Controlling Rayne

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Zachary checked himself in the mirror and straightened the cuff links of his crisp white suit shirt. He thought he was due for a bit of a hair cut, his salt and pepper hair was just beginning to curl to his ears. His custom fitted charcoal grey suit jacket hung perfectly from his broad shoulders, tapering slightly at his trim waist. The black trousers fit him perfectly, accentuating his muscular thighs and backside. His black soulful eyes regarded his reflection in a positive light, not to shabby, he thought wryly. He turned and grabbed his watch, keys, briefcase, and headed out of his penthouse flat to the elevator.  The upcoming meeting with the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation didn’t intimidate him at all, but he was intrigued by what he had learned about the female CEO. He had gathered some information about her, not all of it positive, and was curious after the few emails they had exchanged and a couple of brief phone conversations. She had a reputation as being quite the “dragon lady” to work for and he respected that already. It would take a lot of strength and perseverance to get to where she was, and he found that enticing as well. Her voice over the phone was all business and professional, however it also had a certain husky allure.  He arrived at the 60 floor sky scraper headquarters where the meeting was being held, parked in the underground garage and headed up the elevator to the 59th floor. He exited into a gleaming marble and mahogany foyer with a central receiving desk. He almost whistled under his breath at the opulence of the place even though he was used to a certain amount of grandiosity.  He walked confidently up to the receiving desk and smiled politely at the receptionist, “Zachary Bloodstone to see Miss Abernathy.”  The receptionist looked up and gaped at him. He watched a slow steady blush come to her cheeks, and turned his smile up full wattage. The poor girl dropped the phone handset she was holding and knocked over her coffee cup, spilling the tepid liquid over the papers on her desk.  “Oh jeez, oh damn,” she said rolling her chair back away from the pooling liquid. “Oh sir, I am so sorry!” She stammered blushing a deeper crimson.  “No worries, I am sorry you spilled your coffee.” He looked at her pencil skirt to see if any had landed there. She reached under the desk and brought out a box of tissues, ineffectually mopping up the spill while grabbing the phone and punching in an extension. “Mr. Bloodstone to see Miss Abernathy,” she said crisply and replaced the handset. “Please follow me sir,” she said avoiding looking at his gorgeous chiseled face and those dark ebony eyes rimmed with long black lashes. Oh god he smells and looks like heaven, she thought to herself and blushed some more. She led him to Miss Abernathy’s office, opening the enormous ornately carved mahogany doors, and stood aside with a slight curtsy as Zachary entered the office. What the hell? Did I just curtsy for fuck’s sake? She shook her head, turned on her heel and left the office closing the door behind her softly. Zachary took in the incredible view overlooking downtown London. The Gherkin Building was impressive from outside looking like a jeweled Faberge egg but the view was even more impressive. Miss Abernathy was facing away from him looking out the window having some intense negotiation over the phone.  “I have been quite clear Mr. Symons the price almanbahis is what it is and your company can either purchase at said price or not. Please let me know what you decide sir and have a very pleasant day.” She clipped the last bit out like venom from a snake. He watched her as she removed the blue tooth gizmo from her ear while spinning around in her chair to face him. Zachary was generally a very controlled, cool personality however, when Miss Abernathy rose from her chair and outstretched her hand across the desk for him to shake, he felt a twitch in his trousers.  “I am Rayne Abernathy, Mr. Bloodstone, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.” She hand one hand planted on the desk and was leaning forward across its width and the pose did wonders for Zachary’s view. Her blouse wasn’t low cut really, it was just that her bosom was ample and gravity swung it forward in a most provocative way. He reached his hand out to hers and grasped it firmly. When their skin touched he felt an electric jolt go up his arm. He thought he saw her eyes widen slightly as if she felt it too, but she recovered her composure very quickly. “The pleasure is all mine, I assure you,” he said coolly not wanted to betray his sudden intense desire. He sat opposite her. “Would you care for a beverage of any sort?” she asked politely with an accent that sounded to him like maybe northern Wales. He glanced at her as she moved around the desk to a cabinet that looked like it was a custom design. She merely touched the top and it opened revealing a compact cool wine storage, a small refrigeration unit stocked with juices and soda, and a full mini bar on the side. impressive, he thought.  “No thank you Miss Abernathy, I am fine.” he stated. Then watched as she bent low into the fridge and got a juice drink. Her rounded hips and ample backside were sheathed in a silky blood red shift skirt. He let his gaze travel down her calves and noted her stockings had a seam straight up the backs that ended in black platform stilettos with tiny bows at the top of the heel. She stood and turned toward him and he noticed that she was quite statuesque, taller than average and voluptuous. Her curves were in all the right places and he briefly thought about exploring each and every one.  Rayne took him in like a long cool drink of water on a blistering hot day. Her face revealed nothing of course, she had trained herself rigidly over the years to always keep a neutral poker face no matter what the situation–and Mr. Bloodstone was definitely a situation to behold. His salt and pepper hair was fairly close cropped except a couple tiny curls near his ears. His high cheekbones and square jaw looked carved by one of the old masters, and his eyes, soulful and dark, very dark like onyx; were fringed with the longest blackest lashes she had seen that weren’t created by mascara. Oh holy fuck, she thought to herself and quickly looked down at the file on her desk.  “Please call me Rayne,” she said taking a deep cleansing breath as she sat back behind her desk. It made her feel a little safer to be there with plenty of space between them, she had felt such a jolt when he shook her hand it had alarmed her. She crossed her legs demurely and opened the file in front of her. “Okay Rayne, then please call me Zachary.” He reached for his briefcase to distract himself and opened it to retrieve the necessary files. As he laid almanbahis yeni giriş them out on the desk Rayne looked at his beautiful hands…what is it about a man with nice hands, she wondered idly while her own libido answered, it’s because you imagine those long tapered fingers inside you. YES, agreed. She cleared her throat and tried to focus on the task at hand.  The two of them discussed the merger/acquisition all the while each were secretly having erotic fantasies about the other. He wanted to undo her severe chignon and wind his hand in her hair, pulling her head back so he could devour her beautiful mouth and bite her plump lips. She wanted to have him bend her over the desk and fuck her until she screamed for him to stop, but on the surface both were the consummate professionals. “Well Sir, I believe that concludes our business for today” she said with huge regret. She never wanted him to leave her office, she wanted him to rip off all of her clothes and lick her entire body while she took his throbbing cock in her mouth.  “It seems so, madam” he stated while his mind raced for an excuse to prolong the meeting. He wanted to tie her to that huge fucking desk and kill her with his hard cock. He could just picture her bound and helpless, without control, and force feeding her mouth with his dick as she moaned. She had called him Sir, which always turned his dominance on.  She stood on slightly wobbly legs, holding onto her desk for a moment. “If you need any further information I will be here very late tonight, it wouldn’t be a problem.” She tried to keep the plea out of her voice but didn’t reckon she was a hundred percent successful. She desperately hoped he didn’t notice. What the hell was wrong with her? She never lost her control…EVER. He stood and put his briefcase in front of himself to hide the growing bulge there. Had she just said what he thought she said? And her tone of voice, was he imagining it? He didn’t think so. “I will do that Miss Abernathy,” he said simply, letting her wonder.  He extended his hand again and she took it in hers, the jolt was stronger this time for them both, and they lingered. The door to her office opened and the receptionist appeared to escort him out. When they let go of each other it seemed a very slow process. He looked her in the eye and smiled widely just for her. Then to her surprise he gave her a wicked little wink. She grinned like a fool, control out the window apparently. You bloody idiot! her control freak warned and her smile faded quickly. He turned on his heel and strode out of the office. She watched his back with deep longing, the broad shoulders, the tapered waist, long legs, nice muscled rump. Dear god he smelled so fucking amazing as well, like a trip to the Northern California coast and wood smoke with just a hint of something like citrus, orange or lemon perhaps. And that fucking suit he was wearing…oh I want him bad. She sighed and felt defeated by the prospect of working the rest of the day.  Zachary busied himself in other meetings, constantly distracted by thoughts of his brief encounter with Miss Abernathy. He kept imagining doing the most creative erotic things to her curvaceous body, he could not seem to stop thinking about her. Rayne was entirely too distracted by thoughts of onyx eyes and being taken over her desk to get any sort of real work done. She finally decided to get out almanbahis giriş of the office for awhile and go get a cocktail at a pub nearby. She was just trying to decide where she wanted to go when her intercom interrupted her thoughts. “Uh Miss Abernathy? Er, Mr. Bloodstone is on line one?” The girl sounded absolutely flummoxed. Rayne stared at her phone in disbelief. She finally muttered, “Put him through please.” Her hand was gripping the phone way too tightly.  His voice came across the line like a cool breeze, “Miss Abernathy, I am afraid I neglected to sign one of the contracts, and you will need that before you can submit them. I am leaving my last meeting in 15 minutes, I could drop them by your office?” Rayne was secretly both excited and afraid. She felt like the wolf was coming to her door suddenly, there was something in his tone that was menacing. A little frightening even, though his words were of a mundane business nature. She hesitated then said, “Certainly you could have it sent via a messenger? There’s no need to go out of your way Sir.” She held her breath and waited.  He took his time considering her words and her tone of voice. She sounded almost, what? Scared shitless, he thought finally and grinned evilly. “Oh I assure you madam it is no trouble at all. I will be there in 45 minutes.” With that he closed his cell phone and returned to the meeting to gather his paperwork and leave. He continued to have a salacious grin on his face the entire time. Rayne stared at the phone incredulously, that fucker just hung up on me. The situation sort of amused and excited her. She clamped her thighs together as the thoughts of him being here flooded her mind. She undid the top button of her blouse and went into her private dressing room/lavatory that was attached to her office. It really was more like an upscale mini flat, with a shower, a small comfortable bed, a tub, a kitchenette and a walk-in closet. There were many nights she stayed so late at work she slept here, it was really convenient.  She checked herself in the mirror, applied a little lip gloss, smoothed her hair, tucked her shirt, and smoothed her stockings. Lastly, she applied a little Clive Christian perfume, reputed to be the most expensive in the world. It was a Christmas gift from a very wealthy client, although Rayne could’ve have easily afforded the 215,000 bottle herself. She walked back to her office and poured herself a cognac, her nerves were a riot of confusion and anxiety–she needed this drink. Zachary arrived at the Gherkin, went into his trunk and retrieved a few items that he placed in his briefcase, then headed up in the lift. He was planning on doing some not very nice things to Miss Abernathy and hoped she was alone in her office. He exited the lift and noticed that the receptionist wasn’t at her station. The huge doors to Rayne’s office were slightly ajar. A soft light emanated from around them. Rayne was staring out the window, enjoying the slight buzz from her second cognac having some very erotic fantasies when she felt his presence. She turned slowly in her chair and gazed at him appreciatively. She had the feeling that the look she was getting from him had nothing to do with some unsigned contract. She watched him as he strode toward her languidly like a panther on the prowl. “I seem to have misplaced that document,” He said giving her a slight smirk.  “Well I could make another copy,” Rayne said rising slowly and seductively from her desk. “Won’t take a moment,” She noticed he had closed the door behind him, not that it mattered, there was never anyone in the office this late except for her of course.

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