Community Involvement Ch. 03

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Autumn was already upon us and daylight saving was due to end, and Easter was only weeks away. The year was passing way to quickly, but the unexpected delights of starting a sexual dalliance with the woman next door was certainly a highlight, to say the least. However, it had been quite a few weeks since our last meeting, which, like I said previously, was not all that unusual given our respective busy lives, but the impending school holidays would make the ache t be with her again, even more pronounced.

It was a gloomy Friday in Sydney and I was finalising the invoicing of clients for the past week, when out of blue, the door bell rang. I was slightly annoyed, thinking it was probably a hawker of some description. To my extreme delight, it was Michelle and she seemed a bit anxious.

“Hi, Ray.” She said, standing at my door looking radiant in a knee length white skirt and snug fitting pink blouse. “I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time, but I need to speak to you.”

“Not at all,” I said opening the fly-screen security door and motioning for her to enter. I kissed her on the cheek as she passed, but she seemed keen to get inside.

“I am certainly pleased to see you. I hope the subject matter is not as bad as the look on your face seems to indicate.”

“Oh, no.” She said, looking meekly at the floor then back up at me. “Yes….. It’s just….., well, remember the last time we……..” She trailed off.

“How could I forget!” I said excitedly, feeling rather proud of the orgasms I had given her.

“Yes, I cannot get the shower out of my mind either. But what did you do to me? I……… I mean,” she was searching for the right words. “I have never had anything like that happen to me before. I have even tried since to produce that effect on my own and can’t even get close. I have never even had that happen with my husband, even though I come regularly when making love.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, placing my hands on her shoulders.

‘You know? I was urinating,” I could see Michelle was trying to pick her words, trying to navigate her way orally through what was obviously a difficult subject, “Peeing, for want of a better way to say it. You know, the fluid that came out of me when you made me climax in the shower. I was peeing and climaxing at the same time, wasn’t I? It has been worrying me…….” She trailed off, her eyes cast downward.

“Michelle,” I said, lifting her chin with my right hand, “It’s okay. Really, it’s a natural thing to have happen, though not every woman……”

“No, its not!” she replied sternly, interrupting.

“It is a natural thing to have happen when your G-spot is stimulated and you climax.” I took her hands in mine and kissed them, trying to make her relax.

“It is much like a guy when he climaxes, although obviously without the sperm.” I laughed nervously to cover my own feeling awkwardness explaining such a topic while standing in my hallway with my next door neighbour, despite the fact that we had recently embarked on an erotic sexual adventure together.

“You seem to know a lot about it?” she said in a questioning and surprised way.

“How about I make us a warm cup of tea, and I can show you what it’s all about?” Seeing her sudden look of astonishment, I added, “On the internet, I mean.”

“Tea would be wonderful, thank you. But how can you show me? I mean, I am not really interested in porn.” She smiled, putting a caring hand on my arm.

“Nothing like that. Well, not straight away.” My sly smile was greeted with a playful slap.

I took her by the hand and offered her the front position to go up stairs toward my office. As we ascended I watched the sway of her hips through her white skirt and could not resist temptation. I cheekily ran my hand up her inner thigh under her skirt. Instinctively she pulled away and pushed her hand behind to stop my progress.

“Oh no you don’t, you naughty man. That is off limits today, sorry. Not a good time, if you know what I mean.”

I told her I did not care but she was adamant. I was not convinced but thought better of arguing the point. We continued upward.

She sat on the red leather office chair I had recently purchased from Office-works while I typed and googled sites relating to female ejaculation.

“Nice chair. ” she said putting her hands on the arms and swirling around like a child at play.

“There! That should keep you occupied for a bit while I go and make the tea. Would you like something to eat with it?”

“Hmmm,” she had begun reading and had not fully heard my question.

“What. Oh, no. I am fine thank you.” She turned her attention back to the screen and the web site which had opened. I stood at the door watching her. I could not believe my luck to have had sex with this gorgeous person. I smiled, deep in thought, as she scrolled down the page to a drawn, labelled graphic of a vagina which was followed by an actual close up picture of a woman’s parts. I could tell see was engrossed, Kuşadası Escort so I left her to it.

Arriving back upstairs, my hands full with cups and a small plate of cup cakes, I thought my eyes and ears were deceiving me. Michele was frantically trying to mute the sound but only achieved in increasing the volume. I laughed and hastened to her side and quickly hit the mute button.

“Not used to Macs I see.” I laughed.

“No.” She replied, just as quickly hitting the back button, which only served to take her back to the start of the video that had been playing as I entered.

“I followed a link and got this.” She gestured to the screen, her cheeks flushed bright red with embarrassment.

The screen was full of a naked woman with huge breasts, lying naked on a bed with a vibrator stuff deep inside her. From what I had seen, she had masturbated herself to a huge gushing orgasm. She had not only convulsed wildly on the bed as she came, but the jet of fluid squirted high, wide and handsome right onto the lens of the camera. I accidentally on purpose hit the space bar which made the video start again as I placed the cup in front of my transfixed guest.

Thankfully the video only went for a one and a half minutes, but the edition was enough to get my rod standing in my jeans.

“Oh my god.” Michelle expressed her dismay at the replayed scene. “Did I do something like that?”

“Yep.” I said candidly, “You squirted just like that. Maybe not as much nor as far, but like that.”

“Look at the way she is breathing.” Michelle was a bit breathless herself, possibly from the visual stimulation as well reliving the time of her own first squirting orgasm.

I gently cupped her breast as the horny display finished. Her hand met mine, covering it, as I gently felt the swell of her mammary. She turned and smiled at me.

“Thank you for showing me all this. It really makes more sense now.” We kissed tenderly.

“I hope I did not scare you or anything.” She asked pulling away to look me directly in me eye.

“No, not at all.” I reassured her. “My wife does it all the time. It can get very wet on occasions.” I laughed.

Michelle, who had just taken a sip of her tea, nearly sprayed the computer with the mouthful, and after finally swallowing, laughed heartily as well.

“Oh my God,” I thought to myself, “I love her laugh.”

“Really?” she exclaimed, recovering from her spluttering coughs.

“But I covered your face…..”

“That was the amazing part.” I interrupted. “I loved the taste too.”

“Oh, you’re just saying that.”

“No. I am serious, really.” She could tell I was being honest. “Apparently the flavour can vary depending on what you have eaten. There are a few more variables but I cannot remember what they are right now.”

“Are you some kind of expert?” She asked.

“Well, no. But it is something I do find exciting and interesting. I must confess, I did get the impression you were worried about it, so I did extra research so I could put your mind to rest if the need arose.”

I continued to massage her breast under my palm again as I moved around behind her and the chair. I pressed the back button twice and got back to the squirting video main menu and selected another one, this being a compilation of squirting orgasms. I remained behind her as the first 3 or 4 women came and went (pardon the pun) and I could tell Michelle was getting excited, she was rubbing her thighs together and the nub of her nipple was pressing hard into my hand. Suddenly, Michelle stopped the video and swivelled around in the chair, her face at the same level as my crotch.

“Thank you for showing all that information. It has definitely made me feel much better about, well……. Myself, to be honest.”

Her hands worked up and across the front of my jeans.

“I see it has worked for you too.”

She was moving her hands against the insides of my thighs, and then across the swell of my erection.

“I told you I repay my debts, and since what you have shown me has increased my indebtedness, I had better see about reducing the size….” at this point she massaged the length of my cock and smiled, looking up into my eyes, “of my debt burden I mean.”

Then her hand deftly unzipped the fly, popped the button at the waist and slipped into my jeans cupping my meaty pole. I groaned aloud at her touch and moved my groin forward in an involuntary thrust. “At least you don’t have to worry about being too loud here.” She laughed, squeezing my penis.

Quickly she pushed both my jeans and underwear down to knee level. Her hands snaked up along my bare thighs and started fondling my heavy balls. I tried to get closer, eager to get her mouth onto my cock. Michelle put her hand on my hip to stop me moving.

“Right where you are is fine, Ray. I can touch everything I need to touch.” Her warm breath flowed over me making me shiver with anticipation.

“Feel that?” I nodded, and closed Kuşadası Escort Bayan my eyes, enjoying the gentle touch of her soft fingers on my shaft. Suddenly there was a hot, wet touch on the tip of my rigid member. Was that her tongue? I looked down to take in the sight before me. “I’m going to lick you, I am going to suck your beautiful cock. I hope you don’t have an objections?”

“What sort of question is that?” I stammered and croaked. My throat was dry at the mere thought of the prospect.

Michelle began to lap at the head. A bead of pre-cum had appeared in a single drop from the tiny slit at the head of my penis. Michelle’s tongue soon found it, stabbing the tip into the pearly drop and then smearing it around the sensitive cock head. “Mmm, you taste salty but creamy. I like the taste of you,” she purred. Michelle locked her eyes onto mine as her mouth moved around the slit, around the head of my cock, smiling at the little tremors running through my body as she teased me and making soft suckling motions, pulling the head in and out of her lips. She moaned, and I could feel the vibrations of her mouth around the shaft as she pushed her lips further down my thickness.

Her lips tightly wrapped as she moved up and down on the thick shaft jutting from my body. I could feel her every movement. I wanted to reach down and get a grip of her head, and begin to buck my hips and fuck her sweet, tender mouth. However, as I made a move to do so, she knocked my hands aside.

“No need, I am in control here. You just enjoy and fill me with your hot man juice as soon as you are ready.”

Michelle continued to suck my cock, even as I objected loudly. “Perhaps I need to hurry up, yes?” Michelle enquired.

I had no answer. I just shrugged and pushed my hips forward with a hand at the base of my cock. Michelle pushed this aside as well.

“I do not need your assistance. I think I know how to fellate your cock, thank you very much.” Her mock annoyance was betrayed by the big grin on her face.

Her mouth was on my cock again, accompanied by her hand, as she moved to the head. Her teeth grazed a slippery path around the rib of the purple knob, gently clenching every now and then making me jump with ecstasy. Michelle’s mouth was tight. A hot, wet vacuum around his thick slippery penis.

Not knowing what to do with my hands, I tangled my fingers in my hair. She groaned as I pushed my hips forward, responding with a slurp of her mouth, regathering the excess saliva dripping from her opened lips.

I took that as a good sign. Excited even more now, I began to piston my hips, trying to control her movements over my dick.

“Hmmmmm,” she scowled. “I am capable of setting my own pace.” She said pulling away briefly and then, satisfied that I was going to behave, swallowed me whole and deep. “Yessssssss,” I groaned quietly, dropping my face to visually absorb what was physically taking place.

“Just like that. Fuck yes, oh, my god, that feels so good.”

Her cock sucking skill was fucking unbelievable. A long slow downward motion, a languid flattening of her tongue along the shaft at the bottom of the stroke, followed by a long slow slurp-filled withdrawal. She was enjoying it every bit as much I was. I watched, mesmerised and feeling dizzy. She raised her finger at the stop of her stroke to scoop up a larger dollop of saliva. With a deft hand, she prised her hand between my legs, seeking my anus.

“Just relax.” She said relinquishing the grip of her mouth on my cock. “I have a little surprise for you. Can you spread your legs a little?”

I said I couldn’t because of my jeans. She quickly removed one leg so I could accommodate her request.

“Now, be a good boy and spread them!” she commanded, knocking my knee with her free hand.

I did ask I was told.

I had left a small jar of moisturiser near the computer earlier that morning.

“OH! What is this?” She asked reaching for the jar.

“It’s some Aesop’s moisturiser for men. I use it every now and then.”

“So, that’s your secret behind the youthful looking you?” She laughed.

Michelle unscrewed the lid and scooped a larger dollop onto her finger and went in search of my anus. It felt cool at the first touch as she spread the cream around the tight hold. Satisfied my rear opening was lubricated enough she pushed the tip of her finger into me. I grunted and she smiled wickedly, wiggling the tip.

“Just relax.” She purred. “I plan on giving you an orgasm the likes of which you have never had.”

There was a sense of self gratification mixed with her comment. I concentrated as best I could and must have succeeded, as her finger plunged knuckle deep in my arse.

“Ohhhh, fuck.” I groaned pitching my hips forward slightly.

Michelle fucked her finger hard into me a number of times, her knuckles hitting just behind my balls. It felt so good but I still wanted her to attend to my cock. I reached for her Escort Kuşadası head and gently guided her closer. There was no resistance and as I guided her head, at the same instant, she withdrew her index finger until the tip was just wedged into my sphincter.

Her tongue snaked out and the tip speared into the blind eye of my cock head at the same time as she speared two fingers deep into my arse. My fingers clasped her hair trying to impale her beautiful mouth. But she withdrew sufficiently to just keep her tongue tip on my bulbous head. I felt so full in my rectum, the width of the fingers putting amazing pressure on the prostate area, while the opening flexed in spasms around the invaders.

My neighbours mouth started moving up and down incredibly fast now, sucking the throbbing shaft, pushing it deeply into the back of her throat, her nose burying into the tuft of pubic hair above my crotch. Her fingers remained deeply inserted in my arse and constantly pressuring the glands and increasing my need to come. The swollen cock head was so hard that I could feel it punch against the back of her throat. She showed no sign of discomfort. On the contrary. She pushed harder and harder downward onto to me, pushing every available centimetre of man meat into her hot mouth. At the furtherest point of penetration, she would wiggle her face to ensure she had it all, and wiggle her fingers in my arse in perfect synchronisation, and then slowly, keeping a vacuum grip along the shaft, lift off and attack the ever swelling purple knob.

My legs were quickly moving toward jellied state. Her deep throating attack making every nerve ending tingle in expectation of the release, which was being increased beyond description with her anal finger fucking she was administering. I grunted and groaned with her every touch, telling her repeatedly of my need to spatter my come juices deep. I did not care where, I just needed to come and her expert double ended attack technique was surely going to take me there quickly.

“I’m going to cum, Michelle.” I hissed, clutching her shoulders for support.

“Ooh…………. I’m….. cum,…..” My words were as lost as my being was. My world centred on, in and around my cock and my clutching anus. My whole focus was drawn into my crotch and was rising along the shaft, yearning to explode, hopefully deep inside her sexy mouth.

“Oh, Michelle……….. Yes, I love that, please……….,” I tried to keep my eyes open but the intensity was overwhelming, so I closed them again only to open them as she wiggled either her mouth or her fingers (or both). “I …… love you……………..swallow it…………”

Thrusting my cock hard into her mouth, Michelle did. I went rigid, feeling so close but somehow not wanting to let go. I held my breath as she speared her face fully with my cock and crushed her fingers hard onto my swollen prostate. The rush of her mouth, her tongue and throat pushed me beyond the limit and I let fly. She suckled and swallowed the great gobs of cum I shot into her mouth. I could feel her throat muscles working. Her hand on my tightened balls, her lips on my shaft, her fingers filling my arse, all combined to explosive effect, as she drank me seed, squeezing every last drop into her tight mouth.

Even after I had cum deep down her throat, Michelle stayed with her lips sealed around my cock. I could feel her tongue working over the softening member, cleaning me thoroughly.

Michelle let my flaccid penis drop from her mouth, her lip stick rather smudged, but a huge smile on her face. She leant back in the chair with an air of a job well done. She then surveyed her fingers and grimaced.

“Ohhh yuck. I had better clean up quickly,” waving her fingers at me. “You’re sticky again. Next time I’ll have to use an enema before doing that.”

Michelle ducked up the hall to clean her wonderful hands while I pulled my underwear back into place and tugged and pulled my jeans back up my legs and zipped them back up.

When she finished she came and stood right in front of me so I wrapped my arms wrapped around her waist. We looked deeply into each others eyes as slowly our lips found each other and we kissed. It was a kiss full of tenderness, full of a growing and deepening of feeling between us.

“Did you mean what you said a few minutes ago?” she questioned, breaking our embrace.


“I love being with you too.”

“Not quite the same thing.” I replied, a little deflated.

“I am just wanting to be careful not to get too carried away.” She said, gently stroking my hair. “I really enjoy what we have found together, but I think we both want to keep intact the marriages we have as well. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes.” I said, knowing full well she was right. “But that does not mean I retract what I said despite your mouth devouring me the way it was.”

“I could use a cup of coffee.” She asked in her shy little girl way. It was a side of her that was extremely beguiling. “That rather large deposit of yours was very good, but there was so much I had a hard time swallowing it all and, I hate to admit it, I do have a bit of dry throat now.”

I smiled and kissed her lips softly.

“Coffee…. if that is what you want, that is what you shall have. White one sugar?”

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