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I never knew when I took a photograph of some young girls next to a swimming pool at a carnival, that it would lead to undoubtedly the most erotic experience of my 47 year long life! One of the girls was from my neighborhood, although I hadn’t seen her before.

She asked me what the photographs were for. I told her it was for a spring page for a local news rag. She smiled and asked me to keep her a copy of the newspaper, which I promised to do.

About two weeks later I was sitting in my studio sorting out some contact sheets, when she knocked at my front door – all smiles and friendliness, looking too cute for words. She asked if I had saved her a copy of the paper, to which I replied that I had one in the drawer of my desk in my office. We walked to my office – she all eager and nearly skipping with happiness. It was the first time anyone had taken a photograph of her that had ended up in anything else than a photo album at home.

I rummaged through my untidy desk drawers to find the copy of the newspaper I had kept for her, and she commented that someone ought to clean-up my desk drawers. I said what I probably needed was an assistant to help me get some order in all my filing.

I handed her the newspaper and she couldn’t wait to find her photograph in it. She giggled and shouted with glee when she found it stuck amongst tens of other photographs on a spring specials page. She was so proud of having her photograph used and begged of me to give her the newspaper to take home and show her family and friends. I couldn’t help but to smile and agree to this blushing cutie!

She left all smiles and thanks, skipping ahead to the exit door quicker that you could say photograph, and I returned to sorting out my contact sheets.

The following Saturday morning I had only just arrived in the studio and was busy brewing some coffee before I tackled the task of filing all my photos, contact sheets and negatives, when there was a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and was a bit pissed off, because I deliberately didn’t make any bookings for the day because I wanted to catch up with my filing.

When I opened the door she was standing there, dressed in a pair of cut-off jeans, showing her shapely young legs, and a tight fitting t-shirt, hugging her proud young breasts – about a size 33 B in size and proudly firm in their youth.

I am in my middle 40’s and have been doing modeling and other photography for as long as I cared to remember. I have seen many beautiful women and budding young beauties, so for a young piece of fluff to stir my loins, would take some doing, yet this cute little girl – barely turned 18 – was creating a stir in my loins like no woman has done for a long time. I have been divorced some five years ago and since then have had a couple of roles in the hay, yet haven’t made any firm attachments. My work kept me busy enough that I didn’t go out at night to hunt for a willing piece of fluff often anymore. Most of my latest fucks have been divorcees whom I had picked up at a nearby singles club, which I sometimes frequented when my apartment became to oppressing. They also served fairly good food there at decent prices, so mostly I went there for an evening meal more than to find a lay for the night. So to find myself getting all warm with sexual feelings towards this girl, who could have been my granddaughter, was something I wasn’t used to at all.

She blushed and told me she had come to offer her services as an assistant to help my clear-up the mess in my filing, if I would have her. (I mentally said to myself I would have her anytime anywhere in all kinds of compromising fuck positions!)

I told her I would appreciate the help and would even pay her a small amount to help me, which she gladly accepted.

We first had some coffee, which she insisted in pouring, and then she washed the mugs while I went into my office to make space in my filing cupboards for the new files which I had bought in which to file photographs and negatives alphabetically, according to the dates when they were shot.

She came back rubbing her damp hands dry against her jean clad ass, leaving slightly damp rubbing marked against the smooth round orbs of her bum. I explained my filing system to her and she immediately started sorting our photographs along with contact sheets and negatives in piles with scraps of paper indicating dates. We could then alphabetize them before committing them to storage files and packing them into the cupboard space. I must admit, having her help made short work of this tedious job, and her bubbling chatter about the subjects I had photographed, made it a fun event too. I liked having her there.

She suddenly became quite pensive, studying a particular set of shots. I leaned over her shoulder from behind to look at what she was looking at. It was shots of a young model of 20 which I had shot some ten years ago. The model had the same honey blonde colored hair as my new assistant, and she was also quite petite, like her too, with perky young Ataşehir Escort 34B breasts, partly revealed, through a chiffon wrap, which had been folded around her. The model was obviously naked apart from this piece of see-through wrap.

My cute, young assistant blushed and softly said she thought the photographs were beautiful. She asked me if I still shot modeling photographs like these. I answered that I do still from time to time, but me being an old guy, many young girls didn’t feel comfortable doing naked and semi-naked photo shoots for me anymore. I said, perhaps they felt I was a bit perverted if I suggested shoots like that. They probably felt more comfortable with young studs that aroused them sexually, than with an old guy like me. She didn’t comment and we went of with our filing.

When it came to packing the files into the cupboards, she took over the task of doing the walking about, while I sat on my ass on a chair next to the cupboard passing her the files in the correct order. She used a small stepladder that I have brought for the task from the studio. I used the stepladder both as prop for shoots and to adjust lights in the studio. The first time she climbed on it to reach a top shelve, I saw that her short jean pants has shifted quite high up her firm young bottoms, leaving the lower rinds of the smooth, golden fleshy orbs exposed. Now, I am intrinsically a titties guy, loving smallish, firm titties, but there are very few turn-ons like two smooth round orbs of a well-shaped young ass, and hers were absolutely perfect. I could feel a hard-on growing in my pants and was glad I had opted for loose fitting, baggy jeans that morning, also that I was sitting down then, otherwise it might have become quite embarrassing!

When she reached over to the side away from where I was sitting, she stuck her smoothly shaved leg closest to me out for balance, and her crotch opened up, showing clearly the smooth outline of her soft white panty inside her cut-off jeans. I nearly gasped at the beautiful vision. She leaned over a bit more and the panty’s elastic shifted a bit towards the center to expose a few soft, downy, light reddish pubic curls. Now I knew she didn’t shave her pubic hair off and I could just imagine softly stroking that silky soft hair . . .

When she climbed down again, she lost her balance a bit and gave a startled cry, which had me jump up to catch her if she should fall. I grabbed her waist to steady her and my hands shifted her t-shirt up, to expose her creamy golden tummy. There were the same colored downy curls running up from the top of her pants halfway towards her navel. I found this extremely enticing! I was so used to models always shaving their pubes that to find a beautiful young girl with so much innocence that she didn’t even shave off her pubic hair, was amazingly erotic. If she noticed me blushing, she didn’t comment, but simply said thanks, and I let go of her as she regained her balance in stepping down a rung or two. My hands had moved up to right underneath those two small, perky titties, and I could just feel the firm roundness where they started extending from her chest, at the tips of my two thumbs which were strategically placed in the center of her chest.

I cleared my throat and suggested that we should perhaps break for coffee again as our work had progressed much quicker that I had anticipated. She immediately went over to the kitchenette and filled the kettle to boil water for our coffee, while I returned to the filing.

While we drank our coffee, she sat on my desk, swinging her legs. They were slightly parted so that I could just make out how the seam in the center split her crotch into two fleshy halves. I had to consciously avert my eyes from this intoxicating sight. I was sure she didn’t mean to deliberately tease me, but was doing it in all innocence.

I saw the file with the model that she had previously admired was lying next to her. I asked her if she didn’t think it was too sexually explicit to photograph a model like that, indicating to the file. She picked up the file and studied the photographs again. No, she said, as long as the model and the photographer had a good working relationship, she felt it was acceptable. She said she found the particular model to be extremely beautiful and attractive, and could see that I could have enjoyed shooting the photographs.

I admitted that it had been a pleasurable shoot and commented that she reminded me of that model – the same colored hair, the same kind of petite body and all, except that her breasts were a bit smaller than the model’s, and her bum was rounder and higher. She looked at a photograph I had shot of the model from behind, showing her nice bum, which was a bit more pear shaped, than my assistant’s. She got up from the desk and went across to a mirror to look at the difference between her bum and the model’s. Yes, she saw what I meant. She felt that her legs were a bit skinnier than the model’s too.

I stood up and went to stand behind her. I Kadıköy Escort agreed that her legs were a bit leaner, yet were more beautifully shaped, the model’s legs being a bit less shapely. I also said I liked her skin color more than that of the model, because she had a golden tanned skin, where the model’s skin was a lot paler, almost alabaster in color. I told her, her skin color offset her hair color more than that of the model. Her hair was also longer than the model’s. Next she took a photograph of the model taken from the front, with her legs slightly ajar, clearly showing just a hint of her pussy, which was obviously clean shaven. She asked me if it was necessary that all models should shave their pussy hair (yes, she called it pussy hair – so innocent, so cute – and blushed when she said it!) I told her that it was only in high fashion circles considered necessary, because the models had to model all kinds of clothes, especially underwear and bathing costumes, and it wouldn’t look nice on some models, especially those with dark hair, when their pussy hair stuck our along the side of their panties’ elastics.

I told her, however, when the model’s pussy hair was as light as hers I wouldn’t insist on the model being clean shaven. I told her I had seen her soft hair peeping out above her pants when my hands had rucked-up her t-shirt when I steadied her on the stepladder.

She looked me in the eyes with her soft, green eyes, and asked if I would like to shoot some photographs of her someday. I hesitated a breath or two, and said yes, I would love to. It would be a great privilege if she would pose for me sometime.

But, now, let’s finish with the filing first. At which she bent down to pick up a file again, showing off her beautiful bum again.

We broke lunch and had some pizza which I had ordered. And two hours after lunch we were finished. I thanked her sincerely as she had definitely made a tedious job easier and much more fun. I told her I hadn’t had such a nice day in a very long time, with someone so full of life and laughter as company. I paid her 50 bucks and she promised to come again the next Saturday to clean-up in the studio and darkroom, which I was only too happy to accept.

She knocked on my door the next Saturday early – much earlier than I was used to being up on a lazy Saturday morning. My hair was still tussled and I hadn’t even shaved yet. I was still dressed in my boxers and a t-shirt in which I usually sleep. I didn’t even have time to complain about the early awakening, when she stepped inside all chirpy and smiling and told me to go and get ready, while she organized coffee.

I did my morning routine in record time and was dressed just as she called that the coffee was ready and she was going to start in the darkroom, as I had told her previously I had planned to do today. I went through into the kitchenette, grabbed my coffee and sip-sipping when through into the darkroom.

She had on similar cut-off jeans and a small tank top showing off her smooth shoulders and revealing a bit of tummy, and when I got to the darkroom she was already busy stacking all the negatives in their protective sleeve coverings into cardboard box to be filed later.

I finished my coffee and started emptying the chemicals trays and putting them into a washing sink so that I could wash them. I poured the smelly chemicals into containers, from half empty bottles, filling up other half bottles and placed the empties into the sink too. Before I could stop her, she had already started washing them. She had found my rubber gloves on a shelve above the sink and had put them on before starting to wash out the bottles. Half the morning passed quickly in cleaning up in the darkroom and pretty soon we went into the studio to tackle it too.

There wasn’t a lot to do in cleaning the studio – some sweeping and dusting and storing away the gear into cupboards provided for that purpose and pretty soon we were nearing the end of our job before 11 o’clock. She had told me the previous weekend that her mom and dad both worked in their shop on Saturday morning until 1 o’clock and only got back at about 3 o’clock as they had to first finish all the paperwork before they could go home, so there was no rush for her to get home before that time, which left us with about four hours still.

I jokingly started setting up my cameras for a shoot and told her to pose for me for focusing and lighting purposes. She complied and took in an exaggerated mock modeling pose, posing this way and that way, and I started snapping away, because she looked too cute for words through the lens. As I zoomed in for a closer shot of her flushed face, with tell-tale dust smears on her one cheek, I noticed that her nipples were standing out a bit more than I had seen them up until now. I saw her puffy areolas were swollen up a bit more too and I realized the excitement of posing for the camera was arousing her a bit. She had started posing with her bum towards me and pulled up the ragged hem of her Ümraniye Escort pants a bit on the one side to show more of her creamy bum.

I stepped out from behind the camera and told to her to keep that pose, as I went to fetch a face cloth from my bathroom to wipe to dust streaks of her cheek. I also brought a new hair brush which I had bought the previous day for modeling purposes – I always keep one because models sometimes forget theirs – to brush her hair, and a small female make-up kit just to add a bit of make-up to enhance her natural beauty. I had become quite adapt in doing this over the years and could rightly claim to be a competent make-up artist.

My hands were trembling slightly with pure excitement as I prepared her for the shoot. Once I was satisfied with her hair and make-up, I took out a shawl from a props cupboard, and draped it over her shoulders. I showed her and even turned her physically around into some more photographically accepted poses, and went to take some shots of her. I took Polaroids of the same shots too, and showed them to her. She was speechless when she saw how she looked on professionally done shots. She exclaimed that she had never though she could look so beautiful. I told her I thought she was one of the most naturally beautiful models that I had ever photographed, to which she blushed and said I was pulling her leg.

We did about a dozen more shots of her in this outfit and then I went to the cupboard to take out a long white cotton skirt and a chemise top with buttons in front, and asked her to try them on for me in the change room next to the studio. She came back, holding the top’s sides closed with her hand, saying that the top was a bit small and she couldn’t close the top three buttons. I smiled at her and told her it was meant to be so, because the model was required to show a bit of her breasts’ roundness peeking out through the unbuttoned top. She blushed and said I must think her prissy and silly. I told her no, I though her even more beautiful because she was so innocent. I told her she could hold the top closed with her hands until I was ready to shoot. I would pose her and then go to the camera and tell her from there how to place her hands. She nodded her head in understanding, lightly biting her lower lip in shyness.

I posed her and lifted her hair to the top of her head, leaving tendrils of her long hair tumbling over her shoulders. When I was satisfied with the pose I went to the camera and explained to her how she should place her hands. When she took her hands away from the front of the top, it opened up enough to show half of each of her small pert breasts, just-just concealing her dusty pink areolas. Her breasts were firm and a smallish B-cup. Not quite a hand full. Amazingly beautiful and more erotic to me at that moment that any other ever seen before.

She became more and more used to posing as the morning progressed and by lunchtime I had already exposed her shoulder towards the camera with the rim of her puffy, swollen dusty pink left areola just peeking over the edge of the top’s material. They had become darker by a degree or two and had nearly doubled in size with her growing excitement. I could see by the flush on her cheeks and growing slowly up into her neck, that she was finding the photographic session enticing too.

I decided to break for lunch to give her time to recompose herself and to do a re-think about continuing with the photo session. We scrambled up some stuff from the refrigerator and quickly had a nice lunch spread, along with some white wine I had left over from the evening before, chilling in the refrigerator. I knew she wasn’t allowed to use alcohol yet, but I thought one glass of the light wine wouldn’t do too much damage. I knew I was still in total control of my emotions and could stop before things got too rough.

During lunch she asked if I had had enough shots, or would like to continue. I told her it was entirely up to her – this was just fooling around a bit and not a proper shoot as for a modeling portfolio. If she wanted me to do a proper portfolio for her, I would gladly do it, but we’ll plan that better and make sure that we had all the props and clothing for a proper shoot. But this was fun and we could play around a bit more if she felt like it, until it was time for her to leave. It was only 12 o’clock so we still had some time in hand.

She said she would like to continue if I was willing to waste some film. I told her I had boxes full of film nearing their expiry date, which I had better use up, so it was fine by me to go on. She smiled and said she’d like that very much. Perhaps, she said, we could do a couple of shots like the ones in the model’s file she had looked at earlier.

I warned her that it would mean she’d have to take off all her clothes and wrap herself only in the chiffon wrapping. She blushed and said she was willing if I would just look the other way while she undressed, as she had never done this before. I told her she could get undressed in the change room and wrap the wrapping around her before coming out to the studio for the shoot. It was warm enough in the studio that to go naked wouldn’t be uncomfortable for her. She blushed again and said let’s get to it – she wanted to experience posing in the nude.

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