Consent By Blackmail – Part 1

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Consent By Blackmail – Part 1I am always attracted to young girls showing very little skin in their dress wear but like them wearing tight dress.I always fantasized of having sex with my dream girls not by force but by blackmailing them for some reason or the other with their full consent. I always dreamt of the likes of actresses Oviya of ‘Kalavani’ fame, Sindhu Menon of ‘Eeram’ fame, Sandhya of ‘Kadhal’ fame etc.I slightly tweaked the scenes in aforesaid movies in my day dreams and develop situations to blackmail my beauty queens and have fun with them in my dreams.In this first part of my story, I want to narrate my fantasies and in the subsequent parts, I will share my real life experiences.My fantasy originated with Oviya in Kalavani movie.My dream girl Sundari is similar to Oviya in terms of her looks. She is a habitual thief of mangoes from my mango farm along with her friends while on her way to or back from school. She was doing her 12th then and used to wear her school uniform of ‘Pavadai Davani’. To explain in English, it’s a tight white blouse with a navy blue petticoat and a half saree with same blue color wrapped once around her petticoat at the bottom and pulled over her blouse at the top to hide the boob shapes. Well, South Indians are aware of this uniform. The only skin visible is the hip when looked from the sides.Once I saw her in my mango farm along with her friends without her noticing me and initially I was very angry and once I looked her, my anger went off and I was staring her standing still from behind a tree.She pulled her one side of the right middle portion of petticoat and tucked it in her petticoat near the hip. Now I can see her wearing her silver anklets in her legs and she is bare footed as she just removed her slippers. She picked some small stones nearby and kept some dozen stones on the floor where she was standing. Her other friends were showing her the targets which is nothing but the mangoes of my farm. She aimed at one of them in a tree and hurled the stone at it.My situation is I was just watching her and for me the entire environment around her became invisible. When she hurled the stone at the target, she was jumping a bit and I could easily visualize her boobs jumping up and down at this site. The petticoat also jumping up & down but her feet were landing faster than the petticoat and therefore I could see her bare legs till above her knees. It was really a treat to watch the fair smooth skin of her legs as I am standing only about 20-25 feet away. I saw one stone hit the target and mango fell down.One of Sundari’s friends rushed and picked the mango and brought it to her. She took it and wiped it with her ‘Daavani’ and kept the mango between her teeth and bit it. The sour taste of the mango changed her expression and I could see the saliva clearly on her well-shaped lips. She brought out her tongue and licked the saliva from her lips and further her lower lip folded in and out while she licked it. This sight mesmerized me and my thoughts wanted somehow to canlı bahis kiss and suck her lips immediately. My shaft started erecting.I was wearing a ‘Veshti’ which is a kind of a Lungi worn in South India. Veshti is not stitched in the corner and had a cut from top to bottom. I was not wearing my inners as it was in the morning and I just had a bath in the farm well. I was not wearing any top but a towel on my shoulders with which I was drying my hair when I noticed these girls.Sundari then told her friend to collect the mangoes in the bag. Both her friends tasted a bit and started collecting the mangoes once the stones hurled by Sundari hit the targets and the mangoes started falling down. I was just watching her boobs jumping up & down imagining to squeeze them, suck them and what not….. She must be 36’ 32’ 36’ even at the young age of 18+ then. All of a sudden they started whispering in a low voice and started moving out of the farm. Maybe they realized someone is entering the farm. I was standing there by just pressing my shaft so that it doesn’t poke out of my ‘Veshti’ but it was becoming difficult and there was no other way but to masturbate.Sundari and her friends left in no time.I couldn’t control as the cool morning breeze around the farm is making my shaft become more tight and hard that the skin around it is pulling it from all sides. I moved my two ends of my Veshti apart to see my shaft. My shaft what we call a cock/dick is hard & long and I was amazed to see it myself. I held my cock with my left hand and sat on the branch of the tree and started rubbing slowly and my right hand was slowly rubbing my chest nipples. I closed my eyes and my left hand slowly stroking my shaft.All of a sudden, I hear a clapping sound and when I opened my eyes, I saw a lady in front of me who is none other than a woman Sub Inspector of my village. She came to enquire about the regular theft in my farm for which I had made a complaint only 2 days back. My mind was thinking that I shouldn’t have complained. After all a beauty was stealing from my farm and I can get her re-paid by some other means…..IMAGINATIONS…!!!Well, to say about this lady SI, she is very sexy but as I said earlier, I had liking only for very young girls but not below 18/19 years and not more than 25/26 years. But I like married mothers again below 25/26 who feed babies. I always imagined squeezing their boobs to extract milk so that it comes out like a fountain and land on my face…..This lady SI was an exception for me even though she is in mid 30s…she is a black beauty…..There were rumors in my village that the lady SI is having an affair with 2 school going boys at the same time. Both this boys happened to be my new dream girl Sundaris’ classmates. On the pre-text of taking tuitions as she is well qualified in the village, this lady SI exploited this school boys.The lady SI is very dark but looked very strong. She has very big upper & lower lips and it looks like she is from Africa. She has a very good figure and her boobs are slightly larger bahis siteleri than Sundari. She must be in mid thirties’ and when in uniform, one could see poking nipples from her shirt near her shirt pockets.Well she came in front of me clapping her hands and smiling. I was taken back and could not do anything. My shaft is still in the vertical position as I was sitting on the branch in a slightly slant position and stroking it. I immediately removed my left hand from my shaft and stood up. The lady SI was staring at my shaft and I can see her lips & neck movements’ gesture as if she is swallowing something by seeing my shaft. She even bit her lips. Even when I am into my senses, my shaft is still in erect position and poking out from the two ends of my veshti. She sarcastically asked me to put the rat back into its cage. I was dumb stuck mainly because she is a police. I tried pushing it in but it bounced back…she asked ‘may I help you’…I didn’t reply and pushed my cock in and press it between my legs and covered with my veshti.She asked me few questions about my farm and who guards them in the night and day etc. and finally started leaving but turned back asked me to come to her house the next day early morning for further questions as she has to go to headquarters in the town and will be back after 2 days and she left.My veshti had some wetness in the area of the tip of my shaft and I understood it was a pre-cum. I went home and started getting ready to my office.Rest of the day, I was thinking about the events that took place in the morning and the incident of stroking my shaft in front of woman SI. In a way I was happy that my luck with lady SI to have fun is near and at the same time was worried thinking what may come.As I was restless, I decided to go to police station to see the lady on the same afternoon. When I went there she was not there and was told she went for lunch. Her house is on my way to Office from the police station. I went hesitantly to her house and saw the door is locked from outside. But I could hear some sounds from inside the house. The sounds were like some c***dren making a sound of riding a bike like ddrrrrrrrr…ddrr…ddrrrrrrrr. Then I moved to the right side of the house and saw one window was partly opened. I peeped inside to find something which is really laughable and surprising….One of the school boy of those rumors was fully naked and sitting on the floor with both his legs spread like a ‘V’. The lady SI was sitting on the floor naked in from of him with her back resting on the chest of the boy and even her legs spread like a ‘V’. Both the boobs of the lady were being squeezed by the boy and he is the one who is making the sound like riding the bike while squeezing the boobs with his both hands from the back.In between, he is also holding the erect nipples as if he is holding the cigar in both hands. Then he tries to pinch the nipples and the lady is moaning with ecstasy….there is another boy who is in his inner wear and topless was standing listening to the lady’s bahis şirketleri instructions. She is asking him to undress his inner wear…then asking him to suck her nipples as being held by the boy from behind like a cigar. The boy kneels down in the front and sucks the nipple one by one. I could not see the full boobs of the lady as it is either being covered from the boy behind or being sucked from the boy in the front in turns. I started recording the moment in my smartphone from the window.The lady now asks the boy to stand in a cow position in front of her as if a cow is standing to be milked. The boy did so and she held the shaft of the boy with both hands and slowly started stroking it to & fro as if she is milking the cow…she pulled his shaft as long as possible in the to & fro motion….the boy from behind was squeezing her boobs…he sometimes take one of his hand towards his erect shaft to adjust so that it doesn’t hurt him as the lady is resting her back on him.The boy in the cow position was moaning and giving all sorts of sounds with a bike riding sound from boy behind. The lady then leaned forward and turned her head upward to put the boy’s shaft in her mouth and started sucking. This was going on for about 5 minutes before the cowboy splashed the entire sperm in the lady’s mouth. She swallowed the entire cum and removed the shaft from her mouth and started licking the shaft.I was capturing this event and suddenly by mistake I closed the window with a bang and ran outside the gate. The lady SI had seen me capturing the video. Now I thought I will have serious problem with her and went home.That entire night, I did not get the sleep and turning from right to left thinking what will happen. Early next day, I went to the mango farm as a routine and again I saw Sundari and her friends. This time they just took 2 or 3 mangoes and went. Sundari was looking gorgeous as she was keeping Jasmine flowers in her hair.There was a very good smell around even after she left. My mind was totally occupied with lady SI as I was fearing unwanted consequences. I then went home and started going to Office when a police constable came and asked me to come to Mango farm. Fearfully, I went and saw the lady SI sitting on the same branch where I was stroking seeing Sundari.She then asked me why I went to her house and finally what I have captured on phone to be returned back. I told her that I deleted everything but she didn’t believe and asked what I want. She also threatened me about my shaft stroking incident. Realizing her fear and desperation to get the video back, I smelled an opportunity and many things cooked up in my mind at the same time.Then I started. I told her who is stealing the mangoes from my farm. She immediately said that she will put them behind bars. Then I said ‘No’. I wanted something else. She asked me what? I told her that I want to have sex with those girls and I needed her help. Then she agreed and asked me my plan.I asked her to call Sundari and her friends to enquire about the theft and tell them there is evidence that they have stolen the mangoes. Also, frighten them saying they are under arrest. All this should happen in my farm and the entire plan was discussed.Next Day……to be continued in next episode

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