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Adriana Chechik

This story is about a man and his wife on a cruise. The wife has been offered the opportunity to be part of a slave auction. The original story was written by a man who had his wife in mind and he asked me to write a sequel about the actual event.


As she closed the door to their cabin she turned and saw two junior ship’s officers waiting for her. They were dressed in best uniforms and she found them both handsome, in a boyish way.

“Ma’am we have been sent to escort you.”

She nodded and took the arm of the elder of the two. The other walked ahead and opened doors and pressed elevator buttons. Being useful but not intrusive.

“You look very smart dressed in your uniform, I guess you get lots of women chase after you?”

“Yes indeed ma’am but I have to say never anyone as beautiful as you.”

She almost kissed him then and there but she had work to do. She was treating this evening as work, she hoped she would have fun, she hoped she would come, but primarily she had expectations of money. She had been promised half her auction fee, and she would make sure that it was high.

“Good evening I am Estelle, I am the compere for this evening. Please follow me through to the changing rooms.”

She wondered about that. She was dressed exquisitely, she had taken great care, she had been in the spa all afternoon, and now she was going to be messed with again.

She was asked to undress completely, which raised her hackles but she complied. They then made her face and styled her hair. When she saw the finished work, she accepted that they had added to her looks, they had skills which she didn’t possess.

“Sara, please put on these.”

There wasn’t much to put on, purple heels, panties and bra. They looked good on and suited her colouring.

“Now the collar and leash please.”

“What, I am not a dog, I am not going to wear a collar. No way.”

Estelle looked at her. She often had something like this. She had developed a line of reasoning over many reluctant women.

“Sara, you have been invited to be a prize in an auction. So basically like the ancient Greeks or Romans you are a slave girl being sold to the highest bidder. Our bidders sitting waiting for you are all very wealthy people. On this cruise, darıca escort you are the most beautiful woman,and I expect they will offer a lot of money for you. I can tell you now that I also have offers for you from three men who are on the cruise with their wives. They would love to meet up with you after the cruise. And they will pay for your time. You have an advantage, you are beautiful and petite so you are sought after. This is not a one off. If you do well tonight I can arrange many more dates for you. People who will spoil you and indulge you. But you have to know your place. You are a slave girl and you will wear the collar and leash.”

Sara stared at Estelle. Animosity, hostility. Everything she had heard made sense but she didn’t like hearing her place was as a slave girl, even in playacting. But what the fuck, she was already excited, the panties were already damp. The thought of flying around the country and meeting rich people. Yes she could cope.

“Estelle I am sorry. I accept what you say is right. I will wear the collar.”

Estelle leaned over and kissed Sara’s breast, above the bra.

Sara looked shocked.

“Don’t want to spoil the make up, do we?”

Another woman came and took hold of the leash, walking Sara out to the back of a curtain. She could hear people talking but faintly, then the curtain opened and Sara started her new life as a slave girl.

The spotlights were on her so she could not see much of what happened. She was amazed when she heard Estelle state a hundred thousand bid. Wow, fifty thousand for one night.

Sara could not really follow what was happening but the woman holding the leash turned to her and asked her to start walking. They went down the side of the stage and across the dance floor. A man approached, Sara decided he was Mediterranean, too dark to be North European but certainly of European origin.

“Good evening, my name if Randolfo but people call me Ralf. I am to take you to my master.”

Sara got a shock, he was only a servant, even though he looked magnificent. Ralf held her leash and led her to the elevator. Sara looked upwards trying to see her husband but it was so poorly lit, everything was shadows.

Mike got back to their cabin to find a box waiting for him. He wasn’t sure what izmit otele gelen escort it was or who had left it. He opened the box to find a pair of purple lace panties. He held them to his nose and could smell Sara’s scent. Oh my. He lay on the bed, released his cock and started stroking, holding the panties to his face. The cum splattered all over him. Such a mess, so much semen.

Mike heard a noise at the door, someone was using a passkey to enter. He sat up on the bed, unable to move without leaving a trail of spunk. In walked a young woman, smiling at him.

“Mr Smith, please switch on this computer tablet.” and she handed him the gadget.

He switched on coming face to face with the man who had bought Sara.

“Mr Smith, my name is Ralf, I have your wife with me here. There are a number of people here as well. We watched your reaction to receiving Sara’s panties. So much coming from your penis. We are inspired. You may talk to your wife for a moment now.”

Ralf turned the camera and Mike saw Sara’s face and head, nothing else.

“Mike I am not allowed to tell you anything until tomorrow, but I want you to know I am fine, being treated very well, if a little kinky. Now I have to show you Carlo and Claudio.”

Sara blew him a kiss and then the camera moved again. Carlo and Claudio were two near identical Adonises. Mike guessed them to be over six feet tall, sculpted bodies not overly muscled but certainly fit. They were naked. Kneeling in front of them were two women, apparently giving blow jobs. Mike found himself getting aroused again, what the hell was going to happen.

Ralf then spoke and the two women moved away.

Mike could now see both Claudio and Carlo were fully erect, not overly long but very thick penises.

If Sara has to take those it will stretch her.

“Mike, I am sorry but it is time for you to leave us. Amanda Jane who is with you will let you know when you can look again, but you can continue to listen.” and Ralf disappeared.

Mike turned to look at Amanda Jane and was shocked to she her standing wearing nothing more than the outfit Sara had worn earlier, purple shoes, panties and bra.

“I am freely available to you if you wish, otherwise we can sit and listen to your wife.”

Mike’s izmit merkez escort mouth said no, but his cock said yes. He sat still, the cum drying on him.

“How did they watch me wank?”

“This cabin is used for entertainment. It is wired up for cameras and sound. Everything you say and do is recorded, and certain people get to watch either real time or on video later.”

Mike nodded, he was out of his depth, he was defeated. He sat and listened.

“Sara come over to me please.”

Mike guessed it was one of the two guys.

“Wow, Claudio, your tongue is so good.”

Mike knew that voice and the quiet moaning that followed.

“Oh Carlo, what are you doing lifting me up?” Carlo could be heard laughing.

“Oh grief, Claudio you are very thick I don’t think you can get that in me.”

Claudio’s grunts and Sara’s moans told Mike he had got in her.

“Fuck that is me completely full. Oh I can’t bear the thought of you pounding into me with that cock.”

Mike knew that Sara was being coy. She wanted pounding hard. She was now breathing heavily, he could hear her.

“Oh fuck Carlo, I can’t take you in my ass. No don’t.”

Carlo obviously ignored her and Mike heard her whimpering.

Then he heard her groaning with pain, then groaning with pleasure.

“Fuck, you two bastards have completely filled me, I can feel both your cocks rubbing inside.”

Then Mike heard some movement and Sara squealed.

“Oh fuck Carlo you bastard, fuck my ass hard.”

Mike could hear enough to imagine Carlo absolutely fucking his wife as hard as he could.

Sara didn’t say anything intelligible after that, there were lots of moans and groans and several times she screamed that she was coming. Mike could only imagine. The noise went on for a long time, he got the impression that Carlo and Claudio switched positions regularly.

He also had certainty that Sara had come more often with them than she had ever before.

The screen switched back on and Ralf smiled at Mike.

“Mike your wife has been excellent. My master is extremely pleased with her. Would you like to see her now?”

Ralf didn’t wait for a response, he swung the camera around.

Mike saw Sara, lying on the floor, she was wrapped in plastic wrap from her shoulders to her hips, her breasts flattened. Sara’s hair and makeup were now a mess, she was sweaty. Ralf zoomed in and focused on her inner thighs, Mike could see streams of come and juices dribbling down.

Sara was in a daze but looked at the camera and smiled a beautiful angelic smile.

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