Caught in her knickers

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Caught in her knickersLooking back, it was only a matter of time before I got caught dressed in my wife’s lingerie.I have loved dressing up ever since my early teens when I first discovered the delights of dressing in my mum’s underwear. Although I have gone for long periods abstaining from dressing, the truth is that I am addicted to wearing lingerie. So, I will always return to it. My particular favourite is to wear retro underwear like french knickers, slips, basques, fully fashioned nylons and the like.My wife was working, and I was at home. I did not expect her home until about 11.30 as she was due to go out straight from work with her friends for a night out. At about 7.00 I stripped off, took a bath filled with lovely scented bubbles and then proceeded to dress in some of my wife’s finest lingerie.I am instantaneously turned on as i pull on the gorgeous stockings and sensuous lingerie. It is not long before I etimesgut escort start stroking myself through the lovely silky material of the slip and knickers that i am wearing.I then decided, as I often do, to call my favourite sex chat line. I’m in luck because my favourite girl, Lauren is available. I have chatted with Lauren many times, and have gone through a regular roleplay where I fantasise that she is my unfaithful wife and she calls me to tell me that I am her sissy husband and that she is out with her boyfriend. She tells me in graphic detail that she is going to get fucked by her boyfriend, while I am at home wanking in her knickers.So, of course I am responding in great detail too …. I tell her how turned on I am wearing her knickers and her stockings and I tell her how excited I am that her boyfriend is going to cum in her mouth etc etc.Because alanya escort I was in such an excited state by this time I had totally failed to notice that my wife had come home. She had been standing outside of the bedroom listening to everything. The first thing I knew that she was there was when she calmly came round behind me, she reached over and took the phone from my hand.She spoke into the phone very calmly saying “hello Lauren, this is the sissy boy’s real wife …. it’s o.k. I’ll take over from here” and she cut her off.”Well, well, well” she said, turning to me. “Two fantasies in one … you wear my lingerie, and you imagine me being fucked … well we shall just have to see what we can do about that, won’t we”.We talked long into the night. I came clean about my fantasies and I told her how long I had been addicted to wearing lingerie for.In the end we kaş escort agreed that I could never stop dressing up, so from then on she agreed that I could dress up, whenever I got the urge to do so. She even agreed to me continuing the sex chat line calls. However, I did not get away that easy. In return I had to agree that she could be fucked by strangers, whenever she got the urge to do do.It was not an easy agreement, but in the end I had to agree because I knew that I was never going to give up dressing up.So, going dogging is now my wife’s pastime of choice. I drive her to known dogging sites in the area. She sits in the back of our silver BMW 5 series, while I, as chauffeur, sit in the driver’s seat, I remove my long trench coat to reveal my lingerie (often a black basque, satin knickers, stockings). We wait for a suitable car to arrive … and I flash my lights … it is usually not too long before I have a guy in the back seat of my car and my wife is sucking his cock.My wife tells the guy “don’t worry … this is my sissy husband … he loves to wank, while i get fucked” And so I do. On a typical evening she will fuck, or such the cock of, three or maybe four guys, while I get to wank in her knickers.It seems like a fair deal to me

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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