Cousins Share Adventure

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Cousins Share AdventureCousins Share Adventure———-Over a week had passed and we had been so busy, swamped with customers and no time to really talk to each other, but today we had rain. The chores were finished and Amanda and I stole off to the loft to relax and get to know each other better.”So, Frolic….I was wondering something. Does you dad have a girlfriend?” she asked sheepishly keeping her head down as she did. I was not quite sure where this was going, but decided to find out.”No, he doesn’t have a regular ‘girlfriend’,” I giggled and continued. “He has a stable full of them. All the old lady customers to bed him, and even the girls that worked here over the summer teased and flirted with him.””Well, I really like your dad…a lot,” she said slowly gathering her courage.”Yes, I have noticed that you ‘really like’ him, since the other morning I happened to be going by his bedroom door and saw you giving him his morning blowjob,” I watched her closely and waited.”Oh! Frolic, I am sorry, I just could not resist,” Amanda suddenly realized what I had just said, she looked up at me with her mouth open. “Did you say his morning blowjob?””Yes, his ‘morning blowjob’. One of us, either Ashley or I treat him to one every day,” I laughed softly seeing her cheeks blush.”You mean….you guys give him a blowjob every morning? OMG.” Amanda’s chest swelled her sharp intake of air. “Yes. You seemed so skilled as I watched you, I take it you have a great deal of experience? Do you do the same thing with your Dad?””No,” Amanda blushed again, “with my brother Aiden. I love sucking his cock and I have done it since we started grade school. He licks my pussy too.””Oh my, I think I might like that too, sucking his cock and having him eat me out.” I spoke dreamily in a soft voice almost under my breath.”Frolic….I have an idea that is a bit weird and kinky,” she grinned looking at me and I realized how much alike we two were, having ‘plans’ all the time. “You said you would like to suck Aiden, what if I could arrange it?””Um….well, I guess so,” I spoke hesitantly while my mind raced with excitement at the thought of it. “But, why would you do that for me?””Because I want you to arrange for me to suck your dad in the office. I am getting wet just thinking of it,” she spread her legs, lifting her skirt, and sure enough, her white panties had a huge wet spot. “Do we have a deal?””How will we pull this off, I mean, they will see who it is and….” I started but she interrupted me quickly.”No, blindfolds. We can each get them to wear blindfolds and then switch with each other. It will work I am sure. So, a Deal?” The look in her eyes was like mine, once a plan was created, the wheels started turning and there was literally no turning back.Two days went by as Amanda laid out the plan. She told Aiden that she wanted to get really kinky with him during lunch and that she was going to tie him to the bed and have her way with him so he could not resist or touch her except with his mouth or cock. We watched out the window of the office as he snuck off to the house and went in. We followed him after a few minutes and I stood outside the bedroom door listening and peering in.”Good boy Aiden, I’m going to put this blindfold on you and tie your hands and feet to the bed,” she spoke authoritatively as if she did it all the time. Quickly, he was tied and blindfolded, lying helpless on the bed. His cock was flaccid, bornova escort barely showing amidst his hairy pubes.”Yes Mistress, I am yours to command,” he meekly responded confirming that she definitely was in charge of her brother.”Quiet, your mouth is only to be used to pleasure my pussy, not talking,” as she waved me into the room smiling and gesturing ‘he is all yours’ with her lips. She started playing with his cock, coaxing it alive, as I stripped my clothing off as she watched, licking her lips seeing my body revealed to her.I slid between his legs, and began kissing his cock gently, licking the sides of his shaft, as she stroked him harder and harder. My hands soon replaced hers, feeling his cock stiffen more and more as I opened my mouth and took the tip between my lips, letting my tongue tease it, swirling around the head. Baring my teeth around his cock head, I bite down gently tugging back on it.”Oh Sis, that feels so wonderful, you have not done that before. Ah, bite it harder…,” Aiden’s hips lifted up as I nibbled it.”I told you No talking. Now, I will have to keep you quiet,” she motioned for me to turn around and sit on his face making humping motions with her arms and body, smiling from ear to ear.I put my knees alongside his ears and lowered myself onto his face, the wetness of my pussy coating his nose and lips. As I started to grind on his face, I felt his nose against my asshole and pushed back hard forcing the tip of his nose in my brownie. His tongue was furiously lapping, up and down, and his lips were clamped on my labia. I reached down and rubbed my clitty and he started licking the right spot. I leaned over and began teasing his cock again, kissing it and it seemed to bounce up to meet my lips and I obliged by sucking it into my mouth. I let my fingers tickle his balls as his cock was filling my mouth and the tip of it tickling my tonsils and the back of my throat.I feel myself tingling, start riding his face harder and harder with my pussy, and continue to go down on him. I hear him groan and wince, guessing I must have squeezed his balls a little too hard but I felt him stiffen his rump and thrust upwards into my mouth, shooting his cum down my throat. I was caught by surprise and did not try to swallow, letting most of his cum squirt out around my lips, coating his balls with his own spunk.I keep grinding my pussy down on his face, feeling his tongue inside me until I feel my climax coming. Gushes of my nectar flow down his face, his neck and chest are covered in the gooey cum as I collapse with my pussy against his face.”Oh god Sis, that was so fantastic! You have never cum so much on me before, and it tastes so sweet,” as he starts licking all over my pussy and ass. “We have got to do this more often. Being tied up was scary at first, but a real turn on, once you started sucking my cock like that, biting me….omg,” Aiden rambled on as he licked me clean.I slowly lifted myself up, climbed off the bed and put on my clothes. Amanda was giggling reaching out patting my wet pussy and squeezing my boobs as I dressed.”Brother, you Might get this again, If you are a good boy. Perhaps I will invite Frolic to join us next time. Would you like that Aiden?” “Oh my, I am getting hard again just thinking about Frolic. Yes, Please, I promise to be a good boy,” he begged.”We will see,” Amanda replied. She waved me out of the escort bornova room as she started untying his legs and hands freeing him. I was in the office Amanda came bouncing into the office with a big smile on her face. “So, was that what you wanted Frolic?””Yes it was, thank you,” I replied smiling and kissed her before I realized I had done it and that Dad was sitting in his office watching as I did. I blushed looking into his office and waved at him casually before sitting down at my desk with Amanda close at my side.”Psst, my dad just saw me kissing you….I am pretty sure he will be jacking himself off thinking of that for the rest of the day,” I whispered in a very low voice to her.That night at dinner as we all talked about our day and the plans for tomorrow, I watched Amanda keep looking over at Dad with dreamy eyes picking at her food. Aiden was all bubbly and kept joking around with Steven about a pair of girls that had visited the farm today. They were novices and Steven had spent a goodly part of his morning with them in the arena giving them pointers on riding as Aiden sat in the bleachers laughing at him. Dad recounted a story about a woman that would have fallen off her horse, had he not been there to catch her. She was a bit ‘top heavy’, started fiddling with the stirrup, lost her balance, and fell into his arms.”Did you get her in the saddle Dad?” I giggled as I asked the question, and he immediately turned bright red. “I bet she will be back for more…”.”Frolic, stop that,” he chuckled, “she was too big for the saddle.” The whole table erupted in laughter. The rest of the evening was more teasing talk and the evening ended pleasantly. Amanda cornered me at bedtime and handed me her brother’s blindfold grinning. I knew that she wanted me to fulfill my part of her plan.As I got ready for work the next morning, I choose my attire carefully, making sure I wore my most alluring and revealing top and shortest shorts. As I walked into the office, Dad was already sitting at his desk going thru his papers. I had worn no bra so my breasts were jostling back and forth, as I moved around the office. With my backside to his window, I made a point of leaning way over my desk as if reaching for something, knowing that my asscheeks would be nicely displayed. I peeked under my arm to watch him and his eyes were locked on my ass as I expected. He was always horny early in the morning and I saw his hand go under the desk and adjust himself.”Are you ogling me Dad?” I smiled looking at him as I walked to his doorway with the blindfold clutched in my fingers and tossed it at him. “You need to put these on, so you are not distracted by my ass and titties. I’ll give you a big reward if you can wear those for 30 minutes so I can get some work done.””Blindfold? Really, Frolic, you want me to wear a blindfold while you prance around showing your booty in the outer office. Um, OK, I will,” as he put the blindfold up over his eyes, I moved behind him slipping my breasts out and started rubbing them on his neck, and tied the blindfold for him making sure it was secure. I reached over Dad’s shoulders, unbuckled his belt, and opened his zipper. As I did, he pulled his trousers down around his ankles and pushed his chair back some spreading his legs.Amanda now appeared in the doorway smiling and stepped towards his desk quietly. Her eyes locked on his hard throbbing bornova escort bayan cock watching him touch himself as my breasts lay across his shoulders and he turned his head to suckle on my nipples. I moaned softly in his ears as his tongue and lips worked their magic on my now stiffened nipples. Unable to contain herself, Amanda knelt between his legs and started licking his hairy balls and up the length of his shaft. “What the Fuck…” Dad reached for the blindfold and my hands caught his and held them tight, as Amanda began kissing and licking his cock. Her mouth captured the tip of his cock tightly between her lips, her tongue darted around it, tasting his pre-cum. She moaned softly as she started slipping his cock deeper into her mouth sucking him in.”Daddy, just be still and enjoy. This is your reward for agreeing to wear the blindfold,” I cooed in a sexy voice. “I know what you like, so sit back and don’t resist us.” I guided his hands without trouble down to brush Amanda’s hair and released them on her breasts. I watched gleefully as he felt her soft mounds under his fingertips and moaned again. Her cheeks bulged as his cock went in and out of her mouth and I could hear her intake of breath with each deep stroke. His head rolled back and I watched him lifting his rump in time to her down strokes.”Frolic, who is sucking my dick? Its so naughty of you to trick me like this and not know who it is,” he spoke as if chastising me. “Ashley is in school….””Never you mind Daddy, she is enjoying your cock as much as you are enjoying her sucking you. Cum in her mouth, that is what she really wants you to do. Keep playing with her titties, pinch her nipples, tell her you like what she is doing,” I kept speaking softly to him knowing my voice would be making both of them more excited. His hips were moving and his hands were busy at her breasts.” Baby doll, I’m going to cum in your mouth like never before. Frolic, you are driving me insane as is she.” I felt his body begin to tense up, his humping at Amanda’s mouth was more insistent until I saw her cheeks puff out as he unloaded a huge shot of sperm into her mouth. Cum went flying out around her lips as she tried to swallow his load. She kept going down further and further on him, gagging and struggling to breath and swallow at the same time, getting as much cum as she could down her throat.He spastically shot several loads of cum into her mouth while pulling on her breasts like taffy, stretching them in his hands. She kept moaning all the while taking the cum and the pain of him squeezing and pulling on her breasts as he was. When he finally relaxed his hips, she pulled her mouth off his cock. There was cum all over her chin dribbling down her chest between her tits, and she was smiling so widely with her mouth open I imagined that she could have had two cocks in her mouth with no problems.As I stood up my eyes went to the window, and I blushed bright red, seeing two young couples staring in the window. I am sure they saw everything as all their faces were smiling and their arms were around their partners with hands in the most inappropriate places. Amanda turned with her cum stained face and looked at them as well. I waved to them as I walked to the door, forgetting my tits were hanging out for god and creation to see. “Hello, I’m Frolic, how may I help you today?” I spoke casually as if nothing unusual had happened as I stepped into my office to greet the couples. “Well, we came to see if we ride some horses today, but…,” one girl started speaking. “Perhaps horses are not all that we would like to ride. Is that possible?””Everything is possible here, you have to fill out our forms first however.”

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