Call Girl Chronicles Part 10 — Night Shift

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Kimiko emerged from the elevator in her pink seersucker candy striper uniform, and took a long look up and down the corridor. It was late at night, almost 3 a.m., and she knew there wouldn’t be many people on duty. She also knew that she’d be busted immediately if any of the staff saw her.

Seeing no one, she walked quietly down the long corridor, looking for room 617. Once, she had to duck into another room when she heard footsteps, probably the night nurse. She heard her walk past, and after a moment, she re-emerged in the corridor and started looking for the right room.

Steve Snyder was lying on his back, sleeping, both of his arms in casts. He had been in a car accident a few weeks before, sustaining a variety of minor injuries, and had broken his arms holding onto the steering wheel. He had been released from the ICU two days week later, and had recovered enough by now that he was expecting to be released from the hospital within a day or two.

Kimi peeked into the room and saw Steve on the bed. Knocking softly, she slipped into his room, closing the door behind her. He opened his eyes, looked up at Kimi and smiled. “Time for your bath!” said Kimi, brightly.

“I’ve been looking forward to it all day,” said Steve, gazing at Kimi’s form and imagining what it looked like beneath the cute little uniform.

“Just help me get your pajamas off,” she said, unbuttoning his top and sliding it up over his head as he sat up. Freeing his arms, he sat back, and then lifted his hips as she slid his pajama bottoms down. His cock lay against one thigh, already beginning to lengthen and thicken in anticipation. Kimi ignored it, and went to put some soapy water in a bowl, returning with the bowl and a big sponge. She dipped the sponge into the water, squeezed it, and began to run it over his chest.

Steve, showing no sign of embarrassment about his nakedness or the fact that his cock was becoming erect, lay back and enjoyed the pleasant sensations. It’s amazing how much better it feels to have someone other than yourself wash you, he thought. “God, that feels sooo good,” he said.

“I can tell, you bad boy,” she laughed, glancing at his rising cock.

“I’m sorry…” he said, looking down at his cock. “Mind of it’s own, you know?”

“Don’t be sorry. It’s not like I’ve never seen one,” said Kimi, smiling. She was now running the sponge up and down Steve’s muscular legs, moving it in long circular motions, moving tantalizingly higher and higher between his legs.

Steve blushed. His cock was now fully erect. “It’s just that I’ve been in here a long time, and with these casts on…,” he raised his arms a little, then let them fall back on the bed.

“What do you mean?” she asked, smiling sweetly.

“Well….”, he said, hesitantly, “I….haven’t…you know…been able to….uhhhhh…”

“Oh!” said Kimi, her eyes widening. “You mean…you can’t….masturbate.” Kimi slid the sponge up between his legs, finally making contact with his sensitive balls. “That must be just awful.” She ran the sponge upward along the length of his cock, and began to bathe it. “Have to get everything nice and clean.”

“Right,” said, Steve, stifling a moan of pleasure. “I mean, it’s not like I have to all the time, but I’ve been here for weeks now. I keep hoping some kind-hearted nurse will take pity on me.”

“You poor thing!” Kimi looked at him sympathetically, still stroking his cock with the sponge. Then she withdrew her hand, dipping the sponge again in the water. Returning to her work, she slid it between his ass cheeks, carefully cleaning him there, too. Once again she rinsed out the sponge, and then resumed her slow movements of the sponge against his cock, pushing it around at different angles to get it completely clean.

“Ohhhh, sweetie, if you only knew what you were doing to me,” he murmured.

“Does that feel nice?” she whispered, smiling.

“Ohhh, god, yes….” he said. “Please…..couldn’t you just….”

Kimi looked around as she continued to bathe his cock, cleaning it a lot more than necessary, seeming to think things over. After a moment she glanced toward the door, then back, held her finger to her lips, and whispered. “Shhhhh, be a good boy and stay real quiet, and I’ll take care of you, just this once. And don’t you tell anyone, because then everyone will want it.”

She put the sponge back in the bowl, then reached into her purse for a bottle of massage oil. Unsnapping the top, she poured some on her palm, and slowly slid her fingers around the shaft of his aching penis. He gasped at the delicious contact, at the feeling of her slippery fingers along his cock as she slowly spread the oil along it’s length, running her fingers up over the circumcised head. All the time, she looked into his eyes.

Steve was in heaven. This was his favorite fantasy, it’s genesis a porn film he had seen years before. He sighed softly as Kimi continued to patiently stroke him lightly, her fingers barely touching him. “Ohhh, god, that feels so good. Do it slow…”

Kimi squeezed her fingers around him just a little tighter and slid them up and down in the same slow, tantalizing rhythm. “You have a nice big cock,” she whispered.

“Thank you,” said Steve. “You couldn’t….by any chance….”

“Couldn’t what,” said Kimi, all wide-eyed innocence.

“Ummmm….would you….suck on it?”

Kimi’s eyebrows lifted a little, but then she winked, a bemused expression on her face. “Bad boy…” she whispered. With that, she leaned forward, and gently took him into her mouth. Her lips, pink with lip gloss she had refreshed in the elevator, wrapped around the thick shaft. Slowly, she began to move her head up and down, bathing his cock with her saliva and caressing it with her lips and tongue.

“Ohmygodddd…” Steve moaned, watching the beautiful candy striper lovingly nurse on his cock. He struggled to hold back the floodgates, torn between his desire to make this last and his desire to pump two weeks worth of sperm into her eagerly sucking mouth.

Kimi slowly bobbed her head, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her mouth, sucking him in long, luxurious movements, her long fingernails lightly teasing and caressing his balls.

“Sweetie…” said Steve. “Let me lick your pussy. Please…I just want to taste you so bad.”

Kimi lifted her head and giggled. “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” She stood up, reached under her dress, hooked her thumbs in her white lace panties and slid them down, letting them fall around her ankles. Stepping out of them, she picked them up and placed them delicately around his cock, leaving them there as she climbed up on the bed, straddling his face. Then she pulled up her dress, revealing her bare pussy an inch from his lips. She looked down at it for a moment, then back at his face. “Do you like my pussy?”

“It’s even lovelier than I imagined,” said Steve, extending his tongue and tracing along the petals of her pussy with the tip.

Kimi sighed and shivered, moving a little closer to his tongue, letting him slowly bathe her with it, licking just the outside, not yet touching her clit. She reached up and unbuttoned the front of her uniform, letting him see her breasts, partly enclosed by a lacy bra that matched her panties. As he watched, his avid tongue slithering up and down her cleft, she pushed her bra up over her breasts, exposing her perky nipples.

Steve hungrily lapped at her sex, his tongue encircling her clit, teasing her…until at last he slid his tongue directly over it, making her suck in her breath as intense pleasure surged through her. She slid her hand down and parted herself with her fingers, making her quivering little clit stand forth for him to lick. He kissed it, suckling it gently, then fluttered his tongue over it as Kimi closed her eyes and bit her lip, rocking gently on his tongue. After a few moments, she moved a little further up and he thrust his tongue deep inside her, tasting her flowing nectar there. Again and again he speared his tongue inside her, thrilled by her fresh, clean taste, and her responsiveness to the probing of his tongue.

A minute later, after Steve had recaptured her clit in his mouth, Kimi felt her orgasm welling up from someplace deep within her, and as he began to lash her with his tongue, her body convulsed in an exquisite climax, biting her lip as she stifled a cry of ecstasy. She bathed his face with her wetness as she trembled above him, squirming on his lips and tongue.

He didn’t have to say anything now. She needed to have that big cock inside her. Kimi eased off of his face, moved down, and guided his cock into her drenched pussy, sliding down its length and embedding it in her vaginal tunnel, her panties still wrapped around the base. Her muscles gripped him tightly as she moved slowly, her hands on his chest.

“Ohhhh, god, fuck me,” he murmured as she rocked her hips, her pussy clinging to his penis and slowly milking it. Kimi, feeling his hips thrust upward and watching the tense expression on his face, knew that he wouldn’t last long now. She pinched his nipples with her fingers as she moved on his cock and heard his answering moan.

“Come in me…” she whispered. “I want to feel you come in me. Let me feel all that sperm you’ve saved up for me, spurting inside my pussy. Do it, Steve.”

The kocaeli escort bayan firm grip of her pussy on his cock, and the tantalizing sound of her words, brought Steve quickly past the point of no return. He stopped fighting to hold it back, feeling his balls contracting, drawing up tight against the base of his cock, and he groaned quietly as he unleashed his pent-up come. “Oh, baby, here it comes! UHHHHH!!!!” His cum surged upward and erupted inside her sheath, her muscles tightening around his shaft, creating a delicious pleasure that accentuated each hard pulse of his sperm. It was as if she were actually wringing the come from his balls.

“Oooooh, yeah, that’s it, sweetie….give it to me…all of it…” she whispered, feeling him flood her vagina with thick spurts of warm, creamy come as she rocked gently on him.

Finally, the flourishes of his cock diminished, and he lay back, panting, as her pussy continued to squeeze his cock. “Jeezus….that was un-fucking-believable,” he said.

Kimi held a finger to her lips, smiling coquettishly. “Thank you sweetie,” she said softly. She lifted herself until his sperm-drenched cock slipped out of her. Then she bent down and began to lick it, lapping up the remaining semen. Finally, she slurped it back into her mouth and sucked on it as it slowly became softer, her lips pressing into the now-pliable flesh.

After a few moments, she raised her head again, a driblet of sperm on her lower lip, and smiled. “Gotta go, sweetie. Can’t let them find me here.”

“Thank you, Kimi,” he said. “You make a wonderful candy striper. You really missed your calling.”

Kimi giggled. “Thanks. But the pay is terrible. It’s only the fringe benefits that keep me from quitting.” She got up and put her panties back on, then buttoned up the front of her uniform. “Bye sweetie. Let me know if you want me to come back tomorrow night.”

Kimi eased the door open, slipped out into the corridor, turned….and was confronted by the night nurse, staring at her sternly. “And who, might I ask, are you, young lady?”

“Ummmm….I’m a friend of Steve’s. We were just….uhhhhh….well, we were just kind of acting out a little fantasy of his.”

“Ah, yes, of course, another guy with a thing for candy stripers,” said the nurse, looking Kimi up and down. As she spoke, Kimi looked closely at her. She was only about 35, very attractive, with short blonde hair and what looked to be a truly impressive pair of breasts straining against the front of her uniform. “Look, honey, I’m going to have to report you to the hospital administrator. This is a very serious violation of our rules.”

Something in her tone of voice struck Kimi. As stern as she appeared to be, her words seemed to somehow lack conviction. Kimi quickly sized the situation up. She couldn’t be sure of what she was sensing, but it was worth a try, considering the nurse was about to call security and have her hauled off in cuffs. She reached up and touched the lapel of the nurse’s uniform. “Please don’t do that. I mean…there’s no real harm done, is there? And you have a very happy patient in Room 617.” She was sliding her finger up and down the fabric, very close to the nurse’s breast. The nurse stared at her, but made no move to stop her. “I was just wondering….if maybe we could work something out.” Her fingers were now touching the nurse’s breast, nudging her nipple through the material. “Maybe…your patient in there isn’t the only one with a thing for candy stripers.”

The nurse gazed at her for a long moment, and Kimi began to think she had been mistaken about her. Finally, though, the nurse’s face relaxed and lost its severe look. “Follow me,” she said, quietly. She turned and led Kimi to the nurse’s station on the floor, a glass-enclosed area with a semicircular counter, a computer, a phone and intercom, and a swiveling chair with arms, like a short bar stool. The nurse, after looking around and making sure there was no one else around, silently motioned for Kimi to get beneath the counter. Kimi winked and eased down to the floor, almost disappearing from view. The nurse looked around again, then reached under the hem of her uniform and slid her panties off, stuffing them into her pocket. Then she sat on the stool, her legs parted, her elbows on the countertop. Kimi immediately slid her face between the nurse’s thighs and began to lap at her exposed pussy.

The nurse sighed and rested her chin on one hand, smiling dreamily. “Ahhhh, keep doing that, sweetie, just like that.”

In a few moments, a young woman in scrubs appeared, and came up to the counter. “I’ve finished with the meds, and changed Mrs. Jamison’s IV,” she said.

The nurse smiled, with a faraway look. “That’s….nice….”

Kimi listened to the conversation, enjoying herself immensely. She had read the nurse correctly, and now she had the pleasure of tasting her delectable pussy, while she engaged another nurse in casual conversation. She lapped eagerly at the nurse’s cleft, ringed with silky strands of curly blonde hair, and teased her clit with her tongue, confident that she could not be seen. She wondered if she could make the nurse cum without giving herself away.

“Are you okay?” said the other nurse. “You look a little bit…lost.”

“Hmmm?” said the nurse, smiling, her eyes drifting upward to the ceiling. “Ohhhhh….lost?”

“I said, are you okay?”

“Me? Uhhhhhhh…..I’m simply marvelous, thank you,” said the nurse, her face flushed, her eyes almost closed. “Couldn’t be better. Sorry, I guess I was daydreaming.”

“You look a little flushed. You want me to get you an aspirin or something?”

“Ohhhhhhhh!” sighed the nurse softly, as Kimi’s lips encircled her clit, sucking gently on it, then fluttering over it with her tongue. “Mmmmmmm…..what did you say, Gwen?”

“Cheryl, are you SURE you’re okay?”

“I’m fiiiine…” said the nurse, smiling happily as Kimi slid her tongue into her drenched vagina. Her breath caught in her throat. “Oh, goddd…..” she moaned.

“That’s it, I’m coming around,” said Gwen, walking around to the entrance to the nurse’s station.

“Nooo….don’t…” said Cheryl, without much conviction.

Gwen walked over to where Cheryl was sitting. “Now what in God’s name is the ma.….” She froze, her wide-eyed gaze drifting down to where Kimi was still patiently licking Cheryl’s pussy. Kimi looked up at Gwen and winked.

Cheryl looked up and shrugged, smiling. “You wouldn’t believe her tongue, Gwen. I could have her do this all night.”

Gwen, a cute, petite brunette about five feet two, looked from one to the other, then back. Finally, she broke into a laugh. “What, were you just going to sit there and cum while we had a nice little chat? Where did you find her? You KNOW we don’t have any candy stripers.”

“Well…ummm….she was….having a little tryst with one of our patients, you know, the guy in 617, Mr. Snyder?”

“Oh, yeah, he tried to get me to give him a hand job last night,” said Gwen. “I can’t say I wasn’t tempted. Have you seen his cock?” Gwen put her hands out in front of her, a foot apart.

“I know what you mean,” said Cheryl, smiling. “Anyway, I caught this sweet young thing sneaking out of his room, and…honey, don’t stop licking me, you’re doing wonderfully….and…we kind of came to an understanding. Ohmygod…..ohmygod…” she added breathlessly, squirming against Kimi’s tongue as she lashed at her clit.

Gwen giggled. “Okay, but I get her next.”

Cheryl shuddered breathlessly, biting her lower lip as she approached her orgasm, her voice rising. “I think…we should….give her….a job!…ohgod, yes…just a little….just a little more….OHGOD, YES!!!! UHHHHHHHH!!!! I’M COMMMIIIINNNGGGGG!!!” she reached down frantically and gripped Kimi’s hair in her fingers as her avid, fluttering tongue drove her into a thunderous climax, bathing Kimi’s face with her heat.

“Wow! She MUST be good!” whispered Gwen. “Better be quiet, Cheryl, Dr. Platt got called to the ER, but he should be back any minute.”

“Ohhhhhhhh, my god…” whispered Cheryl, still trembling from the force of her orgasm. “Ohh, sweetie, that was so good….”

“Okay, Cheryl, you’ve had your fun for the night,” said Gwen, feeling her own pussy becoming wet. “Now put your panties back on and go head off the good Doctor. I’ll take over here for awhile.”

Cheryl slowly slid out from the counter and stood up, on wobbly legs. Smiling at Kimi, she reached into her pocket and retrieved her panties. “I guess we won’t call security just yet, honey,” she said, winking.

“Thanks,” said Kimi, tracing her lips with her tongue-tip. “By the way, I’m Kimi. It’s very nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure was all mine, Kimi” said Cheryl. “This is Gwen. I think you two will really hit it off. I have to go for a bit, but feel free to…ummm….get better acquainted.”

Cheryl picked up the microphone for the intercom. “Dr. Platt, Dr. Platt to the OR gallery.” She winked at Gwen. “I’ll keep him occupied for a few minutes. After that you’re on your own.” She smiled and walked out of the nurse’s station and down the corridor.

Gwen, by this time, had removed her loose green scrub pants and was standing there in her panties. “I’m really looking forward to this, sweetie,” she said, slipping izmit escort them off, too, and easing into the chair. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

Kimi giggled and started to lick Gwen’s succulent young pussy, enjoying herself immensely, and Gwen sighed contentedly.

Cheryl walked down the corridor toward the elevator, took it down to the third floor, and then proceeded to the OR Gallery. There were several steep rows of seats where students and doctors could watch surgical procedures from above. Cheryl walked down one aisle to the metal railing, sat down in a front row seat, and waited.

Two minutes later, Dr. Platt, the 28-year-od resident, walked down the same aisle, dressed in the same kind of green scrubs that Gwen wore. He smiled at Cheryl. “We don’t have much time, nurse, I have to make my rounds in a few minutes.

Cheryl smiled at him. “Then we’d better not dawdle, doctor.”

She got up, turned toward the metal railing, bent forward and gripped it with her hands, spreading her legs wide. Dr. Platt walked up behind her, lifted her white dress up to her waist, and pulled her panties down. He was about to kneel down to lick her pussy when Cheryl turned and whispered. “Don’t worry, I’m already dripping wet! Just stick it in me!”

Dr. Platt needed no further prompting. He slid his scrubs and shorts down, his big cock already rising to attention. He reached down and grabbed it, moving closer to the nurse’s luscious ass. He guided the head up and down her glistening furrow, then positioned it at her vaginal opening, still wet with Kimi’s saliva and her own flowing lubrication. With a single hard thrust, he sank his cock all the way into her tight, wet cunt.

Cheryl groaned as he buried his big cock in her, jolting her body as she clung to the railing. “Yessss, doctor, that’s it, fuck me hard and fast!”

Platt grinned as her vaginal muscles gripped his cock tightly. “God, damn, Cheryl, you’ve got the sweetest, juiciest pussy in the hospital!” He began to ram his cock into her, fast and hard, just like she wanted.

Cheryl gasped as he slammed into her, her words punctuated by his powerful thrusts. “Mmmmm…UHH!… you’re….OH!!…so sweet!…and your…UH!!!…cock is so big. UHH!!… that’s why I…UHHH!!!…let you fuck me…OHH!!…so often.”

“Yeah, you like my big dick, don’t you nurse!” he said, driving his throbbing cock relentlessly into her eager pussy as she pushed back to meet each thrust, his balls slapping against her naked clit, her ass cheeks jiggling each time he fucked

“YES!!! FUCK me!” she screamed, feeling a colossal orgasm approaching. Her voice echoed around the theater.

Platt began fucking her as fast as he could, his cock pistoning in and out of her like a jackhammer. Cheryl’s voice rose in a soprano cresecendo as her orgasm seized her body and she convulsed, writhing against his cock.


Platt fucked his cock into her to the hilt and growled like a wild animal. “Yeah, take my CUM!” His semen raced up his cock and spewed into her spasming cunt in furious, hot spurts, bathing her vagina with the thick white fluid. He bent over her, both of them gasping for air as he continue to pump his sperm into her, her vaginal muscles squeezing his cock tightly, milking the come from his balls.

“Oh god….”, Cheryl moaned breathlessly as he slowly slid in and out of her sperm-drenched pussy. “So good! Doctor, you’re such a great fuck!”

Platt grinned. “Well, I didn’t have to be that talented this time, Cheryl. Something tells me you had a huge head start on me.”

Cheryl giggled. “Well…now that you mention it…just wait ‘til you meet our new candy striper. You’re just going to love her.”

Platt looked puzzled. “We don’t have any candy stripers.”

Cheryl laughed. “We do now. You can find her and Gwen at the nurse’s station, most likely.”

“Good, I have to pass by there anyway,” said Platt, sliding his cock out of her drooling pussy. “Thanks, Cheryl, I really needed that.”

“Mmmm, my pleasure, doctor,” smiled Cheryl, bending to retrieve her panties. “Will I see you later?”

“Oh, you can count on it,” said Platt, pulling up his scrubs. “I still want to fuck those big, beautiful tits of yours.”

She smiled as he turned and walked up the isle.

Richard Platt made his way to the sixth floor, still remembering the tight grip of Cheryl’s succulent pussy on his cock as he came. As he approached the nurse’s station, he stopped in his tracks. A young woman in a candy striper uniform was sitting on one of the desks, leaning back on her hands, her panties on the floor. The cute nurse named Gwen was stabbing her stiffened tongue in and out of the girl’s glistening pussy.

While Richard and Cheryl had been furiously fucking, Kimi had succeeded in driving Gwen to a rapid-fire series of shattering orgasms with her tongue. Gwen had finally thrown caution to the winds, and helped lift Kimi up onto the desk and slid her panties off. Now she was fucking her pussy with her tongue, her head slowly bobbing, hungrily feasting on the sperm deposited there by Steve a half-hour earlier.

“Ohhh, god, yes, fuck me with your tongue!” squealed Kimi, oblivious to her surroundings now. All that mattered was Gwen’s mouth, her lips, her tongue, as they made love to her pussy.

“Well, well, what have we here?” said Dr. Platt, smiling.

“Oh, Dr. Platt,” said Gwen, looking up and smiling. “I’d like you to meet Kimi, our new candy striper.”

“Hi, Kimi, I’m Dr. Platt. You can call me Richard.”

Kimi smiled up at him. “It’s nice to meet you, doctor. Want to fuck me?”

Richard laughed. This was his kind of girl. “Now, how could a man turn down an offer like that?” he said. “But we should probably find an empty room, or we’ll all be out on our butts.”

Gwen slid her tongue out of Kimi’s vaginal opening and flicked it against her clit, smiling. “There’s always the morgue. But those stiffs kinda give me the creeps. Room 620 is empty,” she said.

“That sounds better,” said Platt. “Let’s go, girls.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl walked up to Room 617, in which Steve Snyder was now sleeping peacefully. She hesitated for a moment, then slipped into the room quietly.

She found Steve asleep, naked, with his covers off. Kimi had forgotton to help him put his pajamas back on, and he couldn’t put them on himself, so he had drifted off as he was. His massive cock was resting against his tummy, and seemed to be partially erect. Cheryl admired it for a moment, watching it as the blood pulsed into it. Quietly, she moved to the bed, leaned over it, and slid the tip of her tongue upward along the underside of his cock, from the base of the shaft to the sensitive place just below the crown. Steve moaned in his sleep, dreaming of Kimi’s mouth sucking on him.

Cheryl continued licking up and down the length of his cock for a few moments, and then moved lower and began to lick and caress his balls with her tongue. Unconsciously, he moaned and spread his legs, bending them at the knee. She eased between his legs at the foot of the bed, and began to explore him, still just with the tip of her tongue. He didn’t awaken.

After continuing her pleasant exploration of his balls with her tongue, Cheryl decided to up the ante a little. She moved back around to the side of the bed, leaned over, and gingerly lifted his heavy cock with her thumb and forefinger, bending forward and taking the head of his cock into her mouth. Letting go with her fingers, she slid him deeper into her mouth, sucking eagerly on his big cock as he slept. She wondered if she could actually make him come without waking him up.

The answer, it seemed, was no. Steve’s eyes opened, and were confronted with the bobbing head of the pretty blonde night nurse, her lips stretched tight around the girth of his stiff cock, her head slowly bobbing as she sucked him. “Ohhhhh, jeezus, I’ve died and gone to heaven…” he groaned.

Cheryl reached out and closed her fingers around the base of his cock, holding it as she eased him out of her mouth, trailing thick ropes of saliva. “That’s funny, that’s just what I was thinking,” she said, smiling at him, and then slurping him back into her mouth.

Steve had long since given up hope of getting Cheryl to do anything for his aching cock. The night nurse seemed too aloof for him to even hint at such a thing. He figured he’d have more luck with the other nurse, the short brunette one, and last night, he had tried to talk her into giving him at least a hand job. But here was the blonde chick, sucking his cock and evidently loving every second of it.

“Ohhhhhh, baby, I never thought you’d do this.”

Cheryl lifted her head again, letting him escape, and sat up, slowly stroking his cock in her fingers. “Now, why would you ever think a thing like that?”

“Well…you always seem so….professional,” he said, loving her firm grip on his cock.

“Oh, I AM professional,” she said. “And part of a nurse’s professional duty is to attend to her patients’ needs. And besides, I happened to have an encounter with your friend Kimi a little while ago.”

“Uh-oh…” said Steve. “Look, I can explain….”

“Shhhh, no need to explain. escort bayan Everything is fine. I think you have wonderful taste in women. Kimi and Gwen are getting to know each other at the nurse’s station, and they both said you have a nice dick, so I decided to see for myself.”

“I hope you’re not disappointed,” said Steve.

“Disappointed?” she said, giving his cock a little shake. “Are you kidding? So if we’re done talking now, I’ll get back to being a professional nurse and finish sucking your very nice cock.”

“My nice cock is at your service, sweetheart,” said Steve.

“Good,” replied Cheryl, climbing up on the bed between his legs, on her knees. With her hands, she pressed his thighs upward and apart, and pressed her face into the crevice beneath his balls. She began again to explore him with her tongue, this time exerting more pressure as her wet tongue slithered across his sensitive flesh. She slowly encircled his balls, then took them each into her mouth, sucking the hard eggs gently, just hard enough, then releasing them and caressing them with her tongue. Then her tongue eased down lower still, probing against his anus as he moaned with pleasure. She bathed it with her tongue, lapping at it for several minutes before moving back up between his balls and up the length of his shaft.

Holding it upward with her hand, she gazed into his eyes as he watched her every move. Gathering her saliva in her mouth, she suddenly spit it out directly on the head of his penis. Then she plunged her mouth down over it and sucked it deep into her mouth and began to suck it in earnest, slurping noisily, never taking her eyes off his.

After a bit, she again released him, and once again spit a quantity of saliva on the head of his cock, this time placing her lips so that they just touched the head and slurping her saliva up again. Again her mouth slid downward and engulfed him, sucking him in a slow, steady rhythm, her fingers in a tight ring around the base. Her mouth was flooded with saliva, bathing his cock as her head bobbed. Some of it escaped and oozed down over his balls and into the crack of his ass. As she sucked him, her fingers slid up between his cheeks, seeking his wet asshole. Finding it, she slowly eased two fingers into him, feeling his cock swell in her mouth as she began to massage his prostate with unerring precision, born of years of practice.

Steve groaned as she sucked him hard, her fingers sliding in and out of his asshole, curling upward. He knew he couldn’t hold back. This lady was just too fucking talented for that. “Ohhh, god, suck it, baby, I’m gonna come!!”

Cheryl sucked eagerly, with increasing pressure and urgency, as he thrust upward with his hips, driving his cock deep into her throat. Suddenly, his balls went numb and he flooded her mouth with spurt after hard spurt of syrupy come. Steve felt as if his entire body was shooting out of his cock, brains and all. Cheryl hummed happily, caressing his balls with her free hand as he emptied his pulsing semen into her welcoming mouth, holding it there as her lips slid up and down the shaft, pursed tightly as she patiently milked all of his come out.

While Cheryl was gulping down Steve’s huge come load, Gwen was on her back on the bed in Room 620, a few doors down. Kimi was on top of her, and the two girls were happily licking each other’s juicy pussies. Dr. Platt was on his knees behind Kimi, his cock poised at the entrance to her tight, upturned ass. His cock filled Gwen’s vision as she reached up and guided it to her tight pucker.

“Fuck her in her ass, Doctor,” she said, her voice tense. “I want to watch your cock as it goes in.”

Platt reached down and gripped his cock tightly, forcing the head of his cock past the resisting opening. Gwen watched it in extreme close up as Kimi’s ring of muscle stretched to admit his big cock, and he slowly slid into her, inch by inch. She reached up and grabbed his balls as her tongue slid upward and encircled Kimi’s clit, teasing it.

Kimi gasped as Platt’s cock pushed into her, stretching her painfully. Soon enough, though, she adjusted to her impalement on his cock, and he began to slowly fuck it in and out of her tight hole as Gwen lashed at her clit with her tongue. Kimi lowered her head and returned the favor, sliding her tongue into Gwen’s sopping pussy.

“Damn, what a hot little ass!” groaned Platt as he thrust his cock in and out of her tight depths. Having just come in Cheryl’s wondrous pussy, he knew he could enjoy his ass-fucking of Kimi to the fullest.

Gwen, meanwhile, was alternating between lapping at Kimi’s clit and Richard’s balls. “God, it’s so sexy watching your cock going in and out of her asshole,” she murmured.

Platt began to quicken his pace, spurred on by Gwen’s obscene words. His cock sawed in and out of Kimi’s tight ass, as she began to move back against him, wanting all of him inside her now.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh, FUCK my ass!” she groaned, through clenched teeth.

“My goodness,” said Cheryl, from the door, fresh from gulping down Steve’s sperm. “The things that go on in hospitals at night.

“Feel free…UHHH!!!…to join in,” gasped Kimi.

“Thank you, Kimi,” said Cheryl. “Doctor, what can I do for you?”

“Ohh, jeezus, Cheryl, put something in my ass!” said Platt, driven nearly out of his mind by the tight grip of Kimi’s ass.

“Ooooh, doctor, I’ve got just the thing,” she said, smiling malevolently. She reached into her purse and pulled out a black dildo, about six inches long, with a grip at the end. She went to the rest room to get some lubricant. Returning after a moment, she dipped the end of the dildo into the jar, coating it thickly as she watched the sordid fucking on the bed. Satisfied that the dildo was nice and slippery, she brought it up between Platt’s muscular cheeks, pressing it against the tight ring of his anus.

Platt moaned as he sank his cock into Kimi’s tight ass. “Do it, Cheryl! Fuck me with it!” he gasped, as he felt her work the dildo slowly into his asshole, twisting it with her hand.

“Oh, god, yes, fuck his ass, Cheryl,” said Gwen.

Cheryl gripped the dildo tighter and shoved it further into the doctor’s rectum as he drove his cock into Kimi to the balls. “Ohhh, fuuuuucccckkkkkk, that’s it!” he gasped. The sensations of having his ass fucked while his own cock was buried in Kimi’s tightly-gripping ass were incredible, and he fought now to hold back the eruption of his come, building up despite his earlier climax in the nurse’s cunt.

The four of them worked together, driving each other toward their inevitable orgasms. Kimi reached around Gwen’s cute ass and shoved a finger deep into her as her lips and tongue took possession of the young nurse’s clit. Gwen’s tongue lashed at Kimi’s clit as she watched Platt’s cock sink into her ass. Cheryl, meanwhile, viciously shoved the dildo in and out of Platt’s own violated asshole.

Gwen and Kimi came at the same time, their lips glued to each other’s clits as they shook violently, waves of pleasure cascading over and through them. Platt suddenly clenched his teeth and growled, burying his cock deep in Kimi’s asshole, then sliding it out as he felt his come surging up the tube of his cock. He withdrew it from her ass just in time, and his cum splattered against her gaping opening, pooling there and overflowing down over her labia and into Gwen’s waiting mouth. Again and again his come spurted against Kimi’s asshole, and Gwen eagerly lapped it up as it oozed down across Kimi’s pussy. Finally, she took the head of his still-spurting cock between her lips and sucked on it as he emptied the last of his come into her mouth.

The four of them collapsed on the bed, panting from the exertion. Cheryl slowly eased the black dildo out of the doctor’s ass, their heartbeats gradually returning to normal.

“So, Kimi,” said Platt, between sucking air into his lungs. “I hope you’re satisfied. What ARE you doing here, anyway?”

Kimi giggled. “Well, actually, Mr. Snyder paid me some money to give him a sponge bath tonight. Well…that and fuck him. One thing kind of led to another. It’s a good thing he didn’t have to pay for ALL of it!”

Platt laughed loudly. “Well, I should have known you were a pro. I’ll bet he got his money’s worth, anyway. WE sure did.”

Cheryl was laughing too. “Oh, he definitely got his money’s worth. I can still taste his delicious come. Kimi, if you ever want to spend another night playing, just give me a call. I don’t remember when I’ve had such a fun time on the graveyard shift.”

“And it would be sooo good for our male patients,” said Gwen, giggling. “Even a few of the women I could name.”

Kimi laughed. “I’ll definitely keep it in mind. It’s kind of like when lawyers do pro bono work.”

“You can have my pro bono anytime, sweetheart,” said the doctor.

“Hey!” said Cheryl. “Don’t forget you still have to fuck my titties, doctor.”

“And I haven’t had anything in my pussy OR my ass all night!” said Gwen. “I might have to go see if poor Mr. Snyder is up for another round. Or two.”

“There, you see what you started, Kimi?” said Platt. “Now you HAVE to come back tomorrow night. I know a couple of other surgeons who might want to join in.”

“Oooh, that’ll be fun!” said Cheryl. “They can all do you in the OR and we can watch from the gallery!”

“No, I think I’ll need a couple of experienced nurses to assist,” said the doctor.

“Okay, okay, I’ll BE here!” laughed Kimi.

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