David’s Scottish Cousins Ch. 01

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I remember it as if it was yesterday but in fact it was 1958 and I had just turned eighteen. I had been sent up to the Scottish highlands, by my parents, to stay with my aunt Annie and her identical twin daughters Megan and Morag. My cousins, who were also eighteen, met me from the train at Glen Gussie station. As the steam cleared from the platform I made out two shapes approaching. Both wore identical duffel coats over knee-length tartan skirts and black stockings.

My first impression was that they seemed so tall and slim compared with me. I had always been quite short and skinny for my age and had hardly grown since I last saw them last about five years earlier. I think it must have been something in the Scottish water which produced such gorgeous looking curvaceous girls. ” Hello, you must be Davy,” said the less outward-going, Megan. She appeared to be six inches taller than me, with dark brown hair, and twice as broad across her bottom. Morag was slightly shorter at five foot ten inches. I was bundled onto a taxi and taken to the remote village called Craigcarron.

My aunt Annie, was the Craigcarron postmistress and lived in a very small cottage beside the post office. She was taller than me too and had a very ample bust. When I arrived she said to me ” Davy you must be starving after your long journey, we’ll get some potatoes, neeps and lamb stew ready and you can tell us all about London.”

After about an hour or two of chatting and reminiscing over our meal I was taken to my room which was hardly bigger than an alcove on the landing. My cousins had the largest bedroom and slept together in a big double bed. My aunt had the smaller bedroom which was adjacent to the bathroom. The rest of the cottage consisted of a very small living room, kitchen and a ‘drying room’ where the laundry was done.

The living room contained a small ‘inglenook fireplace’ under low dark beams, a vintage radio from the 1940s and a small two-seater sofa, for the girls, and a high-backed armchair for my aunt. Everything was very cramped but cosy. My first evening with them was spent listening to the radio ( television was not available in those days). I sat on the sofa with Morag on my left and Megan on my right. I felt very constricted, because their bottoms were so wide, and eventually decided to sit on the rug and lean back against the sofa between the two girls.

The next few days followed diyarbakır escort a similar pattern. I’d go out walking during the day with Megan and Morag and visit the lochs and castle ruins, climb up the rocky crags and plant stones on the cairns. Morag would show me where the grouse were reared and Megan led me through the pine forests and heather moorlands. Life seemed very slow and relaxed although the weather was often cool, wet and windy.

In the evenings, after our meal, we’d discuss ‘life and it’s meanings’ and talk about the village and it’s inhabitants. There were, apparently, very few young people close by and my cousins said they knew no boys of their age as they had all left the village for the city. It turned out that neither had ever had a boyfriend or had even been kissed despite being both unbelievably attractive and gorgeous.

They also told me that my aunt always made them wear either skirts or dresses as she did not believe that ‘young women should ever wear trousers’. This meant that my cousins were obliged to wear at least one or two petticoats beneath their skirts, sometimes three in the evenings, and thick denier nylon stockings in order to keep warm.

One night, after my third or fourth day in the cottage, my aunt announced that she had to go to Inverness, to look after a sick friend. She took a few things in a suitcase and told us that she would not be back for at least two weeks.

That evening I sat on the floor, as usual, between the two girls leaning back against the sofa seat. I felt particularly small, skinny and vulnerable and admired both Morag’s and Megan’s black stocking-clad legs to either side and next to me.

I noticed that Morag’s lacy petticoat hem was slightly revealed under her very full green pleated tartan skirt. As we sat there listening to the radio in front of the fire I decided to lean back further and slid down until my head was level with both hems of my cousins’ skirts. Megan crossed and then uncrossed her legs which resulted in her resting her foot lightly against my chest. At the same time I noticed that her flounced stiff lace petticoat hem was displayed too. Morag also seemed to move her legs slightly apart until her knee brushed against my cheek. I could feel the scratchiness of her black stocking as her leg pushed further against me.

We listened to ‘Scottish dance music’ diyarbakır escort bayan on the radio. Morag lifted her leg for a moment then replaced it so that it lay further against my face with her petticoat hem touching my hair and forehead. I slowly slid down until my head was below skirt level and I could see up and under her white nylon slip. Megan. In the meantime uncrossed her legs and let her foot wander onto my lap.

The atmosphere was electric and I began to feel very hot and excited.

Morag lifted both her legs off the sofa, and pulled up her skirt and petticoats and adjusted her stockings. She then primly replaced her petticoat and smoothed down her skirt and I pretended not to take notice but was startled when she, in turn, placed one foot firmly on my lap with about six inches of exposed petticoat lace against my face. I found myself sliding further down to floor level with my feet almost in the fireplace staring up at four smooth stockinged, and petticoated, legs above me.

Morag said in a surprised voice “Wee Davy, if you don’t get up we may accidentally step on you down there” I replied that I didn’t mind and was quite comfortable lying on my back staring up at them both. Megan shifted herself forward over me so that her legs were either side of my face and the back of her pleated skirt and two petticoats draped down over the front of the sofa. The front of her skirt was spread over her petticoats which in turn was spread across her knees and as I looked up I could see various tiers and multi-layered lace edgings as well as the tops of her stockings, suspenders and some very loose delicately lacy French-knickers which their mother insisted that they both wear because they were less sweaty than tight panties and more hygenic.

Megan sat above me for quite a long time until Morag got up and decided to make some tea. I lay there wondering what to do next and was enthralled at being under Megan’s full pleated skirt admiring her underthings from inside her tartan kilt. I touched her thighs slightly but this resulted in a sudden reflex reaction and Megan was off me in an instant and standing at the farthest side of the room.

Morag returned with the tea and sat once again on the sofa. She told Megan that she should ‘not be silly’ and to allow Davy to touch her if he wanted to, as ‘he was a guest’ as well as being a close family escort diyarbakır cousin and that they had to respect their guest’s wishes.

Megan returned to her previous position and made sure her wide pleated tartan skirt and flared white underskirts were spread above my face as I lay on the floor between her feet. I breathed in the feminine odours from the soft skin above her stockings as well as the delicate Lilac perfume which both girls used.

Again I admired the underside of Megan’s thighs particularly where her frilly elasticated suspender clips were attached to her black stockings. I looked at every detail inches from my face, at the stitching and ruching, and soft nylon underskirt which hung down slightly but did not touch, just looked. The black stocking seams defined the outline of the back of her legs and I could almost lick her stocking tops with my tongue but didn’t. Megan’s inner petticoat had a lace hem which was quite deep and was made up of rose petals supported by paisley swirls in stiff white nylon. The outer petticoat was similar but was a much coarser and open textured net which was very full and was edged in ribbon and leaderline. It was this petticoat which provided the fullness to Megan’s pleated full circle plaid skirt and gave it the bouffant look as she walked about the cottage at night.

I heard the clinking of teacups and saucers above me. ” Would you like a cup of tea wee Davy? ” asked Morag. I said that that would be very nice so I slid out from between Megan’s feet and sat on Aunt Annie’s chair facing the twins. After our tea Morag switched the radio off and asked me if I was happy being in Craigcarron and whether I found it too boring being with my cousins compared with London. I said that I enjoyed being in Scotland with my relatives and looked forward to many more days spent on the moors and mountains.

Megan then asked me whether I wanted to be under her skirt again. Morag suddenly responded that it was ‘her turn’ and grabbed a cushion from the chair and positioned it on the rug in front of the fire and ordered me to lie on it face up, which I did.

She then stood over me facing my head wearing her full tartan pleated skirt, similar to Megan’s but a pale blue and yellow colour. All I could see were the many layers of white net petticoat over another smooth layer of ivory silky nylon lace-edged petticoat as her large rounded bottom encased in wide lacy edged French knickers descended upon my face. Carefully Morag spread her thighs so I was given a wonderful view of stocking tops, thighs and suspender belt. Everything went dark as I was engulfed under her wide gathered full circle kilt and rustling underthings.

(continued in part two}

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