Chapter 14: Metastasis

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RachelAshley stood naked in front of the short television stand in her living room with one of the box organizers pulled from a shelf. She was rummaging through it pulling out cords and charging bricks. Looking at her standing there in the bright morning light, I didn’t understand how I couldn’t have realized how beautiful she was.  She took good care of herself and her athletic body proved it. I walked from the back door over to the living room approaching her. She must have heard me approach from behind because she turned around to face me.  There was that craven look in her eyes, telling me that she had no intention of either of us putting on any clothes soon. She tossed the contents of the storage container onto the couch, a pile of cords and adapters spreading out across it. She stared deeply into my eyes as if she was looking at my soul itself. She closed the gap between us and ran her right hand through my hair as she brought her lips to mine.  She kissed me deeply, in a passionate and loving manner. A kiss that meant something more. As the kiss ended I could feel the corners of her lips curl up into a smirk. Without warning her hand that was in my hair grabbed a chunk of it and held it tight. Ashley was holding my head in place by holding my hair in a tight grip that wasn’t hurting me but was clearly telling me she was taking charge.  Her lips pulled away from mine and traced the arc of my neck breathing deeply against my skin as she went.  I stood there in her grasp, my body tingling with excitement.  She met my eyes again before I could feel her applying pressure to the top of my head where she was holding my hair. I understood what she wanted and I lowered myself to my knees in front of her.  I tried to extend my tongue to begin pleasing her but she held my head just far enough away that I couldn’t.  I looked up at her and could see that she was enjoying this. “You don’t take your mouth away from there until I tell you,” she said as she pressed my mouth against her still slick pussy lips. My tongue shot out of my mouth like a cobra to begin licking her clit and surrounding lips. She applied some light force at the back of my head to hold me tight against her but after I got into my rhythm she let me go, my head still pressed tight in her beautiful folds.  I could feel her torso moving and shifting but couldn’t quite see what she was doing, but whatever it was it was not my focus right now.  My hands reached behind Ashley grabbing her shapely butt and holding tight to it. Applying light squeezes as I continued to lick with reckless abandon on her clit. Above me, Ashley was grabbing the sex toy boxes which had been laid on the couch and was ripping them open. As each box bore its fruit she grabbed the charging cord for it and plugged it into one of the USB adapters. She continued until each toy had been given a cord and adapter so that it could be charged, all while I was eating her out. The next thing I felt was again Ashley’s hand grabbing my hair and holding me tight to her. This time she began taking steps backward, with my head held tight to her entrance leaving me having to crawl on all fours to keep up with her. It was definitely not the easiest activity to achieve but I noticed that although my knees had hurt at the start they were no longer hurting me as I crawled.  It almost felt as if Ashley’s and my pleasure were connected. She let me stop crawling when she reached the nearest wall.  One hand still pressed my head to her while the other put two sex toys on the ground and plugged them into the wall outlet.  She repeated this process twice more until each toy was charging. She made me crawl back towards the couch, as I licked happily away. She pulled my head from her sweet hole and looked down at me.  Seeing my mouth covered in a mixture of her juices and my own saliva clearly made her happy.  “Clean up your mouth, don’t you want to be presentable?” she asked me in what was clearly more of an order. I was kneeling on the floor in front of her with my hands resting on my thighs as I extended my tongue and began to lick away the slick juices on my face.  Ashley watched for a few seconds before leaning over and reaching into a bag on the couch. As I continued to lick my own lips to clean them the best I could, Ashley was opening another box.  “Let me see how well you cleaned up,” she said to me once the box was open and its contents extracted.  She looked me over, satisfied enough even though I could still feel plenty of wetness still spread across my face. Kneeling before me, resting on her haunches, she brought the toy she had just opened to my mouth.  It was a ball gag of sorts, but this one had a dildo attached to it. I had never seen one like this before. “Hold your hair back and open your mouth,” Ashley said. I pulled my hair into a bundle in my hand and moved it out of her way.  She slid the gag portion of the toy into my mouth. The gag consisted of a black silicone ball for me to bite down on, which I did. She took the straps that were connected kocaeli escort to either side of the gag and strapped them together at the back of my head, holding the gag tight in my mouth. With the gag now in place, I was biting down on the silicone with a six-inch dildo protruding from my mouth. Ashley grabbed the dildo by its shaft and began pulling it in the direction she began walking in.  All I could do was follow where I was being pulled to via the dildo and gag strapped in my mouth. Ashley cleared a space on the couch before sitting down on the edge of the cushion. She leaned forward while pulling the dildo and my head up to meet her face. She opened her own mouth and wrapped it around the head of the dildo. Our eyes met as I could feel her hand again at the back of my head. She began pulling my head towards her, pushing more of the dildo into her mouth, and if she continued soon her throat. Our eyes remained locked on each other’s as she continued to pull me in until she had taken the entire length of the dildo in her mouth and throat. Our lips were separated by a thin layer of silicone that formed the base of the dildo. I never knew that Ashley was so adept at deepthroating, or perhaps this was another blessing bestowed upon us by our Master. We stared into each other’s eyes longingly, feeling as if there was some gravitational pull between our souls. The moment passed and Ashley clearly was ready to begin having some real fun. The wetness between my own legs was telling me the same thing. Pulling me again by the dildo now slick with her saliva, Ashley positioned me between her legs. She lay back at a slight angle on the couch and brought each of her legs to one side of my head, resting her calves against my back. She guided the head of the dildo to her opening, pulling my head with it. With the press of her hand at the back of my head, she pushed the dildo inside of herself and brought my face closer to her pussy.  She took an initial three inches, but I knew she wouldn’t stop there.  With her legs resting on my shoulders, she grabbed the sides of my head with her hands and began pulling and pushing my head so that the dildo began fucking her. I had never heard of anything like this, nor would I have imagined it before all of this began but here I was.  I was about to brace my hands against the couch to get some stability but felt my wrists being grabbed by two tentacles.  Our Master had finally joined us. With control of my wrists, the tentacles brought them behind my back and crossed them. The tentacles held my arms in place so that I could not move them in the slightest.  Ashley had complete control over the motion of my body. At this point, as my head bobbed back and forth she had worked the full six inches into herself.  She would pull my head back about four inches exposing the dildo, before plunging it back into herself and pressing my face into her sex. She was taking the dildo as deep as she could and that left my nose each time pressed against her mound.  A smaller tendril appeared above my head and found its way to Ashley’s clit. It circled her clit and began to ooze slime while rubbing its girth around and against the now erect nub.  Warmth was spreading on my chest as I felt another tentacle sliding its way up my body.  The tip of the tentacle traveled along my right underboob before wrapping itself around my breast and repeating the same motion on my left breast.  The tentacles had now lifted my breasts and were holding them in a manner that resembled a figure eight. Tightening themselves around my breasts, massaging them. I moaned into the ball gag but all that could be heard was a muffled noise.  Ashley’s moans were clear above me as my head was gently pistoned inside of her. My breasts were alive with the warmth and tingling that the slime provided only adding to my arousal. Without warning, Ashley pulled my head back far enough to remove the dildo from her. The tentacles around my arms released them and I brought my arms forward. Ashley lightly pushed me backward until I was a distance from the couch.  She then began to push on my shoulders bringing me to lay flat across the ground. Two tentacles arrived and wrapped themselves tightly around my abdomen.  This pulled my arms tight to my sides and held them there. Several more tentacles began to wrap themselves around the back of my head and neck, creating a sort of pillow for my head to rest on as well as providing support for my head. Before I knew what was going on, Ashley stood above me and began lowering herself down.  She was now kneeling right above my mouth, with each of her legs to the sides of my head.  She gave the dildo a quick stroke checking that it was still well lubricated and lowered herself onto it.  There was no warm-up here, she took it nearly to the hilt of the gag right away. I now understood why the tentacles had wrapped around my head and neck. Ashley began rocking her hips back and forth against the dildo held in place with my mouth. As she got more darıca escort into it she began bucking more wildly and lifting herself up and then back down on the dildo. She ground her sex against my face and the dildo, riding with reckless abandon. From what I could see below her, there were several tentacles tracing up Ashley’s body.  They looked like vines growing up her body, tracing her curves. One of the tentacles wrapped around her throat and one formed loose coils around each of her arms.  The black tentacles glistening with slime created a stark contrast to Ashley’s skin.  The tentacles covered maybe a fourth of Ashley’s body, leaving plenty of her skin exposed to the air and my view. Soon the tentacles began oozing slime from their surface, slowly coating Ashley. The semi viscous slime when oozed from the tentacles would hang onto her body while also slowly dripping down her form.  As more slime accumulated on her body some of it began to drip from her onto me.  Each drop of slime that hit my body ignited the tingling sensations in small concentrated sections of my body.  I writhed in pleasure below Ashley as she rode my face. The more aggressive her riding of my face was, the more slime would fall onto me. Soon most of her skin was glistening with the slime and there was no stopping her. Whether our minds were somehow linked or if our Master was simply sharing Ashley’s euphoria I wasn’t sure.  In this moment I could swear that I could feel her as if I were in her body.  Ii relaxed my mind and let it fall into the pool of Ashley’s mind that was present. As I relaxed I could feel a tentacle pressing itself against my warm entrance. With no resistance, the head of the tentacle was able to press itself inside of me.  I moaned out loudly into the gag but couldn’t move my head with Ashley grinding away at my face and the tentacles holding my head in place.  All that I could move was my legs as I curled my toes and felt the muscles in my legs tighten and relax.  More slime had dripped on me, forming puddles of the substance on my skin. My orgasm was quickly approaching. In my head, I could sense Ashley, just like I had sensed her pleasure earlier. I don’t know how, but we were sharing and experiencing two people’s worth of pleasure at once. Driving us to an orgasm that no human being could have ever had before. The thrusts and grinding on my face increased and the tentacle fucking my pussy found the perfect speed for me.  I could feel the weight of our orgasms pressing against the floodgates. Soon it would be too much to contain and it would be released.  At the moment it was hard to say but I believe Ashley had her orgasm first. She was twitching and tightening her body above me in response.  Then I felt Ashley’s orgasm wash over me, every sensation and bit of pleasure.  This caused me to finally orgasm and I could feel that Ashley was experiencing my orgasm the same as I did hers.  Our orgasms fed each other’s, strengthening them each second with the greatest feedback loop imaginable. Time didn’t exist, nothing really existed. The pleasure centers of our brains were lighting up as if someone had ignited thermite within them. I could feel Ashley’s weight being lifted from my face, a brief moment of seeing her legs hanging limply by her side while a black shape lifted her. Then a weight was felt across my chest, and a lifting of my head. The feedback loop of our white-hot orgasm began to slowly fade.  Lessening until we could finally reconnect with our senses and regain some consciousness. The first thing I noticed was the gag had been removed from my mouth and was laying beside my head. Then I realized that Ashley had been laid on top of me, her slime-coated body pressed warmly against mine. She stirred on top of me, must be coming to her senses as well.  It took us a few minutes but we were back to our normal selves.  Before I had a chance to say anything Ashley had sprung up and pressed her lips to mine and her tongue found its way into my mouth. She pressed me against the floor as she kissed me deeply, hungrily. Her slime-drenched body was now atop mine, covering me as well.  We spent so long embracing each other and kissing as if one of us were about to head off to war. Finally, we pulled our mouths apart and our bodies to match.  Thin and thick ropes of slime still connected our bodies.  I extended my hand out for Ashley as I stood up. She took it in her own and I pulled her up and guided her up the stairs to her bathroom. Our shower was relaxing as we struggled to share the water flow. Pressing our bodies against each other trying to get in and out of the stream. In between lathering each other up, we would take numerous breaks where we would simply stand in the warm water and steam kissing in each other’s embrace. Eventually, our bodies were clean and we stepped out of the shower drying each other off. Once our bodies were dried off I wrapped my hair in the towel. I then borrowed Ashley’s deodorant while she went downstairs gölcük escort naked.  She returned with the toy we had both checked out at the store together. A devilish smile spread across her lips and I couldn’t help but join her in smiling.  A flexing of the mirror, a tentacle, and some slime later it was ready. I threw on my clothes from the night before, realizing it felt like days or weeks had passed since I first stepped foot into Ashley’s home and my new life.  I looked at my phone to check the time and realized I needed to hustle or I’d be very late.  I headed out the front door by the large mirror Ashley had set up there to help catch me.  I ran my hand against the smooth surface in a tender touch as I left, closing the front door behind me.  I hopped into my, turned on my GPS, and headed off.  Traffic was good and I pulled into the college athletics parking lot in a little over a half hour.  I grabbed my purse, tossed my phone into it, and headed in, swiping my key card at the door.  I made it to my office and was glad that I always kept a spare change of work clothes in it.  I drew the blinds on the window to my office and pulled out the clothes from one of my desk drawers. I pulled off my top and unclasped my bra.  I slid it off of my shoulders and placed the top and bra on my desk. At that moment the door to my office flung open and one of the women on the team, Abigail, stuck her head and the top of her torso in the opening. I froze like a deer in the headlights but felt a jolt of excitement shoot through my body. Abigail stood there in my doorway half in the office and half out.  I could see her eyes drift up and down my body taking it in. She quickly realized that she had stared too long and her face began blushing. She shouted her apologies and that she only wanted to say hello as she quickly withdrew herself from my office, closing the door behind her. My heart was still racing from the abrupt surprise, but I wasn’t nearly as bothered by it as I thought I would have been.  I realized that I hadn’t even brought my arms up to attempt to cover myself at all. I pulled my sports bra over my head and positioned it on my chest then put a tank top over it. I undid my pants letting them fall to the ground followed by my panties.  I threw on a new pair and pulled up some athletic shorts finishing with some flip-flops. I knew that I would absolutely have to deal with the situation sooner than later. I woke up my work computer and sat in my chair.  I glanced through my emails to make sure there was nothing of importance and put the computer back to sleep.  The women should be getting changed now and will be out of the locker room soon enough. I threw my old clothes into my purse and headed out of my office.  I walked down the hallway and stopped at a door near the end.  I pulled the door open and was greeted with a blast of warm air, moisture, and the smell of chlorine. I stepped onto the pool deck and saw that a few members of the team were already out of the locker room.  They were seated on one of the bleachers that were set up to the side of the pool, talking with each other. I shouted a greeting to them and headed over to the large whiteboard that was attached to the wall beside the twenty-five-yard pool.  I grabbed a dry-erase marker and began writing down the workout for the day. As I wrote line after line for the workout I heard the locker room close several more times. Once I was done I headed back towards the team that was assembled on the bleachers.  My assistant coach, Mike, was there chatting with a few of the women.  When I approached the conversations died out and the team’s attention was on me.  Abigail was seated in the back row, avoiding making eye contact with me. From where I stood I could still see her blushing. Even though the pool was eighty degrees and the air in the pool hall was a few degrees warmer I could see her nipples pressing hard against her one-piece swimsuit.  This brought a slight smirk to the corner of my mouth. I addressed the team and went over what the workout would be today. Once I was finished the women got up and headed to their lanes to begin the workout.  I hung back and spoke with Mike about a few things. Then he was off to watch the swim team and help make any corrections he could. The team had split between the ten lanes and were now making their way from one end of the pool to the other.  I walked the length of the pool with a clipboard making notes of my observations.  I would stop a swimmer here and there as I noticed an issue with their form or if they were favoring one side.  I thought I saw out of the corner of my eye Abigail looking at me. When I stood back up she was back to swimming her laps. As the practice continued I definitely caught Abigail looking at me a few more times. This wasn’t the first practice where I had noticed this and I had definitely overheard some talking in the locker room before today. Some of her teammates teased her about this, but in the loving and playful manner of a close-knit team would.  Another member of the team must have noticed, as she swam up to Abigail.  When she spoke in her ear Abigail averted her gaze from me again and that blush returned to her face.  I don’t think I had ever seen Abigail blush before today, but she sure was today. 

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