Dip in the Lake

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“So?” Jason asked as he rolled up at the bottom of the drive on his mountain bike. Robert held up his phone, showing the message from his older brother with two specifically capitalized words in an otherwise innocuous message – care package. “Sweet. Let’s roll.” The pair set out on the gravel road, riding even deeper into the middle of nowhere. Living out in the country certainly had its disadvantages, but there were a few things that helped offset the boredom and inconvenience. One of them was the lack of prying eyes. Out of sight of Robert’s house and that of their nearest neighbor, the two laid their bikes down in the tall grass off the side of the road. From there, they hiked a short distance back into the trees. They moved unerringly toward a spot near a huge pecan tree, having visited many times before. There, they brushed away the leaves to reveal the weathered plastic lid of a cooler that had been buried there for longer than either of them had been alive. Inside, they found the care package from Robert’s brother – six beers sitting in a bucket of melting ice. “Bud Light,” Jason said. “Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers.” “No shit,” Robert agreed as he pulled off his backpack. Four of the beers went into a lunchbox with some ice packs, while the other two had to ride loose. Meanwhile, Jason pulled out the bucket and dumped it. As soon as the cache was hidden again, the two friends returned to their bikes. Even more cautious with their illicit cargo on board, they rode farther down the county road toward where it dead-ended. As always, there were a few tense moments as they passed the long drive leading to Ms. Lake’s house. She was his mom’s best friend. Fortunately, they saw no sign of her on the drive, and with the thick summer growth, it was almost impossible for her to have seen them from the house. The gravel grew less dense the farther they rode, and weeds popped up in the center of the road. When they turned the next corner, the road was nothing more than two hard-packed dirt tracks leading toward an old barn and their destination – the pond. The tall grass once again provided cover as they walked down to the one spot along the shore devoid of cattails. The bluegills were going crazy, snapping at bugs on the surface. Not so long ago, it would have prompted them to open their tackle boxes and tie on poppers. Today, they had a far different diversion in mind, and popped open beers instead. Jason downed his first before it had time to get warm. Robert was right there with him, and they crushed their cans at the same time. A cold beer wasn’t enough to counteract the heat and humidity of the day, though. Rob wiped his brow before the sweat could drip down into his eyes, and then kicked off his shoes. In a few seconds, he and Jason had both stripped down to their shorts. There was a reason for the trampled trail through the weeds and the lack of cattails along the narrow patch of shore. Robert took the lead, jogging back up the hill a short distance with his friend at his side. “Stakes?” Robert asked as they turned to face the pond again. “Loser buys the next pizza?” “You’re on.” “You go first.” Rob chuckled and took off running. At the bottom of the hill, he jumped and sailed out over the water, coming down a respectable distance from shore. The water felt good, though it wasn’t really cool. The pond was only about six feet deep, so the sun kept it fairly warm. He turned and floated sideways as his friend started down the hill. Jason realized his error and tried to stutter-step to correct, but it was too late. His foot hit the slippery dirt where the water lapped against the shore, and down he went with arms and legs flailing. Robert flinched as his friend belly-flopped into the water. A second later, he burst out into laughter when Jason stood up. Half of his face and his arms up to the elbows were covered in the slimy black muck from the bottom of the pond. He was still cracking up when Jason dunked his head to wash the stuff off his face. “Ten for sticking that landing,” he said between bouts of laughter. “Yeah, well stick this!” Rob dived as soon as he saw his friend lift the handful of black scum. He swam toward the opposite shore, knowing that in the small pond it wasn’t far enough. Though he tried to dive again the moment he sucked in a breath, Jason was ready for him. The disgusting projectile bahçesehir escort caught him in the back of the head. Back and forth they went, hurling the smelly mud at each other while trying to dodge the return fire. When both caught a near simultaneous throw in the face, Rob called, “Truce.” Jason spit and coughed. “Truce.” They washed off the mud, but the smell lingered. With cold beers in hand, they didn’t mind much, though. Only minutes after they left the water, the bluegill returned. The fish were too tightly packed in the small pond to let something as trivial as humans invading their territory to stop their hunt for long. The water virtually boiled along the edges, and a few of the fish even breeched, attempting to grab bugs clinging to the leaves above the surface. It was like an episode of Air Jaws in miniature, and enthralled them as they drank their beer. “What have we here?” Robert knew they were busted when he heard the voice. She and his mother talked all the time, and there was no way she could have missed what was going on. He turned toward her while futilely trying to hide his beer anyway. “Relax. I’m not going to tell your parents,” the blonde said as she walked down the trail toward them. Rob saw her bike parked at the top of the hill and silently cursed himself for not having paid enough attention to hear her coming. At the same time, he couldn’t help but admire her. She was wearing a pair of shorts that showed off long, gorgeous legs, and a t-shirt that made her tits look incredible. She was the same age as his mother, but she was still hot as hell. “Let me guess. The cooler buried by the pecan tree?” she said as she reached the edge of the pond. When both of their eyes widened in surprise, she chuckled and added, “You’re hardly the first, you know. Your uncle used to leave us beer there too, Robert.” Caught off-guard, Rob said, “You mean, you and Mom? Uncle Walt?” “Uh huh.” She leaned forward until she could see their poorly hidden beer and said, “Bud Light. You’re lucky. Your uncle drank Pabst.” She made a face and let out an exaggerated gagging sound. “So, you’re not going to rat us out?” Jason asked. “No, but if you don’t pay any more attention than you were today, you may not be so lucky next time.” Jason smiled, said, “Screw it, then,” and took a long pull of his beer. Rob decided to follow his friend’s lead, and added a salute with the can before taking a drink. She laughed, but then fanned her hand in front of her face. “Got into a bit of a mudslinging war, did we?” “He started it,” Rob said while pointing accusingly at his friend. “I think you both finished it. You might want to hose yourselves off before you go in the house. That stink will get you in more trouble than getting caught drinking. You do realize this used to be a cow pond, years and years ago. At least part of that muck probably used to be cow patties.” Jason got a look in his eyes that Robert knew all too well. Sure enough, his friend cracked, “Well, great. That’s some bullshit.” For a fraction of a second, Rob thought that one went a little too far, but thankfully, Ms. Lake only shook her head, rolled her eyes, and chuckled. “You’d better drink up. The rest of them are only getting hotter.” “Nah,” Robert said while reaching for his backpack. He opened it and pulled out the lunchbox. She pursed her lips and nodded in approval. “Insulated lunchbox. Good idea. Our second was always lukewarm, and the third was hot.” Jason downed the last of his beer and said, “Give me another.” Rob followed his friend’s lead, finished his beer, and then retrieved another for both of them. “And ice packs,” Ms. Lake said. “Ingenious little sneaks, aren’t you?” Robert admitted, “Well, it was my brother’s idea. That’s how he used to do it.” “The bucket in the cooler was my idea,” she proudly said, “It used to smell horrible because people left the water sitting in it. That’s how it goes. Everybody adds something. The first cooler was metal, way back when. After it rusted out, somebody put the plastic one there.” “It doesn’t smell real good right now,” Jason said. Rob thought for a moment and said, “Maybe we should hose it down with Lysol, then wipe it down and let it air out.” “There you go. Keep the chain going.” The blonde looked out over the pond, wiped her brow with her sleeve and said, “The water beylikdüzü bayan escort sure looks inviting about now.” “You could always take a dip.” Jason suggested. Robert couldn’t help imagining her with soaked clothes clinging to her. It only took a second of that for the idea to change to skinny-dipping, which happened rather frequently in the pond. Blood rushed between his legs as he fantasized about the hot, older woman standing naked in the water. She turned towards them, wearing a crooked grin. “Not today. You could lend me one of those ice packs for a minute, though.” Rob pulled one out and handed it over. She pressed it against her forehead and let out a moan that sounded distinctly sexual to him. Next, she put the ice pack against her cheeks, one after the other, and then tilted her head back to hold it against her neck. That caused her breasts to lift, accentuating the already eye-catching display. It didn’t stop there, though. She pulled down the neck of her shirt and held the ice pack against her chest. Even though he really couldn’t see anything, the thought of it being so close to her tits was enough to make his already hard cock throb. She let out a relieved sigh, and then handed the ice pack back. “Okay, I’ll leave you two to your fun. Remember, be more careful. I just couldn’t resist seeing if I could scare the pants off you.” Rob chuckled. “You did.” With that, she gave a wave and started back up the hill. Rob couldn’t help but stare at her ass. The way she moved was pure sexual magic. Not wanting to get caught, he looked away when she reached her bike. Jason leaned in close and whispered, “If she wanted my pants off, all she had to do was ask.” Rob could hardly disagree with that. **** Robert tossed his phone on the bed with an exasperated sigh, and then flopped down next to it. The last text from Bill clinched it. All of his friends were tied up in family reunions, off on vacation, or otherwise unavailable. Stuck out in the sticks with nothing to do was not how he wanted to spend even one day of his last summer before college. As he mulled over the idea of asking to borrow one of the cars, the message tone on his phone sounded. Praying someone had a change of plans, he picked up his phone to see that the message was from his brother. There was another care package waiting for him. At least he could be bored and buzzed. He looked out the window and saw his mother walking out back with a basket full of laundry. He knew that the time to hang everything on the clothesline provided the perfect opportunity to make his escape unnoticed, so he took it. The stop at the cooler revealed a surprise. His brother must have been celebrating something, because there were four bottles of Corona in the bucket instead of the standard Bud Light or Coors Light. Riding with the bottles in the backpack proved to be unnerving. Every so often, he could hear them clinking, and knew that one of them breaking would be a disaster. While riding carefully around the bumps and potholes, he glanced down the drive to Ms. Lake’s house. A once tense part of the journey was something entirely different since she’d shown up at the pond two days before. He rode by slowly, but didn’t see her. He smiled as he wondered whether she was out in the back yard in her bikini. He had many a fond memory of sneaking through the woods with his friends and a pair of binoculars to take in that vision. It also sparked a daydream about her repeating the sexy display from the pond, but this time with a cold bottle of beer, and in that bikini. That train of imagination carried him quite well through the ride, leaving him rock hard and surprised that he’d already reached the pond. Upon walking down to the shore, what she’d said on that last visit inspired more creativity. Ditching a beer he was drinking was easy enough. That left any others in his backpack, though. He could try hiding the backpack, but that would likely leave a trail through the tall grass. Tossing it or the lunchbox was no guarantee that it would land somewhere that it couldn’t be seen. Looking across the water provided the solution. He stripped down to his shorts, and then pulled out the lunchbox. Holding it above his head, he swam across the pond and carefully reached through the cattails. Beyond that leafy barrier and within the escort beylikdüzü weeds, it was difficult to see even up close. Upon swimming back across and then climbing up the hill, he was satisfied that his stash of booze was sufficiently cloaked from prying eyes, but still accessible. So, access it he did. All in all, things could have been worse. He was bored, and a little lonesome, but floating in the water and drinking a cold beer on a hot and muggy day certainly had its charms. He heard the sound of a bicycle approaching as he finished his first beer. A quick toss hid the bottle in the weeds behind him. A few pushes of his arms moved him away from the open spot on the shore, but still let him see the top of the hill through the cattails. There, he remained still and kept watch. Much to his relief, he saw Ms. Lake looking out over the pond. She was in a t-shirt and shorts again, giving him a wonderful view of her body. With the danger averted, he swam over for a better look. “Well, I guess I didn’t manage to sneak up on you this time, huh?” she said as she climbed off her bike. “Nope.” She started down the hill and said, “That’s step one.” When she reached the shore, she looked over at the backpack. “You’re out in the water and this is right here, though.” “Go ahead. Take a look,” he said rather smugly. “Okay, I will.” She knelt down and unzipped the backpack. “Very good. No evidence here.” He gave her a minute to stand back up and look around the area before saying, “Well?” “I don’t see it. Good job. Out here by yourself today?” “Yeah, everybody’s busy.” “Well, it’s no fun to drink alone. You could always give me one and solve that problem.” That was a surprise. He was still new to the thought that she didn’t care if he was drinking beer, and here she was asking to have one with him. “Yeah. Sure. I’ve got four, and it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to drink them all myself, anyway.” “Good thinking.” She laughed and said, “Now, let’s see where you hid them.” Rob swam to his hiding place and reached through the cattails, doing his best to keep his knees from digging into the mud on the bottom. He pulled out two beers, and then turned around. “Just stay there. I came prepared today,” she said. It was all he could do to keep his mouth from dropping open when she pulled her shirt over her head. The bikini top she revealed had a pink floral pattern, and while it wasn’t especially tiny, it showed off each and every inch of her cleavage. Next to go were her sandals, and then her shorts. The pattern of the bottom matched the top, and it had the same level of teasing coverage. She had never had children, and it showed. Her stomach was flat and unlined – sexy as hell. He only realized he was holding his breath when she gave a little hop and dived gracefully into the water. “Whew, that feels good,” she said as she surfaced right in front of him. “Corona. Living the high life today, huh?” “Yeah.” Her nipples poked at the soaked material of her top, letting him see that they were as large as the tip of his pinky finger. He kept it together – though his shorts were getting tighter – and handed her one of the bottles. She twisted off the top and gave it a toss that landed it right next to one of her sandals. He gave his top a flip as well, and it bounced onto her t-shirt. “Cheers,” she said, and held up her bottle. He echoed, “Cheers,” and clinked his beer against hers. They both took a long drink, and she let out a sigh as she pulled the bottle away from her lips. “Oh, that’s good. This brings back a lot of memories. I can’t even count how many times I came out here to drink or go skinny-dipping.” Holy shit, he thought as that conjured up images of her cavorting naked in the water again, and sent him on a rapid rise to full erection. “Ah, I caught you, didn’t I? You’ve been skinny dipping out here too.” “What makes you think that?” “You can’t fool me. I was young once, you know.” He shook his head and took several gulps of his beer. She broke out into a crooked grin and said, “Liar. I can see it in your eyes, and you’re blushing.” After that, she held her beer up next to his and said, “I’d better catch up.” He made that more difficult when he tipped back his bottle to drink too. When she kept drinking, he did as well. In the end, they’d both chugged the remainder of the beer, and finished only a second apart. She chuckled, waved her empty, and asked, “Did you have one before I got here?” “Yeah.” “Well, I guess we’ll have to share the last one, then.” She handed him her bottle and said, “Put these over there and go get it.” Rob swam over to the bank, sat down the empty bottles, and retrieved the last beer.

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