Caught on Tape

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Big Tits

There wasn’t anything worth watching on TV, so I dug through a stack of my father’s tapes looking for anything with a little action. I hoped for porno but didn’t expect to find any. I couldn’t imagine my straight-laced father whacking off to porn. I found a tape labeled “NYPD Blue”. It’s one of my favorites, so I popped it into the VCR.

As I took a seat on the couch, I pulled my pants down and began to stroke my cock. At college, I shared a house with three other guys. We had an agreement that we could masturbate whenever and wherever we liked as long as guests weren’t in the house. We frequently watched TV with our pants down and absentmindedly pulled on our greasy cocks. Pulling down my pants for casual masturbation had become so automatic that I had to be careful not to accidentally do it in front of my parents.

I stroked my cock as I watched Sipowicz rant and rave at a cowering “perp”. When my favorite female detective Kim Delaney came on the screen, I jacked a little harder and faster. I had blown more than one load while fantasizing about her. Deciding to fire one more volley in her honor, I pumped my cock harder. Then something told me to wait. It was almost as though the little devil who perches on my left shoulder had whispered, “Some better jacking material will come along soon.” And it did. Believe me, it did!

Before I continue I should probably tell you a little about myself and my parents. I’m nineteen and have just finished my first year of college. I’m majoring in Journalism so writing this story will be good practice. I’m at home spending the summer with Betty and Dave, my mother and father. Betty is a mouth-watering dish with full breasts, a slender waist, and flared hips. Her ass is so heavenly it would give the Pope a boner. Maybe you will be able to picture her better if I tell you she looks a lot like Mary Hart. Dad is a good-looking, gregarious guy who spends a lot of his spare time on the tennis court. He’s in good shape and has a great tan. He bears a strong resemblance to actor James Garner. Both of my parents are well-educated professionals with high-paying jobs. They were at work that day and I was at home alone.

As Blue ended, I got a quick glimpse of Kim’s bare ass as she walked away from the camera. I nearly went over the orgasmic edge as I watched the perfect globes jiggle. I reset the counter on the VCR to zero to mark the spot so I could come back and finish myself off to that scene. I figured another episode would be coming up and decided to get comfortable. After stripping off all of my clothes, I got a beer from the kitchen. When I walked back into the livingroom, I was pleasantly surprised to see porno playing on the TV. My intuition about finding some high-class porn had been right. But when I got a closer look, I nearly collapsed from shock. The woman who was hungrily sucking on a big, stiff boner was my mother!

Mom and her lover were performing sixty-nine. I couldn’t see who he was but assumed that it was my father. The camcorder had been placed between his legs to get a closeup of my mother’s pretty face as she gave head. She took the big cock all the way in and choked a little as the head went past her tonsils. She didn’t stop until her nose nudged his balls apart. It was the hottest thing that I had ever seen. One of the things that made it so sexy was the way Mom looked into the camera the entire time. I didn’t dare touch my drooling cock lest it erupt.

I heard Dad say something and then Mom picked up the pace and began bobbing her head rapidly. Dad’s ass came off the bed and he pumped her mouth with short strokes. His nut-sac twitched upward as he sent a shot of cum into her mouth. Mom took it like a pro. I could almost count Dad’s spurts by watching his balls jerk. Mom soon had hamster cheeks as her mouth filled with Dad’s load. After he went limp, Mom opened her mouth and let his entire load run out all over his cock and balls. Judging by the way she smacked her lips, she loved the stuff and had only spit it out to give the scene a classic porno ending.

I got my first look at her bodacious body when she sat upright. Her tits were even nicer than they Topkapı Escort had been in my imagination. They were just the right size for her body and had the perfect amount of sag. The light brown nipples were the size of silver dollars. I couldn’t help thinking what fine jizz-targets they would make. I tugged on my own and tried to imagine I was tugging on hers.

It was Dad’s turn to make Mom cum. She ground her cunt down against his mouth. She rolled her tits around and pulled on the nipples. She looked like such a slut! The shameless hussy didn’t even wipe the jizz off her chin. Dad took his semi-hard cock in hand and pumped it. It didn’t take long for him to work up a decent hard-on. I was a little disappointed when Mom didn’t make use of it. She just kept grinding away against his mouth. Then her jaw fell open and she began panting hard. She didn’t shout when she came, just made sobbing, blubbering sounds. I could see the muscles rippling in her belly and thighs. While Mom was still cumming, Dad jacked a load out onto his belly. Watching my father jack off eased some of the guilt that I felt about my own excessive masturbation.

Dad got off the bed and came toward the camera. He stood in front of it for awhile and taped his cock deflating, then he shut it off. I figured the show was over, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. The next scene was even hotter than the first. Mom was riding Dad hard. She was posting up and down on his cock like a cowgirl on a horse. Her big tits were jiggling in his face. He grabbed them with both hands and sucked hard on the nipples. They hadn’t said a word in the first scene, but now they couldn’t shut up, and I loved what I was hearing.

“Oh, my God, how I love the feel of your big cock inside me, you motherfucker! If you know what’s good for you, you won’t shoot your load until I’ve had my fill. Oh, fuck, this is so good. The only thing that would make it better would be to have a cock up my ass at the same time.”

Dad stopped sucking tit long enough to do his share of dirty talking. “Yes, one up your ass and another one in your mouth. A fat one that would stretch your lips. I would love to watch your throat muscles work as you swallowed the load.”

“Oh, yes, I’m such a slut one cock isn’t enough for me, not even a fabulous horse-cock like yours. I want them in my ass and mouth and hands.”

“Yeah, baby, and don’t forget your tits. They deserve to be fucked, too. And what about your armpits? I’ve fucked them. I’d love to see two men use them at the same time and blow their loads all over your tits.”

I would never have imagined my parents carrying on that way. They talked about adding more cocks to the equation and discussed whom they could recruit. They considered their friends, neighbors, fellow employees, and then – their son!

“I just thought of something,” Mom said. She was spitting the words out in twos and threes between pants. “Jack will be home from school in a couple of weeks. He’s wanted to fuck me for years. I could always tell by the way he looked at me. Remember that time you fucked me while we spied on him jacking off? We all came together. We could all come together again. What do you think about having your cock in my pussy while his is up my ass?”

The notion of teaming up with his son to give his wife a DP was too much for him, and he pulled out and sprayed his load on her back and ass. Mom went limp on top of him. She kissed him on the forehead and thanked him for the three orgasms she had had.

The scene ended and bits and pieces of TV shows came on. I went through the rest of the tape on fast forward looking for more sex, but didn’t find any. I figured that Mom and Dad had been taping their sexual activities but decided it wasn’t safe to have something like that around. Dad had tried to erase the tape – that explains the episode of NYPD Blue – but something had gone wrong. If not for his carelessness, there probably would not be a story to tell.

I played the tape over and over again until I had memorized every word and every movement. I wanted to be able to play it in my mind’s eye whenever I got Topkapı Escort Bayan the urge. When it was almost time for my parents to come home from work, I played the tape to a point just before Dad shot his load on Mom’s ass, then I pressed the pause button. I jacked off and just as I started to shoot I hit the play button. I matched him spurt for spurt.

I hid the tape in one of my childhood hiding spots and got it out every day to jack off with. Each time I watched it, my desire to fuck my beautiful mother became stronger. I came up with a bold plan that would either get me laid or disowned. That evening, Mom and Dad were watching one of their favorite TV shows. I walked into the livingroom, pushed the cassette into the VCR, and hit the play button. I had cued the tape to the place where Mom was saying how thrilling it would be to have my cock up her ass. Her jaw dropped and she clamped a hand over her mouth. She watched in horror for a few seconds and then ran from the room. Dad just sat there with his jaw agape and stared at the TV. “I thought I erased it,” he said.

“You screwed up, Dad. Maybe you didn’t press the one-touch recording button enough times.”

“Son, it was just a fantasy.”

I was expecting that excuse and had come up with the perfect answer. “Dad, I’ve had a million sexual fantasies and I wish they would all come true. I’m going to go in there and give her what she wants. If you don’t want me to fuck your wife, you had better say so now.” He didn’t say a word.

I let the tape play so he could watch the rest of it. I went to their bedroom and found Mom sitting on the bed. She seemed to be in shock. I put my arm around her shoulder and told her that everything would be all right, then I began unbuttoning her blouse. By the time I undid the last button and opened the blouse to expose her brassiere, Dad was standing in the door with the camcorder in his hand. He was going to watch me fuck his wife through the viewfinder of his camera. How appropriate!

I unhooked Mom’s bra and she shrugged it off. I have already described her beautiful dumplings. I gave each of them a squeeze. They felt just as good as they looked. I read somewhere that most women have one breast slightly larger than the other, but hers looked identical. I weighed them with my hand and could tell no difference. I pushed one of them up as far as it would go and then released it so I could watch it jiggle. What I had done up to that point probably wasn’t incest, but taking one of her nipples in my mouth probably was. A girl I dated at college had taught me how to alternately suck and flick a nipple. I took as much tit into my mouth as I could, pulled off with a wet pop, and then flicked my tongue back and forth across it a dozen times. It worked like a charm and Mom was soon sporting two beautiful nipple erections. She began breathing faster and deeper as the foreplay began working. What a thrill it was to get my beautiful mother sexually aroused.

While I was working on her nipples, I tried to get my hand down her slacks. I unbuttoned the buttons on the sides to put some slack in the waistband, then pushed my hand down inside her pantyhose and got my first feel of her pussy. I was very pleased to discover that she had a full bush. A soft moan escaped from her lips as I masturbated her.

“Let’s get you out of these,” I said. I took off her shoes, then removed her slacks and pantyhose. My beautiful mother was sprawled naked in front of me. What a glorious sight she was. The video hadn’t done justice to her beauty. Mom’s eyes were glued to me as I stripped. I didn’t waste any time getting out of my clothes. My cock was so hard that it pointed at the ceiling. I dropped to my knees and examined Mom’s pussy with my eyes and fingers. They both gasped when I ran my tongue up her slit. My girlfriend had taught me a few tricks and I tried them on Mom. Her thighs quivered when I lavished attention on her love-nubbin. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dad trying to take off his clothes without putting down the camera. He succeeded and began masturbating with his free hand.

I didn’t want to get Escort Topkapı Mom off with my tongue. There would be time for that later. I wanted to fuck her before she had too much time to dwell on what I was doing to her. “Sit up, Mom.” I took her hands and helped her upright. Putting my cock in my mother’s mouth was a symbolic gesture more than anything else. My cock didn’t need any further attention. I was sporting one of the best boners of my life. Dad knelt beside us and took a few closeups. “Do you want any more blow job shots, Dad?” I asked. He shook his head.

“Okay, Mom, get ready. I think I should be on top the first time. Make like a missionary for me.” Mom went to her back and spread her legs akimbo. I mounted her and lined my cock up with her pussy. “Put it in, Mom. That way I will know that you want this as much as I do.” She hesitated for a moment before reaching down and making me a mother-fucker.

I pumped my cock in and out of her creamy center. I had prepared her well. Every soft surface was coated with her sex-sweat. My girlfriend had patiently taught me the basics of fucking. She said that every fuck was good, but a great fuck required variety. I tried to remember her advice as I fucked my mother. I varied the angle and depth of my thrusts. I put my hands on her shoulders for leverage and tried to push myself higher on her. She groaned as I applied more pressure to her clit.

“Oh, Jack, oh my God, Jack, where did you learn to use your penis with such skill? Dave, he already knows how to fuck. I won’t get to teach him. Oh, baby, yes, just like that. OH FUCK, YOU’RE MAKING ME COME! YOU’RE MAKING YOUR OWN MOMMY COME!”

Her strong Kegel clenches nearly sent me over the edge, but I somehow managed to hold back. I wasn’t finished with her by any means. I lay heavily on top of her and cuddled her as she came down from her orgasm. We lay hand-in-hand and rested while Dad continued to tape. Things started up again when I reached over to play with her tits and fondle her freshly-fucked pussy.

“Mom, do you remember how you said you wanted my cock up your ass?” She didn’t answer but a little smile played on her lips. “Well, Mom, we have to see if it will fit. My cock is thicker than Dad’s.” She rolled onto her belly without saying a word. Dad handed me some hand lotion and I used it to carefully lube my cock. I crawled between Mom’s legs and spread her beautiful ass apart to expose the tiny, crinkled hole. Mom moaned as I ran my tongue across it. I ran my tongue up and down and from side to side. I managed to work about an inch of tongue up inside her. I lubricated my fingers and slipped one into her. I worked it around for awhile to loosen her up, then slid in another and another. My fingers were bunched together in a triangular pattern. I pushed them in past the second knuckle. Mom let out a long groan.

As I mounted her, I said, “I’ve never fucked anyone in the ass before.”

“You’re going to love it, son,” Dad said. “It’s better than pussy. She comes even quicker when she gets it in the ass.”

How can any man describe his first piece of ass? There simply aren’t the words to describe it. The tightness, the warmth, the contrast between the cool cheeks and the warm innards. I went over the edge as soon as the head was in. The natural urge to plant the seed deep applies even to rump-fucking. I pushed until her cheeks flattened against my body, and then I pushed some more. Even that wasn’t enough to satisfy me and I gained another precious inch by throwing my full weight on her. Then I came harder than I had ever come in my life. It wasn’t just the feel of Mom’s ass that got me off so good; it was also the thrill of doing something so terribly forbidden. Sodomizing one’s mother may be the greatest taboo of all. I had been too quick to make Mom come, but I made up for it many times over the coming months.

Dad had Mom get to all fours with her knees on the edge of the bed and he taped my cream oozing out of her dilated anus. Then he handed me the camera and stuck his dick into the mess. He didn’t last much longer than I had, only a dozen or so thrusts.

The three of us had a great time over the summer. Mom is really over-sexed and I think Dad is happy to have some help with her. I went back to school to pick up my things and drop out. There is a perfectly good college in my hometown, and when I get home from my classes, I can always knock off a piece of Mom.

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