Covid 19 cramping our meet ups

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Covid 19 cramping our meet upsSo welcome to spring 2020. Well not really. It has been a nice spring weather wise but life in general is just a cluster fuck. For the last month basically school is not in session people can’t go to work and all the bars and restaurants closed. What is a married women who swings to do. Can’t host at my house during the day when off cause the k**s are home from school. Can’t go to a bar for a drink with one of my friends with benefits one because the bar is closed and two he has no work out of the house is home with his wife and has no reason to go out. Mmmm how many swingers and people with fun on the side are out there going crap I have a shit load of time to fuck and no way to do it lol. So paln paln is hatched. My friend with Benifits comes up with a reason to get out of the house. Band practice. Mmm yes you heard me right the band still most practice and less then 5 people so step one done. step two I need a reason to be out. Mmmm I’m sarıyer escort still working with ot. Ok I’m working late. Working on a plan to fuck my friend. Step three ware to go. If you have ever played in an urban area in a car a lot full of cars is ideal you park towards the edges ware less cars are and often workers so come out end of shift blend in. so in the middle of a pandemic no cars. Everywhere is closed or closes early cops out to protect business so can’t park empty lot sure to get caught and don’t want to explain that lack off social,distancing. so scouted out a spot small lot at the end of natural tail not a main trail with large cops to patrol but small maybe 4 cars turn of street hidden by trees. Go the nifht before at 7:45 not sole getting dark mmmm We can do thisSo next day text my friend tell him ware to,pick me up after work text home working late. I am dressed in a shirt that esenyurt escort opens in front and short skirt no undies. I am wet with excitement it has been a whole month already this has to work. I get in his car as much as I want to kiss him I can not.To many eyes of people who knew me. He looks happy to see me. I notice he is dressed for easy access sweat pants no under ware. As he drives I unbutton my shirt. He watches and tries to keep his eyes on the road as I tell him how to go to my perfect spot. His hands rub and teases my breast. He pulls my tits out of my bra as he drives down the back road. I notice a jogger on the side of the road and point him out He was distracted his hand up my shirt teasing my push want to make sure he saw him. We were so close so ready to get to my spot so we could get in the back of the car and have each other. We pull in. fuck there are 4 cars in the lot empty there ocupents returning at any moment. avrupa yakası escort We both look at each other…. We has passed a large church lot down the road. It sat in the middle of no ware. ok the church. Yes I know really going to go fuck in a church parking lot. No services right now no cameras on the lot like a car dealership etc. yes we were going to go for it. As soon as we parked we were out of the front into the back mouths on each other tongues in twined Hands kneeling my exposed breast. O how I missed him hands his mouth. Lie down he says. I know what is coming his hot breath on my wet hard clit. O I love how he eats me out. I am lieing there not thinking about who could come up or if you could see his ass from the road. I wanted eaten. He kisses me deeply again and I pull out his hard dick and suck him. He is so hard and I her him say I want you as he pulls always lays me down again and slides his hard dick in my wanting pussy. He is so hard and so wanted me he explodes quickly but I am so wet from being eaten I cum with him. We kiss and start to dress as I spie a four wheel gator driving around the church looking out into the lot. O shit we better go. We start to drive and they give a friendly wave. Ooo thank god we didn’t have to explain our lack of social distancing to the pastor

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