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This section introduces a shy and ultra conservative sister who is persuaded by her brother to take photos that will be submitted to a popular bikini modeling agency.


One of the models was a girl that came from a very religious sect where her parents created and were the heads of a almost cult-like empire that had thousands of followers. She had just turned 18 had come to the agency escorted by her 19 year old brother after photos of her were sent to a talent agency that advertised for models that paid between $3000 and $5000 dollars an hour.

The girl that worked at the agency was paid a sizeable commission when she placed models at different agencies. The second she saw the girl’s photos she forwarded them to the 80 year old CEO of the bikini swimsuit company.

The note on the envelope, which had her headshot said her name was Hannah. The headshot showed her angelic face without an ounce of make-up with large brown bedroom eyes that could seduce a blind person. Her hair was brown and went past her shoulders, and had a natural wave to it that made her look absolutely seductive.

Included on a post-it were her measurements that were absolutely sinful. The description said her name and that she was 18 and stood 5’6″ tall and weighed 105 pounds. It also stated that she was 36DD-21-33, and that her shoe size was 9.5. When he read the measurements and her height and weight he was very anxious to see the enclosed pictures.

Opening the envelope he was not disappointed in the least, and instantly became aroused in a way that he hadn’t before. He had screened thousands of teenage girl’s photos through the years of girls who wanted to be swimsuit models, but only a handful of them aroused him the way this 18 year old did.

The photos were of her dressed in a pair of sinfully short jean shorts with a sheer, white see-through blouse that was tied at the waist. The cut off shorts showed her amazing ass, with a sexy curve that had the 80 year old CEO as hard as a rock.

The shorts were cut very high (cut-out even more by the person who shot the photos) and showed the bottoms of her sinfully round ass cheeks. As the 80 year old CEO looked at ten the photos of her kneeling on a chair and then bending over the back of it he thought to himself that this was one of the sexiest asses he had ever seen. Just the sight of her ass had his massive cock straining in his pants.

“Such a delicious ass. PERFECT,” he said out loud in a hot breath as he ran his hand across his bulging shaft that was straining against his loose-fitting pants.

Under her white blouse, which was deliberately unbuttoned to show her naughty lace-white bra was a pair of the sexiest and roundest 36DD tits that defied her 105 pound frame and her narrow 20 inch waist and her slender 33 inch hips.

Eight photos devilishly showed her without a bra under her sheer white blouse and highlighted a pair of sexy, pink nipples that stood up pointing to the ceiling off the tops of her perfect, round tits. Just by the way her nipples were sticking out from her tits he knew she was aroused and by the expression on her angelic face, very turned on to be posing for whoever the lucky photographer was. In a minute he would learn just who that very lucky person was.

The sight of her huge, beautiful round tits with the smallest areolas bordering her succulent, pink nipples made her body look absolutely sinful. Completing her naughty look was a pair of black high heel pumps. The look of the pumps made her the ultimate teenage fantasy.

“It’s going to so much fun with this sexy beauty,” the 80 year old CEO thought to himself as he ran his hand along the inseam of his strained pants.

In another set of photos were 10 pictures of her in a sinful Brazilian bikini with the black pumps on. He could not believe his eyes looking at what had to be one of the sexiest young teens he ever saw. As he slowly, and with carefully trained eyes looked over each sizzling photo he made mental notes of her perfect skin and any marking that added to her incredible sexiness. He saw three beauty marks, one on the right side of her lip that had him rock hard. One on her left ankle that drew attention to her beautiful, thin ankles and her sexy high heels. And finally there was one on her right ass cheek that nearly made him cum.

In a final set of photos there were 5 prints of her in a white see thru bustier that came just below her massive tits and showed her perfectly flat stomach. The sexy transparent bustier had three two foot long garter straps that were clasped to a pair of tan thigh stockings. Her black pumps added an exciting and explosive quality to her naughty 18 year old look. He could not think of a sexier angel. He also knew that his plans for her were going to go way beyond swimsuit modeling, in fact with his devious idea she would never model for any swimsuit company.

Picking topkapı escort up the phone he dialed the number that was on the bottom of the post-it. The person that answered the call was her 19 year old brother. During the conversation he learned that the photos were taken by him. He complimented him on his camera skills and learned that he was photography in College.

As he talked to the CEO of the company the brother walked into his sister’s room. She had been waiting for him and when he put his finger to his lips she knew that he didn’t want her to talk. Seeing her dressed the way she was when he walked in caused him to almost drop the phone. He put the call on speaker phone and sat on the edge of the bed beside her.

As he complimented the brother on his excellent camera skills, saying that he captured his sister in the most eye-catching way he was thinking to himself slyly, “I’ll bet that you did more than just take these sexy pictures of your hot sister that day!”

The 80 year old CEO told the brother that his sister was extremely attractive and that she had the potential to easily be the one of top three models of the company, if not the top model and that she could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in the modeling industry. Hearing that, she put her hand on her mouth and opened her eyes wide open while her brother was speechless.

Before her brother sent the pictures to the LA company he did a lot of research on the company that advertised “Sexy Models For Hire” to make sure they were legitimate. He read a lot of reviews from models themselves and parents of girls who modeled that they were very reputable and respectful of all the girls and that they paid really well. Of course the parents had no idea that the CEO enjoyed filling his bed with every one of the sext teens that worked for him, and the parents also had no idea that their precious and innocent daughter’s absolutely loved being in his bed.

The brother had also seen pictures of the CEO, and although he read that he was actively working at 80 years of age he couldn’t get over how great he looked for his age. When he showed his sister the picture of the CEO after he sold her on the idea of posing and sending pictures to agency, even she was shocked that he was 80, and said that she thought he was really handsome and looked younger than their 36 year old father.

“I’d like to fly your sister in my private jet to Los Angeles next week for a test shoot,” he said then added, “She can stay as my guest at my Beverly Hills estate.”

Up until that point they were really excited by the offer, but then he dropped a bomb that left them both speechless.

“All expenses will be paid of course and in addition your sister she will receive fifty thousand dollars in advance before flying out.

The brother and sister could not believe their ears and just sat on the bed with their mouths hanging down.

” Before we hang-up I will put my secretary on to get a bank routing number or an address where a check could be sent or we can wire a money order,” he said as they listened, still in shock at the incredible offer.

When he finally was able to get his voice back the brother told the 80 year old CEO that he would talk to his sister about the offer. The CEO had little doubt that the brother would carry his sister on his back if he could after hearing that money offer. He even thought that she might be sucking her brother’s cock as she just heard the amount of money she was going to make for shooting some pictures. As it turns out, he wasn’t that far off!

“Wonderful. After you talk to your sister, and if she agrees I’ll arrange for a private limousine pick her up and bring her to the airport where I will meet her personally and bring her to my home in Beverley Hills where she will do the test shoot in my studio and stay for the weekend, as I personally entertain her.”

Suddenly the brother saw the look on his sister’s face change from excitement to hesitation. He himself was concerned and brought his issue up with the man making the offer. What the brother didn’t know was that she would have been more than happy to go alone, especially after she saw what the 80 year old CEO looked like.

After her brother showed her the picture of the 80 year old CEO she searched the internet about him out of curiosity herself and learned how wealthy he was. She also saw some photos of him with his arms around a few of his young models. As she saw a black model dressed in sinfully short white mini dress with high heels and a young Asian model dressed in a naughty garter set with a white lace bra and white stockings with white pumps she devilishly imagined herself dressed in something very sexy, alone with him without her brother there.

“You mentioned my sister going alone,”

“Yes,” he said firmly.

“Well Sir, “he said then paused, “My sister has never traveled and I think she would feel fatih escort more comfortable if I could come along with her,” he said almost sheepishly.

Knowing the sister must be in the room listening to the conversation he knew he had to think fast. The last thing he needed was for them to change their mind. He had to fuck this sexy beauty and knew he had to respond in a way that would keep her excited about coming to LA.

“I see. This is quite uncommon—but,” he paused then said, “WAIT, I have an idea,” he said in an excited voice as if a light bulb had suddenly gone off in his head. “I have a great idea that I think your sister will love.” “Since you were the one responsible for taking the amazing photos of your sister how would you like to be the lead photographer on her test photo-shoot?”

As his sister’s expression instantly came back to showing excitement he happily accepted the offer.

“Wow that’s great and Hannah works so great with me,” he said boasting about his skills behind the camera.

“Well from the expressions on your sister’s beautiful face in all of the photos I assume she really enjoyed posing for you,” he said in a professional tone that hid his knowing that there must be something very sexy between them.

“Yeah, she really got into it,” he said proudly as his sister shot him a sly grin.

“She looked extremely comfortable from my professional estimation, and I have a good idea that the suggestions of poses came from you?” he said more as a confirmation than a question.

“Yeah-It was a new experience for her and I really wanted to make her comfortable,” he said keeping it professional, and not admitting that he had his personal motives while shooting his knock-out sister.

“Well it certainly looks like you made your sister very comfortable,” he said then paused for effect, “Just like the best photographers,” he added just to build his ego and to make his sister feel he was part of her success, even though that was the farthest thing from the truth.

“Well thanks. I knew how important it was to make her feel secure.”

“Well then it’s settled. You’ll be your sister’s exclusive photographer for the test shoot,” he said as the devilish wheels of what he had in mind for this incredibly stacked teen began to spin in his devious mind.

They arranged to go to LA the next weekend. They decided not to tell their parents and just leave the religious community. They knew that their life in that community was repressive and that they needed more, much more. The fifty thousand dollars would be a good beginning for them to start a new life in LA and they both had little doubt that she would become successful as a featured model. They also made an agreement that he would be on every shoot as her personal manager.

Just then his secretary, a hot, black 21 year old who stood 5’5″ tall and weighed 110 pounds with measurements of 38E-23-35 who was dressed in a transparent white micro mini dress and high heel pumps with tan thigh high stockings and without a bra on came into the office.

On any other day the hard on in his pants would have been because of her amazing body and she knew it, but this time it had to do with the new model whose pictures she had seen, and had to admit that she was amazing, and would love to fuck her herself.

She came in and told her boss that the money had been routed into the brother’s account. When she told him that the account just went from $14 to $50,014 he smiled slyly.

“This is going to be easier than I thought, he said out loud as his sexy 21 year dropped to her knees and unzipped the straining pants of her 80 year old boss and began worshiping his enormous 12 inch cock.

“Wait until she finds out the plans you have in store for her,” she said slyly knowing that her boss was going to use her for a lot more than a swimsuit model.

“Call your husband and tell him you’re working late tonight,” he said in a commanding voice as her beautiful black hands began to stroke his massive 13 inch hard on.

“I already did baby,” she said slyly in a throaty voice as she looked up at him and darted her wild tongue across a cock 10 times bigger than her black husbands.

“You are the perfect secretary,” he groaned as she began pumping the endless length of his already turned-on cock.

“Just wait till that ‘new one’ sees this huge-assed cock,” she groaned as she swirled her tongue across his huge, sensitive cockhead and tasted the hot pre-cum that was already flowing out of him, due to being turned on over that smoking-hot 18 year old he had coming to LA.

For the next five hours he fucked the sexy black secretary to the point of insanity as he imagined his huge cock slamming in and out of the angelic and stacked 18 year old.

Five minutes after hanging up the phone with the CEO’s personal secretary a call came in from a manager at his bank saying that fifty thousand dollars eyüp escort had just been routed into his account from a Los Angeles company. After he verified the deposit, he and his sister excited celebrated their incredible fortune. Excited to finally leave their oppressive religious community they began to kiss hard, picking up right where they left off before the call came in from the modeling agency.

Seeing his knock-out sister standing nude in a pair of tan thigh high stockings and black pumps with her hair tied in a bun exposing her neck and her beautifully round 36DD tits with those perfect little nipples pointing straight up to the celling gave him a huge, raging hard on, as his great big 11 inch cock went all the way up his chest looking more like a fat baseball bat instead of a dick, and as hard as wooden bat too.

“God sis, look what the fuck you do to me. That old dude is going to crazy when he sees you up close,” he groaned as she scooped up his massive cock in her burning hands.

“Umm- I can’t for him to see me,” she said in a hot confident voice, feeling totally liberated from her years of being repressed from the religious community she lived in.

“So how do you feel about posing in front of the old man,” her brother teased.

“Oh god, after you showed me the pictures of him I can’t wait,” she said in a hot voice then added in a desperate voice as she kissed the huge cockhead of her brothers fat dick, ” I just hope I turn him on like I turned this huge cock on.”

“Oh fuck sis-you’re gonna freak that old fuck right out when he sees your killer body.”

As she began to think about posing for the older distinguished man she became so horny to get fucked. What she didn’t tell her brother was that she’d love to fuck the older 80 year old. The idea of him being so handsome and so rich drove her wild inside. As she hungrily looked at her brothers great big cock she began see it on the body of the 80 year old man and was wild to fuck it.

“Umm-I hope so. I really wanna turn him on,” she blurted out, not realizing she said it, which caused her brother to be surprised.

Instantly getting his mind off what she just said and added innocently, “But he sees millions of girls,” she said as she kissed up and down the length of her brother’s hard-as-steel cock.

“Not like you sis. Not even close to you,” he groaned as she took his huge cockhead into her mouth and sucked the massive crown for a few seconds.

“Thank you,” she said as she kissed his shaft and said, “So Big.”

“I’m big for you sis,” he groaned as she spit on it and held it up straight and pumped it lovingly.

As she pumped up and down his 11 inch shaft he was tempted to ask her if she would fuck the old man, and as he was just to ask her she said,

“… Umm, it’s time to reward my big brother-I mean my personal manager, for negotiating the successful deal,” she said in a sultry, throaty voice that was so horny for her brothers huge cock, and the 50 thousand dollars she had just made.

As she sucked and pumped her brother’s fat 11 inch cock she couldn’t help but think about what the 80 year olds cock would look like and taste like, and as she put her hands on her brothers tight stomach and dropped her ultra-tight and wet pussy down on his towering cock she wondered what his 80 year old cock would fuck like.

Thinking about him, as she saw the picture of him in her mind with the two sexy teens on his arm as she pushed off her high heel pumps rising up the 11 inch shaft then dropping back down to the base, made her think about what his 80 year old cock would fuck like. The thought of the distinguished man, more than 60 years her senior, fucking her, caused her to throw her head back and instantly cum in a volcanic orgasm that gushed out of her pussy and coated the length of her brothers fat cock. Her orgasm was so powerful that it flowed down his huge shaft and onto the bed sheets, making the area around his ass as wet as a sponge.

As she fucked through her explosive orgasm she kept bouncing up and down her brother’s great big cock like a crazed animal throwing her head from side to side as she bit her lower lip as her pussy exploded over and over in endless waves of lust.

She was so horny from thinking about the incredible money she had just made and the wealthy and distinguished 80 year old CEO she was going to model for, and maybe even fuck, that her pussy actually squirted all over the bed again, flooding the sheets around them.

As she fucked onto her brother’s big cock she thought back to how it all started and how she changed from an innocent and shy and ultra-religious conservative girl to a self-confident and self-assured teen who knew that she had an amazing body and that she was going to make thousands of dollars because of it. As she thought about the handsome wealthy 80 year old CEO she began to imagine posing for him and even being in his bed.

She suddenly felt so naughty and could not believe how much she had come out of her cocoon-like shell in the last week. She knew she owed this to her sexy brother who literally stripped away her inhibitions and pent-up desires.

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