Chad The Babysitter Part 10

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Chad The Babysitter Part 10The girls were going to Suzy’s after school to pick up some clothes and stuff, they decided that would be the best time as her father would probably be out cold by then which left me with some ME time.First thing I did was put on my new boxers, they felt so good and I was excited at how the girls would like them, worryingly I was surprised at how quick I got a boner in them as the silky material rubbed my cock, awesome.I took Suzy’s new thongs out of the packet and felt the soft fabric, she is so going to like them. my phone went ‘ding’ with a text from a number not saved in my contact, ‘Hello sir, it’s Megan how are your new boxers? x’ followed by a smiley face, it did make me smile to have such good after sales service so soon after purchase, like less than an hour. I replied back, ‘Wearing them now, feels so nice x’ deciding to return the kiss, I could see her typing so she was obviously not too busy, ‘Awesome, did your daughter like her new panties? Xx’ she replied, I replied back, ‘Won’t know till 5 when she gets home xx’ I decided as she upped the kisses so would I, I was intrigued where this was going.I waited for her reply that was forthcoming, ‘Did you like how they looked and felt sir xxx’ she replied upping the kisses once again, I knew my reply,‘Oh yes but really wanted longer to inspect better xxx’ I was keeping pace with the kisses at least and eagerly waited for her response,‘Oh really? Sorry but that’s not good customer service sir xx’ came her reply and we seemed to have dropped a kiss and before I could reply I saw she was typing,‘Unacceptable sir, I finish at 12 so shall I call round on my way home sir? xx’ she asked and my cock just got harder, the girls were going to be late anyway,‘Perfect Megan, see you then xx’ I replied and she just sent back ‘xxx’, fucking nice, Megan was hot in her own way.I was excited at Megan’s visit and cracked open a beer even though it was only 11.30 in the morning, the door knocked at 11.43 so my impression was she was keen for good customer service, “Hello sir” she said and immediately looked down to see me wearing my new shorts, “OMG sir, you really do have them on, wow!” she sighed with a giggle.We walked into the lounge where the light was better and there was more room, “How do they feel sir?” she asked and I ran my hands over them as you do to emphasise my reaction, “They are Great Megan, they feel so cool” I said smiling as I moved my hands away from my groin giving her a peek at the growing bulge.“I can’t apologise enough sir” she said as she started to unbutton her uniform but this time she took it off discarding it on the chair, OMG she did have a nice body, “Does your daughter wear a bra sir?” she asked and I wondered why she would ask that, “No” I replied and with that she reached around her back and unhooked her bra, Wow she did have nice titties, perky and her nipples looked like they were stiffening, Mmm.“I want you to accurately visualize her as she will be wearing them sir, is that ok?” she asked, is that ok? Are you k**ding me!!“I understand that you needed more time and to also look closer sir, let me do that for you now sir” she said as she bent over the arm off the chair, “Would you like to examine the rear fitting first sir” she said softly as she opened her legs a bit forcing her arse up in the air, the perfect height if I pulled my desk chair over and adjusted the height a little, Mmm very soon I was looking at her fine rounded arse just inches away.I stared between her legs and saw the pendik escort tight fabric covering her squeezed labia lips and the fabric thinning out and disappearing between to soft flesh of her arse cheeks. She was a hairy girl as her black pubes were evident out the side, even had a few stray ones emerging from her crack.“Can you see alright sir?” she asked as she let out a light sigh, “Take your time sir, I want you to be happy with your purchase sir” she said softly and one thing for sure it I was certainly happy. I nervously reached forward and placed my hands on the soft white checks of her arse and instinctively squeezed while parting them to expose the thing string partially covering her shaded puckered hole. I was close enough to smell her musky aroma and OMG did it turn me on, my cock was now throbbing under my silk shorts.I ran my finger slowly up and down her crack to feel the quality of the fabric and sending shockwaves through her body, I repeated this process very slowly while exerting a little more pressure around her hole forcing her to sigh louder, “OMG sir, that’s it sir, make sure the fabric fits your daughter tight here but not too tight that you can’t manoeuvre your finger or tongue” she sighed and I took that as an invitation so on the next downward stroke I stopped my finger around the hole and gently pulled the string aside so my finger could probe the hole, she sighed again. “You will notice that the sting is flexible enough to pull fully aside to facilitate your needs sir” she said softly and she was right as I pulled the string right back with her cheeks spread wide, her hole looks so inviting that without thinking I just bent my head down and my tongue hit the target first time, her body immediately shook as my tongue flicked around her back door, her body relaxed as her breathing increased, my tongue flicking around forcing her to open her hole.My tongue pushed in her hole as I squeezed the soft flesh of her cheeks, “The fabric is so flexible allowing sir access to all places” she sighed a little bit breathless giving me the green light to carry on exploring, I slowly moved my tongue down while my hand ran up the inside of her thigh, my tongue met my fingers in the warm gusset, I softly rubbed around her squashed lips and found her stiffening button, “Mmm OMG sir” she sighed as I tried to follow my fingers with my tongue, it didn’t happen however as my thumb still held on to the string and by pulling it wider forced the gusset to move to the side so her sweet hairy pussy was now fully exposed.My tongue immediately licked up her juices forcing her lips apart sending shivers through the young assistants body, she shook and sighed, “Sir, you might want to press up against me with your silk shorts on to see how it feels, I don’t want you or your daughter to be disappointed” she sighed softly and as my cock was under pressure anyway I thought it wouldn’t do any harm so I rose up and pressed my groin up against her exposed arse, I must say her soft flesh against my boxers did feel good however the constant rubbing must have forced the button to undo and my rigid cock soon popped out.I positioned the swollen head up to her wet labia lips and gently rubbed, “OMG Yes sir, please sir” she sighed as my cock slowly entered her wet cave I immediately felt her cunt muscles contract gripping my shaft tightly as I squeezed inside her, she was breathless, “OMG Sir, does it feel good sir?.. oh yes.. I’m sure your daughter will.. um OMG yes!!… kartal escort “ she was not making too much sense as I pushed my cock hard and deep. Megan’s head was buried in the arm of the chair and her moans and cries were muffled as I banged away at her young pussy from behind.“OMG sir, OH YESS!” she cried as I felt her body spasm and her juices squirting and somehow the increased squelching noises seemed to turn me on more, her cries seemed to be delusional as she moaned on about how much my daughter would love it, I wasn’t sure if she was talking about the panties or the fucking I was giving her, either way it spurred me on and I soon felt my balls tightening and my cock start to pulsate.“OMG YESS!” I cried out as I felt my hot cum shooting deep into my young assistant. “Oh yes sir, Mmm” she sighed softly feeling all relaxed while I tried to get my breath back, my softening cock slowly slipping from her grasp.She turned her head back toward me and smiled, “If you pull the fabric back sir it will avoid any leakage” she sighed softly so I happily obliged helping her to straighten up, she smiled again, “I hope you are happy with your purchase sir,” she sighed and I looked her in the eye, “Megan, thank you”“Let me know what your daughter thinks sir, customer feedback is very important” she said as she dressed herself, I was very conscious of the time and didn’t really want Megan here when the girls come home.“Of course I will Megan” I replied giving her a friendly kiss on the forehead.The girls got back earlier than anticipated carrying a big holdall of Suzy’s clothes, they were a bit flustered but her father was out of it so offered no resistance and I was just glad they were back.I told Suzy to sort her stuff out and anything that needed washing we could do, it made sense for her to have the spare room and the girls could sleep together while Tams stayed, they were happy and so was I so it was a win/win for everyone.Although Suzy had more of her clothes she was still excited at the few items I got her and insisted in wearing her new tee shirt and thong, I had no issue with that however the tee shirt wasn’t as long as I expected only barely covering her arse, nobody seemed to mind.“Oh daddy, you got new boxers” Tams said excitedly seeing my new article of clothing, they were tighter than I normally wear as Tams was quick to want to feel the silky material, “Mmm daddy, they are lovely” she said approvingly.Suzy came out of her room and wouldn’t have know they were new so didn’t comment as her and Tams got comfortable on my recliner, they looked so sweet sitting there watching the TV. I sat at my desk pretending to be busy while occasionally checking on the girls who were both displaying a fair amount of leg and I even noticed that Suzy’s bruises had subsided which was good news. It didn’t take long for Tams to fall asleep, nothing unusual there and poor old Suzy was sort of squashed, I had to lend a hand getting her off the chair telling her that she was a heavy sleeper and not to worry.We left her on her side and even Suzy giggled that her arse was exposed, “My sister does have a nice arse daddy, doesn’t she?” Suzy said with a giggle which sort of pleased me, Suzy considered Tams her sister which by default would make me her daddy and under the circumstances if she felt ok calling me that then I was the last person to complain, I looked down at Tams exposed arse, “Yes babygirl, she certainly does” I replied giving my newest daughter a sweet maltepe escort confident smile.Suzy stepped over and I lifted her up onto the desk so we could chat, I should have got a bigger size tee shirt but apart from the length it fitted everywhere else, Suzy had a flat chest and I’m sure her titties will grow once she puts on a few pounds, she was so sweet as we chatted and I got to know a bit about her and her struggles I was convinced having her here was the right thing to do, “You wont send me back will you daddy? Promise me you won’t” she said with a scared tone to her voice, I put my hand on her thigh and gave it a little squeeze, “No babygirl, I promise I won’t send you back” I said with a smile and kept my hand on her thigh and spun my chair around to face her, she put her feet up on my chair and her arms behind her for balance but the problem with sitting like that in her attire was that her legs, which were parted, were right in front of me and I couldn’t help but look down at her new white panties tight against her crotch. At first sight I could see that they fitted perfectly and she showed no embarrassment at the fact I was looking right there, I guess that as we all dress in very little around the house it all becomes normal whatever it is that takes your eye.With both hands on her thighs I widened her legs, “Do you like your new panties babygirl?” I asked and I could feel my cock rising under my silky shorts, “OMG daddy” she said excitedly, “They are awesome daddy, do you like them daddy?” she asked, I looked down focussing closer at the bulgy gusset, a few stray hairs poking out but all in all Suzy did have a sweet little pussy, “Oh yes babygirl, I do” I said smiling and she reached forward putting her arms around my neck, I looked up as Suzy planted a nice kiss on my lips, we seemed to hold our lips together for what seemed like an eternity, both of us scared to turn it into a full blown snog.I very quickly learned that this girl loved and needed affection, she had been deprived and abused by her drunken father and now she was safe and loved she was making up for lost time. Suzy was the one to break as her tongue slipped out between her lips and ran around mine, I reciprocated by opening my mouth to let her gain entry and very soon her tongue was searching out every corner of my mouth. Suzy was very sensual and the way she sucked my tongue sent electricity running through my body like never before, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!My hands pushed up the inside of her thighs as we held out tight embrace, my thumb making contact with her little button sending shivers through her tiny frame, her sighs going down my throat as she sucked harder on my tongue and I was convinced I was about to have my second ‘no contact’ orgasm, I wasn’t going to let it happen, not again.I reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and my throbber shot out into my hand, I couldn’t stop the tingly feelings running through my body but I was able to push Suzy back and stand up with my cock in my hand, this all took her by surprise as her jaw dropped seeing me rise up cock in hand and a stream of hot creamy cum shooting out the end.The poor girl looked horrified as some of the creamy goo splattered on her chin and the rest over her brand new tee shirt, “WTF daddy” she cried out but also seeing the funny side of it too as she scooped up some cum off her chin then sucking on her finger, “Mmm, did I do that to you daddy?” she asked with a cheeky devilish grin. I reached forward to slip off her tee shirt, wouldn’t be good for her to sleep in that tonight and got my first sight of her front upper body, OMG the poor girls ribs were showing due to lack of care and her nipples were standing proud on her flat chest, seems that the affection had turned her on, or was it the frenzied passionate kiss?To be Continued….

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