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cat….chapter 4Cat opened the door and flashed him a dazzling smile. She stepped back and gestured gracefully for him to enter. As soon as the door closed, she grabbed him and pushed him up against the wall as she kissed deeply. When she broke the kiss, she smiled again and gave him a quick peck on the lips. Cat always kissed him like this when he came over and he very much enjoyed her kisses. She was still pressing him against the wall, so he leaned forward and kissed her again. Jason wove his fingers in her hair and accepted her tongue as it pushed between his lips. He danced his tongue around hers, eventually pushing it back into her mouth where her tongue teased his. Jason leaned back to take a breath and Cat smiled again. She reached up an squeezed his jaw painfully, then leaned in and bit down on his lower lip. She pulled back, stretching it out until it snapped free, then licked his face.”When I first met you, you were not a good kisser. You weren’t terrible, but you weren’t very good. You’ve come such a long way. You’re very good at kissing now.”Jason preened under her praise. “You like my mouth for more than just kissing.”Cat laughed. “Yes, yes I do.” She grabbed his hand, brought it to her crotch, and squeezed so that he could feel her bulge. Jason grinned, stuck his tongue out, and wiggled it. With a gleam in his eye, he started towards the bedroom. Cat grabbed his arm and yanked him back to her. Jason turned towards her with a quizzical look on his face. She pointed to the couch. “Sit.”Jason walked over to the couch and sat down. Cat followed but sat at the other end of the couch. He had sucked her off and greedily slurped down her thick, creamy come a number of times as she sat on the couch. He assumed that was what she wanted. He grabbed a throw pillow and started to place it in front of her. Cat stayed his hand. “No. Sit. We need to talk.”Jason’s eyes widened and he gasped. “Are you breaking up with me?” His face flushed and tears began to well up in his eyes. “Not break up, but…””No, Jason, no.” She reached forward and stroked his cheek. “No, sweetie. You are a very valued member of my stable. I would never give up what we have.” She scooted closer and kissed him again. She wiped the tears from his eyes. “Not in a million years.”Jason breathed a sigh of relief. “So what…?”Cat sat back and took a deep breath. “Jason, I am quite fond of you. You know that, don’t you?””Yes, I think so.”Cat reached out to caress his cheek. “Don’t think that I am. Know that I am.” She took his hand, raised it to her lips, kissed the back of it, then bit down on his fingernails. His expression brightened.”What you can do, Jason,… it’s amazing. You are truly gifted, but I like you for more than that. If I was a different kind of girl, I think that maybe we could be together more seriously. I mean that. If you weren’t on your knees drinking my little swimmers, I’d be pounding your ass every night.Jason’s eyes widened and he felt a rush of excitement.”What I wanted to talk to you about is reciprocation. Jason, I know that you very much like what we do. I know that you like it so much that you come when you’re doing it.””Oh. Um…”She reached out to stroke his face. “You didn’t think I knew that? Jason, you’ve come on my feet several times. And I watch you sometimes…when it’s not too intense. I know an orgasm when I see one. I know that you usually come at least twice and that you don’t even have to touch yourself.” She smiled gently. “I like that you do. I wouldn’t enjoy it as much if you weren’t enjoying it that much. It’s really sweet.””You’re not mad?””Jason, how could I be mad? I’m all about pleasure. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about… reciprocation. You don’t let me do anything for you. I could make you, of course, but you probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as if you were willing. I’m asking that you be willing.”Jason frowned. Cat didn’t ask. At least not in the bedroom. Cat dictated. Cat commanded. She didn’t ask.”Jason, do you need to do what we do? I mean actually feel a need to to have my girl-cock in your mouth?” She knew the answer, but she had to steer him to where she wanted him to go.”Uh… yeah, I guess.””You guess?”Jason looked away. “Yes.” Jason’s confidence had grown considerably since he began spending time with Cat, but he was still submissive before her. Partly because of her vastly superior knowledge and experience, and partly because of her raw physicality. Mostly, though, it was her attitude and bearing. Even in the most passive and receptive of states, she remained dominant. Few who met her would contest this.Cat gently turned his face back to her and looked into his eyes. They were such pretty eyes.”I feel a need too. I need to pleasure you just as you pleasure me.””Cat, we don’t need to do other stuff. I already get pleasure…”Cat put her hand to his mouth. “I know. That’s not what I meant. I want to do things to you…do things for you. Things that make your toes curl. I don’t want to. I need to. I need this Jason. I know you understand needing to do something. It doesn’t have to be every time, but at least sometimes.” She moved her hand from his lips to slide her fingers through his hair, around his ear, then back along his jaw. She stuck her thumb in his mouth and he began sucking it.Jason was silent for a moment. “So, you want to fuck my ass?”Cat smiled sweetly. “If that will bring you pleasure, then, yes, I would very much like to do that.”Jason considered. Cat had given him quite a pounding a few times when they had first started spending time together, before they had gone almost exclusively oral. He admitted that he had enjoyed it once he relaxed into it. Other than that first time, she had never caused him any real pain. In fact, it had actually felt very good. He suddenly found that he wished she was doing it right now.”Okay. So, now?””Yes.” Cat stood up and took Jason’s hand. She led him into the bedroom. She turned to face him and kissed him again. When she parted, he reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt. Cat took his hands in hers and put them down to his sides.”Let me.”Cat finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled the shirt canlı bahis tails out of his pants. Placing her hand on his chest, she dragged her short nails back and forth. The contrast of her pale fingers against his caramel skin made her smile. She leaned forward and licked his chest, her tongue gliding through his sparse chest hair. She kissed her way over to take one of his nipples into her mouth, licking, sucking and swirling her tongue around. Jason grunted and sighed. She slid her other hand up and stimulated his other nipple.”Mmm”, Jason sighed again.Cat bit down and Jason yelped. She grinned and blew lightly, causing his nipple to harden. Cat moved her hands down, undid his belt and unzipped his pants. She kissed and licked down his chest. His stomach quivered as she moved over it. Jason was slightly pudgy, but Cat appreciated every kind of body. She stuck her tongue in his deep belly button and wiggled it around. Jason laughed ticklishly and pushed her head away. She looked up at him with grin, then kissed his stomach, and descended lower. She pulled down the band of his boxer briefs and ran her hand through his short pubic hair, tugging sharply on a few hairs, causing him to hiss and whimper a little. She reached in and fished out his already erect boy-penis. Jason was a member of her stable now. They had strict instructions to keep themselves clean so that neither they nor she needed to wear condoms when they were together, and required that the female members used birth control. She knew that Jason was definitely not seeing anyone else, though she had encouraged him to do so on numerous occasions. He was as clean as he was when she first took him into her bed.Cat stroked him a few times to make sure that he was fully firm. She kissed the reddish brown of his cock head, put the tip of her tongue in his slit and wiggled it a little, before taking him into her mouth. She swirled and flitted her tongue around, before sliding down until his pubic hair tickled her nose. She withdrew until just the head remained, then bobbed her head up and down a few times. Jason moaned. Cat took him until she could feel him at the back of her throat. She cupped his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper until she could feel his cock head just past the entrance to her throat. She swallowed three or four times.”Oh, God.”Cat released him and looked up into his face. “Remember, Jason…God isn’t the one doing this to you.””I’m sorry, Cat. I forgot.””It’s okay, Jason. I have no intention of punishing you tonight. Just don’t forget again.””Yes, Cat.”Cat tucked his boy-penis back into his boxer briefs and untied Jason’s shoe, then gently pulled upward on his calf. He raised his leg up and she pulled off his shoe and sock, then repeated with his other foot. She reached up and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Leaning in, she put her mouth over his cloth covered organ and breathed hot air. A shiver went through his body. She sat back and tugged down his underwear. He popped free and bounced up to smack the bottom of his stomach once before coming to rest to point straight at her face. Cat had always found boy-penises and girl-cocks to be sexy. She thought vaginas were pretty, especially those that gapped slightly with long protruding labia. However, she loved seeing a phallus standing out proudly. Jason’s had a slightly upward curve that she thought was cute. She kissed the head again, then opened her lips to take him inside her mouth.Jason sucked in his breath and moaned. He throbbed in her mouth. Cat remembered that while his stamina was good for most things, he had a hair trigger for blowjobs. She released him and lightly wrapped her hand around his shaft.”I’m going to do this for a while, so try to relax those muscles. Have you been doing those Kegel exercises I taught you?”Jason blushed and looked away. “No. I didn’t think I’d need it for what we normally do.”Cat rubbed his legs up and down. “That’s okay. I’m going to want to do this, as well as other things, sometimes, so you have to start practicing. Do you need me to show you again?””No, I remember.””Good. For now, if you feel like you’re going to come, tap me on the head. If your legs start to feel weak, let me know so we can move somewhere you can sit. Try to relax and enjoy it.” She kissed the head of his boy-penis and took him back into her mouth.Cat swirled and twisted her tongue around the head and began to do the things that she enjoyed doing. She cupped his balls and gently massaged them, occasionally taking him out so that she could lick his shaft. It was only a few minutes before she felt a light tap on her head. She squeezed the base of his shaft hard and moved down to tongue his balls. She took them into her mouth one at a time, licking and gently sucking. When she could feel the tension leave his body, she relaxed her grip and slid her lips over him. She deepthroated him several times, letting him feel her swallow. Reaching around, she grabbed his butt, pulling him in and out while she bobbed her head up and down. She stopped.”Put your hands on the sides of my head so you can thrust if you feel the urge.”Jason held her head and she swallowed him again. After a few seconds, he started humping his hips at her face shallowly. He felt a finger probe his anus and shivered. He tapped her on the head again. Without missing a beat, she grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed hard. She raised her hand up and rubbed his chest, dragging her nails down while she licked and kissed the insides of his thighs. When he relaxed, she released her tight grip and licked the sides and top of his boy-penis.”You can go harder. I can handle you.” She blew on his wet tumescence, sending shivers up his spine.As soon as he felt her engulf him again, Jason began fucking her mouth in earnest. Cat had no trouble taking him. She’d had much more before. She remembered one transgender woman with a particularly large girl-cock that she had encouraged to fuck her face quite forcefully. Her jaw had been sore for a couple of days afterwards, but she had enjoyed it. She’d sought her out a second time and made her fuck her throat, mainly because Cat wanted see bahis siteleri how deep she could take it. It hadn’t been easy, but it was fun. What was her name? Mindy? Miriam? Michelle? Marissa? A couple of taps on the head brought her back. Her fingers tightened into a fist and locked down again.When he was ready, Cat continued. Every few minutes he would tap her head and she would help him step back from the brink.”Cat, my legs are getting tired. I don’t think I can stand much longer.””Okay. I think the bed or the couch would be the easiest. That way neither of us would have to be at an awkward angle. Actually, the couch would give you better back support. Let’s move to the living room.””Uh… I’d really rather you let me come now. It’s kind of starting to ache down there.”Cat kissed his balls and gently fondled them. “Well, I don’t want you to be out of commission so soon. Where would you like to come?””Anywhere. I just need to come.””Alright. If I recall, you tasted quite nice. How about in my mouth?””Anywhere. Just please let me come.”Cat chuckled. “Of course. This night is for you, after all.” She stood up, grabbed him by the throat, and almost casually tossed him onto the bed. She crawled over him like a tiger stalking prey. “Don’t hold back this time. Go ahead and let yourself come.”Cat resumed and it was barely a couple of minutes later before Jason’s body stiffened. He thrust all of himself up into her mouth and started shaking. Cat reached under him, grabbed his butt, and pulled him even closer. He cried out, and she clamped down on the base of his boy-penis.”Changed my mind.”She grabbed his legs, pulled him to the edge of the bed, and up to his feet.”Now come.”She knelt, took him into her mouth, and pumped his shaft furiously. He cried out again and erupted into her mouth, his boy-penis pulsing and jumping with each contraction. His legs gave out, but Cat was strong and held him up until his orgasm subsided. When it was over, she let him down easy and his rump hit hit the floor. She moved forward, straddling his legs and pulled his face into her chest. She kissed the top of his head and stroked his hair while he recovered.It took a bit for him to catch his breath. “Is this what it’s like when I do you?””Honestly, Jason, you’re better than I am. I’m pretty sure it feels much better for me.” Cat lifted her leg and moved to sit beside him. She pulled his head to rest on her shoulder. “When you’ve caught your breath, we’ll do more.””More?””Yes, Jason. I told you that I was going to take good care of you tonight.”Jason moved his hand to her crotch. “Are you sure you don’t want me to…”She cut him off. “No.” Cat grabbed his hand and moved it away from her. “Not tonight.””Okay. I have to pee now.”Cat stood up and reached down. Jason took her hand and she yanked him up to his feet. He always marveled at how she could be so strong without looking like it. She was muscular, but not big and bulky. She still looked very feminine.Cat stepped behind him and nudged him towards the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet when he felt her body press against him. She wrapped one arm around his chest. “Let me.” She reached down and around and held him as she would her own. “Do you know what water sports are?””Like swimming or water polo?”She chuckled. “No, not like swimming or polo. I’ll show you some time. Go ahead and pee.”Jason relaxed and let his urine flow. When the last bit dribbled out, she shook him a couple of times. She turned him and kissed him. He could taste his semen in her mouth but didn’t balk. She had taught him to accept and enjoy the flavors of the body. She led him to the bed.”Turn over, face down.””Are you going to fuck my ass?””Maybe later, if you would like. Now be a good boy and spread your legs.”Cat crawled onto the bed and lay between his legs. She spread his ass cheeks and saw him pucker tightly. She sighed. If he would let me take care of him more often, he wouldn’t be so nervous. She gave him one long lick and his anus spasmed a couple of times. “Relax, Jason. We’ve done this before and you liked it.”Jason tried to relax and Cat went to work. She spent some time licking and suckling his perineum, just above his tight ring, and his cheeks. He relaxed into it.”That feels nice.””I know. Don’t talk. Close your eyes and enjoy the sensations.”Cat circled his asshole and felt him spasm again. She planted a kiss right on his rosebud and lay her head on his butt. She massaged the back of his thigh.”Relax, my champion, relax. You should know that I’d never hurt you.” She remembered the Jack Daniels. “I know I hurt you that night and I’m still so very sorry. I swore I’d never hurt you again and I meant it. I will never hurt you unless you explicitly ask me to.””People ask you to hurt them?””Some do, yes. It’s part of their kink. I’m very careful not to do any lasting damage though.””I don’t think I would like that.””I know, and so I will never hurt you.”Cat gently lowered her head and ran her tongue in circles and waited patiently for him to relax. It took only a minute for the tension to ease out of his body. Cat became more adventurous, eliciting soft moans and contented sighs. After several minutes, she slid her hand underneath him. He wasn’t fully firm, so she continued to tease him with her lips and tongue. When he fully stiffened, she got up and retrieved the lubricant. She thoroughly coated her own anus, turned him over and covered his shaft as well. She leaned in to kiss him, taking her time and casually straddling him. She scooted down until his erect boy-penis nestled against the crack of her ass. She raised up and guided him inside her, settling down to engulf all of him.Cat began moving up and down, not bouncing, but sliding smoothly. She reached down and ran her hands and fingers over his chest, pausing to pinch his nipples. His stomach rippled as she lightly dragged her nails down his tummy. Cat brought her lips to his and kissed him again. Arching her back, she presented him with her breasts. “You know what to do.”Jason captured one nipple between his teeth and used his hand to play with the other. Cat grabbed the hand on his breast and brought it bahis şirketleri to her lips, kissed it, and crushed it back into her breast again. Cat started to enjoy the experience and immediately focused on Jason like a laser. She listened to every sound and studied his body. He seemed to be enjoying it.”That feels really good.””I know.”Cat kissed him along the side of his neck, then brought his fingers to her lips. She licked them, opened her mouth and suckled on them. She grabbed his hands and entwined their fingers together. Jason leaned his head up and kissed her. She ground down on him and he pushed his hips up. Keeping her hands in his, she pushed upright and began bouncing. There’s no reason I that can’t enjoy this as well. She began swiveling, twisting, and squeezing. Her hips curled under then back out, slowly getting faster and faster. Jason humped up to meet her. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips. Leaning forward, she kissed him, then stuck her fingers in his mouth. She let him suck on them for a few minutes, then pushed herself back up. She ground on his boy-penis again, then started bouncing even faster. She lay her head back and closed her eyes. She was bouncing his full length at a rapid pace. She felt Jason tighten his grip on her hips and he started pulling her back down. She would rise quickly, flexing her legs and hips, then he would forcefully yank her back onto him. They both went faster and Jason felt a familiar tingle. Cat recognized his approaching orgasm. She leaned forward and brushed her lips to his ears and whispered.”Jason…come inside of me.”Jason’s body became a stiff plank of wood and he let out a long groan as he erupted, sending his seed deep inside her. He continued to thrust up. Cat ground down and made an under hook motion to take all of him inside. She remained in place until his orgasm subsided, then climbed off of him. She lay down beside him, kissing his shoulders and neck. She rubbed his chest for a few minutes, then slid off the bed to retrieve a bottle of massage oil. She turned him over and drizzled it on him. Rubbing her hands together to generate heat, she began massaging the back of his neck. She slowly worked her way down looking for kinks and tight muscles. She worked them, rubbing and kneading them until they released their knotted grip. Jason’s eyes were closed and sighed as Cat’s ministrations gradually turned him into jelly. After about 20 minutes, Jason spoke.”I think I know what I’d like to do.”And what would you like to do?””I would like to have sex, but facing each other, and…””And what?””Could you pretend like you love me?”Cat was taken aback. “Jason, why would you think that…”Jason interrupted her. “I know you don’t feel like that, but if you could pretend?””But I…””Please, Cat? Please?””Okay. Okay.” Cat rubbed his cheek and kissed him. “Okay.”Cat reached for the lube, squirted some on her fingers, and gently applied it to his anus. She was very patient and took her time as he opened up to her. She delicately put one finger inside of him and moved it in and out until there was no resistance. She added a second finger and reached out with her free hand to rub his back. When it was moving in and out easily, she added a third finger. Normally, she only went to two fingers on her lovers so that they were still a little tight, but she wanted to make absolutely sure that he was well relaxed and experienced minimal pain. Finger fucking his ass for a while, she lightly smacked his butt cheeks a few times, then once hard. He yelped.Cat flipped him, turning him face up. Moving between his knees, she squirted out more lube on to her hand and thoroughly covered the throbbing steel bar between her legs. She leaned forward and kissed him slowly and passionately. She rested one palm beside his head and guided her girl-cock in to him. His eyes were closed and he was smiling, showing no signs of distress. She let herself sink all the way in, before returning to kissing him. After a few minutes, she raised up on one arm and cupped the side of his head. She began to move slowly inside him while gazing into his eyes. She licked and kissed his chest before kissing his lips again. She continued make love to him, staring into his eyes and frequently kissing him. Jason reached up and moved a stray hair back behind her ear. His hand moved to her eyebrow and curled it around to rest on her cheek. Cat nuzzled into his hand, kissed his palm, and nuzzled again. Jason had asked her to make love to him, not to fuck him. It was his night, so that’s exactly what she was doing. She kissed him again, then rained butterfly kisses all over his face. Jason giggled like a little girl, and she smiled and kissed his nose. She looked into his eyes again and pulled his thigh up, sliding her hand along it and moving just a little bit faster. They moved together for a long time. Cat started to feel a familiar sensation and moved a little faster. She leaned forward, her breath warm and sweet.”I’m going to come.”He reached up and kissed her, triggering her orgasm. Cat pushed in deep, much harder than she had intended to. Her eyelids fluttered, but she managed to maintain eye contact with him until she stopped coming. She kissed him again, working her way down his neck, then back up to nibble on his earlobe. Jason reached up and kissed her.”Thank you.””Of course, my champion.” She withdrew, kissed him on the cheek, and got out of bed. “I’ll be right back.” She disappeared into the bathroom.Jason got up and got dressed. He went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Setting the empty cup in the sink, he turned on the water to rinse it out. He was drying it with a hand towel when Cat came around the corner.”Where are you going?””I’m just going to head home. I know you don’t let people stay over.” He started walking towards the door.”You don’t have to leave.””It’s probably best. I have to get up early.””And if I say stay here?””Please, Cat.” He kissed her cheek. She tried to turn her face so that his lips landed on hers, but he was already starting towards the door. Cat stared at his back. He opened the door and turned back.”Thank you so much, Cat. I had a great time. Thanks for pretending. It really meant a lot to me. Bye, Cat.””But…”The door shut. Cat stared at it for a moment, then walked to the door and rested her forehead on the cool metal. I wasn’t pretending.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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