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Subject: Cowboy Coby Cowboy Coby By Clark ail Please donate to ify to keep this site free. I’d been watching him for days. He transferred in from another school and immediately searched me out to because he wanted to join the football team. I was quick to say yes. I didn’t even know if he could play but I did know he looked the part. The first time he stepped into my office my stomach turned a flip-flop and my heart skipped a beat. The kid was beautiful. He was the poster-boy for All-American-Jock. He was tall, six-foot-two and from the looks of his build, about two-hundred-pounds of solid muscle. o kid this young should have a body like he had. He turned around to close the door and I was greeted with a view of a very, thick, high and tight bubble-butt. His Wranglers were skin-tight, molding to that magnificent ass and powerful quads then tapered down to light brown, squared-toe cowboy boots with a high, thick heel that made his ass stick out more than it should. The thick, brown belt with an oversized silver belt buckle cinched around his tiny waist. The belt buckled read “2018 Grand Champion Bull Riding.” I got myself a real live cowboy. The skin-tight blue t-shirt clung to his round, pillow-like pectorals and stretched to the limits around bulging biceps and triceps. His wide shoulders where rounded and his thick neck was corded with muscle. The outline of his abs could clearly be seen because the t-shirt was so form-fitting. What I loved most though? The beat-up ball cap he wore. Maroon colored front panel and bill, the rest of the hat was tan netting, some sort of rodeo patch on the front. The bill, edges frayed, was pulled down low. Brown hair curled out the back and along the sides of the hat where the wavy locks were pulled back behind his ears. The bill cast a shadow over the top of his face but did nothing to hide a pair of light green eyes, a shade I’ve never seen in nature. His wide, square jaw clenched making the jaw muscle flex. A tiny bit of stubble shaded his chin. I’m sure if he smiled, his teeth would be snow white and perfect but he was so serious. He was so focused. He was no smiler. He stood in front of my desk with his hands behind his back in a military parade-rest stance. The stance made his shoulders hunch a little but made them flex at the same time. His body was perfection and I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. It was like looking in a mirror from my past. I saw myself in this kid. Same build, same serious demeanor, same discipline and dedication to his body and not scared to show it off. I was a hellion with an athletic, muscular body and I used it to my advantage. I had way too much sex back then with beautiful girls but more so with other hot younger guys that met my high standards and I still do. I stood, shook his hand and was delighted to feel his big warm hand squeeze tight and firm into mine as he introduced himself with a deep, baritone voice that melted together with a soft southern twang. “Mr. Jacobs? My name is Coby, Sir. Coby Daughtry,” he drawled. “Yes. ice to meet you, Coby Daughtry. Feel free to call me Coach if you would like. I teach Health class too so I wear both hats. The athletes call me Coach. I answer to both Coach Jacobs and Mr. Jacobs.” “Yes, Sir. I’m here in an athletic capacity so I prefer to call you Coach, Sir,” he said, his eye contact was direct and intense. “Seems you’re VERY comfortable with “Sir,” I said with direct eye contact that did not waver. “Yes, Sir. I am. Sir.” I got that twinge in my stomach, the one I get when I know a guy is showing me his submissive side, looking to get his ass wet or his dick sucked. There was nothing wrong at all with a built, muscular boy calling me Sir. “What can I do for you, Coby?” I asked as we both continued our stare-down. I already knew what this kid wanted. I could smell the submissive nature in the air. He had a musk. He kept eye contact with me. His eyes told me he was waiting for orders. This kid was good. He definitely knew how to appease me. He was making it known he was serious and determined. He turned to look at the chair next to him and then, as if asking permission, he turned to look at me. I did not take my eyes off him, ignoring the chair. He again, turned to the chair and then back to me. I continued to ignore the chair. I wanted him to stand. I wanted to see as much of that body as I could and there was no way he was sitting down to hide those quads and that ass. Plus, there was no way I was letting him do anything he wanted. He was ataköy escort going to know who was in charge but then, he already knew that. He noted that I wordlessly ignored his silent request to sit and gave me a slight nod of his head, the bill of his cap dipping a few centimeters, acknowledging my denial. “Sir, I would like to play ball for you. Join the team.” “Oh, you would now?” I folded my thick, muscled arms over my chest. I liked it straight-forwardness. The kid was bold. I might have to break him of that. “Yes, Sir. I know I am the best football player you would ever have on your team.” Damn. This kid’s fucking confident. But then, I bet he gets what he wants looking the way he does. I scoffed, “Son, you think YOU’RE the best football player around?” “Yes, Sir. I do. I know I am,” he replied without an ounce of humility. I sat down down in my chair behind my desk and leaned back. I clasped my hands behind my head and flexed my biceps. This kid was fucking ballsy. He needs to be knocked down and fucked. That’s what he needs. I sat and stared at him with a slight cocky smile. He could see my eyes blatantly scanning his body from head to toe. The fucker was making me hard. I was getting stiff and I was advertising it as I leaned back farther. He looked down and saw the lump in my pants growing out towards the side. I hang left. He stared at it. His head snapped up when I broke the silence. “Son, you fucking come into MY house and proceed to tell me you’re the best ball player I’ll ever see and just expect me to let you play? I’ll tell you what, you Howdy Doody sounding motherfucker, you’re not special! You are nobody. You hear me? You are fucking nobody. I don’t care who you were or how well you played at your other school. This is MY school and YOU will not tell ME how to run my program. You hear me, son?” His face became deer-in-the-headlights. “Sir…” I slammed my hands down on my desk and stood at the same time before he could finish. I leaned forward and got in his face. “DID YOU HEAR ME, BOY?” Coby flinched when I hit the desk. His muscles tensed. His eyes moved back and forth, searching my eyes. Maybe he had bit off more than he could chew? “Yes. Sir,” he murmured. “WHAT?” I asked with command authority in my Alpha voice. “Yes, SIR!” he answered loudly. “Good boy,” I said as I leaned away from him and took an alpha stance. He blinked when I said he was a good boy. He took in a deep breath at the same time. He dipped his head down to regain his composure and then back up to attention. His dick was stiff. His jeans were too tight to hide that shit. I’ve got myself a bonafide, submissive pussy-boy. A big, muscular, cowboy jock with a penchant for older muscular Alphas. Oh, this boy is going to be fun. I continued to stare at him. The tension was thick in the air. He was nervous, sweating. I let the silence linger. “You a good boy?” I asked after a few seconds of silence. My voice low with a slight calming tone. He swallowed hard. “Yes, Sir.” “Say IT,” I commanded calmly and sternly. He swallowed again. “I am a good boy, Sir.” “We’ll see,” I stated with a mock look of disgust on my face. I stepped around to his side of my desk. I reached over and clicked the lock on the door as he turned his head to me. “Eyes forward,” I said. He snapped his head back and looked straight ahead. I stood close to him. I could feel the heat radiate from his skin. He smelled like leather and fresh hay. I thought about the last few minutes since he walked in my office. He knew what he wanted and he was confident I would give it to him. He acted as if he was doing me a favor. I could tell from his words and demeanor that this was not his first time in front of an Alpha. It was then that I had my suspicions about why he was here and why he was being so bold. I put my mouth close to his ear. “Why are you here?” He flinched again when he felt my warm breath on his ear. “Sir?” “I asked you why are you here? Are you as dumb as you sound?” I condescended but I also thought his drawl was sexy as hell. “To play ball, Sir?” “O!” I yelled in the side of his face. He jumped. “Tell me why you chose this school?” “I… I’ve wanted to play for you since I was a kid. You have the best record around.” “Then why didn’t you attend here from the beginning?” “The family ranch is a bit far from here. We have a good football program but…” he stammered. “But, what? Spit it out!” He looked at me from the corner of his eye. “My coach merter escort took another position at another school out of state. He was my…mentor. He was like a father to me. He made me what I am today, Sir. I knew it was time for me to make the drive. I had to find another like him. Someone who will mentor me, take me under their wing. You’re that man. I’ve always admired you. I’ve followed your career. For a long time, I didn’t think I was good enough for you. ow, with my coach’s guidance, I now know I am. Sir.” I moved to the other side of him, this time rubbing my body against his. He took a breath. ow, we are getting somewhere. This shithead knew what he was doing and he thought he would just waltz in here and take center stage. Oh, he was going to take center stage alright, just not on the field. I leaned in and smelled his hair that was curled around the back of his ear. Then I put the tip of my nose close to the opening of his ear and sniffed again. I was sniffing my prey, taking in his scent. And he knew it. “This coach, this mentor. Who was he?” Coby shivered as I put my hand on his bicep and stroked it. “Tell me, Coby.” “Massey,” he said. I knew it! I leaned back, took his jaw in my hand and turned his head to me. I looked at him with flames in my eyes and a sneer on my lips. I wanted him to be scared. I wanted him to know I knew. “Massey, huh?” “Yes, Sir. Steve Massey.” I stoked his neck and then slowly clenched the thick corded muscle. I massaged his neck while tightening my hold. He had goosebumps popping up in his skin. “Funny thing, Coby. There isn’t an athletic director that I don’t know within two-hundred-miles. The same goes for each one of those directors, those coaches. We all know each other. Some of us have known each other since college. Some us were even in the same frat. Some of us frat bothers keep in touch occasionally, some of us not as often as we should.” I moved my hand around to his chest and pressed against it, massaging his tight, hard pecs. My other hand traipsed down his muscular back to his perfect, muscular, bubble ass and cupped it. “Coach Steve Massy? He would be the latter.” “You know each other?” he asked as I moved my other hand from his chest to his throat and very gently applied pressure. His chin lifted to the ceiling. “You could say that. Steve and I, we go way back. It seems we need to catch up. It’s been a while. How is my old frat brother?” I hissed as I roughly squeezed his ass cheek. Coby flinched and let out a small grunt. “Um…fine? Sir.” “Steve taught you well. Didn’t he?” “Sir?” “That’s right. Sir? That’s a nice touch. Good on him.” I let go of his throat and he lowered his chin. His breathing quickened. I put my hand on his hard cock that was straining against his tight jeans. I applied pressure. “Mmm!” Coby made the high-pitched noise from his throat though closed lips. “He told you to come to me,” I stated. “Yes. I asked him before he left if he could recommend someone who took as good as care of me as he did. He told me you were the best. I was shocked that he recommended you because I didn’t know he knew I idolized you. But then I talked about you all the time. He told me I would be in good hands. I didn’t know you knew each other that well. He didn’t mention you used to be so close. I assumed he sent me to you because he knew you were the best. ” “o, cowboy. He told you to come to me because I taught him all I knew. This is a…reward for me. He couldn’t take you with him, could he?” Cowboy was quiet, sad. His eyes lowered to the floor. “o,” he answered with sad eyes. “His loss is my gain.” When I said that his eyes shot up to me. His face blushed. “You said you taught him all he knew?” The boy licked his bottom lip. “About what, Sir?” The cat was out of the bag. o use in beating around the bush.” “Taking big muscled up jocks like you and turning them out.” Coby gulped. “So, you do know. About everything?” “Baby boy, the minute you said his name, I knew right then and there that he took you and molded you into the perfect kind of pussy; a star athlete with a fucking killer body and an ass that lives to take cock hard and rough. Am I right, boy?” Coby was silent as he searched my eyes. “Yes.” “I bet you weren’t even into guys before you met ole’ Stevie.” “Um, I don’t think so. I don’t know. But I do know that once he took me as his own, nothing else mattered. ot my past, not my future.” “Good boy.” I gave him an ever so slight smile before bahçeşehir escort showing a stern face. “You my good boy?” He breathed a sigh of relief. These are the words he needed to hear. His green eyes suddenly showed me he was finally home. Home in a place he needed to be. Fucking, Steve. I should have recognized his work as soon as this stud walked into my office. Beautiful kid, hard body, athletic and masculine, submissive as hell. Back in college Steve and I used to have contests to see who could fuck the most number of straight guys. We came out to each other after we both unknowingly showed up for the same three-way with this hot, built, little gymnast. I showed up first and then he arrived after I had started fucking the kid. Can’t exactly straight with my dick up some dude’s ass. After that, I had a partner in crime and we both had a thing for straight and bi boys. Hell, we fucked gay boys as long as they were masculine and athletic. Life happened and we lost touch over the last couple years but always knew where the other was through social media. “Yes,” Coby whispered. “I’m your good boy, now.” God, what a fucking adrenaline rush to hear that come out of the mouth of such a rugged, handsome face and that deep, gravelly, baritone voice. “You’re on the team. Congratulations,” I said with a light slap on his jaw as I stepped back. “Thank you, Sir! You won’t regret it!” he said, excited. “I really am the best. You’ll see, Sir” I laughed and then show him a cocky sneer. “Son, I don’t give a rat’s ass if you are fucking Tom Brady. That’s just a bonus if you’re a great ball player. You’re on the team because you’re MIE. You’re MIE twenty-four-seven. Understand, if you didn’t look the way you do, if you were ugly, I would have kicked your ass out of here two-seconds after you walked in. I don’t need any more golden-boys. I’ve got two. As you said, I’ve got the best record around. I don’t need you in order to win. I need you for fucking. I need you to be at my fucking beckon call. I need that big, beautiful ass around my cock whenever I want it. Do you understand me, son? Your sole purpose here at this school is to make sure you have my DA inside you, at all times. Keep up the butch cowboy football player act out there, princess. Alone, with me, you’re just my personal cum-boy. Do we understand each other?” “Yes, Sir,” he said. I swear there was a hint of a smile. His dick was rock hard so there was that. “ow, some ground rules: I will not hear of or catch you with another dick in your ass. Unless I say so. Understand? The shit is MIE. Mine to breed. “Understood, Sir.” “You will not acknowledge any kind of relationship with me to anyone. Unless I say so. I can’t have any perceived favoritism.” “Understood, Sir.” “You will agree to do any and everything I tell you to. o matter what it is.” “Understood, Sir.” “You will continue the training Steve started. You become fat, you’re gone. I don’t fuck fatties. Strict workout schedule and a clean diet. But that shouldn’t be too hard. I can see you’re already on track.” “Yes, Sir.” “You will never tell me, “o.” “o, Sir. I mean YES, SIR. I will do as I’m told.” I handed him my phone. He knew what to do as he punched his information into it. I smiled as I looked down at his info. I looked at him and smirked before I deleted his name and replaced it with “Bitch.” He read what I changed and then a corner of his mouth lifted. “Thank you, Sir.” “Good boy.” I patted him on the ass and grabbed his head and brought him into my chest. I knocked his hat off onto the floor then I grasped him by the back of the neck again, pulled him back and slammed my tongue down his throat. I devoured those soft lips as I felt up that thick, hard neck. I hugged him tight and ran my hands over the mounds of muscle that made up his upper back. He accepted the rough kiss with little soft grunts and tiny squeals into my mouth. And then when he least expected it, I let go and flung him against the wall and pressed my forearm against his chest. I got nose to nose with him as I reveled in the fear in his eyes. “In one hour.” I growled. “You will be at my front door. You will remain with me for the next forty-eight hours. Go home. Clean up and clean out. I like my boys squeaky clean. Do. You. Understand. Me?” “Yes. I understand, Sir.” I stood back, grabbed him by the scruff and flung him towards the door. The thumping of his boot soles against the hard tile as he lost his balance was like music to my ears. The athleticism of his body as he tried to regain his balance and stop himself from hitting the door made me hard. His triceps bulged as he caught the door jam. He recovered as I knew he would. He unlocked the door and turned to look at me, his eyes lingering on me. He took a deep breath, regained his composure and exited my office.

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