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Subject: Dad pays the bills Chapter 4 William had a restless night, the thoughts of Michael discovering the videos and actually getting off on them would not allow Will to fall asleep. He absolutely had to have a talk about this with his son, but just the idea of starting a conversation made him cringe. How do you even begin to talk about this?! Hey Son, your uncle and I have done some porn videos, and you know, masturbating is totally normal and natural, but maybe not to your own naked father? William groaned and buried his face in his pillow. As he finally began to drift into a troubled sleep, another thought entered his mind. His son had gotten off watching his father. Wouldn’t that mean Michael considered his dad hot? The next morning came and the kids were getting ready for breakfast. After breakfast Will was determined to talk to Michael. Then the boys got ready for school, and Will decided to have the talk before he dropped them off. The only thing he managed to say was “Have fun!”. Arriving back home, Will scolded himself a coward, a terrible dad, a loser! His wallowing in self-pity was interrupted when he noticed a package in front of the apartment door. It had no stamp or adress slip, just a simple white card. His curiosity peaked and Will quickly brought the small package inside. The white card had a short note written on it: “Keep this inside till tonight and no jerking off! Travis.” William quickly tore the package open, inside was a small silky bag and a sample bottle of lube. Inside the bag was a small, black butt plug. Despite its small size, it was surprisingly heavy, almost as heavy as the vibrator Will had used on Travis, but he could not spot any buttons. And Travis expected him to put this inside his ass almost the entire day? William moved the toy in his hand, feeling the smooth surface and letting the weight sit on his palm. He had never done anything sexual with his own ass but he remembered Travis and the incredible reactions his body had shown. He certainly was intrigued, how it would feel. And so he didn’t hesitate for very long, he jumped into the shower to clean himself, then laid down on his bed. First, a bit of lube on a finger. Will spread his legs as best as he could and began to gently rub his own hole. Carefully, he began to push a single finger in with plenty of lube. It wasn’t so bad, didn’t hurt at all! Soon, a second finger followed. This was already a bit more challenging and William certainly could feel the stretch of his sphincter. Trying to relax and taking deep breaths, he just enjoyed the new sensation of finger fucking himself. Then it was time for the butt plug. Rubbing a generous amount of lube over the surface, he placed the pointed tip at his hole and began to push. It became soon clear this was a different category than just a finger or two. William was actually starting to breath a bit harder, still trying to relax as he tried to push more and more of the toy in. He was not a quitter! Finally, his hole stretched over the largest part and letting out a loud `FUCK!’ he felt the rest slide in. He just took a few minutes to lay there, getting used to this new sensation. It was not the rush of sexual arousal he kinda hoped for, but he was strangely aware of the toy sitting inside his body. He tried getting up from the bed, which elicited a moan from him and made his cock twitch. With every movement he felt the plug rub his insides. It took him several minutes just to get dressed. He decided to forgo the underwear and just went commando in a pair of Levis 501’s jeans. Afterall, he still had to go shopping for the week. It was a delicious torture just driving to the store. Every bump, every hole in the road made him jump as the plug danced inside his guts. He had to take a short break in the store parking lot just to calm down before he dared to leave his car. Going through the store pushing the cart in front of him, William was unusually nervous. Every time a person passed him, he felt like he was about to get tuzla escort caught with his pants down. He vaguely remembered stealing some candy as a kid, the nervousness a similar feeling. The scenario of course a completely different one. While checking the labels on some cans, he got a message from Travis: “Using the plug?” William just answered: “Yeah, feels odd but good!” Then William yelped and almost dropped the can. He quickly grabbed the handle of his shopping cart as he felt the butt plug in him starting to vibrate. The sensation traveled through his body, his dick starting to get hard. “Everything alright, Sir?” A young store clerk had approached William, looking concerned at the middle-aged man. “Yes, yes everythings fine. Just, ahm.. a bit of nausea! But I’m fine, thank you.” Will managed to answer through gritted teeth, hoping that the young man could not hear the toy or see Will’s cock getting harder. The clerk gave him a skeptical look but continued on his way. And William quickly rushed to the checkout, as every step adding even more sensations to the vibrations, he was trying his absolute best to appear normal and unrattled. Probably not doing a good job, as another shopper standing in the line, looked him up and down, then grinned at him upon seeing Williams cock outline in his jeans. He almost threw his money at the cashier and hurried out of the store, not even waiting for a receipt, walking as fast as he could to his car without arousing even more suspicion. When he finally sat down in the driver seat, he grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and just sat there for a few minutes. The toy was still vibrating, now at various speeds rather than a steady frequency. It took William almost twice as long to drive home, going way slower and just concentrating on not crashing the car. Thank god he was not pulled over by the police. Finally home, he shot Travis a message: “Are you fucking kidding me?!” The answer came swift: “Remember, hands off the D!”, followed by another ramp up on the vibrations. Throughout the day, Travis kept alternating the speed, strength and rhythm, sometimes turning the toy off for a few minutes only to start again without a warning. William was losing his mind, his cock going through various states of hardness and almost constantly leaking pre-cum. His levis jeans had a dark, wet spot at the front. He was in no condition to pick his boys up from school, so he decided to send them a quick message asking them to take the bus. He then made his way to meet Travis, unable to wait until evening. When Travis opened the door, he had a huge grin on his way holding his phone in hand. “Had a nice day, big bro?” Will didn’t bother to answer, he slammed Travis against the wall and began to kiss him hungrily. He needed relief and after toying with him like this, his little brother would give it to him. As Travis’ was giving into the kiss, accepting his brother’s ferocious tongue in his mouth, he used one hand to ramp up the vibrations to the max. William’s knees buckled for a moment. The two made their way to the bedroom, stopping ever so often to resume their kissing. The cameras were already set up around the bed. Travis quickly started the recording, then pushed William back on the bed. The two wrestled to be on top, undressing each other while licking and kissing every inch of skin exposed. William’s dick was hard and wet with pre-cum as Travis popped the buttons on the jeans open. Travis whispered in his older brother’s ear: “You really have not touched yourself at all huh? Guess I have to reward you for that.” Will just groaned, pushing Travis’ head down into his crotch, who was only too eager to take the dripping cock in his mouth and suck it clean. In a reversal of last time, it was Will’s turn to lay on his back and writhe as the toy in his ass still sent vibrations through his body, while the hot, wet mouth of his brother pleased his shaft, the tongue dancing around the cock head. WIlliam was getting tuzla escort bayan close, so very close, but Travis had other plans. He stopped his oral pleasuring and turned off the butt plug with his phone. Then, slowly and carefully he began to pull it out. Will whimpered and with a husky voice tried to protest. “It’s okay, you’re going to get what you really want, but first you have to finish what you started last time.”, said Travis and stood up on the bed. He reached around and pulled a similar looking butt plug from his own hole. All throughout the day, the two brothers were sharing the wonderful sensation these toys gave them. And now, with his hole stretched and ready, Travis began to lower himself onto his brother’s erect dick. Just as Will’s sensitive cock head slid past the ring of muscles of his brother’s ass, he pushed the rest of his shaft in with a desperate thrust of his hips. The two brothers moaned in unison. Unable to hold back, Will grabbed his brothers hips and began to fuck with wild thrusts. He was so close, he needed relief, he needed to fill this warm, tight hole with his seed. Forgetting everything, the cameras, the talk with Michael, the fact this hole he was fucking belonged to his brother, all that remained was his desire to breed. Travis leaned forward, placing his hands next to his brother’s head and tried his best to match the hard, powerful thrusts with which Will was pounding him. The sudden intrusion and the continuous rubbing of his prostate by his brother’s fat cock sent waves of ecstasy through Travis’ body. The wild ride ended all too quickly and with a howl, William slammed his dick in as deep as he could, his balls tightening and his own pucker pulsing as load after load of cum shot into the guts of his little brother. He pulled Travis close and just held him tight to his chest, while riding out his orgasm. Eventually, it ebbed and as his cock began to soften it slipped out of Travis’ hole, a small stream of cum following. Travis stroked his brother’s hair, kissing and nibbling on his earlobe just letting him catch his breath for a moment. Then he got up, moved between his brother’s legs and placed them around his hip. He scooted closer, close enough that the head of his own dick was poking at the virgin entrance of his older brother. And with a slow but relentless push the younger began to enter the older. William had the butt plug in for long enough that the initial push did not hurt too much, however Travis was much longer compared to the toy. Will could feel the hard shaft dig deeper into his guts. Unable to control it, his inner muscles worked to expel the intruder, but only achieved to massage the hard dick. With a deep sigh, Travis bottomed out, pushing as deep into his older brother as he could possibly go. He leaned forward and the two began to kiss again. Travis began to roll his hips, a slow rhythm of pushing and pulling. William began to moan, the unfamiliar feelings inside his body, the heat radiating from deep within his guts through his body. He had never thought about getting fucked, never even really considered it, but what that hard flesh inside him did to his prostate made him incredibly aroused. And so, Travis began to fuck in earnest, long strokes, occasionally pulling out completely only to slam back into the warm, tight tunnel. He took Will’s re-hardening cock into his hand and jerked him in time with his strokes. Travis felt himself getting closer, but he had one more thing in mind. He pulled out of Will’s ass, who groaned in frustration, and made his big brother get on top of his throbbing boner, facing away from him. From behind, Travis wrapped his arms around Will’s chest and pulled him back, exposing his hole to the camera. With one hand he guided his dick back into the twitching, waiting hole and began to thrust again. And as Will once again began to moan in delight, feeling that hard cock inside his guts, rubbing his chest and his nipples, Travis began to whisper into his ear: escort tuzla “They are watching you, big hot daddy getting fucked. They can see your cock dripping, see my dick sliding in your hole.” William’s gaze was fixed now on the camera, looking at the non-existent audience, he could feel his balls draw close again. “You think your kids are watching? Stroking their dicks, shooting their cum as they watch their dad getting fucked?” WIth that whisper, Travis triggered Will’s second orgasm today, strings of cum shooting from his cock covering his chest and abs. Williams guts were going haywire, his muscles clenching and milking Travis. And with a deep sigh, Travis unloaded inside his older brother, filling him with his seed. The two collapsed in an exhausted pile, Travis’ softening dick slipping out of the well-fucked hole of his brother. Travis forced himself up and turned the cameras off. Will just laid on the bed, trying to catch his breath. He could feel the cum flowing out of his hole an unusual feeling. He looked at Travis, covered in sweat, and asked: “Did you tell Michael about the videos?” Travis sat down on the bed before answering: “No. He kinda asked me about them at the mall, then you were in the restroom.” “I really don’t know how to deal with that.” “Easy! We two are hot and we are fucking. Sex is awesome and fuck everyone who wants to shame us for that. Well maybe not everyone, that would leave our balls permanently empty!” “I suppose… Ugh, I will talk to him later today.” “Great! Tell him the new video will be up soon!” William groaned and threw a pillow after Travis. The two then decided to take a shower to get clean (inside and outside) and William made his way home. He did, however, ask Travis how to connect the butt plug and brought it with him home. It was already getting late, the session with Travis had taken longer than expected. Arriving at his apartment, Will was greeted by a big hug from his little Shane, who instantly started to talk about his day. Michael was on the couch watching some random TV show. “Alright guys! Shane, you go take a shower first; Michael, you set the dinner table and I am going to order pizza tonight!” Shane cheered excitedly and ran off to the upstairs bathroom. Michael jumped up from the couch, but his father’s hand on his shoulder pushed him back down. Michael looked at his dad with a confused look. “Look, Michael. We… I mean, I… Ugh” Will let out a deep sigh, grasping for the right words. Before he could continue, Michael flash a big grin and said: “It’s fine Dad. You enjoyed the butt plug? My idea by the way. Did Uncle Travis fuck you?” William looked at his son with a baffled look, his mouth just hanging open. Michael continued: “Man can’t wait to see the new video. With the amount of views you two get, you should just switch jobs full time!” William stammered: “What?! No! Also, how did… What do you mean by your idea? How do you even know about stuff like butt plugs?” “Ehm, Dad? I’m 17? I got internet? Also Uncle Travis and I talk about pretty much anything. I mean you don’t really think I am a virgin or something right? Have you looked at me?” With that Michael stripped off his shirt and began a comical mock strongmen show of showing his muscles. He was a damn good looking kid, still on the lean side, but with quite well defined muscles. William grossed his arms and looked at Michael with a cocked brow. Then he flashed a big grin, stripped his own shirt off and began to imitate his sons flexing. The two collapsed laughing onto the couch. “I swear, you and your Uncle are going to be the death of me. Oh and Michael? You’re going to wash the car, as punishment.” “What?! Why am I getting punished?” “Conspiring with your Uncle!” Michael started an overly dramatic act, saying “Woe is me” over and over again, while William grabbed the phone and started ordering the pizza. The rest of the evening, the family enjoyed a nice pizza dinner, chatting and laughing. William felt a huge relief, a weight lifted off his conscience. However, he also realized that he was played by his brother and his son. And he was not one to let something like that slide without a bit of comeuppance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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