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Subject: Daddy Through the hole part 5 (catagory incest) Hey guys 🙂 hope ya’ll have like part 1-4 so far, and im loving the emails and photos im getting from you guys. feel free to send me an email at ail yes its @email NOT @ haha. Make sure to also donate at fty —————————————— After that hot fuck session with my son I needed to wash off, but I wasn’t going to do it alone, my son followed me into the shower. He started by running his soapy hands up and down my hairy chest, getting my body all nice and lathered up. My hands had made their way down to his cock, getting his hard cock nice and soaped up. “Dad, do you think you could go for round two?” he said to me while i fondled his cock. “Fuck yes son, here let me show you something else Daddy likes” I pushed him down to his knees, he looked up at his Daddy with such lust in his eyes, I told him to open his mouth wide and then a stream of hot Daddy piss hit him right in the face. “Holy shit dad its so warm” he said as I began to fill up his hot mouth. Piss started to pour out his mouth, so I stuck my cock şişli travesti in and made him seal his mouth to not lose a drop. The feeling of my sons tight throat gulping down piss while inside him was making me so hot. I decided to stop pissing and pull out. Flipped him around and shoved my cock up his ass which was still oiled up from being fucked. I then started filling up his hole with Daddys liquid . I was so proud of my son taking my piss like a man and loving it. Once the stream ended I started pumping my cock in and out of his hole. Everytime I pulled out a a bunch of piss squirted out onto my cock. I needed to bust so bad so I kept pounding even harder into my son until finally a hot burst of cum filled up his beaten hole. We finished up the shower and I told him to meet me in around an hour for dinner. I went into the sex shop that I owned because I wanted to get my son a present. I grabbed one of the clone a willy and brought it home. The final product was not as great as my big throbbing cock but it’ll do for him. After dinner I pulled out the dildo and gave it to my beylikdüzü travesti son. “This is molded after my cock and when you go home I won’t be able to pound your hole out anymore until you visit again, so please use this and take videos showing my clone destroying your hole’ “Oh daddy I love it so much, can you please wake me up with a fuck in the morning before I go” “Sure son now I’m off to bed, see you tomorrow morning.” Woke up that morning pretty early, went downstairs and had a quick bite to eat and some coffee, I remember how my son asked me to wake him up with sex so I cannot let him down. When I walked into his room he was laying on his side with his mouth open, almost like he knew what I was planning. I pulled my cock out and rubbed my precum onto his lips, Slowly put my cock into his mouth and slowly started to face fuck my sleeping son. He woke up and grabbed my balls, started rubbing and squeezing them as my cock beat up the back of his throat. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and as he rubbing his hands up and down he asked me to fuck him one last time istanbul travesti in the ass. So I did with only my spit as lube as I wasn’t as prepared for this as his mouth was. The friction of the lubeless ass was so amazing on my throbbing cock that I busted into his hole after a few minutes. I then sucked off my son until he busted into my mouth, second breakfest! It was then time to say goodbye to my son for the next couple of months. “Daddy this trip was amazing, I cannot wait to come back” he says. “Son, I’m so happy to have gotten to know you in ways I never thought possible, the first time that had happened I didn’t know until I got home and saw the footage, I was so scared you’d find out. But I’m happy you did. You’re welcome home anytime boy, I love you. We then had a deep tongue kiss while he gropped my cock. I cannot wait for him to be back. ——————————————————————————- Sorry for the time it took to put out this last chapter I’ve been back to work now as everything is open here in my country. let me know how you liked this and maybe what other types of stories to write now that this story is over.I also am considering doing vids reading the stories and jerking off to them, send me an email at ail or send me a DM on twitter @canadiancubOF letting me know what you think!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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