Busting my cherry (gay oral/anal)

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Busting my cherry (gay oral/anal)I started sucking cock in my teens. I was camping with a friend, who I’ll call Ben. At the time our combined serial experience consisted of jerking off over porn when we could get hold of any. We were camping, and drinking illicitly purchased cider after taking turns with our one porn mag, both it turned out wanking over the same girl in it, a blonde with back-combed hair and a hairy pussy (we’re going back a while). It had occurred to me that being sucked off must feel much the same regardless of the gender of mouth doing the pleasuring, a thought I kept repeating hopefully.Ben was lying on his back in the moonlight outside the tent. Eventually, and without a word, he undid his jeans and pushed them down to show the bulge in his boxers. I might be going first, then. With my heart pounding, I leant over and stroked his bulge through the thin fabric. With his eyes shut, Ben moaned and pulled them down, his hard cock bouncing up in front of me. My heart was in my mouth, where I knew his cock would soon be. I’d never seen his cock before, least of all hard. It was slightly bigger than mine, peeled back, with an angry purple helmet. Without speaking I moved his knees slightly further apart and rested on my elbows in front of his member. I cupped his balls in one hand, giving them a gentle stroke kocaeli escort that made his cock twitch. Taking it by the base I held it still and lowered my head, nervous at the thought I was about to become a cocksucker.Before I could change my mind, I opened my mouth and just plunged straight down on his dick. Wow! My mouth and tongue were wrapped around my friend’s warm cock, and he gasped in surprise. I began bobbing my head up and down on him, slowly at first, and sucking my cheeks in on the sides of his shaft each time I went down, hoping I was doing it right. On each upstroke, I flicked the sensitive area on the underside of his glans with my tongue, which drew more moans from Ben. I went quite slowly, wanting, now I actually had a cock in my mouth, to make the experience last. For what seemed an age my mouth went up and down on him in the moonlight and I felt sure someone must be watching, but this was too good to even care. I tasted Ben’s precum – I knew how it tasted, having once linked some of my own from my fingers out of curiosity. Ben clearly wanted to cum now, as he put one hand on the back of my head and started humping my mouth rhythmically with his hips, pushing my head down in time with his thrusts so the head of his cock went right to the back of my throat and made izmit escort me gag. I let go of him and, putting my arms either side of his legs, pushed down in time with his thrusts and let my friend fuck my mouth hard for the last few seconds until my mouth began to fill with hot jizz. I couldn’t decide straight away what to do with it – I swallowed what I could, the rest ran down his cock as he moaned and informed me (in case I hadn’t noticed) he was cumming. Soon he had stopped thrusting, and I was just running my tongue around his penis as it began to subside.The following afternoon, Ben broke the ice between us when he casually mentioned he thought I needed more practice. Whether that was constructive criticism, or just a way of saying he wanted me to suck him again, I never figured out. That night, we got naked in the tent. Ben blew me with some gusto, and I learned how great a warm, moist mouth felt around your cock. I soon jizzed in his mouth, and thought he was missing out when he spat to one side. Then, it was my turn to go down on his hard cock again, with Ben far more vocal this time with his instructions to his “slut”, which over the next few years I became. Even once we had girlfriends, I sucked Ben’s cock whenever and wherever he wanted it sucking. Once, finding bodrum escort him asleep, I took his limp dick in my mouth and gave him a surprise blowjob. Feeling him swelling and hardening in my mouth made me hard too, he was almost fully erect by the time he lifted the duvet and looked down at me sucking his penis without asking. He reached down, held my head with both hands and began fucking my head while I ran my hands up and down his naked body for as far as I could reach, stoking his thighs, his stomach and especially his balls. He quickly came hard in my mouth, and I swallowed everything he could give me. Another time, he gave me a surprise without asking – I was sleeping on my front and awoke in quite some pain as Ben’s cock was entering me in one long, slow, determined motion. He reminded me I was his slut and I loved his cock. Since he was now rhythmically assfucking me and I had moved my legs further apart to accommodate him, both seemed fair statements at the time. More than once I inadvertently squeezed his cock out of me, which would result in Ben gasping, telling me I was far tighter than his girlfriend, and mounting me again. I got on my knees so he could fuck me doggystyle while reaching down to stroke my cock. I then lay flat with my legs apart so he could fuck my butthole hard like a pussy, and eventually, having gained some control over it, I used my ass muscle to squeeze him rhythmically as he gasped and shot his load in me. Eventually we drifted apart. Ah, Ben and his cock. I’ve taken many guys in my mouth since, but If he turned up out of the blue tomorrow, he could stick it anywhere he wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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