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Group Sex

DEMON LOVERThis tale is complete fantasy. Whether demons exist I don,t know, but after all Truth can be Stranger than Fiction! Graham Finch was desperate for sleep. Being a natural loner he Didn,t get along with people very well and couldn,t hold a job done for long. An alcoholic he,d been evicted from his digs so often he eventually became homeless. One of the charities that helps people like him have him a nice new sleeping bag and with some bits of cardboardvsalvaged from bins he was warm enough in an area used by other homeless people. But of course when you,re homeless you, re vulnerable and a youth gang started terrorising people stealing their cardboard and burning or pissing on their sleeping bags and the police turned a blind eye! One afternoon as Graham was searching bins for a bit to eat and anything useful he passed by the local graveyard noticing a sign which stated it was locked from 7pm to 7am every day. He also noted a small break in the fencing which might be exploited, the undergrowth thick enough to hide the break. He decided to enter the cemetery taking care to avoid any living people as he searched the area discovering a large private mausoleum which had been locked at one time, but someone had broken off the padlock. Inside was roomy despite four caskets entombed there with people having died back in the 1940s during Workd War II! He scavenged more card board and carrying his sleeping bag, his back pack filled with precious tinned food he entered the graveyard through the broken fence just before full darkness descended. Propping up the cardboard to block the partially broken mausoleum door he spread the sleeping bag atop a flat grave stone and güvenilir bahis sat eating his tinned foods not taking a chance to start a fire in case anyone noticed. The cardboard blocked most of the stiff night breeze and the bag laid on hard stone not that comfortable, but using a plastic nag full of other bags and rags at least Graham was fairly warm and dry as it began to drizzle not long after he entered the structure. Nursing half a bottle of Jack Daniels he eventually fell asleep, but was wakened by a tap,on his left shoulder a few hours later “Mind if I have some of your booze?” a female voice asked. Opening his eyes to a petite brunette dressed in a ragged sweat shirt, denim jeans and worn trainers, her hair unkempt he nodded.”Sure.” and handed her the bottle. Gratefully shevtook a long swallow, then gave the bourbon back. “Sadie Michaels. Looks like we,really sharing this grand hotel together!” She extended long bitten fingers for him to shake, but her grip was strong despite her looks. “Graham Finch.” He offered. “Much quieter here and no fucking k**s to disturb us. Sorry about the language!” “Why.i Ain,t no fucking nun! Yes I prefer to be away from the hassle as well. Yet I don,t like sleeping on my own. Mind if I join you?” “No of course not!” he replied. “You know I haven,t had a cock in weeks! How about a Fuck?” Her direct approach both surprised and turned him on, his large prick hardening automatically as she removed her trainers, he was surprised that her feet Didn,t smell like his as he hadn,t had a shower in a week. She wore no underwear, her body small yet put together well with pert perfectly formed tits with puffy nipples, long legs, flat tummy güvenilir bahis siteleri wide flaring hips and furry pubic bush had never seen a razor, her fleshy lips just below oozing lubrication juices so turned on was she. She straddled his hips then lowered her cunt on to his erection as she offered her tits to his mouth to suckle. She rode him frantically like a woman possessed as her cunt muscles milked him till he had no choice, but to explode deep into her love slit. Once she,d climbed off she leaned over, squeezed the remaining semen from his cock and sensitive balls, then scooped it off with her long fingers and swallowed each and every spurt hungrily like her life depended on it. “Thanks ever so much, Graham! I just Love cum and never get enough of it!” They then finished the bottle of bourbon and Graham passed out. It was still dark when Graham awoke with a nagging desire to pee so pulled his clothes back on and walked behind the mausoleum to relieve his bladder. When he returned Sadie was gone and there was no sign of her though Graham searched every inch of the grave yard. He did find an area of gardeners, shed where it was a bit cosier that she might have used and decided to sleep there the following night as it Wasn,t kept locked and he Didn,t need to use the cardboard. He managed to find a safe place for his sleeping bag and bag of rags for a pillow, then setbiffbfir breakfast at the stand in the park as he had enough money for breakfast and lunch and another bottle of booze before he had to go back begging on the high street. His weekly benefit was long gone and he had to get through t so more days before his next payment. He wondered about iddaa siteleri Sadie. She.d been a great fuck, but very strange, secretive, said little about what she did or why she was homeless, but what a body and a sexual athlete! Few women in Graham’s, life satisfied him like Sadie did Yet they,d only been together a few hours. In that time they,d fucked Three times and each time she,d swallowed as much of his ejaculate as she could as if her very life depended on it! He was hoping she,d come back again later. He was sitting eating his breakfast muffin washed down with coffee when a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts “You Okay Graham?” Glancing Up he saw Sadie sitting opposite him with her own muffin and cup of coffee. “So where did you disappear to?” He asked slightly annoyed. “Had to take a crap and Didn,t think you,d want to watch.” She explained. “But you could have come back?” “I was tired and needed to get the sleep I couldn,t get with you. I,ll be Back with you tonight to Fuck your ass off okay?” She answered. They chatted for a while then she said “Look. I,ve got more money than I,ll ever need. Let me buy you some new clothes and treat you to a hotel room where we can have a bath or shower together!” She offered. So they walked to a clothing store where she bought him some shirts, socks, shoes and trousers. They checked into a nice hotel where Graham shaved off three days stubble then climbed into the large bath together and washed each other. They had room service for lunch and then three hours solid fucking before they chatted over drinks naked as the day they were born. “So tell me why does a woman loaded with money chose to turn up in a graveyard in the wee small hours of the morning?” he asked her. “I,m a bit crazy!” she laughed. “I love finding a guy in a graveyard to Fuck with!” “What if it was a woman you found?” “I,d eat her Pusey of course as I,m completely bi sexual!” She shrugged.TBC

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