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Bum RushFirst of all this is not a true story, but it is part of a dream I had. Just a little background, I have been imagining taking cock for quite some time now, but usually after I jerkoff those feelings subside. That hasn’t been the case as of late and that’s where I think this dream comes from. Anyways enjoy!I grew increasingly horny for real cock. Everytime I jerked off I felt the need for cock more and more. I just had to have it. I had to experience real cock. The urge grew with each passing minute. I search for all sorts of things, trying to get off on cock. I frequented dating sites and craigslist to find anything. Nothing interested me. Later that day, I felt I needed to take a walk. As I walked around town, I came to a part of town I was not familiar with. It was garbage-filled and broken down. I noticed a lot of the towns homeless roaming around. Most of them were searching through trash or scr****g together anything they could eat. As I walked a little further I heard some sounds. Grunting and moaning sounds. I followed them secretly into a small broken down shack. As I peeked inside, I saw one homeless man fucking another homeless man. They turned at me and smiled. I, embarrassed, ran off. As I started my travels back home, it dawned on me, “These homeless men don’t care who they fuck, just as long as they are fucking.” I returned home and showered after my walk. I decided then, that later that night I would return to the homeless spot and finally see if I could get some cock. I didn’t care at that point how disgusting they may be, I wanted it bad. A little after midnight, I snuck out of the house. Wearing loose blue jeans and a flannel shirt, I made my way back to the homeless corner. When I had arrived, halkalı escort I crossed the little shack from earlier. A few people were sleeping in there now. Off in the distance there was a dim fire going. I walked around for a little bit gathering my surroundings. Still nervous about why I was there. But I needed cock. As I walked around I saw a scraggy old man laying up against a wall. I could see under his old torn blanket that he was jerking off. He noticed me watching him and smiled. He grunted for me to come sit by him. When I sat down beside him, he lifted up his blanket revealing to me his old hairy cock. The musky scent from his cock overwhelmed me. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. I was in awe. I was finally getting a piece of cock. He dropped his blanket on top of our bodies and I continued stroking his cock underneath. I then realized this was the guy getting fucked in the ass from earlier. As I stroked his cock, I could tell he was liking it. He laid his head back and closed his eyes, just letting me work his cock. But I needed more. I stopped stroking his cock, and stood up. He looked up at me a bit angered and sad that he didn’t finish. I took a few steps away from the man, then looked back at him and motioned for him to follow. With the man a few steps behind me, I walked over to an empty oil drum and dropped my pants and boxers to my feet. I bent over the drum and gave smile over to the homeless guy. Once he saw what I was doing, he quickly dropped his pants and without hesitation slammed his cock into my ass. I let out a loud moan as his cock entered inside me for the first time. Finally I was getting cock taksim escort in my ass. I had been wanting this for so long. I moaned loudly as he continued to fuck my ass. He was having quite a good time as he was plowing my ass. I heard a few footsteps around us and suddenly realized my moans were waking the whole group of homeless men. As the old man was pounding me harder and harder I looked back to see a line of homeless men behind us. I was in sheer joy. Not only was I getting my first cock, I’d be getting plenty more. One by one, each homeless man entered my ass and fucked me hard and raw. It felt so good for each man to give me what I’ve been searching for, and their warm cum shooting in my ass was a great bonus. Some of them even pulled out of my ass and stuck their smelly cummy delicious cocks in my mouth to cum. I felt like such a slut. This was the most amazing feeling I had ever encountered. Their cum oozing out of my ass and covering my face felt so good on the cool night. I came hard multiple times as the homeless men took to my ass. As the last couple of men were waiting to use my ass for their pleasure, I felt a tug around my legs. My left foot lifted up and then so did my right. I didn’t care what was happening, but as the guy who was fucking me came, I looked down to see my pants, boxers, and shoes had been stolen. It didn’t bother me, I was in heaven! Plus I still had my shirt to keep me warm. The last guy to fuck me wanted it rough. He told me to lay on the ground and arch my back so my ass was inviting him to fuck it. I got down on the ground and arched my back. My ass inviting his cock inside me. He told me to arch it higher for his cock. So I did as he told me. şişli escort I then felt his hand caress my ass, then smacking my ass harder and harder. He then slammed his cock straight into my ass. I let out a moan so loud I was sure the police would be called. He kept demanding me to stay quiet. So I tried my best. He told me “true fags take cock like good girls.” I felt in love. He slammed me harder and harder, telling me to “take it bitch” and “this is what fags like you were meant for.” I let out a few moans as he continued to rough fuck me. He then pulled his cock all they way to the tip of his dick and said to me “ready for this slut?” I nodded back to him not knowing fully what was going to happen. He then slammed his dick back into me and came deep inside my stomach. I let out another loud moan and rested on the ground. He was still cumming when I fell all the way to ground. Covering my ass and back in cum. He then ripped my shirt off me, leaving me laying naked on the cold wet ground. I laid there for a few minutes, still in wonder as to what had just happened. I finally got the cock I had been wanting. I rose to me feet, struggling to stand. Little by little I made my way out of the homeless territory. I heard catcalls and whistles as I exited completely nude and covered in sweet sweet homeless man cum.As I walked the streets home, I knew this was the best night of my life. I quickly became addicted cock. I returned plenty of times in the night until the weather got too cold to walk the streets. Sucking their dirty cocks and taking them deep up my ass. I became a star in this homeless community. Night after night whoring out my ass and mouth to these men. But when the winter hit, it became too cold to travel in the night. I had to wait until the temperatures rose in the spring before I could get the amazing feeling of being fucked again. But I knew that when that time arose I would not waste a second. I would take full advantage of being fucked by these men until it got too cold to do it again. I looked forward to that next spring.

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