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Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 96 “Good idea!” From the crowd, a skinless humanoid wearing mantles of bone. The rough pinkish skin grossly pushed through the bone helmet. Horrid eye sockets showed the red eyes of the being. A blood red velvet robe that continued as part of leg coverings was worn. The thing came forward and whipped at the Green Dalek. The whip electrified it and it was reduced to its frame and then vanished into nothing but a thin mutant skeleton, which quickly broke apart and landed in the mud, to float horribly. The Gray Dalek had a similar fate. “Now, human, you must die so that we can return to OUR home…” when it spoke the ugly yellowed teeth showed from under the jagged helmet of bone. “…JX82…” “JX82?” The Doctor turned to the new alien, “I thought your home world was called Sycorax…” “Indeed!” The alien Sycorax opened its mouth and called a strange howl. The Doctor looked as the crowd of humans parted. 19 more Sycorax warriors came down the path from the entrance to the mine between that part and marched up to the Doctor. The Doctor looked worried. “Jeremy, Jesse, everyone. The Sycorax have arrived.” He turned to the dead Dalek mutants and turned back, “There was no need for that!” The first one, the leader, growled at the Doctor and moved closer to him! “H ello, big fella,” the Doctor looked up at the seven foot tall alien. “I…” He moved downward a bit and made a motion as if he were holding something in and indeed, he was. Something that was trying to get out. “I can get you all home…” “By dying, yes,” the leader laughed, turned to his minions and made sure they laughed with him. He turned back to the Doctor. “You are leader here?” “Well, I don’t like to brag but I have an exceptional brain, yeah,” the Doctor continued his motions. He gyrated his body up and down. At this, the leader laughed again and turned to the others. They laughed. He turned back again. “Any fighting skill.” “I do but…” he puffed, “Do you mind if we can hold it right there for a bit. I mean…” “I want to destroy.,..” “No, really!” The Doctor pointed at his face, “I really have to ask you to hold it right there, wait a mo, give me a sec, that sorta thing.” He turned his back on the Sycorax leader and then turned, “I do have your word that you won’t kill anybody before I get back?” “Get back!?” The leader stormed in anger. He had his hand on his sword hilt. “I’m terribly sorry about this but I’ve had a long, hard day. I’ve had enough. I really have to go.” “GO? GO WHERE?” “To the bathroom,” the Doctor quibbled and shook. “Haven’t had the time all day. There’s been this and that, killing Daleks.” “THE BATHROOM!????” The humans were perplexed and put their hands out as if to un-believe what the Doctor had said. Gestures of “What the hell is he doing?” without actually saying it out loud. “Yes, surely you lot…well, maybe you’re so savage you just go where you stand, I don’t know,” the Doctor said. “I can’t stand that. I have to squat, so promise me you won’t kill anyone till I get back…please?” “I PROMISE!” “I mean it. Your word as a…” and the Doctor used a word that no Earth person could understand. It was an alien word. It had no translation. The leader went wide eyed, “You know of your race? Our language.” The Doctor looked pained as if he were ready to burst, “Just promise…” “I promise!” “Good, good, got it,” the Doctor turned to go, “And when I get back, perhaps we can discuss whether or not you’re the female of the species or the male…tell you the truth I’ve met both and I still can’ t tell one from the other. Funny how your packs travel in groups of same sex, no intermingling of the sexes there.” He leaned in and whispered, “Frankly, seeing how ugly both are, especially the females, I don’t blame you.” He turned back to leave again, leaving the leader fuming, making grunting sounds of anger and having been insulted to a high degree. “I always meant to find out what’s under those robes, but I’m too afraid of what I’ll find, and I may a looking glass to find the stuff the males sport…anyway…” he turned back, “Oh yeah, I need this, you don’t mind, do you?” He tore strip off the robe of the leader and turned to go. “He’s gonna get us killed,” Rex gasped in a whispery way. The leader raised his whip and snapped it at the Doctor but the Doctor caught it in his right hand, his back turned. He pulled it and the electric harmlessly coursed through his arm and shoulder. The Doctor threw it down, “You’re gonna put someone’s eye with that!” It landed on the dirt ground, “now, no one touch that thing and no one,” he turned to the human crowd and pointed, waving his finger across them, “Make any action or move against them until…I get back…and even then, no one attack them. Understood?” He ran off, the long make shift red toilet paper in his=2 0left hand. He ran into the cave. The sounds they heard issuing from the cave will not be described. “What’s he doing?” Jake Tyler asked Jesse, his hands out, palms out in a questioning gesture. Jesse shrugged, “Going to the bathroom.” Brody moved to Jeremy’s side, “Does he know what he doing?” “Leave it to the Doctor,” Jeremy murmured. As he said this, the 19 Sycorax moved about the crowd, some behind them. The leader moved to behind Ryan Sheckler and Parker. He put his hands around Ryan’s front, “This war covering…you are not a warrior?” Ryan sweated and as it dripped down his body, it began to take some of the mud with it. He gulped, “No.” Parker whispered, “Ryan we can take…” Ryan gasped, “Listen to the Doctor…” “Doctor?” The leader asked, “Is that that alien’s name?” “I don’t know.” Ryan gasped as clawed fingers felt up his nipples and his ribs and his navel. He remained very still. “He seems to be a doctor, that’s all I know, I think.” The leader pushed Parker away from Ryan’s side and then moved off, leaving Ryan gasping a bit and glad that the alien was moving on. He shut hi s eyes. “I really wanted to…” Jesse edged his way toward Ryan, “Good move not making any moves…” “You better tell that to your lover boy over there,” Ryan Sheckler noted. Jesse spied Jeremy making fists. Jesse moved behind the crowd to get back over to Jeremy. Who was looking as a Sycorax warrior got behind Liberty and started to stroke her hair with one hand. He touched her shoulder with his other hand. Liberty squirmed but remained fairly quiet about it. Jeremy sweated. Jesse moved to his front, “Don’t…do…anything.” “I can’t just watch this.” Jesse puffed out his chest, “Usually it’s me who does something impetuous…” “Liberty,” Parker made a move toward the other side of the crowd where Liberty was being felt up from behind by the Sycorax warrior. JJ held him back and Ryan stepped in front of him. “Don’t. Leave it to the Doc.” Another warrior had a hand on Brad’s chest, keeping him from Liberty. The leader was in the center again and called to the cave, “You in there, doctor whoever you are, are you done?” Jesse told Jeremy, “If you try to do something, I’ll try to stop you.” “You?” Jeremy laughed and scoffed, “Stop me?” CBoys, boys!” The Doctor came strolling out of the cave, and touched Jesse’s back, “Please get along,” he came back to the leader, “Now, now, where were we? Oh yeah, did you want the bit of robe back? Naw, you don’t want it after what I did to it.” “What’s he doing?” Ryan McCarthy, near Baja who was holding Charlie Tyler from behind as a Sycorax warrior moved past them, touching her hair, the boy’s hair and Ryan’s shoulder muscles, said, “He’s gonna get us all killed.” He had his right fist in his left hand, punched there for effect. “At least he’s doing something,” Baja said. Ryan stiffened, “I don’t get it. We took on the Daleks.” “We?” Baja asked. “Compared to them, this lot looks rather easy to beat….” “Really? I didn’t see you throwing yourself at any Daleks? You were, arguably, the smarter thing to do, hiding and plotting like the rest of us,” she added. Ryan swallowed, “I helped…” “Sure you did…” “I’m gonna show you and these big apes. Size, at least how tall you are, doesn’t count….” Ryan moved forward. Baja tried to reach out to him with her hand to pull him back, “I was only teasing you=E 2Ryan!” Ryan McCarthy, shirt off, tight stomach muscles, ample chest, hard nipples, looking like the guy who played James from TWILIGHT only with a buzz cut hair cut, moved at the leader. He moved so fast, that he was closer than the Doctor was to the leader. The Doctor turned quickly, “NOOOOO!” Ryan ran at the leader, “What’re we waiting for, we can take them!” He ran and the leader had his sword out in no time and shoved it into Ryan’s belly button and kept it moving. The sword went out his back in no time and he found himself lifted off the ground, the sword his only pivot. The leader grunted and laughed. Ryan twisted on the sword. The veins on his lower belly stood out more than before, two especially. His stomach tightened. He seemed to have less than two percent body fat as every muscle was shown. Ryan Sheckler looked at him, “That could have been me…” Next to him, Parker put a hand on JJ’s back as JJ turned away. Jake and the others on the left side of the crowd saw the sword point eject itself out of the muscular small of Ryan’s bare back just before he had been lifted off the ground. Jake quickly snapped at Baja, “What did you say to him?!” Ryan McCarthy gasped, blood coming out his mouth. His body twitched in reaction. He was having a sexual reaction. Jake Tyler, yelled, “Rya n!!!” He ran from Jeremy’s side and Jeremy turned to grab him. He almost had the dark tanned boy but missed. He tried to run out but Jesse blocked him. Jesse held his lover’s shoulders and pushed his chest into Jeremy. Hands held aloft, Jeremy gasped, “Jesse, get outta my way!” bursa escort bayan “No way!” Jesse, puffed out his chest and pushed into Jeremy, staring up at his face, for Jeremy was a few inches taller nowadays. Jake ran at the leader but the leader threw the sword and Ryan on it to the ground and the point first, Ryan, painfully slid down it toward the hilt, his legs kicking, his hands holding the flat sides of the blade. The Doctor gripped his own head and pulled at his long, blond hair. “NOOOO, STOP!” The leader flashed his whip and it hit Jake’s shoulder and turned him instantly into a skeleton. It was not painless and Jake screamed as the transformation changed him from flesh and blood to a cracking skeleton in a few seconds. The bones clanked to the harder section of the ground, making horrible noises. Baja screamed. The Doctor yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” “I waited until you returned….” The Sycorax leader spat. “Your turn…” DOCTOR WHO, JESSE, AND JEREMY SYCORAX COMBAT Baja, the raven haired beauty, ran past little Char lie Tyler, who sped to where his brother Jake once stood. Baja also nearly kicked one or two of the bones of Jake Tyler. On the ground, back to ground, Ryan McCarthy spat up some blood. The Sycorax leader removed his sword and drove it in the same spot again. The Doctor jumped at the leader and yelled, pushing him on his left side and moving the monster alien away from the dying, jerking boy. The sword was driven out again as the Doctor shoved the leader backward. One of the other warriors grabbed up Nikki in his arms. The others around her screamed and tried to grab her back but the warrior pushed them with help from other warriors. He tread steadily over to the Doctor from behind, “Stop or I’ll kill this biped.” Jesse turned from Jeremy and saw Charlie Tyler making his run. He darted half-backward toward the boy, turning as he ran. Jeremy was beside him. Together the two held hands and cradled the little boy between them. Jesse got on one knee and held him back. Jeremy took the boy’s shoulders from over Jesse. “It’s too late, Charlie, he’s gone. He’s gone. There’s nothing you can do.” Charlie stared up at Jeremy, who wore a sympathetic face. He looked down at Jesse who had tears in his eyes. Jesse added, “He’s gone.” “I’m so sorry,” Jeremy said, “I’m so sorry.” “BIPED!!!!” The Doctor turned, dipped=2 0down, grabbed the girl from the warrior’s arm and grabbed the warrior’s own whip, whipped it at him and turned him to a skeletal mess in seconds. Nikki buried her head the Doctor’s shoulder. Parker, Ryan Sheckler at his side, ran to him and grabbed Nikki and the two boys with the girl, fled back to the crowd. Before, she left him, Nikki kissed the Doctor’s cheek, dry tears on her face. The Doctor returned his focus on the leader and he smiled. The smile chilled those who saw it. Baja knelt over Ryan McCarthy’s face and looked down at him, “Ryan!” She saw the light in his eyes fading fast. He smiled up at her. “See. Told ya. Just had to get things started. That’s all.” Baja had tears in her eyes. “You always did think…” she leaned over and whispered to him, her lips not far from his. “It was always you, Ryan. I always loved you first and foremost. But you were such a…” “Jerk?” Ryan jerked and then afterward, closed his eyes. Baja could see that he was still breathing. She put her lips to his and kissed him. He opened his eyes and when their lips parted, she had blood on them. He smiled. “I love you, too.” Then he closed his eyes again as she kissed again and she felt the air leave his body. She knew as she kissed him, he was dead. She pulled back and gently wiped her mouth with her forearm and cried. As this happened, the Doctor shoved the leader with both hands this time, knocking the sword from the leader’s hand. “Kill no one else! You coward! You kill and threaten children…” “Children? My people’s children train at the age of…” “Oh, I don’t care about your people!!! Or your children! I challenge you one on one for the right of these people to live! If I win, I’ll try to get you all home! If you win, well, you know what to do!” The warriors had started to laugh at the Doctor’s challenge. “I accept!” “By the way, I’m not just a doctor, I’m THE Doctor. The one who defeated….” The laughing of the warriors stopped immediately. As he spoke, all the Sycorax reacted with more than their curtailed laughter. Most parted from whatever human they were near. The one near Liberty moved away from her. She looked at him and then at the Doctor with admiration. Brad did the same and he and Janet moved closer to Liberty. The warriors all moved away from the Doctor, including the leader. Awed, Jeremy turned from Charlie, picked him up and whispered, “They’r…they’re afraid of him.” The Doctor hardly noticed. He was in a rage, “Defeated that coward who wanted the plan et Earth. The one who tried to kill me after it was all over and I turned my back. Back stabbers! Are all your people like that? Or maybe it was just your men!? Maybe it was your females, too. I drove them away when they tried to kill innocent people, tried to take stupid stupid revenge. I killed your females too. If you don’t try any back stabbing this time, I’ll try to convince the Time Lords that run this game to let you live but you don’t really deserve it, you coward! Maybe your men do!” The leader moved back and back as the Doctor moved closer and closer. He looked at the Doctor stunned. Then he looked at some of his men. One of them came to him. “Leader, let me slay him, now.” “Pooooh, you can try. To do it for your coward of a leader!!!” “Leader! He mocks us, our females, you…our ways!” “I accept.” The leader said. “Champion of Gallifrey.” The Doctor picked up the fallen sword and drove it into the ground, getting on one knee, “For the lives of the Earthlings!” “You pick the place and weapons.” The Doctor picked up the sword and nodded. The leader took his second’s sword. “You will have to kill me outright, then, Doctor!” “IF I have to, I HAVE TO!” “You can try. Take time to say your goodbyes to your significant others.” The leader nodded, “We know you always travel with a girl…is that she? One of your many?” He pointed to Liberty, “Say your goodbyes.” Jeremy and Jesse both shifted uncomfortably. “I’m not…going to say goodbye to my one true love…” Liberty began a bluff. The Doctor pointed, “Keep quiet, Liberty!” Janet, behind her, said, “Yes, please.” A warrior blocked her from Liberty. The Doctor laughed at the aliens and scoffed at the same time, “You KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME!” He insulted them in Sycorax language again. One of the warriors pointed at Dot and laughed. The Doctor ran to Dot Cotton and put his arm around her, “I’d sooner travel with her than one of your lot.” Dot was wide eyed and trying to put a cigarette in her mouth and shaking. “She’s got more bravery in her cigarette finger than you do in your entire body.” Dot murmured as she managed to put the cigarette in her mouth, “No, I don’t.” “Be quiet!” The Doctor pointed at her. He let her go as he saw Jesse and Jeremy slowly moving to his side. Todd Landers looked out toward the Doctor, “Your Doctor’s not very nice.” Jesse snapped, “No, youE2re not!” “That told em,” Jeremy pushed a fist into the air. “Shut up, Jeremy.” “I love you.” “I know you do.” Jesse and Jeremy had inched closer and closer toward the Doctor, having handed Charlie over to Baja, and gently told her to get out of the way. Some of the others comforted the pair as Jesse and Jeremy rejoin the Doctor. The Doctor was all light and airy. Jesse whispered, “I know you’re upset about Jake and Ryan but…” “Upset?” The Doctor grit his teeth together, “Upset doesn’t begin to cover it!” Jeremy nudged the bones of the Sycorax warrior with his foot, “But this…” The Doctor put a hand on Jeremy’s chin, none too gently and caught his gaze, “I wasn’t going to let them kill that little girl!!!!!” “You’re right,” Jesse shrugged. “Jesse,” Jeremy gasped. “You killed Cybermen.” “It somehow doesn’t seem like the same thing,” Jeremy reasoned. “WE did it, the Cybermen, I mean,” the Doctor said, “We did it. And I allowed it. It’s come to this.” “Sure we did it. We did it to save Fesh,” Jesse reminded them. I’m sorry. I don’t want to kill but it if comes down to saving these people, these good people, or having not to kill, then I choose saving these people.” “Enough talk, now!” The leader ran at the Doctor with his sword drawn. “Doctor look out!” Dot yelled, taking the cigarette out of her mouth. Jeremy rushed toward the Sycorax but the Doctor grabbed Jeremy’s lower arm and flung him around and as he let him go, flying off into Craig Harris and David Platt, who caught him. Jeremy recovered quickly and ran toward the already engaged Doctor and Sycorax leader. Both aliens were very close to Dot and Jesse. Jesse was wide eyed and turned body but not head to lead the still smoking a cigarette Dot away. The leader yelled, “The battle of your life!” “Pah! Battle of my life! I’ve had much longer! This won’t take long. It’ll take, I estimate, oh, about ONE minute and ten seconds which is about the time…” …of TRACK 4 OF SOUNDTRACK TO SEASON FOUR…CORRIDORS AND FIRE ESCAPES… “…it will take to put down a….” and the Doctor used another Sycorax alien insult to refer to the leader as he fought. Jeremy ran past Jesse and Dot toward the fight. Two other Sycorax ran at him, spears drawn. The Doctor turned, put his free hand out, sweat over his entire20body, and yelled, “GET BACK! DON’T INTERFERE! STOP! RIGHT THERE, JEREMY SUMPTER!!!!” Jeremy never heard such force come from the Doctor’s mouth. He dug his heels in the dirt and stopped. The Doctor returned to his fighting in force. Jesse gasped as the Doctor’s sword moves countered nilüfer escort every move the Sycorax leader made at him. He also took the sword with his free hand a few times but the leader kept grabbing it back. Still, every move the leader made, the Doctor countered with some other bodily move, his feet not leaving the spot he was standing on except to block with them, at times. The Doctor smacked under the Sycorax’s elbow a few times, moved his abs away from the sword point of the alien leader and slid from side to side, then turned his back to the leader, dancing around the leader’s back. He then kicked the leader in the butt and made him lurch forward. The leader stood up and they circled again, the leader lunging another attack. The Doctor caught the sword at the flat spot between his hands and tossed it. The leader was tossed a new sword by the Sycorax near Jeremy, who winced at his not having stopped the minion. Again, the Doctor kept moving his upper body, arms, elbows, wrists, fingers, and all the while blocking or avoiding the blows of the alien, while striking with the flat of his own sword or with the hilt. Jesse watched the Doctor. “That makes me so ju st wanna have sex with him right now, I just wanna take him right now or have him take me. I’m so hot for him as he is right now…” Dot, next to Jesse, raised her eyebrows. Jeremy rolled his eyes but kept watching the fight ahead instead of staring at Jesse. For a second he glanced at Jesse as Dot stared at Jesse. Jesse shrugged and put his hands out, “I’m just saying…” “A minute?” The Sycorax laughed, “I will find my pleasure….” Dot raised her eyebrows… “…before that…” The Doctor nodded his head sideways, “Ahh, I’ve heard you can only last a few seconds …” he blocked another hit. “In bed…” “It is almost over now! See how you tire?” “It’s not over until Dot Cotton sings.” Dot shrugged, “Why’s he always picking on me?” “Oh, that,” Jeremy stared only at the fight, “That really means he really likes you.” Jeremy stared at the fight, wide eyed, two Sycorax still holding his arms. Dot shrugged now and looked to Jesse for confirmation of this. Jesse nodded in the affirmative. Jesse watched as the Doctor turned the sword around his own back and used it to point at the Sycorax’s stomach, which made th e taller alien move back. The Doctor stood there and moved his hand out and made gestures with his fingers for it to attack him again. The alien roared and came at him again. “Most fights…” The Doctor dodged from side to side, the sword missing his head every time. The alien tried to hit the Doctor’s stomach but the Doctor kicked up at the alien sword and it went flying up and up. Everyone watched it. “Only last…” The Doctor pointed the sword at the alien but he moved back and then smacked the sword’s flat side with his hand and it fell out of the Doctor’s hand. The other sword flew down and the Sycorax leader grabbed it and stabbed at where the Doctor’s belly should be…and felt only air there. The Doctor was on his shoulders, his body bent so that his feet kicked up. His muscles bulged all over, his legs showed veins, his triceps tight and biceps bumped. His abs rippled… “…a few moments…just a few seconds…even a one minute fight is long…” From his shoulders, the Doctor circled, his feet kicking up at the Sycorax legs, chest, and arms. The Sycorax felt the blows and buckled. He recovered quickly and re-attacked. The Doctor used his knees to catch the flat part of the sword between his legs, the point pointed down at him. He jerked, put his hands down on the ground behind his head and quickly=2 0pushed himself up at the Sycorax. Of course, the hilt came first, and smacked the alien leader in the chin. The leader jerked backward. A Doctor boot smacked the sword from its hand just one second after that hit. This gave the Doctor time to jerk his whole body upward, crouching but on both feet…for a second. He kneed the Sycorax between the legs. Nothing. “I forgot, there’s nothing between those legs.” Thus the Doctor double punched the Sycorax in the stomach. As the alien bent over, this gave the Doctor time to grab his own sword form the ground The Doctor ducks to one side, never moving his feet but his upper body. The sword passed his right shoulder so he moves his sword to the Sycorax’s chest, flat blade to the alien’s body, the sword standing up vertically so that the point is upward, the long body of the flat side against the Sycorax’s face, the point up past his head. At the exact same time, the Doctor has used both hands to take the Sycorax’s sword from its right hand by ducking so far sideways that he caught it under his left arm pit, flat sides on his bare skin. The Doctor jerked his body, hips first, as he let the sword go, the hilt hitting the Sycorax in the stomach, the flat blade rubbing up and down against the long length of the sword already vertically posed against the Sycorax. The Earthlings watching all had their mouths agape at=2 0this display. Rex’s mouth was wide open. Brody gasped, “That’s impossible!” A Sycorax warrior held his arm on one side. Another held Rex on the other side of the pair of young men. The Doctor used the sword to rub the other sword and then the Sycorax felt the hilt at his neck and bounce into it, the long part of the sword over the Doctor’s left shoulder from the hilt and the Doctor smacked it. The Sycorax leader fell onto his back. The other sword, that was up vertically, fell, hilt first. The hilt smashed into the leader’s stomach and made him arch up with pain, from his back. The Doctor grabbed the swords with both hands, using the hilts of course and pointed them at the leader’s chest, “It’s over.” The Doctor eyeballed him. The leader eyeballed the Doctor. “There’s a lot of balling going on out there and none of it is the type I like,” Jesse joked. Jeremy rolled his eyes. The leader nodded. “Your word,” the Doctor shouted, “And I mean your word as a Sycorax leader, not the …” and he used another insult word of the Sycorax nation or world, “…that the others of your kind I met handed me. Is it over?” “It…is…over.” The leader nodded yes. “Good.” The Doctor tossed both swords down, “Because this20Doctor doesn’t take any SHIT from anyone!!! As I once said, I’m more than frequently tired of being shoved around. It JUST doesn’t happen ANY MORE to me. I won’t allow myself to be pushed around anymore!” From behind Jeremy jumped on him and shoved him. From the front, Jesse shoved him and jumped on him, legs up and wrapped around the Doctor’s torso. Jeremy had back fisted both Sycorax that were holding him, jumping up and hitting them both in the face at the same time. They fell backwards and were about to retaliate but Jeremy had already run toward the Doctor, who really had never left the exact spot he was standing on. “How undignified.” The Doctor stated. Other Sycorax seemed unsure as what to do. They were about to let some humans go and some of the Sycorax looked ready to strike. The leader stood up, “NO! I gave my word. We submit. Even if means death at your hands, Doctor, again.” As the warrior held her from behind, Liberty stamped on the foot of the warrior and he yelled in pain. As he did, she rose her left foot up backwards as if bending her leg to run, kicking him in the crotch. He buckled over and she ran ahead. Janet and Brad ran to Liberty. Katie followed. The Doctor had turned his back to the Sycorax leader, meaning Jeremy, clinging to the Doctor’s back, had his back facing the leader. “I vowed nev er to turn my back on a Sycorax again…” he turned back around, spinning, meaning Jesse’s back was facing the Sycorax. The Doctor spoke over Jesse’s shoulder to the leader as Jesse kissed his cheeks, lips, and nose, “What are you saying?” “We are ready to die as has been stated.” “No, no. It’s my right. I won’t kill you.” the Doctor’s face fielded a big wet kiss from Jesse from the front and a nibbling wetness at his ear from behind from Jeremy. “Boys, please, not in front of the Sycorax.” He grabbed Jesse’s wrists and took the arms away, off his shoulders. Jesse stood down. “I can’t help it. You got me so hot.” “Later.” The Doctor turned, “Jeremy, do you…” Jeremy got off, too. “I feel the same way, Doctor.” “So I see, but here and now?” “Never stopped us before.” “No,” the Doctor smiled, “I remember. Memories of the Doctor, your Doctor intact even if I look like the Doctor of two Doctor’s ago.” “SO,” the Sycorax leader shouted, “What is to be our fate? Method of death?” “Old age,” the Doctor strode toward him and slapped him on the chest, making the leader blink. “WHAT?9 D “I told you, your numbness,” the Doctor smiled and looked upward, “I’m going to solve all of this. Get us all home. A few problems to iron out, that’s all.” “Like what?” “The Sontarans are also on their way here. In fact, I’m surprised they are not here yet.” The Doctor stated and looked around, “But again, we have a plan…” “Sontarans? Ha!” The Sycorax leader laughed, “Leave them to me and my warriors. As the first act of our defeat, we shall defeat them.” “That…” the Doctor nodded, “That’s a tempting offer, but I can’t have any more bloodshed if I can help it.” “You have my word,” the leader repeated, “We stand down to your …abilities.” Rex and Brody ran up to them. Rex asked, “Doc, where did you learn all that?” “A number of places and people and things. Jackie Chan. Bruce…” “Bruce? Not Lee, Bruce Lee? You knew Bruce Lee?” Brody asked. “The Feltian people, nice people, lived in the 9th galactic cluster. Also some Martian and Venusian karate and kung fu. Cleopatra’s guard. And of course, the monks…” Jesse whispered, “Doctor, maybe we should let them take on the Sontarans.=E 2 “Maybe,” the Doctor said, “I don’t know türbanlı escort if our plan to play pool against them will hold any…uh, water… and, I, for one have had enough water for today…” He wiped the sweat from his dripping, long blond hair. Suddenly, the Syrcorax all screamed. “You promised!” The leader yelled, “You told us!” All of them were seemingly in the middle of vanishing. “NOONONONONONO!” The Doctor yelled, “It’s not me!!!” “YOU LIE!” The leader yelled as his skin seemed to be on fire. Their clothes seemed to burn off first. Ryan Sheckler finagled his hands to covered Nikki’s eyes as she sat in his arms. Standing close to them, Parker gasped and Nikki swung her hand over Parker’s eyes and covered them. He moved her fingers out of the way. Parker looked, “They got nothing on you, Ryan.” “How’d you know?” “Just imagining…I mean…I guess they…I don’t know. A dream I had?” Then their skin, what little of it they had, left their bones. A searing sound accompanied their vanishing. Everyone looked around, helpless, as the Sycorax all vanished from their midst, slowly, painfully, and turning into nothingness bit by bit. Before the leader vanished, the Doctor gasped to him, “ItE2s not me. It was not me!” Jeremy asked, “What’s happened?” “They…they’ve been vaporized.” “Oh,” Jesse said. Rex looked around, “Well, considering they killed those two Florida guys, they deserved it.” The Doctor nodded his head in despair, “No, no.” “If we didn’t deserve vengeance on them,” Baja came forward with Ben in her arms, “Then who does?” “No one.” The Doctor said, “Defense is one thing…but…that was just murder….and more importantly we have to move our next phase of our plan into effect and I mean— now?” In a dark room, with the hum of a TARDIS, someone is watching an instant replay of the Sycorax being vaporized and that someone laughed, “Hee hee hee.” Sontarans marched into the town…. DON’T WORRY, DOCTOR WHO WILL BE BACK IN THE FUTURE…AND THE PAST AND THE PRESENT… COMING SOON The Doctor: (semi angry) Brigadier, why have you summoned me? Was it because of the motorcycle monster thing? Brigadier: No, I’d be if could sort that thing out. It’s because there ar e strange goings on at Montauk Point, on the East End of Long Island… The Doctor: I know where Montauk is. I used to live here before I met Jesse and Jeremy here, you know! Doctor: You recognized me? Brigadier: Always have, always will. It’s basically still you inside. Jesse: Inside of me, usually. Brig: So can you take on the motorcycle attacks and the Montauk Project? Doctor: One thing at a time Brigadier, one thing at a time.. Brig: That’s never stopped you before…(Smiling) Doctor: Brigadier, it is nice to see you again. Brig: Doctor, you used to go gay bars?!! Doctor: Gay clubs, Brigadier, use the word clubs. I was trying to find myself again on Earth, stuck here again… A motorcycle with a rider with a helmet on, the face plate dark and obscuring the face of the rider, flies through the air at Jim Clerk. The big, gay muscle blond screams! The Doctor jumps in front of him and holds up the sonic screwdriver. Jeremy: Former friend of yours, Doctor? Doctor: Not exactly. Jeremy: Don’t like him. He wasn’t very nice. Jesse: And HE talks about no body that way. Brigadier: There are strange things going on all over Long Island right now, Doctor. Doctor: I’ll say, you should have seen the gay night life out here. I think it’s trying to become like one of us, well, like one of you. The Doctor is in the console room. Do ctor: Hop on! Jesse: What are you…. The TARDIS suddenly changes into a first class motorcycle. The Doctor is in the seat, starting it up. Doctor: It worked. It finally worked. Since 1985 the chameleon circuits hasn’t worked properly. This is history. Jesse: Doctor, Jeremy… Doctor: Yes, he’s in danger! That thing will find out he’s got Time Lord DNA in him… Jesse: Happens to us all the time. We’ve had that in us before… Doctor: Yes, well, this time, it might know it’s alien to Earth and as it’s looking for human DNA… Jesse: Let’s go already! (he presses the handle power surge and they drive off, the Doctor falling back a bit) Jesse: (as they drive along) : Hey where’s K9? The Doctor points to the seat under him. Jesse startles, “Under your ass?” “Inside the TARDIS…” Jeremy is on a mini bike riding steps of a religious shrine area, Lady of the Lourdes shrine, past bushes. The alien motorcyclists rides down steps in front of him. “Who’s chasing who?” Jeremy falls off his bike as it tips over. He turns around. The alien is there and pointing both hands at him! Jeremy’s nude and the monster motorcyclist jumps on him and turns him over and begins to rape him! “AHHH! NO!” A motorcycle gang leader points, 8 0Hey, those two clowns have been touching our bike’s lights!” A motorcycle gang comes at Jesse and the Doctor. The Doctor holds up the sonic screwdriver, “See, it’s just a screwdriver.” “They’re gonna drive some screws into us!” Jesse yells at they corner him at a 7-11, “Doctor?!” “Yes!?” “The next time you decide to adapt biker’s headlights to turn em into an alien capturing ray, could you please let them know what you’re doing in detail BEFORE you do it, please?” “I’ll try!” A big guy grabs Jesse up against a cement wall. Five surround the Doctor and start to punch his sides and back. Motorcycle leader: Why didn’t you say that’s what you wanted. Of course, we’ll help you! We knew Moe. Doctor: Aren’t you surprised that Moe was gay and that there ACTUALLY ARE ALIENS? Motorcycle leader: Not in the least, what can we do to stop this crappy monster? Jesse: Jeremy? Why’re you worried about him? He can take care of himself. Doctor: Yes, that’s what worries me. We’ve got to find him…he’s going to try to pull the power unit off it… Jesse: The helmet? Doctor: Yes, the helmet! Its power source! You see, Jeremy’s the one that got away. Only he can touch it and live… Jesse runs at the motorcycle monster points his gloves at a crane and the crane rushes at him. A ball from the crane comes smashing at him. The Doctor is rushing at them in the TARDIS motorcycle but it changes back to the Police Box. “Damn it! I knew it was too good to last! Well, here’s blocking!” He puts the TARDIS between the wrecking ball and Jesse and the TARDIS gets slammed. The ball hits it. The creature points at a bulldozer and it rushes at Jesse, who runs but gets cornered at a junk pile in the junkyard of cars. Behind the creature Jeremy reaches for the helmet. The TARDIS flies between the bulldozer and Jesse, Jesse runs, the TARDIS gets bulldozed into the junk pile and junk cars fall all over it. Jesse: Doctor, get the doors open and fly at me! The TARDIS is covered with cars and old motorcycles. The thing snarls at Jesse. Jeremy grabs the helmet off it from behind and it turns around. Jeremy screams as it roars at him! A hideous face of half formed jaw and teeth, embryo like baby eyes and cheek, old wrinkled skin, hair stuck to the head in a parody of a human being! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! Doctor : Brigadier, did you say something about the East end? What’s been going on? Brigadier: People have been vanishing off the streets. The homeless as well as the homed,… Jesse: Homos? Brig: (shoots him a dirty look an d angry at that somewhat) Old men and women, children, teenagers… Doctor: Oh, that’s bad… Brig: That’s not all. Some of them, mostly the children and teenagers who have homes, have been returned, with absolutely no knowledge that they were ever gone or have ever lost time…There’s also the acting up of animals, deer crashing through people’s living room windows, teenagers suddenly attacking, molesting adults, vandalizing, as if somebody has turned on a switch…but why? Doctor: Because someone has turned on a switch…I’ll… Brig: I’m not done. There’s more. Strange weather occurrences, freak lightning and thunderstorms, again as if someone…well, you get the idea… Doc: And? Brig: Reports of UFOs in the night skies, hairy giant monsters roaming the woods… Doc: Anything else? Brig: (frowning) Things suddenly appearing and disappearing and reappearing right in front of witnesses’ eyes. Doc: And?… Brig: There’s a good chance a shadow government may have been in charge of all of it! Doc: Just what we need. Doctor: Alien technology. I think they’ve had some help. Some evil Time Lord help. Jesse: But who? Which one? The Master? The Monk? The RANI? Jeremy: How come all these guys in this place recognize you, Doctor? Doctor: (stops at a door with his name on it) Because, apparently, I’ve been the big honcho around here at one time. Jesse: You’re the evil Time Lord that helped them achieve all this! Jeremy is tied in a chair. A big energy monster electrifying controls comes out of the tunnel right at him. Jesse is flung into the future and comes out in a dark world. He sees a statue dedicated to Hitler. Doctor: You’re messing with time and you can create all sorts of troubles for yourself, the universe…and even time itself! Jeremy in the chair vanishes along with an apple in his hand. “You did this for them!” Jesse yells. Brig: Yes, Doctor, what is that all about??!!! I’d like an answer as well! Doc: It was just after I first regenerated. They were able to easily brainwash me, use me, and then make me forget it all. The Doctor is in a punch fight with Mr. Finch in the TARDIS console room. Finch: I’m stuck in this form thanks to you! But I’ll have your TARDIS! Doctor : I’ll kill you first and die before I let that happen! Finch: So be it! The TARDIS doors open and they both fall out toward a number of suns colliding. Doctor: They saved me but not Finch. But returning me to Earth… Doctor runs at the time tunnel, “Shut that down! Shut down the time tunnel! You fools! That thing will come out of it again!” Sarah Jane Smith: It was me. I destroyed Gallifrey. I let the invaders in. I shut it down with K9 at my side. Where you weren’t! The Doctor stares at her…

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