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I was working on my water heater and needed a valve that would take a couple of weeks to get delivered if I ordered it online. Even the larger hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes didn’t carry this part.

I got a recommendation to visit a small local plumbing supply store. The guy who took care of me was excellent. He found a part that would work in conjunction with some tubing. I was racing the clock to get this done, so he checked me out quickly. His name was Richard, and he was a middle-aged guy who weighed around 400 pounds.

Just as I was about to leave, another employee of the supply store walked into the check-out area.

I immediately started drooling, trying not to be too obvious as I was in a pretty redneck area of the deep south and a pretty redneck shop.

I figured this guy was between 19 and 24, slim, around 5’6″ and 115 pounds. His pants and shirt were tight enough to show that his young body was lean, and his butt was perfect. He had dark hair, a small amount of chin hair, short sideburns, and a couple of tattoos, both of which were tasteful. He was obviously a young little redneck, but oh my God, he was a steaming hot and cute young guy.

I was pretty much on my way out, so it would have looked way too obvious if I even tried to strike up a conversation with this captivatingly cute looking guy.

In the following couple of days, I just could not get this adorable young redneck guy out of my mind. He was somewhere between astonishingly cute and amazingly handsome.

I called the plumbing supply place.

When someone answered, I said, “I need to email some pictures of a project to …I forget his name. Kind of a young skinny guy. Is that you?”

The person on the other end of the line said, “No, that’s not me.”

I said, “I forget his name. Do you know who I’m talking about?”

He said, “Yeah, that would be Cody.”

I thought, ‘Damn, that’s even a cute name.’

I asked if he was in, but he was apparently helping with unloading a truck. I asked for Cody’s email, but the guy said, I could just email the pictures to him and he gave me his email address. It would have been way too awkward to insist on him giving me Cody’s email address.

I waited for several days.

I called back and asked for Cody.

Cody came on the line. Goodness, I even loved the sound of his voice.

I gave Cody some bullshit that I had talked to him a couple of months ago about a water filtering project and needed to send him some pictures to see if they have a few parts that I needed.

Cody didn’t remember the conversation that we never had, but he was enthusiastic to help. He gave me his email address. The problem was, it was a company email address, and I really wanted to send him a private and personal email.

I sent Cody some Jpegs, but before sending them, I opened them with NotePad and removed and added characters, which caused the files to be corrupted.

Cody sent an email back stating that he couldn’t open the pictures.

I replied, “Okay, let me send them again and I’ll cc myself to see if there are some issues with my outgoing server.”

Cody again replied that he couldn’t open the pictures.

I replied, “That’s strange because the cc I received, they opened fine.”

I waited several minutes and sent Cody another email.

I wrote, “Hey Cody, maybe it’s your server that can’t accept certain file types or sizes. Do you have another email address I can send them to?”

Cody wrote back, “Yeah, try sending them to my personal Gmail account.”

PERFECT!! Now I had this beautiful young straight redneck boy’s private email address.

I had now been fantasizing about thoroughly servicing Cody’s young gentiles for over a week. I wondered how big his cock was and if he was cut or uncut, how his cock looked soft and hard, how much hair he had down there, how his balls looked, etc. None of it really mattered. I knew I wanted to suck him off.

I was in southern Mississippi, so the whole redneck thing was just a part of the culture. Cody was well-groomed and appeared to be hygienically conscious, but given the redneck area, I wondered if he did any grooming, trimming, or anything at all downstairs, or if it was all just left to naturally grow like bushes.

I really wanted to suck Cody’s young straight redneck dick no matter what.

I sent some pictures of my water filtering system to Cody’s Gmail account and asked if they carried the fittings that connect them together.

Cody replied that he did receive the pictures and that they had the parts I needed.

I waited several days and then sent Cody an email from a completely different and anonymous email account.

All I wrote was, “Hi Cody. I think you are a really hot looking guy. Are you horny?”

Cody didn’t respond until later that evening. I imagine he usually only checks his personal email when he is at home. The only reason he had to check the email with the photos while at work was because he was expecting them.

Cody replied. He wrote, “Thanks, …I guess. Of course, gaziantep escort I’m horny. Aren’t all guys? Who is this?”

I replied, “I’m just someone who would love to go down on you and give you a really good deep throat blowjob until you cum. Are you interested?”

Cody wrote back, “Are you a chick or a dude?”

I answered, “I’m a gay guy. I’m not looking for anything at all in return. I would just like to give you a headjob, and I give really great head.”

Cody wrote back, “Dude, I’m not a homo. Are you someone I know playing a game on me or what?”

Cody’s reply hinted that he was a little paranoid that it might be a friend or co-worker trying to get some dirt on him that he was willing to meet up with a ‘homo.’

A straight young guy certainly wouldn’t want anyone in southern Mississippi to even think they met with a ‘homo.’ Now I was even more aroused knowing that this cute young redneck boy was totally and absolutely straight, and he clarified that he was horny.

I wrote back, “Hey Cody. You receiving a blowjob from a gay guy doesn’t mean you’re gay. The guy who is blowing you is gay. You’re straight, and I totally know that. A lot of straight guys like getting head from a gay guy. Guys give better head because they know how the equipment works. I’m not someone you know trying to trick you. Anything we would do would be totally secret between you and me. Just so you know, I can prove that this isn’t a set-up by anyone you know. Just tell me, do you like getting head?”

It was only a few minutes and Cody replied. It was encouraging that he was keeping this dialog going. If he didn’t have some interest, at least a slight interest, he would have shut the email exchange down.

Cody wrote back, “Of course I like getting head. What guy doesn’t? I’m not a homo, and I want to make that real clear. I think you’re someone I know and you’re fucking with me, but go ahead and prove me wrong. Aside from that, no one has been able to deep throat my cock, or make me cum by blowing me.”

When I read that email, I was about 95% sure that Cody was interested.

Cody evidently has had his cock sucked, he likes having his cock sucked, he needed to clarify that he is straight (just in case he was being fucked with by a friend or co-worker) and he wanted me to prove that I wasn’t someone he knew. That last part was significant. Once I proved to him that I wasn’t a friend or co-worker trying to see if he was willing to let a ‘homo’ suck his dick, then I thought his interest might increase.

I sent an email back. I wrote, “Okay Cody. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll stop at the plumbing shop tomorrow. If you’re not right up in the front area, I’ll act like I’m involved in a texting session with someone on my phone until you’re available. Then I’ll approach you and ask for a small tub of plumber’s putty. I’ll also ask if you happen to know anyone who might be interested in buying my 2015 F-350 Dually. If you ask to see it, I’ll show it to you in the parking lot. I’ll have a red rag hanging on the outside top of the rear driver’s side window, caught up in the window when it rolled up. Then you’ll know who I am. We won’t talk about anything else. But, then if you want to chat more about this, you can just email me.”

I was a little surprised to get an immediate reply.

Cody just wrote, “LOL. Yeah, sure. Okay.”

In his mind, I’m sure Cody put the ‘LOL’ in there in case it was a friend or coworker. In other words, he was saying, ‘I think you’re fucking with me,’ but if you’re real and not fucking with me, then I want to see where this can go.

Cody’s email told me that he would be looking for me the next day. He certainly wouldn’t ‘out’ me in the store he worked in, so I had no concerns. I just wanted to eliminate his concerns and totally assure him that if he let me blow him, it would be our secret.

I did definitely jerked off that evening thinking about the possibility, almost probability that I was going to go down on this gorgeous young redneck boy.

The next morning I had nothing on my mind besides going to see Cody. Although I had some work to get done, every two seconds my mind went to Cody.

I waited until about 1:30 before heading to the plumbing shop. I wanted to arrive after everyone had likely had their lunch hour.

I walked in with my phone in hand in case I had to pretend I was texting. I didn’t have to wait. Cody was sitting right at the counter.

I walked up to him and immediately noticed that he dressed really nice. Nice tight t-shirt and nice designer blue jeans. He also had shaved and trimmed his little chin hair.

I asked, “Do you guys carry plumber’s putty?”

Cody looked like he almost fell out of his chair as he stood up. His facial expression suggested he immediately knew or at least suspected I was the person who wanted to suck his cock. When he stood up and turned, I got a great look at his astonishingly cute butt.

Cody replied, “Yes sir. We have tubes or tubs,” pointing to them on a shelf behind the counter.

I said, “I’ll take a small tub.”

From his expressions, Cody looked surprised, nervous, and curious all at the same time. I had parked my truck directly in front of the store window in full view.

Cody beat me to the discussion about the truck.

Cody asked, “Is that your F-350 there?” …pointing to my truck sitting ten feet from us.

I answered, “Yeah, it is.”

With a delectable nervousness in his voice, Cody said, “Nice truck. There’s a red rag stuck in the back window.”

I just said, “Oh, thanks for noticing that. That’s important that you noticed that red rag.”

Cody nervously said, “Yes sir. That’s important.”

As far as I was concerned, Cody had just clarified that he knew I was the ‘homo’ who wanted to go down on him.

I paid for the plumber’s putty and said, “Have a great day.”

Cody said, “Thank you. “You have a great day too and hope to see you again soon.”

Oh my God. When Cody said, ‘Hope to see you again soon’ it almost made me cum on the spot. Like no kidding, me too! …Real soon.

It wasn’t until a little after eleven o’clock that night that I got a single email from Cody.

He wrote, “You’re not what I was expecting. You don’t look like a homo.”

I answered, “Yeah, as I said, anything we have or will discuss, or anything we do is secret. Just between you and me.”

There was no reply. As late as it was, I think Cody probably spent hours trying to think what to say in an email, he sent it and then went to bed. Just the fact that he sent an email that didn’t tell me to fuck off was enough for me to know that he was definitely considering letting me suck his young horny cock.

The next day a little before eleven AM, I got an email from Cody.

Cody wrote, “I’ll send you an email when I get home from work, around six o’clock. When I email you after work, as I said, no one has ever been able to make me cum by blowing me, and no one has been able to deep throat my dick. Have you sucked guys’ dicks until they bust? I’m about eight inches. Still think you can deep throat a cock that big?”

I assumed he got that email off from his personal email account quickly while at work, so I didn’t reply. I waited until he got off of work. But, I was now 100% sure that I was going to suck Cody’s hot straight redneck boy young dick.

At almost six o’clock on the dot, I received an email from Cody. Without even opening it, I thought, this redneck horny straight boy is definitely interested.

Cody wrote, “So how big is the biggest dude you deep throated, and did he cum?”

I immediately thought that Cody’s questions were kind of a dare.

I answered, “Yes, I’ve deep throated dudes bigger than eight inches, and yes, they did cum.”

Cody immediately answered, “I would only do this to see if you can really deep throat my dick.”

I replied, “I can definitely deep throat your cock, and I promise you will really love the feeling.”

Cody wrote, “Okay. So, that’s all you want is to suck my dick?”

I said, “Yes. I just want to give you a blowjob. I don’t want anything in return. Just your dick in my mouth.”

Cody replied, “Okay, I’ll let you suck my dick and long as you go all the way down.”

I said, “Cool. When do you want to meet up so I can go down on you?”

Cody answered, “You know I’m not a homo and I’m not doing anything to you, right?”

I answered, “Totally. I don’t want anything in return. I just want to give you a blowjob.”

Cody asked, “How sure are you that you can make me bust by just sucking my cock?”

I answered, “I’m absolutely 100% sure that you will definitely cum from me sucking your dick.”

Cody asked, “Can I nut in your mouth?”

I answered, “I definitely want you to fill my mouth full of your cum.”

Cody wrote back, “Will you swallow?”

I answered, “Yes, I’ll definitely swallow. Any idea when and where?”

Cody said, “I nut really large. No one has ever been able to swallow my cum.”

I said, “I promise, I will definitely eat all of your semen. All of it.”

Cooper said, “Okay, we’ll see if you can.”

Surprisingly, Cody had it planned out already.

Cody wrote, “I left the gate at the back of the store unlocked. There is a lounge for the truck delivery guys. It has a couple of chairs and a sofa. It’s just a small building in the back behind the shop. I left that unlocked too. So if you want to blow me tonight, I can meet you at the shop at about ten o’clock and I’ll let you suck my dick in the trucker’s lounge. You just blow me and just don’t ask me to do anything homo to you.”

I was hard from just reading that. I was going to go down on a young straight cute redneck dude tonight and eat his warm thick semen.

Cody sent another email. I hoped it wasn’t him reconsidering…

I opened the email.

Cody just said, “I forgot. The parking lot of the shop has a locked fence. So, meet me at the Burger King that’s almost right across the street. Then we can walk over behind the shop where I left that gate unlocked.”

I wrote back, “Okay, I’ll see you at Burger King at ten.”

Cody wrote back, “Okay. You’re just going to blow me, nothing else, right?”

I wrote back, “Yes. I’ll just blow you and swallow. I’ll do anything you want and nothing you don’t want. It’s all just about giving you a blowjob and making you cum.”

Cody wrote back, “Okay, cool. See you later.”

I was at Burger King a few minutes before ten. Cody was a little late and showed up around 10:15. He walked over to my truck’s driver’s side. He was wearing a pair of silky looking Nike sweat pants that hugged his waist and his butt. They also allowed his package to move around as he was walking.

Cody appeared to have about a 29″ waist, a perfect butt and was wearing a top with the zipper down showing his chest and stomach. He definitely had a six-pack and a little light hair on his chest. He looked awesome.

As he reached my driver’s side door I got out.

Cody said, “Okay dude. Just to make sure we’re square with this, all you’re wanting to do is suck my dick, right? Nothing else?”

I said, “Yes. That’s it. I just want to suck your dick.”

Cody said, “I gotta be honest. I’m pretty nervous.”

I said, “Yeah, I am a little too. But, there is something naughty about doing this, and naughty is usually hot. I mean, it’s hot that we’re meeting for the sole purpose of me giving a hot straight dude a blowjob until you nut, and then me eating your cum.”

Cody laughed and said, “Yeah, I like naughty.

Cody asked, “So what do you get out of it?”

I answered, “I would just find it incredibly erotic and arousing to suck your dick until you ejaculate and fill my mouth full of your warm, thick semen. So, I hope I get a mouthful of your cum. I’d really love to eat your cum.”

Cody said, “Putting it that way, you make it sound hot. I love having my dick sucked, but no babe has ever been able to make me cum by sucking my dick.”

I replied, “As I said, that’s because they don’t know how the equipment works.”

Cody said, “Well unless you have a magic mouth, I wouldn’t count on me cumming.”

I said, “You asked if I would swallow. I assumed you were planning to cum in my mouth.”

Cody said, “I’m just not sure if I will.”

I said, “If you cum or don’t cum, it’s all good. I just want to suck your dick.”

Cody still seemed a little confused as to why I just wanted to blow him, or how I would get any gratification.

I just said, “Cody. You’re a hot looking young dude. I get off on giving you sexual servicing. That’s all. It’s my fetish. I just really want your dick in my mouth. I’ll get off just by sucking your dick.”

Cody said, “Okay, as I said, I do love having my dick sucked. We’ll go over there and you can suck my dick all you want.”

I just said, “Great! You lead the way.”

Cody laughed and said, “Okay, follow me.”

We crossed the street and started walking along the side of the plumbing shop to the back. I was walking behind Cody admiring his beautiful butt, and I could smell that he had just showered.

I said, “You smell like you just showered and you use Coast soap.”

Cody answered, “Yeah, I did. Yeah, I like Coast. That’s why I was a little late.”

During our walk, we chatted a little.

I asked Cody, “How old are you?”

Cody answered, “I’m twenty.”

I asked, “When’s the last time you busted a nut?”

Cody answered, “Ummm, probably about a week or so ago.”

I thought, ‘A week! Oh goodness, I’m probably going to get a whole lot of cum out of this young straight boy.’

I said, “Then you have got to be really horny.”

Cody chuckled and said, “I’m letting a dude suck my dick so obviously I’m so horny it hurts.”

We arrived at the back gate to the fence. He had the padlock positioned where it looked locked, but as soon as he turned it, it came right out and the door opened. After we both entered, Cody closed the gate and repositioned the lock so it appeared to be locked.

I asked, “Are you sure there aren’t any alarms?”

Cody answered, “No there aren’t any out here or in the trucker’s lounge. Just in the shop.”

We approached the small building, which was the trucker’s lounge.

Cody opened the door. There was just a small wall-socket nightlight.

Cody said, “Let’s just leave the lights off.”

I said, “Yeah, leave them off.”

Cody locked the door behind us.

There were two recliners in the corners facing a sofa in the middle of the small room, and a table against the wall a couple of feet from behind the sofa.

I asked, “Do you want me to go down on you while you sit or lay down?”

Cody put his back against the wall and, with a very authoritative tone said, “Just get down on your knees and suck my dick.”

I loved Cody ‘ordering’ me onto my knees. I love blowing a straight young guy on my knees. There is just something hot about a straight young dude standing over me, me on my knees, and him looking down on me while I’m sucking his cock.

Hearing Cody telling me to get on my knees and blow him was hot. Cody was expressing his conscious and deliberate intent of positioning me to his convenience for the sole purpose of me sucking his young cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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