Craiglist Daddy, PT 2.

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Craiglist Daddy, PT 2.This is a reupload that was done on an old profile on this site also.I felt his big muscular hands lift me up and he then placed me down on the bed, propped up against the pillows. I could taste his cum on my mouth still, my own cock was dripping with precum. He took hold of it and slowly wanked me. I pull my knees up for him. Inviting him to awaiting smooth hole. ”That’s a good boy”. He spread my legs apart further, I felt so dirty and exposed. I realised he was in complete control, I so badly needed to cum and was desperate for it. He wanked my cock even more slowly, he teased and circled my hole with his index finger. ”Mmmmm, please daddy”He put his finger to my mouth and I sucked hungrily, wetting it for my tight ass. He slid it into my boy hole, it felt amazing! He quickened his pace on my cock. I started to thrust my hips to meet his strokes. ”Like that boy?” ”Yessss” I hissed. canlı bahis I so badly needed the release. I could literally feel my hot cum rushing to shoot out of my teen cock. He stopped stroking, my cock was aching and pulsing hard. Without missing a beat he engulfed my 6 and half inch cock to the base. With his now free hand he reached and pinched my pierced nipple. They were so sensitive, I moaned with lust as this man just used my youthful body to torment and tease me. He shoved another two fingers in with haste. The constant probing in my ass had my head spinning. He was now licking up and down my cock, stopping only to suck the head. I had never had a blowjob like this before, I could feel my orgasm racing toward me. ”Ohh god, god daddy I’m going to cum!” I cried.”Not yet boy, you only cum when daddy wants it. Understand?” With that he stopped sucking me and just continued finger fucking my ass. Ohh bahis siteleri fuck I thought! I need to cum, the denial was both bliss and torture. I looked to him, he smiled .”Not yet, there’s still much to play with boy, now be good and turn over”. I slowly raised myself off the bed, he was impatient, he flipped me over quickly onto my knees. My virgin fuck hole just right in his view. He placed his hands either side of my ass and felt his tongue give one smooth, deliberate lick up my puckered hole. I damn near came on the spot. He resumed licking, with increased vigour. His tongue dipped right into my ass periodically, driving me further and further. He hoisted me up so we were 69ing but with him kneeling up on the bed.In my new position I could take his hard thick member in my mouth. I eagerly sucked him.”That’s a good boy, you know just what I need, do you want daddy to make you cum now baby?”I removed bahis şirketleri his cock from my warm wet mouth, ”Yes please daddy, ohh shit I need to cum now!” He grasped my cock proceeded to beating my dick, his tongue furiously fucked my desperate hole. I could feel my orgasm coming, having waited so long I knew it would be intense. ”Look up boy, take your own hot cum” he groaned. I looked up and saw my hard cock pointing straight at my face.”Shoot my cum in my fucking mouth daddy!”I opened my mouth to receive my own load. I came hard and fast, rope after rope of cum landed in my mouth, on my lips, and all over my face. I loved the taste of my hot cum, it was sweet and salty, and the kinkyness of tasting it made it all the better. He continued to stroke and finger fuck me. I was physically shaking, that orgasm had me drained. Daddy pulled me up to him. Once again we shared a hot steamy kiss, only this time daddy was taking my sticky boy cum!All comments and messages are highly appreciated, constructive criticism is good! Let me know if you have suggestions or want a part 3! Also if any daddies are interested send me a pm ; )

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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