Discovering a Dirty Little Secret – 1.

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Discovering a Dirty Little Secret – 1.”Hey, Adam, come on in, mate!” said Marco to his best friend over the intercom. “How is it hanging, Johnson?” answered Adam jokingly. “Only 2 feet off the ground!” was his happy response. The two always joked around a lot. It felt like they knew each other for decades. But they only met 6 years ago on a cruise around the Caribbean. Adam, a 32-year-old well-hung stallion, walked inside and found Marco in the backyard by the pool. Stark naked and semi-erect. “Fuck, you weren’t fooling around!” laughed Adam as he grabbed Johnson’s johnson. “Still feeding that Anaconda black pussy? Or did you finally develop a taste for cabinboy-ass?” joked Adam. “Umpff, careful with the goods, man!” laughed Marco at the forward way his best friend greeted him.Adam and Marco had once seduced a young male crewmember onboard a cruise ship. The then 25-year-olds had little luck with the ladies there. However, they needed some tension release badly. So for a few bucks, they got some nicely-looking ebony cabinboy to drain their balls. The rest of the cruise they spend more time in their cabins exploring each other, rather than the amenities onboard.And the cabin-boy, Mateo, hooked up with Adam Hunt a few years after that. Adam is the owner of a casting and modeling agency. Mateo had asked Adam to help him with a professional photoshoot for his ‘portfolio’. But Adam knew Mateo just wanted it for his escort profile on Xhamster. So he helped the lad with some hot porn photos. And in turn, Adam got his rocks off. Not that he was fully gay. But Adam had fond memories of the sex they had had. And ever since then, the 2 of them hooked up on several occasions. Adam even helped film the sweet chocolate escort lover doing some clients of his.The 31-year-old Marco Johnson lived with his 23-year-old brother and his father in a grand house near a large national park. Adam was in the area for business and a photoshoot. Marco had invited him to stay over whenever his work took him down that way. Marco’s younger brother, Leo, wasn’t home. He was still at university, so Marco put Adam up in his room for a couple of days. But Adam knew Leo very well too. Where ever Marco went, Leo wasn’t far behind. The two brothers were inseparable. Marco had an excellently running IT-business. He had made a killing on Wall-street when he sold his first company. So both of them were loaded and spend their spare time jet-setting around the globe. And the 30-something guys were blessed in the looks department as well. Getting them laid easily whenever they wanted some pussy. And that was nearly always. Both men were divorced. Living a carefree life. Enjoying sex whenever the opportunity arose.Marco had developed a bit of a taste for nudism, and Adam was very openminded. So he wasn’t surprised to find his bro nude around the house. Adam put away his bags in Leo’s room and walked down to Marco wearing nothing but a tiny thong swimsuit. It could hardly conceal the hung cock. They hung around the pool. Getting the necessary rays and catching up on each other’s lives. It felt good, and the men emptied a few bottles of wine before dinner. To Adam’s surprise, he learned that Marco was falling in love again. Marco had met a cute 28-year-old woman at one of his companies, and from the sound of it, it was getting serious. Adam was leaning the other way. He more and more enjoyed the company of men.Adam went to bed early after a delightful dinner. He needed to get some paperwork checked and wanted to prepare his camera-equipment for the upcoming photoshoot. When he was about to go to bed, he heard a ringtone of a phone that Leo had forgotten to turn off. The sound came from the nightstand. He opened the drawer. To his surprise, Adam found a considerable stack of gay porn magazines and a couple of buttplugs and dildos in there. Stupified at the sight of the sex toys, he reached for the phone to answer it. However, before Adam could answer, the voice on the other side of the line started breathing heavy. Moaning and grunting dirty over the phone. “Hey Leo, … Are you free? … I need you to get that huge cock over here … Hmmm … and take me hard! … Oh … ah … humm … Fuck, I am so hot … I prepped my hole, especially for you, Leo … Come over and fill me … Oh … God … Fuck, I need you bad! … If you get over here quick, then there is another 200 dollar in it for you!” said the voice on the other side of the line. Moaning lustfully. From the things Adam could make out, it was a guy of his age and horny as fuck. And from the crackling and squeaking of the clothes, he deduced that the guy was dressed in leather. Adam even heard the snapping of a whip of some sort. The sounds and things the man said had turned Adam on.Adam moaned and jerked himself off as loud as he could. Letting the guy on the other side think that he was actually talking to Leo. “This is the voice mail for 1-800-Suk-Cock, 1-800-785-2625,” answered Adam grunting heavy.”Wha? … Huh? … What the fuck … Who is this?” asked the voice on the other side.”Hahaha … Just playing with ya. Sorry, Leo isn’t available right now. He left his phone on by mistake. If you want, I can leave him a message, though. Man, you have a hot sexy voice. You turned me right on.” answered Adam warmly.”Oh … Well … thanks … I guess … Yeah … tell Leo to get back to me anytime. I really liked the last couple of times he did me hard. He is well worth the cash. Tell him to bring his kinky leather outfit. I want him to … Ah … never mind … *Click*” The guy hung up the phone. It did leave Adam to wonder about Leo. He had not expected this of him. And he asked himself if Marco knew about the escapades of his little brother. Well, there was nothing little about this bro. On the phone, Adam found a couple of pictures, selfies, and movies that Leo had made of him having sex with his clients. With wide eyes, he looked at how lovely and dirty he did the guys. Adam sent some of the pictures to his own laptop. Leo was clearly into roleplaying. On all the photo’s, he wore different outfits. A sailor, businessman, cowboy, anadolu yakası escort and military costume passed by on the phone. But the one that Adam got stuck on was Leo dressed in full leather. Harness, chaps, jacket, gloves, boots, and leather cap. His huge shaved and rubbered cock was about to disappear into some black guys spunk-filled hairy ass. It was a very compelling and powerful image of master Leo.Adam wondered where Leo had hidden all these outfits. He had seen nothing like that when he had put away his own clothes in Leo’s wardrobe. The curiosity got the better of him. And he started to snoop around in the closets. It did not take long before Adam discovered all Leo’s dirty little secrets. Leo had kept a little black book with all his client’s names, numbers, and addresses. Some even had a full bio and picture. Including a star-rating that Leo had given them. To his shock, Adam also found his own photo. It was taken in secret when he was jerking off in one of Marco’s bathrooms. It had a full 5-star rating with times 2 behind it. Complete with an exclamation mark and hearts.Was Leo really into Adam? None of the other entries had this high of a rating. The thought made Adam’s balls tingle. He knew he did not have to knock on Marco’s door for some badly needed release. The guy was straighter than an arrow now. So Adam had to help himself. But in his mind, he could envision him using this newly found secret about Leo against him. Privately wishing he could fuck the college dude himself. Dumping loads of cum into the guy’s butt.Looking at some naked pictures of the muscular, athletic college guy. Adam was quickly getting close. He stopped jerking and snooped around some more. Pulling out a large chest with the outfit’s Leo wore. Adam put on the leather jacket and the chaps. Both guys were build similar. So the clothes fit him well. Adam set up his camera equipment and made some extremely hot porn pics of himself in Leo’s leather outfit to tease him with. Shoving the big dildo in his ass and shooting a massive load of creamy white cum over the chaps. Strangely enough, Adam felt really powerful. He lay for hours on Leo’s bed dressed in the leather outfit. Flipping through the notes Leo had kept. He learned how and where he advertised his escort business. It turned out that Leo only did it occasionally. And even then, only strictly as a top. Of course, he did it entirely clean and safe. Adam even found the regular check-ups Leo took at some local STD-clinic. It turned out that he did escort work for more then a couple of years now. Leo’s client base was vast and varied. From wealthy 60+-year-old daddies, to horny virgin twinks, with too much cash on hand. Most of them got visited at home. But some also had a club, or even an outside location noted. Adam knew some of these clubs. But he had never been to the backrooms that Leo had described in his little black book.It was getting late. But Adam was too hot and bothered by everything he had discovered about Leo. He uploaded the leather master picture of Leo to his work laptop and started to photo-shop the image. Editing out the condom and making it look like Leo had fucked the black pig raw. Adding in 3 times more cum on the cum-filled ass and Leo’s dick. Dirtying up the picture. Giving it a provocative atmosphere by changing the focus and the saturation of it.After Adam found the Xhamster user name of Leo, he put a sneaky text on the image: “R-U-ready for StrykerJ?” Also adding Leo’s regular cell number. He mailed the now very hot and dirty porn image to Leo’s University mail address. “Meet me in the backroom at club Unix on Friday at 21:30. Or this picture will go up on the MIT student forum! And Marco and Owen will get a copy too. Dirty little whore!”. Adam did not sign the mail. Even concealing the return address.He had set the plan in motion. Adam could already envision him doing dirty little Leo wearing the full leather outfit he had found. And somehow, he knew that Leo could not resist the bait. Leo was due to get back west later that weekend anyway, or so Marco had told him. Adam was going to send his leather-clad picture to Leo if he would not show up. As a plan-B to confronting him that way.Marco and Adam spend the next couple of days together. Working out in the gym or going on a short hiking trip in the national park. The photoshoot and business Adam Hunt had in town were all done. And Friday evening could not have come quick enough for Adam.Adam sat at the bar in club Unix with an eye on the door to the backroom. Wearing the stripper jeans with velcro sides over the black leather chaps. And an overcoat over the leather jacket and harness. Adam even wore a hat and sunglasses to conceal himself.Right on time, Leo came walking in. He wore an MIT tracksuit and was visibly agitated. Adam followed him to the darkened back room of the club. Once the door had closed behind him, he took off the overcoat, hat, and sunglasses. Putting on a leather facemask. Adam’s cock was already rock hard due to the viagra pill he took. He did not want to run the risk of not being able to perform. But he was horny as fuck. So that should not have been a problem.Adam found Leo wandering around the backroom’s glory holes. Desperately looking for the unknown guy that was blackmailing him. He rushed the lad. And roughly pressed Leo’s body against the wall of a glory hole booth. Putting a leather-gloved hand over his mouth, smothering his screams. Even twisting an arm on Leo’s back. Snapping a pair of handcuffs on the victim. Leo did not know what kind of freight train had hit him. This unknown leather master had turned the otherways rough top into a little bitch. Once the other hand was cuffed as well, he got a blindfold and ball-gag put on. Leo could not believe this was happening to him. Was this some kind of retaliation? Who was this master? Why did he abuse Leo this way? And where the fuck did he find that hot picture of him? All questions Leo mumbled went unanswered. He just heard the familiar sound of the velcro-seam of stripper pants ripping open. And a hot and pendik escort extremely hard cock pressing straight inside the puckered hole of Leo. Adam wrapped an arm around the throat of his victim and began viciously slamming the asshole. Riding him up the wall.Leo wasn’t used to getting fucked this rough and raw. He wasn’t even used to a real cock up his butt. The last thing Leo stuffed up there was his own dildo. Somehow, Leo managed to relax his ass. And even starting to enjoy the rudeness of this fucker. He just wished he knew who was railing his manly-cunt so nicely.Adam grunted and moaned. He breathed very heavy and bred his bitch hard, long, and very deeply. Sending shivers of fear and pleasure throughout Leo’s body. As he felt the hot cum shoot deep up his gut. Adam whipped his dick out the filled hole and slammed Leo’s face against the back wall of the booth. Pressing one hand on the side of Leo’s head. Ripping off the blindfold with the other. Adam showed Leo the mobile phone he used for his escort work. And swiped through the porn pictures of Leo.”So this is what you do in your spare time StrykerJ? Dirty little boy … Do your folks know about this? … Does Marco?” asked Adam in a dark and menacing tone of voice.As soon as Adam began to speak, Leo realized what must have happened. He was happy to feel his long-time-hero was the one gaping his hole. And even more thrilled to feel the rock hard cock disappear in it once more. Now softly, and even tenderly, riding in long deliberate strokes, up and down all the way in and out. Making his leathered legs slam against Leo’s back.Adam removed the ball gag from Leo’s mouth and kissed him as he fucked the asshole. The two of them stood there, riding each other up against the wall to full ecstasy once more. Leo begged for more, and Adam grabbed the beautiful cock and started to milk him. Edging Leo for a good 20 minutes before he allowed the boy to explode. Adam had planned to postpone this even longer, but Leo’s hot ass was relentlessly squeezing Adam’s cock something wonderful. So he shot a second load in him, giving Leo the desperately needed release as well.”Oh god, … Yeah … Fuck … Adam! … Adam? … Are you … Oh, Adam … I worship you! … I always dreamed about this!” moaned Leo sweating heavily. That earned him a menacing slap in the face. “That is Sir Hunt to you, boy!” said Adam meanly. Giving Leo a foul look. He pulled out a silver dog-chain with a padlock. And fastened it around Leo’s neck.Leo looked at his master and the clothes he was wearing. And saw that it was his own gear. “How? … Please, Sir … I mean … Thank you, Sir!”.”That’s better, boy! … Your mine now! … Submit to me! … And we will get along just nicely …” answered Adam meanly. But he could not contain his laughter. Both of the guys got emotional and kissed passionately.”God damn, Adam … Hummm … Sir Hunt … Hahaha … You look magnificent, dressed in leather! I do like me a proper leather man …” moaned Leo lustfully. “Fucking hell, ‘StrykerJ’ … Just call me Adam … hahaha … But, you should remember to turn off your phone if you’re not at home … I am not your secretary, answering your client’s calls!”.”Oh shit, Adam … Sorry about that! … Marco had told me you were coming to stay with us for a couple of days …”It went very quiet, and Leo started to tremble in fear. Even his eyes turned moist. “Don’t you worry, boy. Your secret is safe with me. But I do hope you can help me get rid of this boner.” Adam squinted his eyes as he looked down at his still rock hard cock. Pushing Leo to his knees and fucking the startled guy’s face. Leo worshiped Adam in a way that no man or woman had ever done before. Eating the rock hard 9 inches. Gaging and choking himself on it. Before pushing Adam onto a bench and riding the cock like the pro he was. But without any condom or lube. Adam’s spunk had lubed the tight hole well. Leo knew what he wanted. And Adam gave him just that. A third load. But just before Adam shot the last remaining cum Leo jumped off him and gobbled it down. Swallowing the salty, sticky load and cleaning the hot cock that was finally becoming a little limp again.Content the two men sat next to each other on the bench, breathing a little heavy. Adam grabbed his wallet and handed Leo 1000 dollars for the service. Leo looked at Adam in surprise. “Thanks, but … I think … I think I should be paying you … ” gasped Leo. “Nonsense, boy! … Play your cards right, and there is more where that came from!” winked Adam at Leo. “And besides that, the night ain’t over yet, boy!” All the worries Leo may have had melted away, like snow in the sun.After cleaning themselves up a bit, the men walked back into the club. Leo crawled right next to Adam and cuddled up to him. “Daddy hunt, I do love to see you in these leathers, Sir!” gasped Leo to Adam. Rubbing his hand over Adam’s hairy chest in the classic leather biker jacket. “Hmmm, … In that case, I may need to get some of my own.” winked Adam horny down at Leo. Who was openly licking the leather jacket. Adam and Leo danced and drank the rest of the night away. Discussing how Adam had found out Leo’s dirty little secret. Also showing Leo the porn pictures he had taken of himself. Exposing him to Leo, in the same way, Leo had opened up to Adam.”You really look damned hot, Adam!” said Leo admiring the dirty leather pictures on his phone. “Like a proper bad-ass DILF!” he hastened to add.”Thanks, StrykerJ! … You are not so bad yourself either. Fuck, I would offer you a job as a model … hahaha… A dirty underwear model … if you want it. … Hell, Yeah … If you want, I can put you in my exclusive group at the agency! … I have a few other escorts on record there … They only do very wealthy clients.” said Adam to Leo. He was looking up at Adam with wide eyes of amazement. “Sure, … I would love you to pimp me out, daddy!” laughed Leo.”Really?” asked Adam. “Didn’t think you were up for that.””Why the fuck not … As long as Marco never finds out. Dad is okay with it. He already knows. Fuck, he was an escort tuzla escort himself. Where do you think I got the vintage stripper clothes from?” answered Leo delighted.The men picked up Leo’s bags of clothes he had left in a locker at the airport. And drove home together in the Lexus Adam Hunt had rented.”Daddy? … Does Marco really not know about this? … I am afraid he would … Oh shit … I can’t even bear to think about what he would do. If he knew, he would surely … Oh God! …” sighed Leo.”Small steps Leo. Stop calling me, Daddy. I know you too well for shit like that. Besides, you’re off the clock. But I do hope you’re not off my cock! … Man, you got a nice ass. And your dick isn’t half bad either … ” grinned Adam to Leo as he rubbed the twinks bulge. “And fuck, … if you need, you can always move in with me. I got a few homes and lofts you could use out east.”Adam put an arm around Leo’s back, and the boy bent over to suck Adam off once more. They were doing 80 miles an hour on the freeway. Parking on the street out front of Marco’s driveway, he gave Leo some more sperm to swallow. “Fuck, … that was nice, Leo. But, now I am fully drained … So you will have to pump me full again tonight!” winked Adam dirty. As the guys kissed passionately before driving to Marco’s mansion of a house.Owen, Leo’s father, opened the front door. Welcoming Adam and Leo home with a big hug. “Look whom I bumped into at the airport …” said Adam happy. Owen gave Adam a hug and a very dirty wink. “I bet … You guys should bump some more … You look good together … And ehmmm… Adam … That leather suits you too.” answered Owen. Recognizing the old leather gear he had given to Leo. Instantly knowing the guys did more than just accidentally bump into each other.”Hey, Adam! … Back so soon? I thought you needed to leave tonight? … Oh, Leo? Your home early too. Dad has a few of his old friends stay over. So the guest rooms are full. I guess … ” started Marco to say worriedly.”He can sleepover with me. I can blow up the air mattress in my room.” answered Leo quickly.”That’s settled then!” responded Owen. Who looked at the worried Marco. “It’s not like Adam is a complete stranger, Marco. The more the marrier! He is practically family …”.”Damn, Adam … Beer is normally taken internally! … ” joked Marco smelling the alcohol and leather sent Adam was emanating. “Yeah … Leo and I drank a few. And I don’t think they let me fly in this state anyway … ” laughed Adam.Adam helped Leo carry his bags upstairs, and they set up an air mattress for Adam to crash on. Knowing full well that Leo would invite him into his kingsize bed as soon as the bedroom door was closed. Both men took a shower together. And Leo lathered Adam up good. Paying extra good care of the dude’s butt hole. Adam removed the showerhead and put on an anal shower nozzle. Letting Leo clean him out good.When they had dried off, Leo took Adam by the hand. They kissed and hugged tightly in front of Leo’s bed. Adam had hoped that Leo would take charge. However, the rudeness that Leo laid to bare came as a shock never the less. Leo pushed him roughly onto the bed and flipped Adam’s legs in the air. Slicking up his cock with a huge quantity of lube. “Ready? … here I cum … Take that dick … I am going to pump you so hard, your eyes will water!” roaring as he started to gape Adam’s cunt. The beautifully veined 8.5-inch cock slammed inside. And Leo pumped Adam’s ass like a bunny on steroids. Fast and relentless. Turning Adam into his pig bottom.Adam knew Leo wasn’t doing him as a client anymore. But as a genuine friend and lover. Leo pulled out all the stops.”Fuck … I am cumming Adam … Where do you want it … ” said Leo wheezingly. “Pull that fucking rubber off and breed me … I want you to fill me up, stud! … Gape that Ass … And then just keep pumping it in me! … O God, your so big and deep inside me … I love it, Leo!” answered Adam with a pulsating gasping breath. Leo squinted with his eyes in disbelieve. However, he pulled out with a loud plop. A sloppy fart emanated from Adam’s gut. Adam rolled over, sitting on all fours. Showing off the wide-open asshole to his lover. Leo pulled the dirty rubber off. And flung it right onto Adam’s back. Sitting behind him, he stuffed the cock rudely back in. Making his hips slam percussive against Adam’s backdoor. When he was close, he grabbed Adam around the throat with both hands. In the same way, Adam had done to him at Club Unix. Shooting 8 or 9 streams of hot juicy spunk deep into Adam. Choking Adam as he filled the ass deeply. Adam flopped onto the pillow, and Leo pulled him onto his side. With his cock still pounding the cum in deeper. Leo lifted one of Adam’s legs in the air and kept on fucking him in the loveliest way. Pressing his smooth and shaved body against Adams back. As if he was fearing to lose him in the big bed. Leo kept slamming the hot ass of his daddy as he was playing with Adam’s chest hair.Adam looked over his shoulder at the crazed Leo. He put a hand behind Leo’s head, and he kissed him: “This is … So nice … So deep … So fucking hot! … Damn Leo, Keep going … I love this! Shit your good … You’re outstanding! … Like one of your other clients told me: You’re well worth the money!”That praise made Leo proud, and caused him to dump a second smaller, but equally hot, load into Adam.”Man, you have a nice ass, Adam … but this one was on-the-house … And if it’s up to me, there is more where that came from for you … ‘Daddy Hunt’. “, joked Leo out of breath but still fucking Adam’s sloppy hole. “I am glad you know all about my dirty little secrets, Adam. Thank you for allowing me to experience you in the way I have always dreamed about.”The next morning Marco found the dirty used condom in Leo’s bedding. And he promptly kicked Leo and Adam onto the curb in a mad rage. Shouting at Adam that their friendship was over for good and telling Leo not to bother coming back either.But Leo wasn’t worried, and without talking, he sat his horny ass on the passenger seat of the rental car next to Adam. Happy in the knowledge that his future had never shined this bright. Adam thanked Owen for the stay and drove off with his new lover into the sunrise.< To Be Continued (maybe) >Give this story a Like or a comment if you are so inclined. And if your hands are not to dirty from all the spunk! 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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