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Daddys girlStephanie was very close to her dad, she was 18 years old and I had recently lost my virginity. She is 5″4″, has a big ass and 36 b boobs. Dennis (father) was a very strict dad, if she did something bad he spank her shed try to be a good girl. He”s pretty lay ed back guy as she was. She was also horny teenager.One day stephanie was sitting by her dad on the couch as they watched a film and had a steamy sex scene. It turned her on, she was eager wanting to play with herself, her waiting cunt had to resist and. She can see her dad try to fix his hard on and asked if hed wanted anything from the kitchen and she was wearing sexy wearing booty shorts and no underwear and a cute tank top with a lace bra. she pretended to drop a something and she bent over in front of her dads hips making him run into her. He simply moaned n rubbed himself onto her ass.She loved the sensation he grabbed her hair and pulled it and whispered into her ear “do you wanna be punished” pushing her hips onto his cock. Then let her go. As he was cutting a lime for his beer she moved the stuff out relaxbet güvenilirmi of the way and grabbed his hand and put them on her medium tits. And wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer and said “daddy I”ve been bad punish me, let”s go upstairs” he simply follows, and watches her strip for him and once only in her bra he stops her and lays her on his bed. He puts some furry handcuffs around her arms and legs so she won”t move. He plays with her waiting cunt then gets a clit vibrator and rubs it around her pussy watch his babygirl move her hips in response to the toy.He then starts stroking him self slowly watching her, then uncuffs her legs and licks her wet cunt putting her legs over his shoulders. He”s amazed at her tight cunt it tastes so sweet to him. As she feels her dad eating her out she”s moans, she”s in disbelieve her dads giving her much pleasure. She starts pushing her pussy on his face “daddy I”m gunna cum for u daddy* he says *yes my slut cum baby cum in daddys mouth” and licks faster and she shakes in orgasm. He relaxbet yeni giriş licked up her juices, he then got up and told her “suck my cockBaby, naughty girl I know your good at it” he holds his cock in her face as she sucks it hard making him moan “yes suck my dick you naughty slut look at u go, did you wear that thong for me and shaved your cunt for me, did you for daddy” he then grabs her head and starts. Face fucking her young face and she looked at him lustfully and like a slut he cums in her throat with a loud groan, “baby swollow daddys cum like a good girl.He then spread her legs open and slaps his cock on her pussy, ” daddy fuck me, please daddy make me your whore, please I want ur cock in me deep” he says “your my whore baby, your daddys whore” rubs the head of his cock around her pussy making her shiver and slowly pushes inside her amazed on how tight she is around his cock, he grabs her legs and chain them spread a part he thrusts in her, he plays with her boobs well slowly fucking her. “Daddy your so big, all 10. Inches in me I love relaxbet giriş you daddy” “I love u tobaby” thrusts in her hand and holds her hips as he continues inxreasing speed” yes daddy mmmm. I love it yes fuck me punish me daddy don”t stop daddy fuck me hard make me cum* he starts slamming in her watching her young breasts bounce and her moaning loud as she cums he watches her cum. He couldn”t believe he was fucking her and she”s enjoying it. He was slamming his cock in her hard “daddy cum in me cum in my pussy please fill me with cum” he then busted inside her feeling seven shots of cum spurt in. He spanks her ass “your my slut baby girl”he lifts her ass in the air”baby you love my black cock in you don”t you” he pushes himself in her virgin ass making sure he hurts her ” yes daddy I love ur black cock mmm daddy fuck me like a whore. I”m ur whore fuck me” he spanks her ass as he enters n starts fucking her fast he shoves a dildo in her pussy and turns the vibrate on and starts fucking her hard enjoys her screaming and cuming.He stays fucking her hard n he pulls her hair n makes her arch back. Back towards him”you love this don”t u whore. Baby do u love getting fucked by daddy” he spanks her and fucks her more and cums deep in her. And pulls out watching cum drip out of his daughters tight pussy. He makes her a bath. She loves being fucked by her dad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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