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covid sissy training group”hello fellow trainers and welcome to the group for these 3 new students , look at how cute they are”the 3 little white boys hands tied sit on laps of older black guy, smilling at the screen watching all the black guys with a boy in panty and matching bra , mouth gagged and looking ….defeated”ok time to present your sissy ””Mike you are the newer here why dont you start””ok, so Iam Mike and this cute fairy here is Cindy, i have been the owner for about a month, i found her by pure accident, this lil bitch here was parking downtown and hit my car twice, so i got in her car , pull my bbc out and teached her what we do to boy who drives like girls””Hi my Name is Jacob, this is Amy, he was babysitting the next door k**s and i caught him smoking weed wgen the k**s were asleep, i had to teach her a lesson and after that lovely night , she been smoking on my bbc most week””hi im Henry , this is Jessica , i found her walking alone at night , she looked so…shy I had to find why, I realized soon this cute white girly boy was wearing a buzzing plug with a string””ok great welcome, everyone can start and watch our new sissy friends here getting the first training””so get your trainer box out and start by dressing her up and let everyone see how cute your girl is”all of them , crawling from daddies lap , doggy ass up infront of the cam, all so sexy , douzens of cute sissy ass were dancing , the little head between spread legs , up and down , so much cute and docile studentsall the sissy owners watching the new recruit , on the cam looking up getting doll up in the school girl outfit, 3 good little students watching the tv mosaic of cams , all strong dark skin daddies getting sucked watching them getting teached to be ….itthose cute helpless boy , dress up like school girl made the whole lots call them cute bitch”ok bahis siteleri good good”I coudnt believe thisass up in my ….daddy house, gagged and leashed, the guy with the BMW i hit while parking, had told me this would be the last time….but now i knew this would never ends, looking at this private secret group of alpha black daddy, i knew this would never stoplooking at the big tv . they all cheer for them to train our pussy holei was first starting to moan and ask him to go slow”say it like a girl , he will ”the group admin suggestingall 3 started talking with a small voice trying our best”ahhhh ahhh plz daddy go slow plzzzz”the scene was unreal, i look back at him ”im not letting you go nowhere sissy””that pussy too great ”3 little face looking at the tv , getting trained”good girl good girl moan like a wore its cute”the random group members all looking and also could be ear ”good girl take Mike cock you cute girl ””ok this is going very well, time to get your student ready ””remember only 3 of you will win , so make sure to bounce those cute ass to win girls”all facing the cams sit on our daddy bbc we started bouncingand i watch daddy making me look at the sissies all bouncing , pink little cage out clacking around”look at them, i hope one week you will be my winner”pounding my ass making me look doggy at these sluts own sissy all working up , bouncing down and moaning”i felt in a dream , this coudnt be reaity, one little slut started cumming and the daddy started kissing her calling her the best girl . the best good girl he ever hadshe cum her cage squirting around looking at the cam eyes turned cumming, proud little sissy bitch , a winner , a good winner his dad repeatedsmashing her ass up slapping her ass”you are a fucking good little girl””yessss daddyyyy””2 more to win girls , move those pussy and cum on your canlı bahis siteleri daddy ”it took too long for some , daddies grunting and lil sissy filled, some of them ass up full of cum looking sad they didnt win , daddy back in her fucking his little looser into a cute moaning nonetheless and 2 moaning bitch won at the same time giggling cumming yelling loud ”immmm a giiiirlllll””ok we have our winner , its decided , have a nice week”the show ended”wanna know what they won?”and i really wanted to see yes”they are going to get titties, cute little perky tits , here ill show you all the winners from last shows”i watch 3 sexy blond dress like cheerleaders rubbing their tits togethergetting the out of their sexy tight cheerleader outfitdaddy help me on him, sit plugged and i watch the 3 lil blond crawl all 3 to dark skin football player , taking their cock out and sucking smilling rubbing on their titsthe field view zoom out and more and more football player went to the cute cheerass up smiling fucked up cages clacking cute blond ts living their dream”one day you will want to be like therm so much you will bounce and try to win every show, every week, to get cute titties ”i listen lost on him fucking me slowly , plugged for the last 30min looking at cute trans fucked from the training groupsi was dizzy after he cum in me and didnt stop, on top still drilling down in me”i will cum so much in you tonight i will have to put you in a diaper , little bitch gonna drip cum for a day ”i was only able to moan , lost by this powerfull cock still hitting me so righthe pourred so much in me the 2nd time i giggle to the sound of the huge splurt he made in and out”such a beautiful pussy you have, i cant stop”i lost it and he made me cum , i shook and it made him cum a 3rd load in me completely draining me off strenght squirting like a girl canlı bahis , he kiss me saying he was proud ”wait dont turn yet , this cunt is way too full ”i watch legs lift the diaper he talk about and he snap it on mei was on the bed in princess diaper help to my feet ”you are cute in this baby , please get me a beer princess”i was walking in tight diaper back with a beer and we watch the last avenger together ”you want a beer too right ?”was giver a cock bottle thing ”suck and beer comes out”i sucked by thing the whole movie daddy rubbing my back , helping me put more beer in my cock bottle”you are too cute look , im hard again”in diaper mouth up head on his belly he switch from getting suck to helping me drinki was starting to like playing like a sissy, it was fun sucking his cocki endup loving meeting him , training for the show next weekbut being a girl comes with its risk and i found it after work on fridayi was buying beer for my daddy and i bend to much my panty line went out the whole time i walk to daddy homea car pass right by me at the light , a dark face looked at me and stoppped closehe got outand grin the whole walk to mehis belt undone i froze”hi…..what who””you walk in panty at night sissy boy”looking down i saw my frilly pink panty cloth out the stranger pulling my pants down , locking my neck with his belt”yeah its what i thought””come with me sissy, daddy have a huge bbc for you”i was puill and in his car right there he mouth fuck me hard with a huge 9i gag and drool on my face as he rub his cock wet all around calling me a good cock woreass us belt on the neck i had to bounce and make him cum to be releasedhe cum in me and laught so hard i felt stupid getting out to my pants still in the grassfull of a stranger cum , driving away leaving the slut on the side i went to daddy with the beer warm by nowand he never ask a questionwhen he put it easy in my cum filled holehe just repeated ”good girl, good girl” until adding more to my assdaddy girl back in diaper , day after day getting teach more about being a good girl man want to fuck

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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