opened. It was Steve. He was naked, I could just see in the moonlight. “Sorry. I thought I heard something. I guess I did. God, it smells like cum in here. We have to talk. Come outside when you can. When you’re finished, I mean.” “I already beat off once tonight, when I went to bed. I’m sorry.” “Oh, please. Just come outside.” I went outside in a minute or two, my dick having softened. He was stretched out on the chaise, his hands behind his head. I sat down on the other chaise, across from him. “So, a conversation?” “Yes, I guess.” Silence.”You have a girlfriend? Or any best friends?” “No girlfriends. Girls scare me. You look and see how put-together they seem, like they have all the answers, but when they open their mouths, they sound like idiots.” Quiet. “I guess you’re my best friend. I like school, but I’m mainly on my own there.” “That sounds lonely.” “Not really. Got the waves, got you.” “That you do, Buddy.” He stood up. I was surprised to see that his dick was hard. He pulled the cushions off the chaise onto the deck.”Come here. Bring your cushions.” I flopped the cushions down next to his. He settled in, facing me. My dick had boned up again, but I get a hardon in a stiff breeze. He reached over and took my cock in his hand, pulling gently up on it. “That feels really good when you do it.” “You a virgin?’ “I guess.” “Not anymore.” He leaned over and too the head of my woody into his mouth. He ran his tongue around the head, and the top of my skull almost blew off. He went deeper, getting at least half my cock into his mouth. My toes curled, and I knew I was about to shoot. “I’m escort izmit going to cum.” He only nodded and sucked harder. I pounded out a bunch of cum, and he swallowed it all. “Jesus.” He milked the last few drops out and let my dick fall out of his mouth. “How was that?” Silence.”That bad?” which made me laugh “Give me your hand”. Which he wrapped around his big hard cock..”Keep going.” My hand barely grasped around his dick as I pulled his skin up over the hardness. “Suck me.” I leaned down and took the head of his dick into my mouth. “Watch the teeth. Suck me some more.” He tasted great, which was unexpected, and he flexed out a drop of precum, which tasted even better. (I had tasted my own precum, but never my cum.) I was loving this, the fact that I was obviously giving him pleasure; he wasn’t very quiet. He tasted so good. I jumped when his cum came flooding into my mouth; he pushed my head down so I got it all. Then he pulled me over for a hard kiss on my lips, swapping our spit and his cum from mouth to mouth. Then we swallowed, and he pulled me into a tight embrace My first taste of cum was Steve’s. I felt great. “That was amazing,” I said. He grabbed my dick again. but then stood up. “I’ve got to piss. You’re sleeping with me tonight.” And every night. He jacked me off once more before we fell asleep, me comfortable in his arms, the cum driying on my belly I moved everything into his room the next day, and then we went surfing. We stopped wearing clothes around the house. Now we pulled on our wetsuits with no speedo beneath, and we just stayed naked once we peeled them off to hang until they dried on the balcony rail. It stopped making sense to wear even shorts, while we ate, or when we watched teevee, when we knew our days would end up in his big bed, naked for sure. He never seemed to tire of making me cum. One good hand job when we went to bed, then a double suck session. We tried 69, but I couldn’t concentrate on his dick in my mouth as he sucked me. So we took turns. Showers were fun, as we washed the dried cum off each other; the room stank of sex, which always made me horny. One night, after I had come in his mouth, he hadn’t pulled his lips away. He shifted in the bed and began to kiss my balls and my thighs. He pulled my legs up and open and moved his mouth down towards my asshole. He circled it with his tongue and then kissed it and sucked on it. I spread open even wider, wanting more, as he went to town on my butthole. Of course, I’d never felt anything like that; was this normal? But like I say, I was fifteen, and all sex felt great, even around my asshole. “You want to try?” “Sure.” He flopped over on his front and stuck his ass up. “You’re hairy.” He pulled his fuzzy cheeks open, and his asshole opened up for me. “Your asshole is beautiful,” I said. Then I licked his hair out of the way and, what, I guess I made love to his butt. I kissed his hairy cheeks, and then went back to his hole. I could have done this forever, knowing how it felt. He flipped over, his big stiffy leading precum like a maniac. I sucked him dry in a few minutes. Assplay was now a constant thing. I awoke one morning with his finger circling my asshole. I was ready for assplay, but I had to piss first. He joined me in the pisser, and I got hard just watching him piss, as his own dick grew larger. Back in bed, his finger went back to my asshole. It felt great, different than his mouth, but good. He sucked on his finger and pressed in against my butthole. I was going to get finger-fucked. I opened up as much as I could, but my muscles tensed up. He held my cock in his other hand, slowly jacking me, and suddenly his finger popped in. It hurt a little, but I could relax a bit as his finger slowly moved in and out of my ass. He hit something, and I gasped, my stiffy hardening up big-time. I groaned. “Bingo. That’s your prostate.” He pushed another wet finger in. “That hurts.” But then he hit my prostate again, and I shut up as he rubbed me hard. “You ready to get fucked? I want to fuck you.” “OK.” He reached down under the bed and pulled up a tube of what I learned quickly was lube. He greased up my hole, and inside, and slathered a bunch on his dick; I’d never seen such a big one. He pushed it hard against my burning butthole. “Just relax. Push out.” It worked. Maybe our assplay had relaxed me just enough; whatever, his big cock sort of just slid into me. The pain in my ass muscles faded as soon as he started to gently pump into me. Then harder, longer strokes, pinging against my prostate with each stroke in or out. He settled in for a long fuck, my hardon trapped between our bodies. He sped up like a fuck machine, almost hurting me, then he slowed down. I tried to push my asshole against his cock, izmit escort loving every second, every push. He got up on his knees, still fucking me, then he sort of yelled as he shot his load right deep into my ass. I squeezed as tight as I could, wanting all his cum, all of him, inside me. He reached up and cupped my balls, then my dick, in his big hand and made me come all over us in about one second. He pulled out, and I licked his cock clean, as it slowly deflated. “You’ve been fucked; how did you like it?” I was breathless. “Fantastic. I feel like a new man.” He laughed and hugged me. “Like a man” He jacked me off again in the middle of the night, and we slept really well, his cum dripping out my ass. Butt -fucking. Almost every night. I loved it, and soon he was putting his ass into my face, into my crotch, until I felt confident enough to push my prick into him. This was even better. His ass was smooth and tight. The first time, I came in about a minute, but we held on, still stiff, and I did him again in a few minutes. I sucked my cum out of his butthole and licked him dry. Every night, it seemed, started with blowjobs and then moved on to major ass fucking. He almost kept up with me in the number of loads pumped out, but he still beat me off whenever he saw me hanging out with a hardon. We even fell asleep with his dick inside me; there was nothing better than waking up while I was being fucked. At about five one hot afternoon, the doorbell rang. Steve and I had just come in from a lousy late-afternoon surf. The waves sucked. We were watching the news on teevee, naked as usual. Steve got up and opened the door. A big long-haired guy in overalls came in. “Jesus, sorry. I didn’t know if you were home, but I saw the lights, and I sort of just dropped by…” “Relax, we just came in from surfing. Oh, this is my little brother Buddy. This is Steve, or the Other Steve as we call him on the job site. No, come on in. Grab a beer. In fact, get us all a beer.” He went into the kitchenette and opened the refrigerator. “There’s nothing but beer in there,” he said as he brought three beers over to the couch. “Yeah, we need to go shopping.” We slammed our beers down quite fast, and my brother Steve got us three more. “Look, does this bother you? The nude thing? It’s just the two of us, so we don’t bother too much with pants. We’re all big boys.” “No, no, it’s your house.” He sat down next to me and pulled the big kneepads off over his overalls and his boots. Another carpet man. He had some of the tools in his too-tight tool belt. He stood up again.” You mind if I drop this fucking tool belt?” It clattered to the floor, as he stretched his arms out to lose the boots. No shirt, just his Oshkosh overalls. His pits were black with hair, and as he turned, I caught a glimpse of a hairy chest. “You mind if I grab another beer? “No, sure, as long as you bring us one.” The empties were crowding on the coffee table, and the sun was down when I heard my stomach growl. We laughed, and I realized that I was getting a good buzz on. I hardly ever drank, but the beers tasted great. “How about pizza?” Other Steve nodded yes as he sucked up some beer. He stood up and dropped his overalls to the floor. “When in Rome,” he said, which struck me as very funny. He was big, but not fat, with a hairy gut. Black hair trailed over a fat penis and furry balls. He sat down again, while Steve went to the phone and ordered pizza from our local joint. “Half an hour. More beer.” This time Steve brought in a bottle of Jack I didn’t know we had, three shot glasses, and three more beers. He almost dropped everything, but made a nice recovery and collapsed onto the couch between me and Other Steve. He poured us each a full shot, my first. It burned in a nice way, warmed me up all the way down. “Who gets the door? We need clothes…” “No, relax, the pizza guy is used to us. Here’s a secret: I think he likes his eyeful. But he’s used to looking at our dicks; you get the door,” which rang at that moment. Other Steve got up, looking confused, but Steve pushed him back onto the couch. “Relax, I’ll get it.” We could see the zitty pizza guy in the kitchen, as Steve slowly counted out the money. “And here’s a tip.” The kid backed out of the house, and the three of us laughed at the situation. “More beer.” “And more shots,” I added. “Maybe not for you. Isn’t this a school night?” “Depends,” I said, which cracked them both up.So I got three more beers, paper plates, paper towels, and we tore into the pizza, which was hot and delicious. Other Steve ate fast, burped once, and put his arms out over the back of the sofa. “Now that shot would taste good.” Steve poured us three more, and now I was getting beyond buzzed. The izmit kendi evi olan escort Olympics were on, and we watched the gymnasts, hissing at the Russian girls, me admiring the tight bodies the guys had. I could feel my cock chubbing up, and so I pulled one of the sofa cushions over to hide it from Other Steve. My Steve grabbed the pillow and tossed it on the floor. “Relax. Jack makes you horny, not that you any help in that department.” I shrugged and let it rip, not caring that I was hard. “Have another shot. Or a beer. Or both.” I still had half a beer on the table, and this shot was to be sipped, not slammed down. Maybe I was growing up. My head was spinning a little. “Look, Buddy, get into my bed. Steve, take his room, just over there, by the porch door. You’re not driving. I’ll get you a sleeping bag.” “Good plan,” Other Steve said. I mumbled “Goodnight” to them both as I wandered off to bed, my beer in one hand, my hardon leading the way. I didn’t turn the lights on, and I fell asleep still hard, a first in a few years. Is there a better way to wake up than having someone suck your dick? But I had to piss like a race horse, so I scooted into the pisser. I had to push my hardon down to let out he massive stream of near-colorless piss. I was hard again when I climbed back into bed. “How you feeling? You’ll feel like shit. In the morning.” “Maybe I’m still drunk.” “Too drunk to fuck?” “What do you think?” He grabbed my dick like he always did, but I was ready to jump to the main event. I was horny as hell, and I wanted to fuck him, not that I minded his hand, then his mouth on my hard cock. “Roll over.” He stuck his ass in the air, and I licked him hard, never getting enough of that butthole. I made him wet enough to use my spit as lube, but he made a little noise as I popped into him. “Relax, as you would say.” “Ha. Just fuck me Buddy, no wisecracks.” “Just your crack, the one and only.” Stupid words seemed to be coming out of me. I shut myself by pushing in hard. His ass felt tighter than ever, but I felt that I could fuck for hours, my skin rubbing against the inside of his secret hole, my hole now, my thighs slapping against him. I fucked and fucked, Steve giving a sharp little gasp when I hit his prostate. Then the door opened. I looked over and saw Other Steve just standing there. “I thought I heard fucking.” “You did,” I said. “Join the party,” my Steve said. Other Steve knelt on the bed and tried to hug us both at once. He pulled back. I reached behind me too what we were dealing with, and I grabbed his very thick erection, hard as a rock and leaking like mad. Then I felt his rough stubble rimming my opening ass, then his tongue, which felt huge. I started to fuck Steve some more, getting back into my slow groove, with the extra pleasure of my ass being eaten by an expert. Other Steve: “Can I fuck him?” Steve: “Don’t ask me; he can talk.” Mr: “Sure. Yes, please. Lube on the nightstand.” I couldn’t believe we were talking about me getting fucked my a new guy while I was still fucking Steve. I felt the soothing cream on my hot asshole, and I pushed back on him, still managing to keep my prick inside of Steve. Other Steve wasn’t gentle, and his fat prick hurt at first. I bottomed out inside my brother, and Other Steve bottomed out in my ass. He filled me completely. We three stayed put for a second or two. Then we started to move again. Other Steve fucked me one stroke, and then I’d push hard into Steve, then draw back onto the fat dick assaulting my butthole. The groove spread, and our timing was perfect. I could feel his hair against my balls, against my back when he leaned in to hug me. Then back into our three-in-one perfection. “Lucky Pierre,” he said. “What?” “You. The guy in the middle is Lucky Pierre.” I wanted to laugh, but I bit my tongue to keep the fucking rhythm going smoothly. “I’m ready. I’m going to cum.” “Where do I cum?” “In my ass.” He pounded once, harder, into my butt, and I felt the cum fill me up. I shot right into Steve, and we three fell together into a heap. As soon as that fat dick slipped out of me, I scooted up on the bed and gave Steve the blowjob he needed. Then we all fell asleep, cum everywhere. I awoke with my Steve beating me off, our happy early-morning start-off. Other Steve was up on one elbow, playing with himself as he watched. It was dawn. I sucked Other Steve after he came back from pissing. I fit his slick head into my mouth like it was built for me, and he came in my mouth. I spit the cum onto my Steve’s belly and rubbed it in. Then I fell asleep again. The surf was good enough to wash the hangover away, and I felt pretty wonderful. Both Steves were asleep when I carried my board down to the beach, and only Steve was left in our bed when I dragged my ass back in. We never talked much about it, but sometimes he called me Pierre, or Mr. Lucky, just for fun. Every few weeks, the phone would ring, or the answering machine would be blinking, and we’d hear the magic word: “Pizza?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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