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Disclaimer: All characters over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy.


It was the end of my freshman year of college, and my mom had driven the 100 miles up to college to pick me up. Most of my dorm belongings were in a storage locker near campus, so it didn’t take long to pack the car, to begin making the return trip home for the summer. Since she’d driven up, I volunteered to drive back. I didn’t need a car on campus, but had my license so I could drive when I needed to, especially when I was home for the summer.

As we got onto the interstate, I brought her up to date on my classes, how my finals went, and what my final grades were. I was winding up with a 3.8 GPA for the semester, an improvement on the 3.6 I’d managed the first semester.

“I’m so proud of you, Davey!” she said, reaching over to rough up my hair. Only Mom still calls me “Davey”, I’m Dave to everyone else. When she said it felt sweet, not childish. I tried to straighten my hair with my fingers. “So, have you been having any luck on the girlfriend front since you broke up with Sarah? You haven’t mentioned any dates during your last few calls home. Or can I assume your improved grades are from studying instead of fucking any girl you can?”

“Mom!” I gasped, looking over at her. I had never heard her use that language in my entire life. I couldn’t imagine her even thinking about me having sex. She’d found a pack of condoms in my room at Thanksgiving, so I know she was aware I was having sex, but this? I swallowed hard, before answering, “A few dates here and there, mom, nobody special, and nobody I wanted to take to bed. Guys can get reputations, too, that’ll scare away the kind of woman I want.” I didn’t want to say that none of the girls seemed to stack up to my mom in looks or personality. She was the most beautiful woman I know, 5’6″, always trying to drop below 145 pounds. I knew her bras were 37Ds, and guessed her waist and hips as 29 and 40 inches. Classic hourglass. She was always complaining that her excess weight was on her hips. I thought they looked beautiful just the way they were, because it gave her a great ass. If any woman was a MILF in my neighborhood, it was her. I tried to ignore the stiffening that was happening between my legs.

I looked over at her again, and saw her crying. “Mom, what’s going on with you? Are you okay?”

She sniffed, wiped her tears away, and whispered, almost drowned out by the road noise, “I wish I could say your Dad wasn’t fucking anything he could..” She took a deep breath. “I know he’s having an affair. He denies it, but I know it’s true. You don’t come home and taste strange pussy on your husband’s dick and not know it. I don’t know who she is, but it’s happened three times in the last week that I’ve come home and wanted to have sex with him.”

Mom never talked to me about her love life with me like this. It just wasn’t like her. I felt my dick stiffen further, just imagining her going down on Dad, and shocked myself by imagining her going down on me. “Do you want me to kick his ass for you, Mom? Nobody should get to treat you like that.”

“My defender? No, I don’t think that’s going to help, at all. I finally confronted him about it after the second time, and he denied it, and after it happened the third time, he told me I was crazy, and wouldn’t let me make love to him, and he slept in your room for the night. That was yesterday. I just don’t know what to do.”

I reached my right hand over to where hers was on the armrest between the seats, and squeezed. “Do you think the two of you are headed for divorce?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “I love your father, and I want our marriage to work, but it can’t if he’s lying to me. It might be different if he’d just admit to it, and we could work on whatever caused him to stray.”

“I’m so sorry, Mom.” I gave her hand another squeeze before returning it to the steering wheel. “Whatever you decide, Mom, know that I’m in your corner. And ready to kick his ass if you change your mind.” I had three inches and about 30 pounds on my Dad, and was pretty sure I could do some damage if needed. While hoping like hell it wasn’t.

We rode in silence for quite a while, when I heard my mom’s cell phone, which we were using for GPS navigation, give out a battery warning. It was plugged into the charger in the dash, but clearly wasn’t getting any power. Must have been a short. We tried mine, but it was already low, and we still had 40 miles left to go. We didn’t have a way to let Dad know of our arrival, but decided to just finish the drive, rather than get off the highway and try to find a payphone.

Arriving at the house, we saw Dad’s car in the driveway, but not my sister Amy’s. Amy was a Senior in high school, due to graduate in a few more weeks. I parked the car in the driveway, and Mom and I each grabbed a box and headed to the door. We were still in thoughtful mode, so weren’t making a lot of noise, and opened the door quietly.

And bursa escort bayan immediately heard the sounds of fucking coming from one of the bedrooms. Mom froze and whispered, “Son of a bitch. He’s actually doing it here. Since our cell phones are dead, find the digital camera in the kitchen drawer – I’m going to catch him in the act. Let’s see his divorce lawyer wiggle him out of that one.”

I quietly got the camera, turned it on to make sure it had working batteries, and brought it to Mom. Whoever Dad was fucking, it sounded like he was really slamming into her, and she was loving it, and I was getting hard really quick. I know, it was my Dad, but I hadn’t gotten any in a while, and pretty much anything was getting me hard.

Mom and I crept down the hallway, and saw that the bedroom door was open. The sounds were definitely coming from it. As we came to it, Mom raised the camera. Then she froze again. I heard her grunt, like someone had gut punched her. And as I came up behind her, I realized that was accurate. There, on the bed, was my Dad, really pounding the shit out of my sister Amy, and she was giving as good as she got. She orgasmed right at the moment we saw them, and the sounds of her moans finished filling my cock. Damn, the sight was hot!

I think Mom and I were in such shock, that we couldn’t say anything, and the two lovers hadn’t noticed us. My mom lowered the camera, and staggered, falling back into me. Right into my rock-hard dick. There was no way she couldn’t notice it, and she did. She put her hands back on my hips to steady herself, and then I felt her rotate her ass into my groin, and then put her hand between us, and ran her hand along its length. Without saying a word, she turned, looked me straight in the eyes, and mouthed, “Follow me.” She took my hand, and walked me to my bedroom down and on the other side of the hall, and closed the door behind us.

I hugged her and when I could think clearly, I asked, “Mom, why aren’t you screaming at Dad right now? That’s my sister in there!” Amy was a slightly smaller clone of my mom, an inch shorter, and maybe 20 pounds thinner, she hadn’t gained the hips my Mom had, but was still a sexy little minx. And clearly knew how to fuck.

She pulled her face back a few inches to look me in the eye. The lack of tears surprised me. “I ought to be, Davey. But what your Dad and Amy have done, has finally given me permission to do this.” And my mother kissed me. Hard. Oh-my-gawd-I’m-going-to-cum-hard. “If he gets to have your sister, I get to have you. Fuck me Davey. I want you to so much.”

My jaw dropped. “Mom, are you sure?”

Her response was to kiss me again, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, and to reach her hands down and undo my belt. I grabbed her ass in response, and squeezed her cheeks.

My mom had my zipper down, and reached into my briefs to squeeze my dick. “He’s sure,” she purred. “Have a good blowjob lately, Davey?”

I shook my head. “I’ve actually never, Mom. Sarah didn’t want to do it, and that’s actually one of the things that broke us up.”

“Oh, then I’m about to blow your mind.” And with that, she pushed me towards the bed. Sitting at the end, I hurriedly pulled off my sneakers and socks and then pulled down my pants and briefs, as my mom grabbed a pillow off the bed and put it down in front of me, and kneeled on it between my knees. I pulled my shirt over my head. I doubt the Flash could have disrobed faster.

I leaned over to kiss my mom, and returned her the tongue action that she’d given me earlier. She broke away, and pushed my chest, to get me to lay down. And put her hand around my cock for the first time as an adult. “Hmmmmm, he’s bigger than your dad’s, too. And a little thicker. Want to bet I can still get him down my throat?” I was about 9″, and had my doubts.

“Throat?” I squeaked. “You can do that?”

“Uh-huh. Want to see?” And with that, she ran her tongue around the head of my dick. I groaned. “Davey like what momma’s doing?”

“Davey loves his mom licking his cock,” getting into the banter. “Davey loves his mom, period.” My mom took me into her mouth, her right holding my base while her left fondled my balls. Another groan. And another. She was working more and more of me into her mouth, swirling her tongue slowly around the shaft, when I felt my cockhead reach the back of her mouth. Without gagging, she began pushing me into the opening to her throat. Then it slipped through, and I was gliding down into her throat. “Oh, my gawd mom, that feels fantastic. Why would Dad ever cheat on someone who could do that to him?”

She pulled her mouth off and grinned evilly. “Do you really want me to discuss your Dad right now, or you want me to blow your mind apart?”

“Blow my mind apart.” I lay my head back down, and gripped my bedspread, and let my mom do just that. Down and up, swirl, down and up, suck on the head, then go down the side to lick my balls, then back up to swallow me to the root gorukle escort again. I was going out of my mind with pleasure, when I had to warn my mom, “I’m gonna cum, mom!” Her only response was to increase her speed, and begin a jacking motion at the base of my cock. I came, and came, and came, screaming out “MOM” over and over, as my orgasm blew me away.

And when I opened my eyes, there stood Dad in my doorway, with Amy behind him. He was hard and wet. Mom was right, he was smaller than me, about 7.5″. And looking at Amy, it looked like to me that she’d gained at least a half cup size since Christmas, her perky B cups replaced by solid Cs. Still not Mom’s size but pregnancy would likely get her there. Mom was licking up the come from my dick, and had not yet noticed them. “Paula?” Dad asked, not yelling, but surprised. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Mom stopped licking me, looked up and actually laughed at him. “Exactly what it looks like, you shit. I KNEW you were fucking someone else. I just didn’t imagine it was our daughter. So that’s what she tastes like.” I could see Amy blush.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” she said, looking like she was about to cry.

“Don’t give me that, Amy. You knew exactly what – and who – you were doing, and you like it, apparently a lot. At least show me the respect to be honest about that, and not apologize for something you’re just going to do again.”

“You’re right, Mom. I love him, and I love fucking him. What I’m sorry about is that it caused you any pain.”

Mom paused, then said, “It was your Dad who caused me pain, by lying to me. How do I not forgive you for feeling for him the same way I do? We’re okay, so long as you’re not trying to steal him from me.” Turning her eyes back to Dad, she said. “So, Jack, the way I figure it, If you get to fuck Amy, I get to have David. Now, we have two choices in front of us. We can let this split us apart, or all four of us can play together, and you and I stay married. So long as you promise me that you’re not fucking someone else besides her.”

Dad look confused. Then really confused. “You mean I can make love to you both, and you’re okay with that?”

“So long as you’re okay with me and David, yes. So I still haven’t heard that promise.”

He nodded, and dropped down to his knees to hug Mom, saying “I promise. Nobody who isn’t in this room.” His hug pulled Mom away from my groin, and Amy got her first good look at my dick, which was still hard. I heard her gasp. “Mom, do I get to fuck Dave, too? Please??” she practically whined. The look in her eyes was one I’d never seen from her before. It was lust, pure and simple.

Dad and Mom turned to look at her, and they both smiled. Mom chuckled and said, “Don’t you think you should be asking Davey?”

I looked Amy in the eyes and smiled. “Dave loves his baby sister. Of course I’ll fuck you. But I wanna fuck Mom first, if that’s okay?”

Amy came over to my bed, put her knee onto the mattress and leaned over to kiss me, pressing her bare breasts into my chest for the first time. “Dave, you kinda interrupted Dad and I. So I think I’d like to finish making love to him, while you make love to Mom, then we can get together later tonight, and I can give you and this hard thing a welcome home to remember?” She reached her hand over, and ran her palm over my dickhead.

I moaned and kissed her again, then said, “Shall we take all this lovemaking into the master bedroom? I really want to watch you two fuck, and my bed’s too small for all four of us. The quick peek we got of you too through the doorway looked really hot, even while it was shocking. I was so damned hard, that when Mom backed into me, she felt the whole thing.”

Mom nodded. “I couldn’t resist myself. Help me up, Jack. I really need Davey’s dick in my pussy, pronto.”

Mom and Dad, got up, Dad turned Amy around and pushed her toward his bedroom. “C’mon wench,” he said, slapping her bottom. She squealed.

Mom, gave me a hand to get up from the bed, and took my hand, and we followed them. I decided to lay down to Amy’s left, and let both of our parents be on top, this time. This let me hold one of Amy’s hands between us, use my right hand to caress her breasts, and kiss her, while Mom kneeled over my middle, while dad got between Amy’s legs again.

I asked Amy, “So, how did you and Dad happen?”

She smiled, and said, “A couple weeks ago I walked naked into his bathroom just as he was getting out of his shower. Tried to play it off as an accident, but I was smiling instead of looking shocked at seeing his dick, which was inflating at the sight of me. It took five seconds for each other to admit that we wanted this, and here we are.”

Mom kissed Dad, said “I actually think that’s kind of sweet,” and they moved at the same time, Dad sliding his dick back into Amy, and Mom slipped mine between her pussy lips for the very first time, then slid down onto me. She was hot inside, just wet enough bursa merkez escort bayan to let me slide in easily, but with enough friction to make my dick thrill to be in her. When she dropped all the way down, I felt my dick just touch her cervix. Dad and Mom both started really slow stroking motions, almost in synch with each other, while Amy and I stared into each other’s eyes as our parents fucked us both, first gently, then with rising passion, speed and intensity.

“I’m cumming, Davey,” Amy gasped, then kissed me passionately. She hadn’t called me that since she was six, but it felt right for her to use the same name Mom did. I broke the kiss, then leaned over and sucked her left nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. She screamed, her orgasm intensifying from the added stimulation.

Mom moaned, “That’s so hot,” and came herself, pulsating around my dick. It was only the earlier blowjob that kept me from coming that instant. But it pushed me into overdrive, as I thrust up into Mom from below, and I came two minutes later, shooting shot after shot into her pussy. Mom came again as she felt my dick throb inside her, moaning her ecstasy while kissing Dad.

And this passed the chain of orgasms to Dad. “Cumming!” he yelled, quickening his pace into Amy, triggering yet another orgasm for her. A four-way simultaneous orgasm. He grunted over and over, as his own ejaculation took him over. He pulled out of Amy, and ran into the bathroom to pee – he’d apparently suppressed the need while fucking Amy and really needed to go.

Mom pulled off of me, and slid between me and Amy. She kissed my sister’s forehead, and whispered, “you were so beautiful, when you came. I would love it, if you would let me lick your dad’s cum out of you. Will you let me do that?” I never imagined that Mom was bi. If I weren’t exhausted, I’d have been hard again.

Amy kissed Mom on the lips, and said, “Only if you show me how to do it, to you.” Dad came back, and his eyes bugged out as Mom kissed her way down Amy’s body towards her snatch. He lay on Amy’s right side, and started licking her breast, while I did the same on her left. Amy arched her back when Mom took her first long lick of Amy’s pussy. Dad and I watched in awe as mom turned Amy into an orgasm engine, using tongue and fingers to get at as much of Dad’s cum as she could. I lost count of Amy’s orgasms. She was soaked in sweat, when Mom kissed her way back to Amy’s face, and dripped part of Dad’s load into her mouth. Amy swallowed it, kissed Mom on the lips, and fell asleep, with such a blissful look on her face that I went to get the camera to capture it. I photographed just her face.

Mom, Dad and I got up, leaving her to sleep, grabbed our bathrobes and went into the kitchen to get some juice, and got our phones plugged in. Mom sat down, and asked, “So… how is everyone feeling about what just happened?”

Dad responded first. “I’m so sorry that I lied to you, Paula, but my first thought was that you were going to be mad with Amy, far more than being mad with me, and I wanted to protect her.”

Mom stroked his jawline with her fingertips, “I forgive you. I think this was the way it was meant to happen. I’m not actually sure I’d have had the same reaction if you’d told me it was Amy, instead of my seeing how beautiful you are together with my own eyes. Just don’t lie to me again. So, how are you handling this, Davey?”

I paused to think. “I’m still absorbing this. A lot’s happened today, and still more is gonna happen tonight, if Amy recovers from what we put her through. But I already know I would not go back to the way things were yesterday for anything. I love you all, and I think what we just did is an expression of that which works for us. You do know that having Amy and I share an apartment at college this fall has just taken on a whole new aspect?”

Dad laughed. “Which is going to be harder, your studying or your dick?”

“Very funny, Dad. I’m hungry. Should we order pizza?” I asked. “We can finish unloading my car before it comes.” So we called for a large double-pepperoni pizza and a family salad, and got my car unloaded just as the pizza guy pulled up. Amy had woken up, and dug into the pizza voraciously. I found out her car had broken down that morning and was in the shop, which is why we didn’t realize she was home before seeing her in bed with Dad.

At nine-thirty, I was laying in bed, just a pair of shorts on, when Amy came in, wearing just one of Dad’s old Billy Joel tshirts that she’d obviously stolen from him. It looked much better on her, baggy except across her tits. The thin fabric stretched over her breasts, and I could see her nipples clearly. “Do you still want me, Davey?” she asked.

“Are you kidding me? You’re the most gorgeous sister I know.” She laughed at the joke, and seemed to relax. “The most gorgeous teenager I know. You don’t have all mom’s curves yet, but you wouldn’t want to at 18. You’re perfect for your age, just as Mom’s perfect for hers. You’re going to drive the guys at State nuts. I’m gonna have a hard time letting you date any of them, in order to cover what we’ll be doing together.”

“Do I have to? I might only want to fuck you and Dad.” She hesitated, before adding, “He was my first. You’ll be my second.”

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