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devika and her black teen bfA lot’s happened in the last f******n months. Last year, in June, my son graduated from high school. ronit was accepted to a good college and better yet he was awarded a full scholarship. devika and I wanted to show how proud we were of his hard work so we threw a big house party. He invited all of his friends. The whole house was open. In hindsight I suppose I should have limited the number of guests. The day of the party, it appeared that everyone in his graduating class was in my house or in my backyard. Two days ago I received my signed divorce papers in the mail.From the onset, I was stationed at the grill. Occasionally I got as far as the drink table and, thank God, the bathroom but mostly I was surrounded by eighteen year olds swilling down sodas and eating burgers and franks like they hadn’t eaten since Junior High. We limited the drink selection to cans. My thought was that with no punch bowl there was no punch to spike. That was a tactic that seemed to work very well. For most of the early evening all I saw were cans of soda, tea and juice.I shut down the grill at eight thirty. By nine o’clock I was lighting the torches around the perimeter of the yard. ronit started up the music. We live in a neighborhood where the yards are big and normally very quiet, I’d already alerted the neighbors to the potential for loud music and that’s exactly what it was, loud with a thick hard driving beat.At first, no one ventured out to dance. Then devika started it all. She made her way into the yard pulling a reluctant young man out of the crowd. I had seen her occasionally all evening but she looked different now. I remember the skirt and top being bigger and looking more proper on her when I first saw her dressing that afternoon. As she pulled her reluctant dance partner behind her, she looked downright hot. The skirt was very short and very tight fitting. The top was also tight and two buttons too many were left unfastened, revealing plenty of cleavage. She had black sandals with four inch heels that completed her ensemble.All in all, she was displaying plenty of her perfectly shaped long legs and wonderful large breasts. She flitted in and around the groups of graduates like a bee in a garden. In the yard with the dance music throbbing, the guy she had dragged into the middle of the yard lost his inhibitions and danced with devika. He danced with my wife like she was one of the graduates. He freely grabbed her waist twirled her and pulled her in close for a quick dip.They circled around each other while keeping constant bodily contact. There was a collective gasp from my side of the crowd. I looked up from the sound equipment just as devika was playfully pushing her young partner away from her. A girl in front of me whispered to her portly friend, “Did you see that ? He totally just dry humped her.” Just as I was going to say something the yard was inundated with dancing high school graduates. I lost all sight of devika.The morning of the party I planted a tall PVC pole in the center of the yard. On top of it a put a pulley, a pan and several flashlights. By pulling a cord I could position the pan up or down along the pole and spin it. A remote control on the lights let me turn them on or off. After the first song, only a few minutes after devika’s exhibition, I announced “Here’s how it works folks, I have no control over the lights.They’re going to spin and when they stop, its your spotlight. Use it to do whatever you want. Keep it real but keep it PG!” I then turned on the lights and spun the pan. The light stopped on a couple of girls. They looked around then broke out into some fast moves that looked more like a zumba routine than dance steps. Applause and wolf whistles filled the air as the song came to an end.Over the loud speaker I announced, “Okay, everyone understands idea. It’s your spotlight, use it!” Then I turned off the lights and gave the pan a spin. As it was coming slowly to a stop I flicked on the lights and watched as they landed on a black couple at the edge of the yard. They broke out into some great robotic moves. Again, the applause was nearly deafening. The third couple looked to be a perfect match.Both were very overweight with pale pasty skin. Immediately they broke out into complimenting dance moves. He was making worshipping movements around her. Then as if pantomiming a story she seemed to notice him for the first time and they danced together as a couple. It had to have been a practiced routine. It didn’t matter to the crowd, they loved it. I continued to work the lights and the intercom. I didn’t notice the time going by. Everyone was having a great time and without any of them knowing it, I had managed to keep all of the dancing clean. I felt proud of myself.A little after midnight I gave the light duties to Theo; a close friend of ronit’s. By that time, the crowd had thinned and I had to announce to the remaining diehards that the party would be ending in forty five minutes. The house wasn’t wall to wall graduates as it had been earlier; the ones that remained were bunched into groups. I heard snatches of things said such as “I’m leaving for boot camp in six weeks” and “classes start in August. My folks want me to get a summer job until then.” Occasionally one or another of the grads would thank me for the party. None of them slurred their speech or had an unsteady gait.Mission accomplished. Everything was going great. I just had to find ronit and devika so we could make bakırköy escort the concerted announcement that the party was coming to its official end. After that, well, I had all weekend to clean up the mess. I had thought ahead and rented a steam cleaner for the carpet, but, it looked like I didn’t need it. Things were looking great and I was feeling good.It took me a while to find ronit. Never being the social butterfly that his mother is, he was on the front porch talking with a mix of friends; some I knew and recognized from football games and PTA meetings, others I’d never seen. ronit introduced me to them all. Most of them were heading off to college with two of the bigger guys going into the Marines. “Have you seen your mom?” I asked ronit as a start to my farewell.”The last time I saw her, she was getting some tea from the fridge. But that’s been a little while ago. She’s probably out back dancing; a couple of the guys from the basketball team were trying to get her to dance. One of the girls sitting on the porch swing piped up “Yeah I saw her by the bushes in the back, kind of dancing by herself. James and Kevin were talking to her.””The bushes?” I asked while trying to envision the yard. We didn’t have any ‘bushes’ in the back. All of the arboreta were in the front yard. Answering my unspoken question ronit offered, “The azaleas mom planted near the pine tree.” I snapped my fingers and thanked the girl as I went back into the house. Walking through the dining room I reveled on how well the party had gone. For weeks devika warned that so many happy graduates would only mean a drunken mess. She pushed for celebrating ronit’s college graduation instead. I stopped and talked to a couple of boys in the kitchen and drank in my wife’s wrongful assumptions.devika was nowhere near the bushes. I walked around the yard and didn’t find her anywhere on the property. The crowd of dancers was dwindling. For the first time I could see the neighbor’s car without having to stand on the garden wall to look over the crowd. I went back into the house through the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. There was a tall black youth at the sink filling a cup. He was filling it from a small glass bottle. He didn’t seem to notice me until I opened the basement door. Then he turned just as I was heading down the stairs. “Hey man, they’re meeting down there…” I turned around and looked up.He shot me a look of pure terror then disappeared as if fleeing a crime scene. I could have gone upstairs and looked for him. But, just as I was weighing that option, I heard my wife’s slurred speech. “Now, that wasn’t part of the deal. No touching mister.” Between bursts of giggles she said “Now you know we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m married. And you’re…?”A stern male voice replied, “I’m eighteen, we is all old enough. Now come on bitch. You know you want it.” “No I don’t want it.” devika didn’t sound very stern and the giggle that followed betrayed her protest.I stood on the steps not daring to move, but instead, tried to hear more than just my heart beat. I was worried that whoever was down there with devika could hear my breathing. I took a couple more steps. I was nearly at the bottom. The basement is divided into two equal sized parts. The side to my right was where the laundry, water heater and furnace were located. On my left was the entertainment room. It has a pool table, foosball table and big screen TV. The steps are walled on both sides.I was standing on the last step going down. The light over the pool table was spilling onto the landing in front of me. As if on cue, the light dimmed. I stepped onto the landing and turned to see my wife leaning over the pool table. Her head was down and she was facing the green felt. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist. There were several plastic cups sitting on the window ledge.”Oh God, that feels good; damn good. I told you I’d show you my panties. I didn’t say you could touch me that wasn’t part of the deal.” devika pronounced coyly. She was wagging her head back and forth and cooing when another voice said, “See, now, she likes being double crossed.”In a deep baritone that emanated from the back of the room, someone replied ‘I thinks she just likes being touched; don’t you bitch?””Now, you shouldn’t talk to me like that.” devika said just before she folded her arms under her chest and laid the full weight of her torso onto the table. She slowly curled her chin into her chest and screamed, “Oh God, I’m cumming.” Wet sobs competed with words as I heard her wetly repeat to herself “I’m coming, I’m coming. Yes, yes, I’m coming so good.” devika screeched so loudly that I looked up the stairs to make sure no one heard her.When I looked back, devika wasn’t alone. A tall black youth was standing behind her. With one hand he was wiping his mouth. He ran the other hand up my wife’s back.”Yeah, the bitch loves being touched. The eighteen year old said as he flashed a big toothy smile toward the area of the couch and TV. With both hands he positioned devika over the table. With one hand on her neck, he used his other to pull up her skirt and fondled her ass. The way his arm was flexing he looked like he was kneading her firm round ass like bread dough.From the TV area came “Don’t much matter what she loves. What the bitch wants is a fucking. Now you gonna give it to her or am I gonna have to come over there and do it?” The pool table was set up perpendicular to the stair well and beşiktaş escort only a couple of feet from the landing. The TV was mounted on the back wall. I’d have to step into the room to see who was talking so crudely about my wife.Before I took that step my wife moved and turned her head toward the man behind her and mumbled something. He stepped back and devika leaned over the table and fully stretched herself out. He unfastened his pants and pressed his black body against my wife’s pale indian ass. devika’s mouth opened and I could hear the thick inhalation of her excitement. I could tell by the way she was talking she was very drunk. That’s a bad mix with my wife. She gets very horny when she’s drunk.The black youth bared his teeth as he rubbed head of his enormous cock up and down my wife’s belly. “You want this black cock don’t you slut! You’ve been wanting some of this your whole life. Now you gonna get it, not just one but all ours. We gonna give you a enough black cock so that you aint gonna want anything else.”Suddenly, he grabbed her pulling her towards him so her pussy was in line with his cock and then he shoved his pelvis forward. Once, twice then a third time he shoved. I heard devika say “Your not having it”. He snarled back “You fucking are” and grabbed her again. Hooking her legs with his arms I saw him thrust again. This time he had hit the jackpot. devika rose up onto the table another eight or nine inches and moaned “Oh God that’s it. Stick that big black thing in me. Fuck me, fuck me good.”The black man grabbed a handful of devika’s hair and said through clenched teeth. “Oh I’m going fuck you good, bitch. You got yours. Now you’re going to give me mine. You’ve been strutting around here all night in that tiny little skirt, making all of us brothers hard. When you flashed me that big smile of yours I knew this was what you wanted. I knew it. I knew it. Now you fucking got it”.devika was in a state of utter bliss beneath the muscular eighteen year old black k**. She reached out to the side pockets of the table and held on as he savagely fucked her. Through his relentless thrusts the black man took off his shirt and threw it on the chair in the corner. Then with a smile toward his friends he said, “I can’t be getting my shit all sweaty, I got other bitches to get with tonight.” There was a cackle from his unseen audience which was then followed by, “You ain’t getting with anybody. Damn, Darnell you is too ugly. If it weren’t for this MILF wanting some black cock, your cock would be as dry as a bone.”Darnell flipped his antagonist the bird, then leaned over my wife with his hands planted on either side of her waist and hammered his cock into her like an overheated engine. Through devika’s moans and the clamor from upstairs I could only make out bits and pieces of what he was saying to my wife. What I did hear was chilling.”Yeah you is keeping my dick real wet. Your pussy is loving my black meat. Damn you started creaming the moment I put my tongue in you and look at you now; spreading your legs, lifting your ass like a bitch in heat. You a bitch in heat?”devika spread her legs wider and used her left hand to reach back and pull her lover closer. “Oh God, I’m cumming. I’m cumming again.” devika was trembling. She put her hand back on the table and just as she regained her grip her trembling grew to a violent shaking and a high piercing wail escaped from her lips.Darnell laughed. He grabbed her hips and held her in place. Instead of pounding her pussy he ground his hips into her. His groin never lost contact with devika’s ass, so it was that each forward stroke was an attempt to get his cock as deep into my wife’s unprotected vagina as possible. He was no longer fucking this ‘bitch’ but instead was working toward his own forthcoming orgasm. Now she was nothing more than a receptacle; a indian, mature unprotected baby maker.He laid his weight on top of her; sandwiching her between his dark skin and the hard table top. Then he flexed as if trying to push her down through the slate. He was emptying his black nuts into her pussy and making her his own. devika must have realized this because she began to stir. “Please no, no you can’t cum inside me. No don’t, don’t I’m not on anything. Please don’t, Please pull out. Oh my God please, I’m so sorry, please stop stop stop””Bitch it’s too late for all that shit. I busted a big ole nut in your pussy. Felt good didn’t it? Yeah, it felt real good, just a couple of minutes ago you were pulling me down on you. Now you all crying and shit. Fuck that. You best shape up cause you got more coming.”Listening to the black youth, I thought he would continue to fuck her. But no, he pulled up his pants and put on his shirt. “There’s some good trim upstairs. I got to check out the bitches in the yard. See you dogs later.” I backed up and ducked around the corner into the laundry room. Darnell took the steps two at a time and was gone almost instantly.From above, in the kitchen I heard Darnell say something and the floor creaked as if someone was stomping their feet but the door at the top of the steps remained closed and I turned my attention back to the pool table.A tall skinny black youth approached devika. She had begun to get up and stand away from the pool table. She had her skirt in her fist but the approaching youth pulled it from her hand and tossed it back on to the floor. He then turned her toward the table and shoved her torso onto the beylikdüzü escort table top. With one hand on her back he held her down and with the other he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor.devika shouted out for him to stop. He pushed her hard down on the table. devika let out a grunt when the youth pushed his pelvis forward. Then she screamed when he rammed himself even farther forward; pressing her against the edge of the table and burying his manhood deep inside her soaking sex. The scream made me look up the steps for anyone who may come down to investigate, but the door stayed shut.When I turned back to the pool table, the black youth was still holding devika down. His arm was fully extended and in his hand was knot of her hair. His other hand was roughly fondling her firm buttocks. The black youth was a perfect contrast to my very pale wife. He was dark skinned, skinny with several tattoos across his chest. He was lean and sinewy with stark white teeth and yellow eyes.He reminded me of a k** accustomed to the streets. Always ready to fight and looking for a reason to do so. My wife lay soft and compliant beneath his onslaught. devika’s mature body took his savage mating as if it were a normal occurrence. She never once attempted to pull away from his pounding pelvis; in fact she pushed back and lifted her ass for him. When he suddenly pulled her hair, she arched her back even more and moaned loudly and deep like a transfixed whore.devika’s big breasts bounced with each of her black lover’s thrust. devika kept her eyes partially shut and moaned through what must have been one continuous orgasm. After several minutes, she started to fall back onto the table but the black youth caught her around the shoulders and pulled her back up.”That’s it bitch, keep that ass up and spread those legs.”devika obediently arched her back farther and spread her legs giving her second young black lover full access to her cum filled pussy. “Fuck yeah. This cunt is hot. She came off all snooty and shit when she first came down here but look at her now man. Taking a train of black cock. This fucking snooty bitch loves the black meat. Don’t you baby. You love taking all of this black cock into your wide open pussy.devika moaned her affirmation but that wasn’t enough for the black youth. He pushed himself hard against her ass and ground his full length into my wife’s cunt. She looked like an addict getting a long needed fix. Our whole family could have been standing around the pool table and she wouldn’t have cared.The black brute continued to grind himself into her cunt. He wrapped an arm around her chest and squeezed her left breast hard and put his mouth close to her ear and hissed, “To the whole world, your some high class, snooty indian bitch livin in a big ass house. But, tell me baby, what if your little ronit came bouncing down them steps right now? What’s the whole world gonna think of you then? Huh, what’s yo husband gonna think when he sees you dripping my cum down your legs. This the kind of picture that you want to send your poor son away to college with? A climax on your face and my black cock in your pussy?”devika’s eyes opened wide. Like suddenly awake, she gazed around the room. Her breathing started to come in bursts. She seemed to be on the verge of hysteria. He stopped his humping. Held her tightly against the edge of the table and spoke in slow measured tones and slowly calm came inside her.”Once you came down I knew what you were looking for. We made sure no one else was gonna come down after you. ronit ain’t coming down here. You need to take care of the business you started here. Enjoy your ride on the train. There ain’t no lying on the table taking it easy. We be pulling this train so you need to show that you is enjoying the ride.”One of his black hands dropped to her pussy and he held it up to her face. His first two fingers glistened wetly in the light from the hanging light. “Now get nasty, real nasty and make this secret worth the trouble of keeping it. I mean we don’t want to put a blemish on ronit’s freshman year, do we?”devika shook her head then lowered her mouth and sucked the juices off his black fingers. “Now tell us what you want.” He demanded as he returned his fingers to her pussy. He continued to grind his pelvis into her. devika put her hands on the edge of the table and lifted her ass. “I want you young bucks to fuck me just like when I was in high school. I want to party with you and not have a single regret about it.”He pulled his cock from her and within seconds the third took his place. Another black teen with a very large cock. Instantly pushing her forward and ramming his cock into my wife’s pussy. She shouted out again as her third new lover enjoyed her cunt. He powered into her for several minutes pumping harder and harder. She cried out “Ow god yes”. Then he snarled at her “We be breeding your mature pussy slut. You getting knocked up right now”She screamed for him to stop as the situation she had put herself in hit her. But there was no getting away from his Member. He pumped with one last thrust and delivered the third potent load of black cum deep into devika’s fully violated cunt.He pulled out and left her slumped over the table. devika looked a complete slut. Legs left wide open. Tits hanging out and cum gushing down the inside of her legs. This really was my loving wife.To end the story, I would like to say the story ends there. It did for that night but several weeks later the expected news was indeed received. devika was indeed pregnant. Black pregnant from one of those teens that gave her the respect that they would have given a 10 dollar whore.devika has decided to keep the c***d. As for black lovers, I don’t think after what I saw that night they will be her last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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