Controlling Authority 01

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Luke grinned and flexed his hand as he left the conference room, working out the residual ache. He was still feeling pretty damned good despite the early meeting schedule. Not about the meeting itself of course, that had been the usual boring financial tripe. No, he was still reveling in the memories of last night. Last night… His chest swelled with pride and his ego grew to bursting proportions. Fuck, it had been fantastic! Thinking back he chuckled to himself, remembering scoffing at her idea when she’d first brought it up. She’d been so tentative, like she was embarrassed to suggest it. “I want to try something new,” she’d suggested. And after she explained her fantasy, he’d resisted. Not as much as she resisted last night, he thought, opening and closing his hand and feeling the vestiges of the impact of his palm on her fleshy globes. He grinned as he walked the hallways back to his office, standing proud, stepping more lively than he had in years. It had been incredible! HE had been incredible! She’d convinced him, over time, not letting the idea drop, eventually wearing him down until he’d agreed. Was that really only weeks ago? But she’d been so excited to do it, he’d had to concede. And he had granted her wish, fulfilled her fantasy. In spades! He’d done the research she’d asked, although she’d made it sound awfully complicated. Maybe I’m just a quick study , he bragged to himself. He hadn’t read all the long boring stories she’d sent him links to, but he’d watched the videos. They’d been pretty hot, although he’d felt a little foolish, at first, imagining him doing those things to Lorraine. He straightened his back as he walked, squaring his shoulders, standing taller. He didn’t feel foolish now. He felt… Christ, he felt invincible! It had been so good! He had been so good! Once he’d started he’d gotten so aroused he’d thought his cock would burst! He’d fallen into the role of Dom as though born to it, spanking her ass, feeling the sound of each slap as he turned her butt pink, then red, then glowing, until his hand had tingled with the repeated impact and his arm felt like it would fall off. To her credit, Lorraine had been pretty good as well, play-acting her resistance to arouse him further, squirming and pretending to wriggle in her bonds. Her squeal muffled in the gag he’d stuffed in her mouth. But he knew his role, and he’d played it perfectly. He snorted a laugh in his reverie, imaging how loud she might have screamed if he hadn’t gagged her. God, she’d been good. But he’d been better. He had Dommed his girlfriend like a pro, and she’d loved every second. He’d given her everything she’d dreamed of and more, he knew. He could tell he’d done it right, just the way almanbahis şikayet she’d wanted. In his head, he relived the muffled cries and sobs, the panicked look in her eyes, the sound of his hand on her ass, over and over. And his cock, rigid as stone, pushing into her ass, and her wailing high-pitched squeal muffled inside her gag… He’d been fantastic for her, and it had felt incredible! Man, what a fucking high! “Mr. Slater, your ten cancelled, but there are two men in your office,” his assistant informed him, shattering his reverie. He stopped abruptly at Bonnie’s desk and looked quizzically at her, “MacPherson cancelled?” “Yes sir,” she replied, “just a few minutes ago. It was… odd.” He looked at her, struck by her use of the term ‘sir’ and vaguely wondered if perhaps Bonnie had a submissive streak, too. From what he’d read, all women wanted it. He had a flash of her in thigh-high black stockings, kneeling with her arms bound behind her, desperate tears streaking her face as his cock choked her. His eyes caught the photo of her with her family on her desk and the vision vanished. He shook his head to clear the thought and asked her to repeat what he’d missed in his distraction. “Yes, sir, the two men, they said you’d approved them taking the ten.” She carried on, “You were in the meeting, so I assumed that you must have organized it from your cell.” Puzzled, he stood and blinked away his confusion. No matter. “Okay, thanks Bonnie,” he said, visualizing her bent over her desk and begging for his huge cock, saying ‘ Yes Sir’ . He wiggled his hips to adjust the beginnings of a semi, then took the few steps to the door, stopped and took a deep breath. Couple of opportunists, no doubt. Not a problem. He’d make short work of them, the mood he was in. Today, he thought, I am the fucking king! Ain’t nobody going to rain on MY parade! He stepped into his office with a confident flair and saw two men there. The first was tall and wiry and was sitting in his visitor’s chair. He’d turned it sideways to the front of his desk with one ankle over the other knee, perfectly polished shoe methodically bouncing as he rested one elbow on the desk edge. As if he fucking owns the place! The other was a big fella, all muscle, like a gorilla. He hunched by the bookcase, looking at the photos. They both wore suits, but not well. “Gentlemen,” he announced, closing the door, “I admire your ingenuity in getting past Bonnie,” he said as he strode assuredly to his desk chair. He smiled broadly at each of them as they regarded him, and then sat down with an exaggerated flourish. “But I assure you that I am really very, very busy and don’t have time for interruptions.” He opened his day planner almanbahis canlı casino and flipped the pages to two weeks ahead, despite actually having plenty of free time the following week. “How about we make an appointment for you gentlemen, say, two weeks from Wednesday?” He picked up a pen and prepared to write, with a half-polite smile on his face. The men stared at him impassively. ‘Wiry guy’ bobbed his foot. The big one turned a little, impassively looking over his shoulder, one of Luke’s framed photos still in his meaty paw. “Put that down, eh?” he addressed the big one, then added, “Please?” The big guy stood, silent and unmoving, until the quiet in the room almost bulged with tension and became a physical presence. Luke glanced from one to the other, motioning nervously with his pen, ready to write and wondering if maybe they were deaf, or foreign or something? Finally, Wiry guy turned his head to Big Guy and nodded towards Luke, “He’s busy,” he said. The words sliced the silence like a scalpel with a sandpaper edge. Luke thought maybe he used to smoke, or that smokers wished their rasp sounded like this. “Busy…” Big Guy echoed and then snorted out something that sounded like either derisive laughter or metal scraping concrete. He repeated the word without inflection, “Busy…” as though sounding out a new language. He turned his attention back to the photographs, his broad back facing Luke again. “Mr. Slater,” Wiry said, dropping his leg and uncoiling himself to lean forward, “I’m going to need to see your card.” He held his hand out expectantly, palm up, waiting. Luke shrugged nonchalantly and reached for his stack of business cards. He slipped one out of the plexiglass holder on his desk, and offered it to the thin man. Wiry looked at him, down at the card and then back to him with an expression bordering on intolerance. He took the card and smiled, examined it, then turned to Big Guy. “A funny guy, Tommy,” he clipped with indolent sarcasm. “We got us a funny guy.” “Funny guy,” Tommy echoed and made that rumbling, scraping sound again. He was holding the autographed baseball which Luke had bought on the Internet. Wiry, still smiling, turned back to Luke. He placed the business card carefully, face up, on Luke’s desk. “Your Union Card, Mr. Slater. I want to see your Union Card,” he repeated, his voice overly steady, slow and spaced out, as though he was talking to a child. “Union card?” Luke screwed up his face, not understanding, his good mood suddenly shattered by the lanky stranger and his large-pawed sidekick, who was still manhandling his stuff. “Maybe you should tell me who you are, hmm?” He wasn’t about to let these characters best him almanbahis casino in his own office! “What company are you with? We don’t have a union here and, if you’re looking to organize the staff, well, you’ve got the wrong man, you should be talking to Pearson, in Personnel.” Wiry raised his eyebrows in exaggerated incredulity. “Pearson in Personnel?” He turned to his mountain. “Tommy, he wants us to talk to H R, to Human Resources,” he almost coughed out the words. “Yoo-minn Ree-zor-sez,” came the slow, rumbling mispronunciation, followed by the sinister, metallic grating. Wiry turned back to face Luke and placed his forearms on the desk, rattling a cup of pens as he pushed them aside to make room. “Let me make myself clear, Mr. Slater. My name is Terrence. My associate,” he motioned with his head, “Little Tommy, and I are here from Local Twelve-Eleven because a complaint has been lodged.” He leaned forward, staring directly at Luke and smiled overly politely, “Now, can I please see your Union Card?” Luke felt his face scrunch up in confusion as the last of his euphoria dissolved into mist. “Local twelve-eleven? What the fuck is that?” His eyes flicked between the two men. “Complaint? What the hell are you talking about?” As Terrence slipped an arm from the desk and reached inside his jacket, Luke felt his stomach clench and his breath caught in his throat. He exhaled again when the man produced nothing more dangerous than a wallet. The wiry angular arm extended and the wallet flipped open, dangling a clear plastic sleeve showing an official I.D. Card. Luke saw the emblem, read the print as the raspy voice recited the credential. “Local 1211, Master’s Craftsman Guild,” he relayed, his expression suspicious, through narrowed eyes. “The Dom Union. Investigations and Infractions Division. As I said, we’re here in response to a complaint.” In one swift movement, he deftly flipped the wallet closed and slipped it back into his pocket. “Now,” he said slowly, dragging the words out for effect, “May I see your Union Card, Mr. Slater?” Luke’s mind descended into a maelstrom of confused thought. Dom Union? Complaint? Who the fuck complained? Who the fuck knew ? Shit, did the neighbors hear? Was someone watching through the window? He thought back to the unsavory clerk at the shop where he’d bought the clamps and restraints. Anyway, who the fuck were these guys to stick their noses in his business? He felt his mouth opening and closing, like a fish out of water, his teeth clacked together as he snapped it shut. A fucking Dom Union? There’s no such thing! “Bullshit, Terry!” he spat with a bravery that he didn’t really feel, but his incredulity blurted without his consent. “There’s no such Union. You guys are jerking me around. This is a joke, right?” He glanced back and forth between them. Little Tommy had stopped admiring the photos and collectibles, and was leaning casually against the wall. Terrence regarded him coldly, through slitted eyes.

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