Chrissy: Prepares For Date With Ted

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Jessica knocked and quickly opened the front door. She called out, “Chrissy! Is anyone home? It’s your mother. Hey kids, it’s your grandmother. Is anyone home?”

Chrissy was upstairs but heard her mother call out. She came downstairs and said, “Mom, what a surprise! I was just going to call you because I need to talk to you. Come on in and I’ll get us a glass of wine.” Chrissy poured the wine and she and Jessica sat down in the den where they would have some privacy from the kids. “Guess what Mom. Do you know who called me yesterday?” Jessica shook her head ‘no’. “It was Ted Baxter. He is in town and wants to come by the house tomorrow. I didn’t tell Joey [Chrissy’s husband] that he called. I’m not sure what to do. You know the way he takes advantage of me. It would be nice to see him but I can’t get pregnant again. What do you think I should do?”

Jessica said, “Baby, I’m not sure what to advise you. I know how forceful Ted can be. It is very hard to say ‘No’. But I know how much fun it would be to see Ted again. He can make you feel so good with his….when he….you know….becomes affectionate.”

“Mom, I was thinking about the last time we saw Ted. Do you remember? After he took me home, did he come back to your house…you know….like he said he would? Did he come back and….love…you some more the way he said he would? You don’t get pregnant that way….do you? Was it bad? Would you mind telling me about it?”

“If you really want to know he did come back. I had drifted off to sleep because of the…workout….he had given me before you left. I thought you had locked the door when you left so I was very surprised to awaken with Ted on the bed with me. I was so weak that he did take advantage of me. I just could not stop him.”

“But Mom, what did he do?

“Well, if you must know the details, he took off all his clothes before I woke up. He got on the bed next to me and began kissing and suckling my nipples. What a way to wake up! I tried to push him away but he put his finger into my pussy and began to move it in and out. I couldn’t stop him and I became aroused again. He took the Vaseline which was on the bedside table and put some on his hand. He told me to lie on my back and pull my legs up and that he would give me a massage. He spread the Vaseline all around my pussy and my….err….ass. He began to give me a full hand massage pushing fingers into my pussy and my ass. He soon had me hunching off the bed. He then began to concentrate on my ass. He worked a finger in and moved it all around.” Chrissy was beginning to squirm listening to Jessica’s account. “Then he worked two fingers in me and finally three fingers. His cock got so-o hard while he was giving me the massage that I knew he would want to….you know….fuck me. He got between my legs on his knees and rubbed the head of his cock all over my pussy and my ass. Then he put the head against my ass and began to push. I tried to stop him once I realized that he was going to fuck my ass but I was too weak. He kept pushing slowly. Then he told me to push out like I was on the toilet. When I did that, the head of his cock went right into my ass. After that it was not long before he was fucking his big, thick cock in and out of my ass and he was making me come like I had never come before. When I came I felt him squirt my ass full of cum and I think I passed out. When I woke up Ted was gone and your father was home. He saw Ted’s cum running out of my ass but he didn’t say anything. The next day I was so sore I could barely sit down and I had to walk bow-legged.” By this time Chrissy’s breathing had shortened.

“Mom, do you think, if Ted comes over tomorrow and he begins to take advantage of me that I could make him satisfied by letting him…you know….use my bottom instead of my cunny so I won’t get pregnant? I want to be nice to him but I don’t want to get pregnant. Would you come over tomorrow so Ted won’t take advantage of me? Would it be OK if Mariel takes care of the kids tomorrow? You can take them with you when you go home.”

Jessica took the kids home with her and the next day she went back over to Chrissy’s house very early, much before Ted was to be there. She went in and met Chrissy, who was radiant looking and obviously looking forward to seeing Ted again. Chrissy said, “Hey Mom, thanks for coming over. I will feel much safer if you are with me when Ted arrives. He should be here in about two hours. What’s in the bag?”

“You look beautiful today, baby. I know you are excited about seeing Ted. I brought some things to help you get ready for Ted.”

“R-e-a-l-l-y, I thought I was ready but what do you have? Let me see.”

Jessica opened the bag and pulled out a large rubber enema bag, the hose and several nozzles. Chrissy exclaimed, “My God, what is that? What are you going to do with that?”

“This is just something to help you get…you know….all clean and ready for Ted, if he decides to almanbahis use your bottom. You know how weak you are. You know you won’t be able to resist.”

“You don’t mean that you want me to take an enema! Mom, I haven’t had one since I was a baby. I don’t even know what to do with that contraption. I don’t think I want to do this.”

“Baby, that is what mothers are for….to take care of their children. Just go up to the bedroom and undress. I’ll be right up to get you ready.”

“But Mom, I really don’t want to….you know….take an enema. It is so embarrassing.”

“Don’t be a baby. You know you want to be ready for Ted. So go on up and get undressed. Spread a towel on the bed for me.” Chrissy reluctantly went up to the bedroom, stripped down to her bra and panties and spread a towel on the bed. Jessica followed Chrissy and took the bag, hose and nozzles into the bathroom.

“Chrissy, just relax on the bed and I’ll be right out and we’ll get started. Can I borrow your robe so I won’t get anything on my clothes?” Chrissy could hear water running in the bathroom and soon Jessica came out carrying a full bag with the hose connected to a small nozzle. “We’ll start with this nozzle and then we’ll switch to the larger ones.”

“Mom, I really don’t want to do this.”

“Just relax Chrissy. You will like it. Mother will make it feel good. Now lie back on the towel. That’s right….put your bottom on the towel. Now let me take those panties down. Lift your bottom.” Chrissy lifted up and Jessica pulled her panties down her legs and dropped them beside the bed. “Now open your legs and pull them back so I can see your bottom.” Chrissy did as she was told but her face flushed with embarrassment. “Good…now I will put a little lube on you before we start.” Jessica put a dollop of Vaseline on her finger and touched it to Chrissy’s anus. It was cold and Chrissy flinched. “I’m sorry baby. I will warm it up.” She began to massage Chrissy’s anus with her finger tip gradually increasing the pressure. Soon her finger tip popped into Chrissy’s anus and Chrissy groaned. Jessica worked the lube into Chrissy’s ass and put some on the nozzle. “Alright baby, let’s get started.” Jessica hung the bag to the bed post and pressed the small nozzle to Chrissy’s anus. Because of the lube and the relaxing massage the nozzle went right in and Chrissy grunted.

“Oh Mom, it feels like Joey’s little ‘dicky’. Are you going to…you know….slide it in and out the way he does?”

“Well, first baby we will let the little ‘dicky’ squirt a little. Would you like to feel it squirt? It will almost be like feeling cum.”

“I-I guess so, Mom. It won’t hurt will it?” Jessica released the valve and the warm soapy water began to flow. “God, I feel it. It is so warm.”

Jessica rubbed Chrissy’s stomach almost down to her clit. Then she turned off the valve and the flow stopped. “We need to switch to a larger nozzle…so…you know….you will be ready for Ted’s big, thick cock…OK.” She went to the bathroom and came back with a nozzle which was about 10 inches long. The tip was about one inch in diameter but there was a bulge about 2 inches in diameter at about the 3 inch mark. After the bulge the nozzle was about one inch in diameter. Jessica attached it to the hose and put some lube on it.

“God Mom, that is too big. It will never fit in me. It will hurt. Please be careful. You won’t hurt me will you? Jessica pushed the tip into Chrissy and she grunted. Jessica worked the 3 inch tip in and out until Chrissy was comfortable and her pelvis had begun to undulate. Then she began to press the bulge into Chrissy. “God Mom, what are you doing to me? That is so big. You are going to split me.”

“Just push down like you are on the toilet.” Chrissy did that and the bulge slipped into her ass. Jessica worked the nozzle back and forth until about 6-8 inches were buried in Chrissy’s ass. “Now we’ll put in the rest of the water. Just relax. I’ll massage your tummy and your pussy a little to make it feel good.” She turned on the valve and the water began to flow. Chrissy’s abdomen began to swell and she began to moan. Jessica began to massage Chrissy’s clit with her finger tip and Chrissy began to hunch off the bed.

“Mom, I’m so full. Your finger feels so good. I need to come. Just keep rubbing me. I can’t take much more water. I’m going to explode. I’m going to make a mess on the bed. Oh, I need to come now.” The water was almost all drained and Jessica intensified her clit massage. She also began to move the nozzle in and out fucking Chrissy’s ass. This pushed Chrissy over the edge and she began to come. She lifted her ass off the bed and screamed, “I’m coming. Oh God, I’m coming.” Jessica turned off the valve to the empty bag and continued to slowly work the nozzle in and out of Chrissy’s ass. When Chrissy’s orgasm subsided and she relaxed back down onto the towel water began to leak around the almanbahis yeni giriş nozzle. Jessica knew it was time to get Chrissy to the toilet so she encouraged her to get up and helped her waddle into the bathroom.

“Chrissy, sit down on the toilet and I will pull the nozzle out of you. Are you ready?” She pulled the nozzle out and the contents of Chrissy’s ass almost exploded into the toilet. Jessica told her to clean up in the shower when she finished and left her in private. Jessica could hear the water flowing and the explosive farts through the bathroom door. About 15 minutes later Chrissy came out of the bathroom clean and sweet smelling all ready for Ted.

“Mom, that was incredible. I didn’t know you were going to make me come too.” She had a very rosy glow as she pulled on her panties and redressed into her short skirt and sleeveless blouse. She didn’t need stockings for her firm, tanned legs.

Jessica began to dress as well and said, “Baby, I thought if you came it would make the whole experience more enjoyable. It would also make it so you might be able to resist Ted when he arrives. Just remember, if you can’t resist him, do not let him stick his…big cock in your pussy. If you can’t stop him just let him stick it in your nice clean ass. I just know he would never use a condom.”

Jessica and Chrissy went down to the den to wait for Ted. Chrissy poured them a glass of chardonnay and they chatted for a few minutes. Soon there was a knock at the door and there was Ted Baxter, just as handsome as ever. Chrissy said, “Hi Ted” and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Come on in. Mom’s here.”

“Hello Mrs. Thompson…err…Jessica. This is a pleasant surprise.”

“I was just leaving, Ted, but it is nice to see you again. Would you be so kind as to walk me to my car?” Ted looked quizzical but nodded ‘yes’. Walking out to the car Jessica explained to Ted that Chrissy could not get pregnant again but she was prepared for another new experience. Jessica told Ted that Chrissy had just had an enema to get ready for his visit. Ted was taken aback by Jessica’s forthright comments but he smiled knowingly and kissed her on the cheek. Jessica sat down in the car, smiled and asked Ted when he was going to visit her again. Ted leaned into the car, kissed her deeply and said, “Soon.” Jessica left and Ted went back into the house.

“Chrissy baby, it is so nice to be alone with you. We haven’t been alone together since high school. Let’s just pretend we are back in high school and going on a date. Can I give you a little hug?” Ted put his arms around Chrissy and pulled her body close. She smelled great. “Are you ready for our date? What would you like to do? Why don’t we stay here by ourselves? We have so little time alone together. You are so beautiful and sexy just like you were in high school.” He kissed her lightly on the lips.

Chrissy could feel the bulge in Ted’s slacks pressing against her stomach. “It is good to see you again. I always forget how big and strong you are. You must workout to stay in shape. We can stay here for our date if you like. Let me get us a glass of wine. Go into the den and make yourself comfortable.” Ted went into the den and sprawled on the sofa. Chrissy brought the wine and sat down beside him. They sipped the wine and chatted about recent events in their respective lives. When the wine glasses were empty Ted put his arm around Chrissy and pulled her next to him. He tilted her chin up and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Ted, you have to be a gentleman now. We are alone. I have no one to protect me. What do you want to do on our date? If we pretend we are back in high school we could make-out some…if you want to. But you have to be a gentleman.” Ted kissed her again but this time he pushed his tongue between Chrissy’s lips. She accepted Ted’s kiss and began to use her tongue, as well. Ted reclined on the sofa pulling Chrissy down with him. His left hand was on her waist and began to move up under her breast. Soon his thumb was raking across her nipple causing it to harden. Chrissy’s legs straddled Ted’s right leg as she reclined against him. “Oh Ted, this is just like being in the back seat of your car on a date. Do you remember? You would kiss me and touch my boobies and my cunny…remember. What did you want to do to me then? Did you want to do bad things to me? Did you want to get in my panties? You wanted to stick your big cock in my cunny…didn’t you? Did you want to slide it in and out and squirt cum in me?”

“Chrissy, you know what I wanted then and you know what I want now. Can we get more comfortable? Can we go up to the bedroom? Your mother told me that you were all ready for…well…you know….a new experience with my cock.” Ted’s hand moved down Chrissy’s back and began to work her short skirt higher up her shapely legs.

“Mom told you ‘that’. Sometimes I wonder whose side she is on….yours or mine. Did she tell almanbahis giriş you all the gory details about helping me to get ready? What are you ready for? This is your date too. Ted, you shouldn’t pull my skirt any higher or my panties will show. Someone might come in and see me. I don’t know if we should go up to the bedroom. You might take advantage of me again. You know what you did to Mom and me the last time we were in a bedroom with you…do you remember? You got into our panties and put a baby into both of us. If we go upstairs you won’t try to put a baby in me will you? It is sort of uncomfortable here though. Ted baby, don’t put your hand under my panties. You’re going to try to f-fuck me aren’t you? I’m married and I’m only supposed to let Joey f-fuck me.” Ted had slowly worked her skirt upward until he could fondle her ass cheeks through her bikini panties. He worked his hand down the back of her panties along her ass crack and began to finger her anus. Chrissy began to squirm against Ted’s leg rubbing her pussy. “Ted, you’re so bad….ummm….that feels so good.”

“Chrissy, you could touch my cock some, if you want.” She began to rub his cock through his slacks. She then worked the zipper down and reached into his fly and pulled his cock out and rubbed her thumb over the head.

Ted groaned and pushed his finger into her ass. “Ted, you shouldn’t touch my bottom like this. What if someone saw you touching me like this? Ooh Ted, if you are going to touch me like this maybe we had better go upstairs.” When Chrissy got up to go upstairs she continued to lightly hold Ted’s cock in her hand. Ted continued to finger Chrissy’s anus. “Let’s go up.” They walked upstairs while continuing to massage each other.

When they reached the bedroom Ted unzipped Chrissy’s skirt. It fell to the floor. He unbuttoned her blouse and took it off her shoulders. “Ted, you shouldn’t take my clothes off. You will be able to see my cunny. You will touch me and kiss me all over. I just know that if I don’t have clothes on I won’t be able to stop you from fucking me.”

Then Ted took off his shirt and slacks. His cock poked through the fly of his boxers and when he pulled Chrissy toward him it bumped against her stomach. “Ted baby, you are getting so hard already.” She reached down and lightly gripped his cock in her little hand. “Are you going to use ‘this’ to do bad things to me? It is so big and thick. It squirts so much. Look, it is already leaking. You know how Mom helped me to get ready for our date. I would like to help you get ready too.”

“I am ready now, baby. What else could you do to get me more ready?”

“You know what Mom did to me. I could do that to you….you know….get you all clean and ready. It felt so good to me and I could make it feel so good to you. You will never forget this date.” Chrissy continued to pull on Ted’s cock and rub her thumb over the head spreading the pre-cum lubricant.

“I don’t know baby. I’ve never had an enema. I don’t think I would like it. Did it really feel good? Did it hurt? I guess we could try it, if you want to.” Chrissy told Ted to stretch out on the bed and she would get everything ready in the bathroom. When she came out with the full bag, hose and nozzle Ted had second thoughts but he did not object. The nozzle with the big bulge in the middle looked scary though.

Chrissy spread a towel on the bed and told Ted to lie down on it. She reached down and helped him slide off his boxers and tee shirt. His cock bobbed up in the air when his boxers came off. “Just lie back and I will take care of everything. We need to get you ready with a little lube. You remember when Mom helped get you ready to f-fuck me the last time we were together. Well I’m going to help you get ready this time.” Chrissy put some Vaseline on her hand and put it on Ted’s cock. She moved her hand up and down and Ted groaned. She put more Vaseline on her other hand and told Ted to raise his legs. She spread the Vaseline up and down Ted’s ass with a vigorous massage. She then concentrated on his anus working the lube in with her finger.

When Chrissy had thoroughly lubed Ted’s ass she put some lube on the nozzle and touched it lightly to his anus. She twisted the nozzle and increased the pressure until the tip began to slide into Ted’s rectum. He groaned and Chrissy said, “Does it hurt, baby? I don’t want to hurt you. Does it feel like a cock going in and out….you know….f-fucking you?” She moved the nozzle tip in and out about 3 inches up to the bulge in the nozzle. Ted was squirming more frantically all the time. “Do you want me to f-fuck you some more? Would that feel good?” Ted nodded and Chrissy pushed the bulge into Ted’s ass. Ted grunted. “Are you ready for this c-cock to squirt in you? I’ll turn on the water now.” The water began to fill Ted’s intestines and Chrissy continued to move the nozzle in and out, while never pulling the bulge past Ted’s sphincter muscle. As the bag emptied into Ted his cock reached maximum hardness and Chrissy began to move her fist up and down the stalk. “Does that feel good baby? Do you like me rubbing your big cock? Will this make you squirt cum?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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