Carl’s Day Off

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Carl’s Day OffCarl hung up the phone with his eleven year-old daughter that currently live half-way across the country. He opened the refrigerator in the kitchenette of his 350-square feet efficiency apartment and quickly realized that he had absolutely nothing to eat save for a box of Arm & Hammer and three bottles Bud Light Platinum. He headed over to closet and pulled out his worn leather jacket. Thankfully, he had shaved earlier that Friday morning. He put on his black Converse Rapid Response CT SZ work boots that he generally wore during his long days.The 39 year old, caramel-skinned man rushed to his silver 2002 Infiniti QX4. Three years ago, his wife had asked him for a divorce and he did not balk at it. The only thing he hated about the split was the separation from his daughter. Otherwise, he enjoyed being single and not being nagged at constantly. He did not have as much sex as he wanted or thought he would at the onset, but it was not like his ex-wife had kept the pussy level high during their marriage. Carl was currently single, but hooked up with a slightly older, highly attractive, and full figured single mother on occasion.He pulled in the grocery and went about his way selecting frozen dinners and cereal. When he reached the beer and wine section, he hefted a case of his favorite beer, on which he was running low. Heading to the checkout line, he realized he needed paper towels so made a detour. He tossed a roll of the generic brand into the buggy and then pushed off without looking.“Owww,” screamed a distressed.“My bad. You okay,” inquired the five-foot-ten-inch, two hundred pound man with a slight beer gut.“I’m fine. But I might sue the grocery store,” giggled the victim.“Oh do I need to give you my insurance information,” chuckled Carl.“Let’s start with your phone number,” flirted the five-foot-eight-inch ample-bodied androgynously dressed dark-skinned man.“I don’t get down like that my man,” Carl stated.“It’s cool. You can’t blame a girl for trying,” he winked.“Alright then man. Take it easy.”Carl roamed up another aisle and added a bag of cookies to his stash. After paying for his groceries and loading them into his vehicle, he started up and drove out of the parking lot. He spotted the guy he nearly plowed over moments earlier walking and shivering. He decided to be a Good Samaritan and headed in his direction.“Hey. Since I nearly killed you earlier, can I at least offer you a ride,” he inquired after rolling down the window.“It’s not that far. I’ll be okay.”“Come on, man. You look like you’re freezing. Hop in. I ain’t gonna hurt you.”“Okay. I’m heading down Brookline.”Carl unlocked the door and his passenger hopped in.“So you off today,” Carl said starting small talk to end the uncomfortable silence.“Yes. You?”“Yep.”“What do you do,” he wanted to know.“I’m a TSA agent,” Carl confessed. “What about you?”“You got a good job. I’m an LPN.”“That’s cool. Where do I turn,” Carl checked bakırköy escort for directions.“At the second light.”“I’m Carl. And you are?”“J.J.”When they arrived at the appointed destination, Carl purposefully drove past.“Hey, that’s my house back there.”“Yeah, I know. I’m about to turn around. Look I gotta ask you something,” Carl groaned.“What is it,” J.J. quizzed.Carl sighed, “Look, I just wanna know does it make a dude gay if he lets another dude suck his dick.”“I don’t like labels. I feel like people just like what they like.”“Yeah, I guess.”“If you want me to suck it, I will.”“Well…”“Oh wait. You already have some sissy sucking that dick,” J.J. guessed aloud.“I didn’t say that,” Carl hissed.“You didn’t that you didn’t either.”“Don’t put words in my mouth, man.”“Sweetie, you can drop the game. It’s just me and I don’t judge. But it seems like you either already have a man sucking your dick or you’ve been thinking about it. So which is it?”“It’s an Ethiopian femboy that works in one of the restaurants at the airport. He sucked me a few times over the last year,” Carl bared his soul.“And you never fucked him,” J.J. pressed.“No,” Carl offered truthfully.“But you thought about it, right?”“He’s asked, but I keep telling him I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.”“Don’t fight the feeling I always say.”“I’m not today apparently,” proffered Carl.“So, what is it about me,” J.J. inquired.“I don’t know. It’s just that I always liked women with curves and you’re shapely.”“Oh, so you like my hips, ass, and moobs,” giggled J.J.“Moobs,” Carl was puzzled.“Man boobs. My titties. Tatas.”“Yeah, they look nice and soft.”“So when are we gonna do this,” J.J. advanced the conversation.“You can come back to my place now.”“Well, let me drop this off and grab a bag,” he pleaded.“Okay.”After J.J. returned to vehicle carrying a backpack, the pair drove to Carl’s apartment. J.J. helped him unload the groceries and then they sat down with each having a bottle of the already cold beer from the refrigerator. They poured back the drafts and got to know one another better. Half-way through his second beer, Carl cleared his throat. “So, is your body smooth?”“You be the judge,” J.J. replied quickly removing his graphic tee.J.J.’s hairless chest stood face-to-face with Carl. His fleshy breasts were perky with large areolas and nipples. J.J.’s nicely manicured hands fondled them for good measure. “My legs are smooth too,” he said peeling off his form-fitting jeans. J.J.’s rotund booty was covered slightly in a pair of pink and purple tinted leopard print bikini briefs. Each ass cheek peeked out slightly from under the covering. The rotund bubble looked better than most women’s asses thought Carl. The tiniest hint of a bulge in the front was the only indicator that J.J. was not actually all woman.Carl gulped and then took a long swig from his bottle. “I need another drink,” he confessed.“In beşiktaş escort the freezer, right?”“Yeah.”J.J. returned with a bottle for each of them, but handed them to Carl with the unstated expectation that he should remove the caps with his hands. Carl obliged and handed one to J.J.“So, do you like what you see?”“You tell me,” Carl said as he grabbed the protrusion in his sweatpants.“I need to get a little closer to see for myself,” J.J. said moving closer and then pulling out Carl’s overly fat seven inch dick.“Oh my! This is gonna be fun!”“It ain’t that big.”“Oh, but baby it is.”“Sit on my lap,” Carl offered.“Do what?”“Straddle me.”J.J. did as requested while Carl took another long draw from his beverage. Once J.J. was situated, Carl sat down his drink so he could play with J.J.’s hooters. He squeezed and kneaded them gently at first. Then his grip became firmer. He kissed and licked them savoring the moment. J.J. was in heaven. He loved having his naturally occurring almost B-cup fag titties sucked. “Damn you taste good,” Carl breathed while ravishing the mammary glands. “You smell good too.” J.J. cooed with approval.As J.J. sat there happily enduring the pleasure session, he could feel Carl’s dick oozing loads of pre-cum. He did not want to interrupt his lover, but he did want to taste the dick. He waited another two minutes and then pushed away. “I need to taste that dick,” he declared. He dropped to his knees and practiced opening his mouth wide so he could fit it around the Coke can-sized shaft.“Loosen that jaw up,” chuckled Carl.J.J. kissed the head and lapped up the streaming pre-cum while he deftly slid the rubber band from his wrist onto his shoulder-length dreadlocks. He struggled as he went to move his mouth down the incredibly thick pole. “You good,” Carl checked on him.“Mmhmm,” J.J. mumbled in reply.J.J. persevered even though his mouth was nearly ready to give up. He took a quick break and began licking Carl’s dick around the head and then down to his balls and back to the tip again. It seemed, though, that Carl enjoyed this action more than having his chunky dick down his throat. He continued while Carl moaned. Once J.J. felt confident that he had thoroughly satisfied the bull of a man in front of him, he stood and shook his hair free.“You ready for this pussy,” J.J. prodded.“Hell yeah,” Carl confirmed.They moved across the room dedicated to Carl’s double bed. J.J. lay back on the bed. Carl hovered over him fondling and kissing his tits some more. J.J. scooted out of his undies and lifted his legs onto the bed. Carl seemed to know from instinct what to do next. He pushed J.J.’s legs back and lowered his mouth to the steamy hole. He blew in it lightly and tamely pressed his tongue against the wanting anus. J.J. moaned and stirred in the bed. Carl munched away. “Oh, daddy! I need you to give it to me now,” J.J. begged loudly.Carl stood and amiably beylikdüzü escort slapped J.J.’s plump hips signaling for him to bend over. J.J. assumed the position with his stomach flat on the bed and his feet planted firmly on the ground. Carl spread his legs to get level with the voluptuous ass in front of him. He eased closer until his dick felt J.J.’s resistance.“Keep pushing, daddy,” J.J. encouraged him. “Give me that big fat black dick.”“Oh, you begging for it, baby.”“Hell yeah.”Carl pressed harder until J.J.’s rectum gave way and let his beefy dick inside. Inch by inch Carl stuffed himself in J.J.’s tight wet boipussy. J.J. winced and moaned all the way, but wiggled his ass the whole time indicating he wanted more. Carl got himself all the way in and shimmied his hips to stretch J.J. even more.“Ready to take this dick,” inquired Carl.“Ooh…ooh…yes sir,” replied J.J.Carl pulled half of his cock out slowly and then replaced it just as easily. J.J. wailed out in pleasured discomfort. Carl repeated this several times before speeding up the tempo at regular intervals all the while listening to J.J.’s whimpers turn into lustful bitch sounding grunts. By the time Carl was long stroking, J.J. had not even realized that it had happened. Yet, he was fully pleased.“Hell yeah, daddy. Beat that pussy up,” J.J. howled.“You like that?”“Ooh yes. Fuck me.”“Take that dick,” Carl ordered smashing away.“How does that ass feel?”“Like a hot tight pussy. I want you to ride this dick.”They quickly changed positions with J.J. now on top of Carl. Carl watched J.J. boobs bounce as he bounced up and down on his fat dick. He reached up to play with them. Soon he pulled J.J.’s face to his and began to kiss him before swirling his tongue around the beautiful boy tits.“You fuck me like a real bitch,” cried out J.J.“You are a real bitch,” Carl informed him.“Yes sir. I’m your faggot bitch!”“Oh yeah? Get on your back and let me show you how a bitch takes dick.”J.J. was now on his back with Carl plowing away in missionary position. Their eyes met and connected deeply for longer than would normally be comfortable. Carl became entranced and bent down to kiss J.J. again. Carl’s balls slapped against his juicy ass. His own small dick and nut sack were trapped between their stomachs. The friction pushed J.J. over the edge. And, Carl’s dick did an excellent job of massaging his prostate.Carl raised back up and held J.J.’s legs hostage. The product of a good fucking soon came to fruition. J.J. came out of his sissy cock and his ass at the same time. Carl saw the nut shoot of J.J. and felt a flooding sensation on his dick.“Goddamn, what is that,” he asked still pounding J.J.’s loosened asshole.“I came,” laughed J.J.“You came out your ass. Damn,” Carl celebrated in amazement.“Ooh baby…Ooh daddy…”Carl pulled out abruptly.“What’s wrong, baby,” J.J. wondered aloud.“I’m gonna…Cum,” Carl barked as his dick shot five big streams of ejaculate up J.J.’s body.“You cum like a volcano,” J.J. observed. “How was it?”“Beyond words,” laughed Carl. “Let me get you a rag.”After they cleaned up, Carl suggested they watch a movie on Netflix. Both looked forward to the next round and to see what could become of their newfound friendship.

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