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aI was barely awake, paying no attention to much other than my doodles, when I stiffened with surprise. She had leaned over and written “I can’t stop thinking about your cock!” on my paper. I couldn’t help but to smile, thinking back to the night before when we had been a little tipsy and finally made good on months of flirting. The memory of her beautiful body bent over in front of me with my penis pumping in and out of her surged into my head as the blood surged somewhere distinctly south of there. Since we were sitting in the back of the lecture hall, I couldn’t help but to write “You don’t have to miss it, say hello to it!” right below it.

With a little smile she reached over and slid my zipper down and reached in to pull out my hardening penis. She wasted no time in starting to give me a hand job, sliding her soft hand up and down my rock hard member, stopping only to play with the increasing amount of pre cum that was leaking from the head. I looked around the classroom, wondering if anyone had noticed but seeing that everyone else looked just as asleep as I had been until a minute ago. The novelty of being jerked off in the middle, well the back of, class made short work of me. Before I knew it I had to scrawl “I’m going to cum” on the paper. Amazingly her other hand left the desk top and formed a cup around my cock head and she quickened her pace until I filled her hand with my first orgasm of the day. I struggled to keep my face nonchalant but inside I was screaming out in an amazing orgasm as she finally slowed her pace.

I was probably even more surprised as she lifted her now full hand to her mouth and licked the cum out, spreading some on her lips, giving them a shine that no makeup will ever match. The rest of my cum disappeared inside of her beautiful mouth as the hand that had moments ago been jerking my cock now reached below her skirt Kıbrıs Escort to pull her g-string aside. She shifted in her chair, letting me see that her pussy was now bare to the glaring light of the classroom. Her hand, still speckled with my cum, began to tease around the already soaking lips of her vagina and rub lightly on her erect clitoris. Despite my orgasm I could feel myself stiffening, and I could only watch in awe as first one than another finger sank deep into her. I could tell from the way her breath caught that she was pressing hard on her g-spot. I couldn’t control myself, my hand moved on its own over to her and pressed my thumb hard on her clitoris. Her clenched jaw let out a squeak as the added pressure sent her over the edge and her vagina soaked her two questing fingers. She shivered in orgasm, and somehow managed to not make any more noise that would let the rest of the class know what had just happened.

As she began to come down from her orgasm I shifted her g-string to cover her now soaking vagina, and as she shifted back towards the class in her chair the professor finally finished his lecture. Of course there were no questions, and she grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs of the room and towards the hall. . .

. . .As she led me out of the classroom, I could only guess what was on her mind. After our shared orgasms in the lecture hall, I knew that she could only want more, as neither of us was the kind of person to settle for only cumming once. To my surprise, once we got outside it was the library that she ran for, not either of our dorms. We were soon inside the library, and she led me down the stairs as my cock began to stir wondering what surprises she had in store for me.

We reached the second level down, which according to the door hosted the University Museum and the Government Documents section. Kıbrıs Escort Bayan I hoped she didn’t have a sudden urge to go to the Museum, and as she led me down the aisle between the stacks, I soon saw that I had nothing to worry about. She took a turn down first one than another than another aisle, until we were in a section that looked like it had not seen another person in ages. In a moment, she was in my arms, our lips locked together as our tongues caressed each other and our hands grasped urgently at each other’s bodies. Despite the amazing orgasm she had given me not even half an hour before, I could feel the hardness of my erection returning in full force. She obviously could too as she broke our embrace to drop to her knees and unzip my pants. She pulled my penis out and without a moments hesitation she took every inch of me deep into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure and reveled in the sight of her lips encircling my girth and her soft cleavage beneath that.

Just as I was beginning to match the rhythmic movements of her head she pulled me all the way out and said “I want you inside of me, do you have a condom” before returning my penis to her mouth. My heart dropped, I didn’t have one on me, though I normally don’t anticipate having sex right after class. When I told her this, she just smiled up at me and said “Than I guess you will just have to finish in my mouth.” With that she stood up and turned around, leaning into the closest stack. She bent down, pulling her soaking g-string to the floor and stepping out of it before tossing it playfully at me and saying “What are you waiting for?”

I didn’t wait anymore, I lifted her skirt up to expose her soaking wet sex and placed my naked cock right at the entrance to her vagina. With one long gentle stroke I moved my entire length inside of her, and it was her turn to Escort Kıbrıs moan as I slowly got into the rhythm that her body craved. I let my left hand wander to her breasts, caressing them through the thin fabric of her shirt, discovering for the first time that she had not worn a bra. As she moaned with the motion of my penis I moved my hand down to her clitoris and began to play with it, gently at first but soon frantically in time with her ragged breath. I whispered in her ear for her to cum, nibbling the sensitive skin of her ear and neck as I did so. She couldn’t do anything but to comply with the urges of her body as the pressure on her clit and the pounding in her vagina became too much and she came.

Her vagina rippled with her orgasm and her entire body shook with the power or it, I almost had to catch her to keep her on her feet. I stayed buried inside her as her contractions began to subside, enjoying the velvet warmth of her vagina. As she finally regained her senses, she pushed back on me to remove the length of my penis from her. She once again knelt in front of me and began to lick her cum from my penis. She then guided my penis back into her mouth and began to suck on its length once more. Her hands were not idle as one jerked my penis and the other played with my balls. She surprised me for the thousandth time that day as she moved her hand from my balls to my ass and slipped a finger inside me to press on my prostate. The combined sensations sent me over the edge and I came in her mouth.

The force of my orgasm overwhelmed us both and through my blurry vision I could see her valiantly trying to swallow my seed. She almost succeeded, but the last spurt escaped her lips and dripped down to her beautiful cleavage. I stood leaning against the stack recovering as she licked my member clean, than recovered her g-string from where it lay on the floor. She stood and kissed me, letting the taste of my cum pass between our lips. Putting the g-string in my pocket, she once again took my hand and we walked hand in hand back towards the stairs, the bit of my cum glistening on her breasts, laughing as we headed for our dorms. . .

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