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Subject: Bull and two boys, pt. 4 Bull and two boys, pt. 4. If you like this story, and the stories posted on Nifty, please contribute! This is fiction. If you don’t like All American Big Dick stories, stop right here. Whimpering with fear and excitement the boys dutifully raised their butts, heads down on the ground. Mitch looked down at their cute, ripped up holes and worked some fat fingers up in em, slathering them thick with salve. `Gonna take it slow and easy this time, little fags. Git you used to it.’ Inserting, he slid, much easier this time, into Joe’s bowels. Stopping half way, he pulsed his hog, eliciting squeals of pain but also pleasure from the little guy impaled on his shaft. Fuckin in and out, never more than half way, Mitch screwed the boy steady. Getting close, he withdrew, the knarled monster flopping out with a wet plop, precum drooling in ropes from the piss hole. Grabbed Ben, fingers digging in his sides, and fucked him the same way. Back and forth for a long, smooth and easy ride, Mitch noticed that their little boy peckers were stiff � the first time all night. The kids were moaning in pain and pleasure as he drilled them gentle. Not even workin up a sweat, Mitch did Man’s work for a long time. Wailing in pain and pleasure, my butt ached from his righteous fucking. Still, I wanted to give him everything I had to give. From Ben’s raising and twitching butt, his pussy lips slurping as Mitch’s king dog went in and out, it was easy to see he felt the same. `Daddy’s gonna seed you now. Take it little guys.’ His cock swelled up and to its ultimate ridged and veined thickness and he started to unload in Joe. Pullin out and reseating, the big guy finished up in Ben. Both boys shot their loads as Mitch pulsed and seeded. With a satisfied grunt, Mitch flopped down on his back and with a hand on each boy’s head, had them suck him clean. Then with a big hand on each tossled head, he pulled their faces up into his steaming cock. `Time for bed, boys, Daddy did his duty by the Male race.’ With the soft snow pattering on the tent, they slept, nestled up against the boss’s mighty weapon. Mitch had them work their butts off next day, hiking and climbing, gathering firewood, policing the campsite, making dinner and cleaning up. When night came, he fucked them both again, then again, as they loosened up. The butt pain lessened and they could take most of his dong without much wincing or crying kocaeli escort for a mercy they knew they wouldn’t get. `Can’t help being the little girly-boys you are, and it’s real fine that you are what you are. Born to serve real men. Knew when I first saw you how’d things would turn out, and I knew you were strong and supple enough to take it. Learned that from mastering the marine coon � men can take it, and a certain type of man can learn to serve reverently. Mostly, I go for big guys who are a challenge, but there is something enticing about the two of you. But, coming way up here half-ass prepared, slovenly, sloppy and up shit’s creek if I hadn’t come along to set you straight. What’s your story boys?’ We looked down, grim faced. `I said, `what’s your story boys…don’t make me say it again.’ `Well, sir,’ Ben began, `we both grew up outside SF and went to school together. My parents never got along since I can remember. Mom is a feminist all the way, and she was always ragging on dad for being a jerk, a loser, a creep and a man.’ `Same with my parents sir’ added in Joe, who continued. `Dad believed in women’s rights and was always trying to please her, which just made her knock him more. When my folks decided to get out of the hellhole CA was becoming, Mon picked Whitefish for our new home. That was two years ago. Our two families were so close that Ben’s folks up and moved here too, hoping that the new place would help their marriage and maybe, ah, help us.’ `Wadda you mean help you,’ said Mitch. `Neither of us can stand our parents. We are fuck ups sir, disrespectful to our jerk parents, always in trouble, and get terrible grades in school.’ Ben continued, `Moving here didn’t make any difference. My mom never let up on dad and it’s the same for Joe’s dad. Finally, our fathers went back to their old jobs in CA, and what began as a separation ended in divorce. `”Whitefish”, it fuckin figures. Full of CA liberals who fled the hellhole they made of that state and now wanna do the same thing to Montana. Polebridge is full of “off grid” mansions with designer spas, cathedral ceilings and granite kitchen islands � all five bedrooms for the dried up old hags who had been successful in business and have never known life. …What about yer fathers?’ `Well,’ interjected Joe `kinda wimpy sir. After living with mom, he was totally pussy whipped. He’s a pretty small man, 5’8″ or so, a little overweight darıca escort and nondescript.’ `Mine’s taller, Sir, but just as dejected.’ `Hum… Well, boys, that’s all over. I’m your daddy and you’re gonna clean up your acts startin now. Pretty sure we are gonna be seein a lot of each other and you’re henceforth exemplary sons. You will be polite and respectful to your moms and your dads, you will be clean and neat, you will do your chores and keep your rooms and yourselves spotless. No playin with each other, and no jerkin off. I control all of that from now on. And, you will turn the bad student bit around completely. If you don’t, you’ll have me to answer to.’ `Yes sir!,’ in unison. `What happened after you left the marines, sir?’ `I came home and went into the police as my dad and brothers were plenty enough on the ranch and I liked the military life. Went out one night with a girl I had went to school with. She liked my military background, it turned her on. We got drunk and one thing led to another. Again, just got knob in and shot a gallon. Two months later, she knew she was pregnant and we got married. I was 22. She dropped my first son, 10 lbs., shortly after. With the stretching she took from giving birth, I could get maybe half in her and we had two more boys, big babies at birth, at yearly intervals. Git your mouths on my cock little guys, my horse is startin to buck.’ We scurried down and started sucking. `On top of being too big for women, after having babies most of them don’t want sex anymore, so, we finally divorced. She’s a decent woman and didn’t want money. Has a good job as a nurse. The deal was I have absolute control of the upbringing of my sons. No PC feminist BS. I work in and around Kalispell, where my ex and my sons live. Have an apartment there and see them 5 days of the week for homework, sports, hiking etc. They are big boys and when they hit puberty, will have O’Rourke bull cocks. I’m bringing them up to be men, conquering men.’ As they are only 7, 6 and 5 it’s not too interactive yet. I’m a good, strict dad. `Wow! Do we ever know that Sir” was muffled out by Joe with a mouth full of my balls. Ben could only gurgle with half my hog stuffed down his throat. `The guy thing… In the troop and at the gym it was the same 3 reactions. My equals were comfortable and all for me, thinking (wrongly) of all the pussy I must be tearing up, showing gölcük escort the bitches that men rule. The hungry ones, the polished fags, never did much for me. It was the threatened guys who interested me � the challenge. I mind my own business. The `tough guys’ find me when they stick their faces in mine, lookin for trouble.’ `Like that black guy in the marines, sir?’ `Yeah, like that. I’ve taken and broken plenty of them � they seem to have a thing about pushing white guys around, or tryin to. The minute one of us spits in their eye, they crumple. Plenty of others too though, not just blacks.’ `Bed time boys.’ We have a long hard hike back down to the start off place tomorrow. Next morning, Mitch had them up and jumping before dawn, packin up, policing the site so it looked like it did before they arrived. With his gigantic pack on his back, Mitch led the way down miles of switchbacks, stopping when they needed a rest. Around the last bend, Mitch lit a cigar said, ‘boys, I’m not gonna clean my hog all week, just in case something turns our way.’ They arrived at the Lower Kintla lot exactly at 7. Parked not far from his Dodge truck glittered a brand new high-end Volvo. Next to it paced a fairly well put together woman, late 30’s, in slacks, hair pulled back hard and with a grim, pissy look on her face. The boys ran up and Joe hugged his mom with a quick look back to me. She looked surprised. I followed and she began ostentatiously coughing and made a sour face. `Cigar smoke! Ugg.’ `Most women don’t like it ma’am,’ I replied amiably. She seemed confused by that and turned to the boys to check them out shooting out a battery of questions so fast they didn’t have any way to answer. Slowing down as she saw they were fine, she turned back to me. `Thank you Mr. O’Rourke, for taking care of my son and of Ben.’ `It was a pleasure, ma’am. They are fine boys.’ That got a raised eyebrow from her. `Well, yes, sometimes, I guess they are. Anyway, Elaine � Ben’s mom, and I want to have you to dinner to thank you properly. But, I warn you, no cigars!’ No need to thank me ma’am, but I’d be delighted to come to dinner. `This Saturday ok for you, Mr. O’Rourke?’ `Mitchell, ma’am, and yes, Saturday is fine.’ That’s JoAnne, Mitchell.’ She actually smiled and even laughed a little which had the boys looking at each other in amazement. She gave him the address and stretched out her hand. Mitch took it in his big paw and squeezed hard enough for her eyes to widen, to the delight of the boys. `Good bye sir, and thank you for…taking such good care of us. See you Saturday.’ They drove off in a cloud of dust as Mitch stood there, smiling darkly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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