Coming Home Ch. 01

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Europe is completely run by the Nordic alliance. The United States had broken free after being colonized in the 1500’s. The revolution took place beginning on the autumn equinox in 1676. The US broke the yoke of the Nordic King, and has had to wage war with Europe on and off for 400 years.

John McDaniel

It was getting close to graduation, and the pressure was high. I had spent 330 days a year for the last seven years at Brooks Military Academy. It was the last week of senior year, and I was at the top of my class. Next stop: The USAF Academy in Colorado Springs to learn how to be a fighter pilot. Granted Second LT upon entry!

I was so stoked!

My best wing man, Alex was close to the top. He met me for lunch that Monday afternoon.

“So Lieutenant, what are you gonna get for the last week at lunch?” Alex asked smiling.

“Well L.T., I figured I have your pride for lunch all week, cause I am gonna smoke you at finals!” I ribbed.

“You don’t have to be an ass about it!” Alex frowned. He had never beaten me on a test score yet, although he had remained competitive. “Sorry Alex…I’m just feeling really good about getting out of this hole and meeting a girl.”

“Makes two of us. So when can I meet your mom for wine, perhaps dinner and a motel room?” Alex asked nearly seriously. He had met her twice and had a massive crush.

“I can kill you with a plastic butter knife Alex” I said as we made our way down the cafeteria line.

“Good! Do it! If I don’t get laid soon I’m going to do it myself.” Alex moaned.

“So says the man who gave himself his flight name already.” I teased. “The only way you will kill yourself is if they let you take a plane up…problem is you’ll kill all the people you crash into as well.!”

“Fuck yooou Johnny!” He glared at me mockingly, holding up his middle finger. “I think “Popeye” suits me.”

“You get your handle during flight training, you can’t make up your own” I reminded him for the umpteenth time. “If I got to pick my own…it would be ‘Ghost’!”

“Because of how fucking white your hair is?” Jake asked

“It’s blonde, you color blind bat!”

“You look like a fucking Viking!” Jake whispered.

“So I am the enemy now? Watch your mouth! Don’t say the “V” word on campus, you could get kicked out!” I whispered harshly.

He frowned.

After we picked out what we wanted from the Ala-cart line, we found a place to sit.

“What do you have today, any finals?” Alex asked.

“No, I have my complete physical. I wish I could get an early final this week.” I said lowly.

“Ha! I will have you beat for how ever short it may last. I will revel in it! Johnny McDaniel!” Alex joked as he shoved a hard shell taco into his face.

“That you will…”

A week later, I sat waiting in my Commanding Officers office waiting for some news. I was certain I had passed my finals and I should be packing up to spend a summer at home before going to Colorado Springs. Why was I summoned here?

I stewed and let my mind come up with every scenario possible. Some were downright horrid. Death of my sister or mother. They found the wreckage of my dad’s plane and his 3 year old rotting bones. I would get accused of cheating…my mind was cruel to me.

So when the Chief Medical Officer came to see me I was very confused.

“Cadet McDaniel, I have some bad news.” He sat on the chair in the office next to me. He held a manila folder in his hand that had my name on it.

“Sorry Doc it’s Lieutenant McDaniel now.” I forced a smile, although my guts were churning.

“John? You are going deaf. The Air Force will not take you.”

I asked questions…but I don’t remember what they were. I don’t remember anything about the conversation at all.

I threw up outside the CO’s office and sat next to my acrid smelling puke on the ground dazed…That I did remember

(All of that hard work…total waste of time.)

Chapter One

Going Home

My bedroom looked like a 10 year old lived in it. I realized it was just as I had left it minus dirty clothes and toys laying around. I unpacked my gear and hung my few clothes in the empty closet. I ripped down the models hung by fishing line that hung from the ceiling.

In a fit of rage and regret, I stomped the plastic war planes to tiny bits, not saying a word.

(Knock Knock) “You okay Johnny?” My sister Joan, always nosy, at my door.

“Yeah Joan come in.”

“What did you do?” She scanned the floor as my boots ground down the models I spend hours upon hours building as a kid.

“Reality set in Joan. Just like you, I failed and live with mom.” I said snarky.

“Johnny be nice. Bachelor degree doesn’t get shit anymore, and you didn’t know your ears were failing.” She touched my right arm as I hung my only pair of jeans on a hanger. Rage boiled inside of me, her sympathy or apathy was making it worse. I barely knew my sister other than her spitting on me as a kid, or tripping me in front of boy she liked when she was 12 and I was 10.


“Yeah Johnny?”

“Get ataşehir escort out of my room before I snap your neck!” I growled through a clenched jaw.

“You need to relax, you sound like dad!”



Her slamming the door was a signal to my mother. I knew it. I was just happy to be alone.

I laid down on my bed, and fought the tears that began to run from my eyes.

(Jesus Son? How could you fail?)

“I’m so sorry dad! They robbed me of my wings!”

(You had better make me proud another way boy!)

“I will Colonel, I will!” I could hear his ghostly voice in my head. I squeezed my eyes shut and turned on my side.

When I woke My eyes were crusted shut. I hadn’t cried since the day my father dropped me off at Brooks Military Academy. I hadn’t cried at my father’s mock funeral, nor the real one, after his body was found years later. So this, was a new beginning marked by tears.

I showered and put on my only pair of jeans and one of the T-shirts I still had. It was a Saturday morning and I could hear music from downstairs. It was “Ace of Base” one of my mothers favorite bands from when she was young. She always played it on dad’s stereo when she cleaned.

Good to know some things don’t change.

I went to the kitchen and found her scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees. The music was loud here so she didn’t hear me approach, otherwise she would have covered herself.

My mother was wearing negligee that was now almost clear as she sweat through it. I could not take my eyes off of her ass as she worked the tiles on the floor. It was perfect. Her hips were gentle slopes framing a porcelain white ass.

Her red hair was in a pony tail that rode her back, It fell off her back and touched the floor so she flipped it so it found it’s spot pointing to her ass with a quick head motion. I could not stop watching. She scrubbed to the beat of the music. I was entranced.

I slowly backed out and found my way to the downstairs bathroom and wanked for a whole 90 seconds before I made a huge mess.

We were not allowed to develop as young men, and date like normal teens. Well that is what I told myself, as I went back to the kitchen to watch mom some more. She was facing sideways to me, and I could see her mid sized, Irish/Scot tits swaying to the beat of the music. It only took me five minutes to have to run back into the bathroom again.

“Fuck I need food!” I said to myself as I wiped the cum from the sink. I decided to announce myself going into the kitchen.


My mother stood and covered herself with a robe that had hung from a kitchen chair.

“Johnny, you are awake! Joan said you were angry so I didn’t want to bother you!” She yelled over the song “All that she wants.” She turned down the music.

“Oh son, it is good to have you home!” She smiled at me and pulled out a chair in the breakfast nook. “Come sit, you must be hungry.”

I listened to my mother and sat.

“What would you like? Oh it’s lunchtime already!” My mother muttered to herself.

“Ma.” She fished through the refrigerator.

“Ma.” She began pulling out leftovers and talking to herself


“What Johnny?” She left the fridge door open and plastic ware full of leftovers on the floor as she stood and spun to meet my face.

“I’ll eat what leftovers you have.”

“Oh no, Johnny. Let me make you something.” She said. Now I know why my dad had to yell to get his will known. He was a gentle man, most days. But my mother insisted on things. Things she didn’t NEED to do. My Father was all about efficiency…my mother didn’t know the meaning of the word.

“Mother, I will eat what you have left over.” I said sternly.

“Fine dear,” She said disappointed. “Let me at least heat it up for you.”

(Nothing should be wasted son. Nothing!) I heard my father’s voice say in my mind. He was always pushing that we recycle everyday things for new uses. Taught my mom well. All of the leftovers were in old sour cream containers.

“Johnny if you need anything, just yell for Joan. I need a shower.” Mom set the plate in front of me. Homemade meatloaf with green beans and mashed potatoes.

“I’ll be fine Ma. Thank you, I missed your cooking.” I said and glanced over to see her bare breast peeking back out at me. She had bent over so far, that I could see right down her robe and into the negligee. Her dark pink nipple was hard, like a pencil eraser. I could feel my manhood stir for the third time in less then 20 minutes.

I looked at her face. She kissed my cheek and left.

I was washing my dishes when I heard the most annoying sound I had known.

“You done smashing toys Johnny?”

“No Joan, I figured I’d work on your toys next.” I said in monotone.

“Hey can we quit the bickering?” Joan asked.

“Can you be a human being?”

“I’m not 12 anymore Johnny. I grew up too.” She grabbed my arm and turned me toward her. My wet hands dripped on the floor.

“Funny, you still push me around well enough to ruin mom’s avcılar escort clean floor.” I snapped back to finish the dishes.

“Johnny!” She whined.


“Ma ain’t right, you need to know!” She seemed agitated.

I drained the sink and toweled off my hands. I looked at my sister. She was almost a copy of my mom, but her shoulders were small and she had naturally blonde hair. I was thankful I towered over her five foot, 2 inch body now. Dad and I were 5 foot nine.

“What is wrong with Ma?” I humored this rant Joan was about to go off on. Always the drama queen.

“You didn’t notice?” Joan asked.

“She likes the same music and does the house cleaning on Saturday…what has changed?”

“She dresses up for dad!” Joan’s eyes were large. Oh…shit. My mother was only 38, too early for senility. The negligee…

“Or dresses down?” I asked. She just looked at me, enforcing the point.

“Johnny, you coming home might make her better, but I need your help!”

It wasn’t just mom’s behavior that was an issue. Mom showered with the bathroom door open. I could not help myself but to sneak in and watch. She had an amazing body, with a small tuft of bright red hair, above her vagina. I found myself in a cycle of spying on her and wanking, any chance I got. I thought I should feel guilty for this, but no guilt came. I was not ashamed. I wanted more. I wanted her!

I played it off for a week, that mom was fine, just still in mourning when Joan brought it up. I didn’t want to confront mom about her habits. Besides I was enjoying them.

“For someone that was supposed to be a soldier, you are oblivious!” Joan said as she sat down on my bed next to me, as I wanked with my eyes closed, after watching Ma in the shower.

“Gawd Dammit Joan! Privacy!” I yelled. I sat up and tried to cover my cock.

“Damn! You are even hung like dad!” Joan said. “Can I touch it?”

“Joan I swear to…”

“Move your hands!” Joan said. She grabbed my cock and began to suck on it. I had never felt anything like that before, I fell back on my pillow and felt my eyes roll all the way up into my head. As she took half of me in her mouth, I felt her doing something. She grabbed my hand and put it on her t-shirt covered “C” cup.

I thought I had experienced pure joy when watching mom shower. No, not even close.

Joan moved her mouth down until she began to gag. Not that I noticed the gagging, I only felt the warmth, and her tongue working me. I could feel what would be the biggest load I have ever felt building in my prostate, I began to warn her.

“Joan!” Was all I managed. My sister didn’t move. I could feel her tongue working to swallow all that I had to give. She then gently cleaned me off. I simply collapsed as if I had done a 50 k run in 100 degree heat.

“How did you know how dad was hung?” Was the first thing I managed to say after 150 questions had gone through my mind.

“Right before he died, I walked in on him and ma in the kitchen. He turned when I asked was was for breakfast. That’s how. Oh and before you get all creepy about what I did? I know you have been following ma around when she’s half naked.” She wiped her face with the back of her right hand.

“Sit up Johnny. We need to talk.”

Joan and I talked about what life was like for her while I was away. She had been kept in an all girls school, and then an all girls college. From the way she made it sound, it was more like prison than school. Because of her raging hormones, she began to sleep with various girls in her dorm.

When an RA showed up with a strap on, she began to use it with those she had caught eating pussy. The “bottom bitches” got to suck on it, and have it shoved in their ass.

“Gonna leave that pussy untouched for your rich daddies!” Joan imitated the RA’s voice. “So that’s how I know how to suck a dick, and like you, I’m still a virgin.” She finished.

By the end of her story I was again ready, but was covered by my blanket so she couldn’t see.

“Why did you?…” I started

“You needed it. I needed it. I have to take care of ma, all the time. She’s not living in our world. She sometimes thinks Dad’s gonna just walk in the door, any second. Seriously, I need your help.” Joan pleaded softly.

“What can I do?”

“Be there for her. In every way.” Joan stared into my eyes.

“Wait, what?”

“Be you. You look like dad, you sound like him, but still be Johnny. I think if you spend time with her, she will come out of the fog and get with reality.” Joan explained. “Get a job, and come home at the same time of day like dad did.”

“Okay…” I was still confused about what Joan said about ‘ every way.’

“Seriously Johnny, having you home will right her world.” Joan grabbed my hand, pulling the arm away that was holding down my hard on. Thankfully she was focused on my face. “If you help me I will owe you, big time. Lets get ma back to reality!” She smiled.

“Yeah. Okay Joanie.” I said and smiled back. She yanked my right hand toward her, pulling my upper body closer to her and ataşehir escort bayan my face next to hers.

“You haven’t called me that since we were little!” She smiled wide, our noses were almost touching.

“Maybe I feel like you aren’t the worst human being in the world after you drained my load, and are actually talking to me like a human for the first time in a decade?” I quipped. She smiled wider then her eyes became slits and she looked me up and down. Her smiled faded.

“I have never kissed a man.” She said airily.

With no warning, Joan pushed me flat on my back in the bed and kissed me deeply. I didn’t cooperate at first as I was in shock. Seconds later, I had my mouth open to match her as she taught me how to kiss. I could only figure, she had learned while in the college gulag with the other female prisoners.

In minutes I had my arms around her, touching her every curve. I was breathing hard as the endorphins and adrenaline flowed through me like never before. When she began to remove her clothes , and fidget to get them off, without breaking our kiss, I thought I was going to pass out.

Fireworks were going off behind my closed eyelids, as we tongue wrestled. I was in heaven with my own sister. A sister I had hated for years, but was now the sexiest woman I had ever met.

I was so lost on what was going on with my hands and lips, I hadn’t realized what she was up to until I felt it.

Tight, hot wet warmth. Then a barrier. My sister got up off my cock and then slammed down on it. I busted through the barrier, and I could feel that she was now even more slippery.

“MMMM! MAOOOOW!” Joan said into my mouth.

She held still with half of me inside her. Her stopping kept me from losing my load. Still kissing me and running her hands over my body. I too was exploring. Her naked tits were now in my hands and they were softer than I had I ever imagined boobs to be.

Then she dropped her hips onto me and I felt it for the very first time. As the guys said, “A tight snatch milking your cock.” They were right! It felt like she was milking me. My cum decided that it couldn’t wait to leave, so it did. I growled into my sisters face as I unleashed my first load into a real woman’s pussy. She bit my lips as her own version of cumming began to make her shake, and her cunt clamped down on me.

Joan stayed on top of me as the climax began to ebb away.

I didn’t care in that moment that it was my sister. The thought that she was related to me didn’t matter at all. I was instantly in love. Real sex was the best thing to ever happen to me. As we caught our breath and Joan rolled off of me, we began kissing again.

“JOAN! THOMAS! Dinners finished!” My mother said from the base of the stairs.

Joan lay her head on my chest, and closed her eyes.

“See?” Was all she said.

“Yeah, I get it.” I said. In her mind my father still roamed the halls.

We dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Ma was wearing an apron without anything else. Joan shot me a glance, and mouthed, “See what I mean?”

I nodded.

“Hey ma?” I said as she spooned out hot cheesy, tuna casserole onto my plate.

“Oh Johnny! What do you need honey?” My mom sat after filling her own plate.

“Thomas Brian McDaniel died three years ago.” I said quietly. “Dad is gone. But I am here now, if you need anything.”

“I’m not crazy Johnny. So stop talking about it.” Mom seemed stern, quite unlike her normal self. After that, dinner became deathly quiet. Joan kept shooting me glares. I refused to upset mom. I shook my head slowly.

After dinner we all helped clean up.

“Ma? Johnny and I are gonna watch a movie in his room, can you get us some beer” Joan asked.

“No, I need to talk to Johnny!” Mom stated firmly. Ma waited till Joan left, then grabbed my right hand holding it across the table.

“It’s just a bad habit. You look so much like him now.” She lowered her head for a moment to collect thoughts. “Do you like my body Johnny?” She asked, her eyes transfixed on mine. I looked down at her bare tits, then back to her eyes.

I could only nod.

(Is this really happening???)

“You can have me if you want me. We can share your bed if you would like.” Her voice was aloof again. The tone she normally had. “Or we can have a real relationship, like your father gave me?”

“Real relationship?” I nearly stuttered. Joan’s words came back to me.

(…in every way.)

“Yes Johnny, as Master/slave. I was Thomas’s property, your sister would have been too, but he died before she came of age to claim her.” She held my right hand tight with both of hers.

“I don’t understand what…um. Mom?” Now I WAS stammering.

“It’s all on the video. Come to the Master bedroom, there is something only you can see.” My mom prompted me to follow her through the house and up the stairs. My curiosity was actually stronger than the sweet white ass in front of me. My cock seemed to have been shut down.

My dad’s large LCD TV sat on a stand near the foot of the bed. The DVD player he bought when we were kids for the living room was now here. Mom climbed on a dresser to unhook a painting, she set it down revealing a safe. She worked the combination three times, before the outer door opened. It revealed a key lock.

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