Dear Dirty Diary – part 14

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Dear Dirty Diary – part 14Dear Dirty Diary,The weekly games nights were fun but too much emphasis was placed on debauching and not enough on paying our expenses. Fortunately we had posted advertising in malls and the Chamber of Commerce info offices throughout the area to catch shoppers. One weekend in early October, a young woman with dark olive skin and sparkling black eyes arrived, saying she saw the signboards. Rija, a late twenties Montrealer, took the front room next to the stairs. As she was going out for supper, a pair of middle-aged women passed her on the front porch. Connie and Althea informed us they were from the Vermont lesbian website we advertised in and had come to do a review on our establishment for their readers. The couple was given the room next door to Rija and across the hall from Louise. During the tour of the premises, in her enthusiasm to please our first American customers, Louise offered them videos and use of the toys to spice up their stay. The gold vibrator caught Connie’s eye while Althea seemed more interested in a movie about Squirters. Having already eaten, they retired to their room for a romantic evening together. An hour or so later, Rija returned from supper, lounged in the hot tub for a while, then returned to her room. Since Doug was visiting back home, we too retired early to Louise’s to watch videos. Louise dragged me back to her bedroom after changing into her pajamas. She shushed me with a finger to her lips as she opened the small storage compartment door built into the attic staircase. As we snuggled in her bed, we heard soft music and feminine moans from the movie echo through from the adjacent room. During a lull in the movie sound track, I swear I heard the familiar purr of the big gold vibrator. I heard the unmistakably silky voice of Althea say, “What do you think this little red button’s for?” Deep, husky grunts followed ever few seconds immediately after she spoke. Steadily louder quivering moans rasped from Connie’s whisky throat. As I envisioned what I knew the vibrator’s pulses were doing to her genitals, I slipped my tongue into Louise’s mouth. I pushed my fingers down inside the front of her sleep pants and felt my own clitoris tingle as my fingertips slid down her warm belly and across her bush. My lover’s legs spread open so eagerly that my middle finger sk**ded over her mound, down her slit and poked right into her warm little honey pot.My fingertip felt warm and cozy inside, but by the time I decided to explore deeper, I felt four cool little digits push up inside the pant leg of my shorts. In an instant I felt the stretchy nylon lace of my panties wad up through my vulva. I snorted through my nostrils damn near as loud as Connie when Louise swished the coarse crotch of my little boy-leg underpants around inside my pussy! We French-kissed and fingered each other hot and hard as we listened to the loving in progress next door. Althea wondered out loud, “Hey, this little red knob turns too. What happens when I turn it all the way clockwise, like this Darlin?”With that, Connie’s moans grew louder and more guttural. I knew exactly what she was feeling at that moment. That vibrator was on full Autosurge and was bloating up as big as a woman’s forearm with each pulse. We could hear her groans and moans quiver louder and louder with each cycle. Suddenly a rap on the shared bathroom door broke through the night. “Are you all right in there?” a muffled voice called out.Connie continued to vocalize and a few seconds later, “I have medical experience and can help if she’s having a convulsion or something,” Rija spoke out in her distinct Middle Eastern accent.“Pipe down a minute Connie and maybe she’ll go away,” whispered Althea as the hum of the vibrator ceased.“Pipe down, shit!” muttered Connie, “I wasn’t nearly done and there’s now way some goody two-shoes is gonna ruin my fun.” And the vibrator hummed once more. Connie’s moans returned, even louder than before, as did the volume on the TV’s erotic movie. Then there were moans of pleasure from two women permeating the night.An even louder knock was heard on the door and Rija called out, “If you don’t let me examine that poor woman, she could die!” “I’ll get rid of her once and for all, so cover up,” Althea grumbled as we heard her get out of bed, walk a few steps and open the bathroom door. Footsteps ensued and Althea said, “My friend here is just fine. You see all the racket was coming from this stupid movie we were watching.”“That’s not the voice I heard, moaning in pain,” noted Rija. “I think you should let me examine your friend,” she continued. We heard covers whip and heard Connie’s gruff voice say: “Examine this then Bitch, I’ve got this fantastic vibrator stuck up my cunt and I like it right where it is, thank you very much!” Althea added, “If you ask the hostess, you can choose something out of her toy and video library. It apparently comes with the room rental.”A period of silence, punctuated by a click, was followed once more by the hum of the big gold vibrator. “But if you insist upon examining me, be my guest.”I looked over to see why the fingers frothing my underwear had abruptly stopped. I saw an expression of absolute terror in my Louie’s eyes. “Sacre blue, she’ll sue our asses off for this if either of them touch her!” Louise whispered.Seven or eight seconds passed then an agitated Connie spat out, “What’s the matter girl, haven’t you seen avcılar escort enough yet?” The purr of the vibrator suddenly sped up and became audibly louder as we heard, “There, see what something like this’ll do to a woman’s cunt, so go back to your room you little pervert, or do you make a habit of staring up into women’s vaginas?”“As a matter of fact, Gynecologists like myself do look up into vaginas on a regular basis, but I normally see women in my office,” replied Rija. “But I usually have to resort to using speculums to dilate a vagina this dramatically. I find it most interesting that you find pleasure from being stretched so completely. I’m quite aware that the vagina, as a muscle, is capable of great expansion and contraction but it surely must take years of practice to achieve these extremes. I’m most intrigued by what I’m seeing here. If I sat quietly and unobtrusively here in this dark corner, would you mind if I observed, strictly on a professional level, of course?”“Suit yourself Doc!” Connie snapped as Althea got back to business. After a few seconds the slurping began to drown out the vibrator’s drone.“Is that good right there, Baby?” questioned Althea after a particularly lusty moan groaned up from the depths of Connie’s throat. “What must she be feeling to make such a noise?” queried the young voice from the corner.“Oh shit, let’s just give it to the good Doctor and then she’ll know firsthand how it feels,” suggested an irritated Connie. The bed squeaked, the young voice protested weakly, then considerable rustling was followed a loud bed squawk. Louise sat up abruptly in bed, ready to spring into action as we heard soft grunts and more bed squeaking. As Louise’s hand reached for the door knob we heard Althea observe, “You don’t have to hold her down Connie, our young professional here appears to be enjoying our little show. I’ve got her nightgown up and she’s already juicy, loose as a goose and ready to party.”“Were you diddling yourself there in the corner while Althea was doing me?” Connie slyly demanded.“Maybe,” the soft little voice responded. Louise sat back down on her bed when Rija cleared her throat and began: “When I saw their ad in that Montreal contact magazine, it caught my eye. I was curious and thought I’d combine a sight seeing trip with a little field research, but I never dreamed I’d get so lucky. Observing you two close up for this short time has brought back old memories and urges I’ve suppressed since I immigrated to Canada. My Mother was a housekeeper at the Canadian Embassy in Cairo during the time of my youth. The daughter of the diplomat taught me to speak English in the afternoons while my Mother cleaned. The young woman taught me of women’s rites in Canada and I talked of my future in Egypt. When I was eighteen, I told her that my clitoris would traditionally be amputated to ensure my faithfulness to my husband-to-be. She was absolutely appalled. That afternoon she took it upon herself to show me exactly what I’d be missing should it be lopped off. Before I continue, would one of you please insert that irresistible looking toy in me to enhance my mood?”We heard the familiar hum drone away loud and clear, listened to its pitch slow and envisioned it slide deeper and deeper into Rija’s pussy as it’s volume softened. Louise lay back down close to me, touched my hand and then pulled it gently back over to her pubes. I pressed my fingers down through her hairs then caught the loop of her clit ring with my fingernail tip. Louise’s left hand reached back, pressed in between my thighs then tickled up to my cave. As I felt her finger tip press back through my vulva, I heard a soft “MMM” from next door, followed by:: “That first afternoon, Jeanette began by pulling the kerchief off my head. She ran her fingers down through my hair and across my cheek. She bent over toward me as we sat on her bed and kissed me on the lips. After many soft kisses she deliberately traced her fingertip across one my nipples then dove directly down between my legs. Instinctively I squeezed my legs together but her kisses grew more forceful and passionate. The instant I released my leg muscles in submission, her hand zipped under my top and down the front of my pants. She searched for a few seconds and then her fingertips deftly found that perfect spot and in an instant were tickling it so skillfully that I started to shiver.”“My fears of being deflowered caused me to tense up after a few moments and I voiced my fears of being found out by my future husband. Jeanette assured me that it was entirely unnecessary to sacrifice my virginity for a little pleasure and promised she would never leave evidence of her being down there. When I cautiously agreed to continue, she pulled my pants completely off, spread my legs and furiously licked my clitoris to its first body-shaking orgasm.“Virtually every English lesson for the next six months ended in a tickle or lick session. On one wobbly-legged return home from the Embassy, my father caught me on the street and introduced me to a fearsome looking man. They conferred quietly as I stood in the street. As we departed, my father explained that the man was to be my future husband. He also informed me that the gentleman felt I had a roving eye and must have my clitoris removed before our wedding day! “When I told Jeanette of my fate, she asked me if I was prepared to give up the pleasures she’d taught me to please beylikdüzü escort my father’s archaic wishes. I didn’t answer her immediately so she continued with her games. Two weeks later, the Gulf War worsened and Jeanette’s family prepared to return to Canada for their safety. I said my goodbyes to my best friend, but on the way out of the compound I was pushed into a diplomatic car, handed an envelope containing my Landed Immigrant papers and put on a plane to Ottawa. After a couple years of blissful coexistence, Jeanette’s father was re-assigned to Hong Kong and I was left to survive by myself.“I chose to focus on my studies upon what got me there in the first place, my genitals. I’m now a practicing gynecologist in Montreal, but my fear of my jilted husband and my father have never lessened and to this day I’ve never been with a man. Jeanette is married with c***dren now. She visits me in the summer each year but that is not near enough loving for someone who received daily attention in her youth.” “I look after myself exclusively these days but I really long for the touch of someone who really knows what to do. I won’t approach anyone I’m attracted to because of my occupation. It’s so hard some times to keep my passions to myself when I’m lubing up an attractive woman’s vagina. I swear some of my patients come to me just to enjoy my touch. More than once, with certain women, I’ve noticed an erect clitoris while I’m performing an internal examination and Pap test. I have one incarcerated patient, that prison guards regularly bring to me, who becomes unmistakably aroused as soon as my speculum spreads her apart.”“But the fear of being charged with unprofessional conduct keeps my fingers away from her clitoris and frankly, that’s why I came down here. The answers I was looking for, I’ve found here in this bed. Your decision to m***** me makes me feel desirable and has rekindled my desires to be loved by another woman once more. I’m going to approach a couple of my favorite patients the next time they visit. Perhaps they’d enjoy my bedside manner away from the office. Now if one of you would crank this thing in me up bigger, I’d be glad to offer you both the most enjoyable internal examination you’ll ever experience.”We heard the click of the vibrator as it was set on Autopulse, heard the pitch of its hum increase and smiled at each other as we heard the moans of lust come from her throat. Louise’s eyes widened as we heard Connie say, “You’d better have a look at Althea here. If you try to do me, she’ll get all pissy and have a jealous fit. Besides that she’s long overdue for a checkup and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than watch her get a good going over.”Louise’s face looked more at ease as she undid the buttons of my blouse. She hooked my little bra’s shoulder strap down to my elbow. She peeled down the cup of my bra as I took a deep breath. Her soft lips touching down on my aureole awoke my sleeping nipple. I felt the strong suction of her mouth drag my awakening teat between her teeth then held my breath as her pearly whites closed slowly on my tender tip. My pulse quickened as blood pounded into my poor tender bit. I felt her hot wet tongue slather then flick my bloated teat about like a boxer’s punching bag. After what seemed an eternity her jaw relaxed. As her hot tongue slipped between my lips, I felt her strong pressure split my vulva. Louise brought her pointy cluster of fingers up for me to see. She moistened them wetly in her mouth, but when she slobbered all over her thumb as well, I knew Althea wasn’t the only woman in this house about to be explored!I pictured butchy Althea in the next room, apprehensively spreading her legs. In my mind’s eye I saw Rija’s shimmering bare hand spread lubricant throughout Althea’s pink pussy. As I felt Louise’s thumb knuckle pinch my vulva up into my pelvis, I thought of my husband’s fat thumb pushing past the same spot and into me beside his hot penis. As I felt the relief of Louise’s hand push through deep into my vagina, I remembered the look of awe on Doug’s face as he watched that lovely petite hand disappear into me during our first visit here. As I perceived Louise’s fingertips tickling the depths of my vagina, I envisioned Rija’s dark labia stretched and jiggling around the shaft of the gold vibrator. As I drew a long deep breath through my nostrils, I wished my Dougie were here. He’d be sitting in that corner chair next door. His face would be red, his eyes would be blazing and he’d be stoned on the smell of pheromones in the air. His fingers would be squeezed around his fat dick and his mind would be swimming as his eyes glanced from one sex-crazed woman to another.“What a time to go home!” I whispered to myself. “Look at what the old fool’s missing back there, farting around back home,” shot through my head just in time to hear Althea’s moans of delight as Connie directed, “Twist that fist in up past your wrist Bitch and don’t stop till you’re in her up to your elbow!” That was all Louise needed to egg her on, but just as she started to twist, I grabbed her hand. I was well aware of what was about to happen to me, but for some reason I felt like turning the tables. I spun myself about then met Louise’s confused upside down face in the middle of the bed and thrust my tongue into her agape mouth. We played tongue tag splendidly with no nose collisions for a change. After a few moments, I esenyurt escort nuzzled down her neck and centered my mouth over one of her nipples. I swung one of my breasts around until it brushed across Louise’s mouth. I lowered my chest carefully and when I felt my nipple plop into her mouth, I sucked up one of hers. I bit and nibbled and sucked her teat through my teeth just like she’d done to me.In response Louise chomped on the base of my teat then shook her head ferociously. My poor breast bounced and shook like a little kitten in the jaws of a bulldog. This was no time for my bits to be tender. In retaliation, Tough Tits the tabby bit down on her other teat, pulled her head back and stretched it up taut. By the time her tip squeezed out between my teeth, the Bulldog had my other kitten in a prolonged death shake! She hurt like hell but I was determined to persevere. I bit into my bottom lip, pulled up strongly and took it all in stride as her teeth ravaged my nipple. I crept down just out of her reach, sat down and glared at her as I comforted my really tender tit. Undaunted, I snatched away her KY jelly, flipped open the cap and squeezed out a palm full of lubricant then proceeded to spread the slippery goop over my entire hand, well up past my wrist as she watched. When done, I nestled in beside her the stared squarely up her pussy from my upside down recline. I dragged down a pillow with my foot, propped up my head, reached out to her hand then smeared some of the excess lube over her thumb and up her wrist as well. With my left hand I pushed open her legs, picked up the KY, shoved the open nozzle into her vulva and squeezed the tube. Louise gasped as the cool slime gushed into her pussy. To complete the preparations, I squeezed more lube into myself to blend with the hot pussy juice dribbling out of me. Ready to rule, I willfully stared into Louise’s dark eyes. Gradually her corneas turned into that warmly submissive puppy dog brown. I knew at that second I had control and immediately pounced. I twisted and turned my hand back and forth a little, tucked in my thumb and pushed. I felt a rush of warmth sweep up over my knuckles. Her taut muscles gradually calmed and her eyelids half closed. I rotated my thumb a little, sensed her hot tide of abandon flow up my palm and immerse my wrist then felt her trembling knees clamp down on my forearm. Her vulva held my wrist like a snug elastic cuff as my fingertips explored around inside her steamy pussy.Just as my fingertips felt a pronounced hump covered with coarsely textured flesh, we heard, “Hey there Cleopatra Honey, check out that clitoris on Althea. If you keep grinding her G-spot she’s gonna gush!” Pretty sure I’d just found that same G-spot inside Louise, I flicked her hump lavishly. In return, Louise’s push came to shove and I too, felt a cluster of fingers wriggle into my vagina! Once I caught my breath, I renewed my flicking. Louise on the other hand, chose to make a fist and use Rija’s rotational technique on my G-spot. After a couple moments of her excruciating grinding I felt like I had to pee really bad! I humped my hips a little to stifle the urge but that just made my clitoris tingle. I looked down between Louise’s legs to take my mind off myself and noticed her glittering little gold hoop standing straight up at attention out of her obscenely swollen clit. I sat up, craned my neck and looked down between my legs and saw my ring standing straight out as well. I rolled over on my side a little, reached down across my belly and hooked the nail of my free hand’s middle finger through mine. It felt absolutely electrified as I wiggled it back and forth. I scanned up my luscious little Louise from her quivering thighs up to her impassioned countenance. I wished my husband were there to witness the debauchery of the moment. As I envisioned his flailing hand milk great spurts of semen out of his penis, I began to orgasm. Louise’s eyes popped open with my gyrations and she whipped her hand out of me immediately. Her eyes opened even wider as I felt spasm after spasm spew hot juice down the crack of my bum! “Oh fine Althea, and where are we going to sleep now that you’ve made such a mess of the bed?” grumbled Connie.“And I suppose you had no part at all in the mess, did you Connie?” came the reply from a drained sounding Althea. “You got that right Honey, I was just an innocent bystander,” snickered Connie.“It seems my work here is done unless you’d like an examination as well, Connie?” Rija questioned. “No, no, it’s quite all right,” was the snappy reply. “If that’s the case ladies, I’ll return to my room now and write up some notes before I retire.”Rija’s voice trailed off as her footsteps, followed by the sound of the bathroom door closing, signaled her departure. But rustling covers, more grumbling then the sound of a closer door opening, followed by a sharp rap on Louise’s door abruptly ended our games. Louise leapt out of bed, whipped her bathrobe on and opened her door a crack. Connie told her that they’d had an accident and needed fresh sheets. Louise opened her door, took two steps to the linen closet between the two bedrooms and handed her a bottom sheet. As Connie took the linens, she frowned oddly as she sniffed the aroma coming from our bedroom. She peeked over Louise’s shoulder, saw me upside down in the bed, all covered up and then smiled smugly at me.“Let the good times roll!” said Connie as she turned and walked back into her guest room.When Louise swiveled around to catch a glimpse of what had prompted Connie’s statement, she rolled her eyes and shook her head.***************************************

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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