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Deflowered petal* based on a true story I am female 30 my name is JessicaThe family had rented a cabin for the weekend in the old south. I thought it would be boring (although interesting). And I had never been to the old south before. We had dinner and I was sharing a room with my aunt Kim. Kim and I had always been close, today seemed different. She looked at me almost gazing. Spellbound.Ahh.. she moaned . Thinking nothing, all innocent. I jumped into the breasts wet, pale. I began stroking my breasts as they grew wet, and stroked myself between my legs. The water felt so warm between my thighs. I moaned.ummm….I suddenly felt a twinge. A sinister was aunt Kim. I saw her gazing at me from between the door.watching de with a distant gaze. She bit her lips as water dripping from between my legs wetting my breasts and vagina.I smiled. Ummm…. I whispered.Aunt Kim bit her lip hard. Growled .Orgasming exploded in her pants just by looking.I smiled, left and entered the room. In my dress.Hi Kim.. I bounded. Teasingly..My breasts pale perfection soft burst from the top of my dress and sparkled in the sun.I knew her dark intentions….she shut the door and sat beside me. Growling, stroking my hips and grazing my breast with a innocent dark kiss. ‘Yes aunt Kim.’ I said. As she told me to sit.she growled. Smiling, grazing my breasts with her lips and squeezing my nipple softly,she began licking my breast. Kissing it. Tugging it hard. Biting into me with her teeth. ‘I intoxicate me.’ He whispered.her lips licking me gently around my nipple. Tugging my tit. Ahhh…she whispered.pinching my nipple as she stroked me between my legs. Kissing me passionately. Giving me oral sex instantly.’ I want maltepe escort u inside me..’ hard.’ She whispered. Stroking me between my legs. Kissing my nipple with a hot kiss. Tugging, softly…I moved,,, ‘ Yes auntie…’ my dress revel wet nipples and a soft curvy body.She growled..dulve into my vagina sucking.deep hard. Long .her mouth traced my hips, my breasts, my vagina. As she licked my vagina and sucked deep.on my vagina. Sighing, orgasming.I hugged her tight. Kissed her passionately,giving her oral sex. Twisting my lips between hers twirling my toungue in her mouth. Her Cum in my mouth.i hugged her tightly. Grazing my legs between hers and rubbing her between her legs. ‘Hi..’as I began licking her breasts softly: pinching, blowing;licking kissing her nipple. Tugging her tit slow. Massaging between her leg.She growled deeper. Biting her lip.But it was i popsicle. Her darkness overpowered.Her hands now down my breasts squeezing tight. Pinching my breast. Licking my breast. Kissing my breast. Taking it in her mouth twirling….‘ahhhh’tasty…biting my nipple hard. Pinching it hard. ‘Jessica…..’ she moaned.her hand found my vagina curls tugging gently whispered, ‘ I want u.’I felt her hug me her hot kiss melt on my nipple as I leaned back in a almost slumber,and her lips hot like fire explored my hips, breasts,and vagina,her mouth twirling high up my vagina..she was rock hard. I moaned and felt her massaging between my legs.I instinctively turned, kissed her passionately and soft. Stroking her vagina and twisting my lips to her kiss giving her oral sex.) twice. My toy twisting,twirling around in her. I felt her tug between my thighs as her fingers went gently higher and higher escort maltepe between my legs. She finger fucked Me slowly.genty tenderly.* growling. Grazing my breasts with hot wet kisses. * yes my dark angel..’ tugging me softly kissing my nipple. Biting it tenderly….so felt a wetness on my vagina. As she kissed my vagina and suckled me hard on my vagina, thevwet op my hips, she licked. Nibbling my dark curls and massaging. Spreading my legs, I felt a pressure. Kim was Passionately kissing between my thighs. Suckling me slowly…biting my vagina. Lunging herself deeply into me. Fucking mr hard.‘Kim.’ I moaned.i heard her growling, and the pressure between my legs increase. The massage grew deeper.darker. Massaging my vagina dark rolls on my vagina. And hot kisses on my vagina.I tugged her breasts., squeezing her breasts. Kissing and licking her nipple. My toungue high on her nipple circling .engulphed her nipple tugging. She opened. Orgasming.My lips moved to lick her breasts. Carresing her breast and licking her between her thighs. Up and down pulling her vagina. I blew her hard. Deepthroated her. Up and downside to sidecircles with my toungue higher twirling up her vagina. I bounced on her hips with my wet toungue. Twisting higher and higher. Kissing, twirling around up her v.wall . I peaked her vagina. Nibbling her slowly. She arched, orgasming as I blew her harder. Deeper ‘ again. Harder’ and so I obeyed, I deepthroated her softly.Up and downpull side to side ,circles.As I blew her deeper twice. My lips hot kisses left high up her wall. She growled orgasming.stroking my legs massaging my vagina. ‘ I love your innocence angel..’ she growled.spreading my legs wide, lunging maltepe escort bayan deeply inside me. She gave me a rimjob.dark and deep. Fucking me hard.My lips dove into her vagina.suckling.kissing her deeply.( we has oral sex twice rough and hard).my finger traced her. Nipple slowly. My fingers on her slit stroking.she lips softly bit her breast. And I caressed her nipples with hot kisses.suckling with my teeth her nipplekissing hrr nipple leaving cool wet breaths on her vagina.licking,suckling softly her nipple. Leaving cool kisses…on her vagina. she growled. And got rock hard. Orgasming.turning me,playing me on the bed , fucking m from behind.hard.over and over. Pinning me.her fingers clasped my breast and tugged.kissing my breast grabbing my breast twisting.massaging between my legs deep. Rubbing my vagina. Nipping my vagina ,she sucked it hard. Pushing me to the bed, her lunges slow.deep..gently stroking my thighs rubbing my vagina.her lunges herself deeper and deeper inside me. Having me over and over.*growling..‘ my dark angel…’As we fuckedin69hero fanand we did the scizzer.she whispered softly biting my vagina as we went for a third round of rough oral sex and 69 ‘ I love your taste.Pinning me to the bedfucking me hard twice from behind.turning me to go reverse and rear ….crawling between my sheets.she stroked my vagina kissed my vagina slowly.put on hand on my breast and caressed it . She slept on my breast nuzzling my vagina all night.* gently lunging tenderly ** leaving hot wicked kisses. Scratches .’Marking me as hers.’ Your Mine angel..’ she whispered.* lunging into me.wrapping herself in me. Hugging me tightly.Marking me with bites on my breast and scratches On my vagina. And a hot wicked kiss was left between my thighs.Stroking me between my thighs. Peaking my vagina and breast,i moaned….purring softly.She opened my legs and rubbed. * ‘ahhhh…..sweetness.’ She growled.Swirling her toungue on my vagina….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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